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Dann -
Ice is one of my other favorite lenses. It performs much like Black Iridium in light transmission and tinting, but the blue mirror coating looks stunning. I have these in my Splice's and couldn't be happier.
EastCoast -
Great lens. Looks cool from the outside, cuts the light nice from the inside. The Ice colour is a consistent finish (the colour doesn't change depending on your viewing angle unlike the G30 and +Red, for example). Although it says it offers the same transmission level, it seems not as dark as Black Iridium, which I attribute to the slightly different wavelengths they allow through.
BrianJ1888 -
Get these. Like Dann said, just like Black Iridium, but Blue outside. Much better alternative than Fire. Grey-base lenses are the way to go.
zeroshiki -
very nice lenses. it has gray tint from the inside, like dann, eascoast, and brian said. but i think there are also a little amber colour at some light level. the blue iridium coating looks very cool, i get many of those looks from people(:D). too bad they scratch easily though.., got my first scratch on the second week(must be from misplacing it in the dashboard compartment). i give it a 4 star only becos of this. other than that, i'm very satisfied with these lenses.
O.T.T. -
Really like these lenses. They have a similar transmission rate to the black iridium (the reason I got it) but are a bit more eyecatching for when the mood takes you.
RubyMars -
A spectacular lense. On a bright day these are beautiful from the outside. From the inside, a nice neutral transmission and the same level of darkness as you're black. So if you want dark, but also want some flash to you glasses to, this is the way to go. Usually best in a light colored frame. Oakley made a big run when everything was offered in Silver and Ice.
norm -
I have these in my FMJ-crystal splices and they are a very pleasant lens. On sunny days I find myself looking at the sky or trees and being amazed that there is no glare or eye strain, but I can see everything perfectly. Often you find great protection from the sun, but you're giving up visibility. Not here.
switchblade5984 -
Love the Ice lenses

was expecting more of a blu hue when you look through but its the stadard grey lenses look great from the outside not as deep as the blue or oo blue, but a great everyday lense!
fullback -
These lenses are perfect for medium to bright conditions. If you want something other than the Black or Grey Iridium, the Ice is it. It has a nice hue looking from the outside and its comfortable looking through.
dan-E -
I've tried these on back to back with a Black Iridium lense and at least looking through them, they're virtually indentical. From the outside, that blue face looks really cool. I guess it's for people who want the dark transmission of the black with a flashier look. Can't go wrong either way.
dta15m -
the ice lenses look great in a light colored frame, i have em in my a wire, and for my xljs. the blue color is just awsome and looking through them they still look like your just looking through a black lens.
jumpman73 -
One of my all time favorite lenses. I use these the most since they are in my Juliets. I really need to pick up another set of replacement lenses for these since I use them so much. I can't say enough about them. I just love them.
MelG -
If you don't like the conservative Black Iridium this would be a good alternative as it performs much like it, and it has the same scratch resistant properties. Very nice for heavy light conditions.
LEX7 -
I dont agree with everyone else on this lense.
I have this lens on my Black Chrome Straight Jackets
I do think it looks amazing when you are wearing it but I find it makes everything a rather boring greyish colour.
I do not know why oakley didnt make it so everything is blue when you look through it, A darker version of the Oakley light blue lens would have been much better.
Tim cooper -
Nice looks very appealing but blue iridium is better I reckon.The view is identical to black iridium which is kind of weird maybe Oakley should of made the base blue rather than grey?Unlike the emerald it won't increase contrast even though emerald only slightly does but it is noticable. Good lens on silver frames and some black frames like minutes it goes off well on too.
sparra -
Superb lens, my favourite. Looks extremely cool, light transmission peforms brilliantly and works well in most light conditions.
oogie -
Love the optics on the blue iridium. No attempt to alter the hue of vision, just keeping it as a grey lens. But the blue iridium is simply beatiful and really enhances the look of many frames.
banarno -
Lovely Blue hue to look at,and very soothing on the eye to look through as well.
x-metalman -
One of my all time favs. Ice is simply awesome. I first got this lens in my Splices and have loved them ever since. Nothing bad to say about Ice. It's a great alternative to it's flashy opposite, Fire.
absolutmuah -
sweet lens.
looks good from all angles...
overall a very ver nice lens =)
hides your eyes well so u can check ot the chicks anytime you want to .. if that's what you're interested in.
Pander -
Love the way it looks when looking though it as well as looking at it. The blue is just right. Nice agressive look on it. I have it in my Penny and in my Valve and both of them get great attention just because of the color lenses.
Munkfish -
Very comfortable to wear - have them in Penny's and OO's. Nice lens, prefer them to Black Iridium from the outside - they are a very rich blue.
Rick -
I prefer the Blue Iridium, but the Ice is a widely-popular lens for good reason. It is an all-round winner since it has a great look and is a fairly-decent lens to look through. It doesn't exactly inspire me, but I can see the appeal.
Although not as "flashy" as its Blue Iridium counterpart, Ice Iridium looks great and still provides excellent protection against bright conditions. Because it has such low light transmission, however, its use is somewhat limited.
Iwan -
Grey-blue when looking through them. Very soothing to the eyes. Great optics as always with Oakley. Can wear this all day without any fatigue. No reflections or halo.

Edit: when I wrote this review I had owned the ice lens for a few years but hadn't experienced the glory that are other Oakley lenses. Now that I have, I must admit that there are quite a few lens options that are more exciting than Ice so I decreased its rating from 5 to 3
Lali -
If you are looking for a lens with a dark neutral tint and you think that black is boring, than this lens is for you. I have this in a silver Square Wire 2.0, which is a cool combo.
BJvP -
I own both Black Iridium and Ice Iridium. Although the same transmission, the ice appears to be a very little brighter, and the color perception is not 100% true like black. Ice is nicer from the outside though. Overall I prefer the black.
Raymond Karlsson -
Just got a Radar Path lens in Ice Iridium. The look in sunshine is just amazing. I have both a polished aluminium and a metallic blue frame to complement it. The view is very much like Black Iridium with a cooler tone. Would be perfect with polarization
lil_a_BIG_J -
from the outside these look awesome. however when wearing them, i find them rather boring. similar to a grey lens. nothing special. just for looks, not much functionality other than making sunny days bearable.
Wookieman -
A passable lens for full sun and moderate light. Colors are spot on when looking through them. The bluish mirror looks great on the outside without being too over the top. The lack of polarization makes them unsuitable for days with a lot of glare and driving in my opinion. Might invest in a set of Ice polarized at some point, but without polarization you get what you pay for.
ccoy -
I recently bought these lenses at the Vault for my Silver Crosshairs and was expecting to be let down after reading the feedback. I wanted a lens color I didn't actually already have and am quite glad I didn't.
Pleasantly surprised by the mild look and the cool lens color. Indeed it is not in the class of 24K or other higher end lenses, but it is a great lens for most sunny days. And I found the blue to quite complimentary to the silver frame.
This would not be my go-to pair for a funeral or maybe a partly cloudy/partly sunny day (i have noticed those kind of days will seem to be somewhat bothersome with these lenses. Not a high contrast lens, but a good pair for most days.
marc -
Had this in my bottle cap cool active lens a good replacement from my polarised lens can see through LCD clearly good for cycling. Funky and cool.
plutonium54 -

The ice iridium lens is not exactly what I expected.It's definitely a very nice lens to look at(one of the oldest lens colors of oakley,let's not forget that),but I'm not really satisfied by their brightness reducing properties.With a light transmission of 10%,like oakley describes,I would expect them to cope with sun better than,at least,what I get.Don't get me wrong,They're just not as dark as the black iridium,although they have the same light transmission.Apart from that,they have a very nice tint,even for me,that I'm in favor of contrast lenses in general,and can be really worn on very bright days.If I wasn't aware of their light transmission,I would say that they're somewhere between the +red and the black iridium.Anyway,it's something that I can put up with,specially when I see that impressive reflection of the outer side of theirs on some mirror.
Ian -
I think this color is very over-hyped. For me, there is a noticeable difference (for the worse) compared to Black Iridium. This is a fashion lens, not a function lens.
xtremehardy388 -
Many of my friends have these in their half jackets. Not too bad of a lens. Almost NO blue tint, though. It's almost like a mixture between black iridium and fire iridium.
Farlius -
Have Ice in my Splice and it's badass. It has a great reflectivity and it up there with Ruby and +red iridium as far as how strking the color can be. As advertised, great for extreme and bright light conditions.
BrianJ1888 -
The Best Lens Oakley Makes. Period. I wear these in my Half Jackets almost all day. Worth paying the Polarized premium (plus you get a cooler frame color). Cuts glare drastically, pretty durable, nice and dark. A big plus is the neutral contrast because your eyes don't get as fatigued as when you use an increased contrast lens. SOOOOO worth it.
lucus -
- very good optical quality. Extremly clear (probably like all Oakley lenses).
- cuts glare
- enchances your depth perception (maybe only my opinion)
- very nice color
- scratches extremly easy (probably like all Oakley lenses ?). I got the first scratches in a week from a occasional finger touch on the interior of the lens. ALWAYS keep the glasses in the microbag when not wearing them. Never try to clean them when they are dry (use water first). Keep the microbag clean.
- Oakley says that the lens transmision is neutral. My opinion is that they give a warm (red) tint to everything (Ex: sometimes the clouds on the sky seem to have a violet color).
bong -
the polarization works really well with these lenses, cutting the glare dramatically without making things look artificial with cheap polarized lenses. colours stay true and everything remains neutral, with nice detail. really classy looking lenses.
dan-E -
Ice lenses are pretty much like Black Iridium lenses, same base but with a flashier Blue Iridium coat that make them stand out more. And like the Black Iridium Polarized, these are great if you live in sun-drenched area surrounded by water.
frankie4fingers -
Nice blue tint, more than ooBlue, but not favourited. Polarization...But some good contrast you could expect and very good for bright light!!!
LEX7 -
Ive got this lens on my Electric Blue Straight jackets. Basically the same things I said about ICE iridium goes for this one. The Polarization does improve this lens but not enough to give it a better rating
Rick -
Very little difference that I can tell between this and its non-polarized cousin. I much prefer Blue Iridium and wish it had been offered in as many different configurations as the polarized and non-polarized Ice was.
oogie -
While I tend to like all of Oakley's polarized lenses, the Ice version is really "smooth". Ice iridium itself is a pretty blue with soft grey base ... and the polarization is just an added bonus.
banarno -
Very nice lens to look though.
Very soothing on the eye,and the polarization cuts down on glare if you are near water.
Wassaaaaaaaaaap -
I love the color of this lens. Ice is always a great choice for looking great. Team that with the great Oakley polarization and you have some solid optics.
ACE 87 -
Two words: crystal clear!!! Lens tint is a nice neutral color that I find to be relaxing to look through. I love the way they enhance everythings color but still leave things looing natural. As for the coating the outside of the lens is not as reflective as I would like it to be (people can see your eyes through the lens which I dont like in an iridium) but the deep blue is still very nice to look at as well as the purple fade on the sides. Scratches extremely easy so be sure to keep glasses in microfiber bag or case. Polarization in this lens just tops it off for me. Great optics! No other company even comes.
Delta One -
One of my fav polar lens, 2nd best only to fire polar nice color
It does make you stand out in a crowd and it's a cool style.
adrian13 -
extremely cool looking, reflects anything the sun can throw at it, no way can anyone see ur eyes when they're hidden behind a pair of these. everything looks bluish-grey. kinda calming and soothing. makes me feel cool even if i'm in the blazing sun.
Raymond Karlsson -
rx and Polarization makes perfect to this baby!! I have an ordinary Ice Iridium since a while before. If you ever need sun protection - try this. Looks awesome on a silver or polished aluminium frame.
Mike -
bought the replacement for my polished Juliet. much more soothing to look through than fire polarized IMHO. because of the grey base, every colour looks the same as nature intended.

To truly appreciate polarized, you have to wear it on a very hot bright day where even the air looks and feels hot.
Wearing it, it just cuts through all the glares, and you get perfect crystal-clear razor-sharp high definition vision.
It's so good in fact that it can even cut through some minor haze or fog, try it and believe it.

Incomparable to anything else out there, and i feel even more darker than the black iridium polarized (10%) even though the stated difference is only 1%.

5 Stars and as someone said, THE BEST lens Oakley makes, atleast for function
Mark -
These lenses are great!
They don't alter colours at all, and they look very nice.
I have to agree however that they do scratch very easily (the lenses are quite durable, but the iridium coating scratches really easily).
Another point that I don't feel has been stressed is that they are EXTREMELY dark, and are only really suited to extremely bright sunlight. I live in England, and only remember 1 day (in the previous year) when it's bright enough to wear them, without it being too dark.
New Blue Eyes -
Can't quite understand how people find these too dark, I've had mine a couple of days now and prefer the Ice to my Fire Iridiums on a dull day. Lovely neutral image, not overly punchy and the view out of these is not as 'muddy' as the Fire - I guess down to the neutral nature of the light.

Not quite neutral, I noticed the normally featureless white sky this afternoon has a nice bit more contrast in the cloud that you can't see without glasses and is slightly blue/violet.

My 5th and already favourite Jawbone lens.
Patrick -
Just ordered a custom pair of jawbones equipped with the Polarized Ice Lenses. The frame and everything else is a polished black so i think they will look pretty tough looking...Iv'e seen bad customer reviews on shipping time and Oakley actually getting the custom selections correct....lets hope not ! I am lookong forward to wearing these this summer.
Jon -
I was skeptical about buying these due to the remarks left here, but these are much better than what I thought. I have standard black iridium lenses, and when I compare the two next to each other, it seems as though the ice iridium has much better contrast. It might be also due to the polarization on the ice, but yeah...They're very nice and look sweet.
Jon -
I just wanted to add another comment: I just bought Emerald Iridium, and the two compared next to each other has a way different appearance. I know a lot of people love those Emerald Lenses, but they seem to lack any contrast, even though they're labeled neutral. The ice are labeled neutral, but burst with color. Maybe it's because it's polarized? I don't know. The color of the ice polarized from the outside is nice too. There is a hint of purple, with a blend of bluish colors which look real nice. I think these lenses deserve more in terms of Contrast. They definitely make things pop.
Jake Vancouver -
Mine are prescription progressives mounted on Splinter Light frames, and polarized. They are simply too kool, truly icy - superior styling,superior fashion and great optics overall.

Down side: a little too dark and scratches easily on the outside.
Padzilla -
Got a set of these the other day to go with my awesome Half Xs. I love the way they cut through the glare and colours remain true. However, they're not as warm and pleasing to look through as my gold iridium polarised lenses - they're a bit bland in comparison, but still very fine lenses.
Jon -
I have an M frame black iridium lens, which I like, but my previous standby sunglasses were a pair of Wiley-X Romer II's with blue reflective lenses. In my opinion, the Ice Iridium polarized is a softer blue than most other blue finishes, certainly than the Wiley-X. I got the Ice Iridium over black iridium to increase the "humanity" and not look as much like Robocop, as has been a complaint I've received with the Black Iridium. The shading seems to be the same as the Black Iridium, but gives a little more interest. I think they are good for bright light, but overcast conditions and you may want to take them off. I got these for Flak Jackets and they look really good, both from the inside and the outside.
RT8 -
My quest: Find an Oakley polarized lens that is as pleasing to look thru as Tungsten Iridium Polarized for extremely bright conditions. I just tried Ice Iridium Polarized in a Flak Jacket XLJ. i agree with the comments here on lack of color separation or contrast. The gray base creates a lighting effect that reminded me of a sunny/overcast day. I think i would like to try the Deep Blue pol and Shallow blue polarized lens also, but not pleased with Ice polar, hence the 3 stars.
Switching between Ice pol and tungsten pol, the amount of light allowed thru seems more than 6% (9% vs. 15%). The tungsten pol is much brighter, more colorful, and more true to actual color. The increased brightness on sunny day is not enough to make me squint as the polarization is very soothing. My search will continue.
Wookieman -
Frame: Black
Lens: Black iridium

Oakley is definitely gunning for Maui Jim with these bad boys. I saw the ice pick for the first time today and it is amazingly similar to the MJ Sport line (Sandy Beach, Kanaha, Makaha, and Hookipa). The lens size is a good middle of the road that will fit most people except those with very large or small craniums. The hinges were a little odd looking, but appear solid. The portion of the frame that supports the lenses appears sturdier than the Mauis, but these are so new that we will have to see. Also, Oakley's Hydrophobic coating blows MJ's clear shell out of the water. Given a 3 for lack of creativity, but all in all a solid pair of shades.
nalong86 -
Frame: Brown Tortoise/
Lens: Tungsten Iridium

When i first saw pictures of these glasses i thought that they looked awful. Now that i have seen them in person i actually think they are rather nice. They are one of the lightest pairs of glasses i have ever tried on. The fit is quite comfortable and the lenses are small enough to fit many people yet large enough to provide a good amount of coverage. The style of the glasses is not my favorite, but is not nearly as bad as i thought it was when i first saw the pics. Overall a 4 out 5 becuase thought the styling is not great, they are a comfortable and very wearable pair of glasses.
Frame: Brown Tortoise
Lens: Tungsten Iridium Polarized

Had an opportunity to try these on recently at a local SGH, and unfortunately was not very impressed. For some reason the frames seemed very "plastic", and not at all sturdy. The lens coverage also seemed somewhat inadequate (too much of a rectangular shape), and the glasses were just too reminiscent of Maui Jims. If you're in the market for some semi-formal Oakleys with half-rim design, check out the Half Wire 2.0: much sturdier (metal frame), very comfortable, great styling, and superior coverage.
Spyderweber -
Frame: Brown Tortoise
Lens: Tungsten Iridium Polarized
Wow, I feel like these glasses are getting a bad rap. Rating glasses based on styling is very subjective. They will look good on some people and not on others. I'll admit, I wasn't excited about the styling when I ordered them, but I was very pleasantly surprised by how good they actually look on my particular face. But like I said, that is VERY subjective! As for their intended design with respect to quality and performance, these are amazing glasses. I was looking for a lightweight, casual pair of glasses that I could also use for driving. These fit the bill perfectly! I have a pair of metal Oakleys that I used for driving, but after hours of wearing them, they were heavy and left marks on my nose. These are extremely light weight and can be worn comfortably for hours. The down side is they may feel flimsy. I have owned these glasses for almost a year and they have held up just fine. They are flexible rather than brittle. I wear them more than any other pair of glasses and I've had no issues with durability. That said, I am generally easy on my glasses when driving and going out. I wouldn't wear these for mountain biking or other rough activities. Also, the polarized lenses are beautiful and perfect for driving. I use them on my motorcycle as well. They have a high ANSI impact rating, which is amazing for such lightweight glasses. (I usually use the helmet shield over 50 mph, though) And with the thin arms, they don't block much of my peripheral vision, which is important to me on the motorcycle. I own many pairs of Oakleys, but I wear these every day.
american image -
Frame: metallic black
Lens: VR28 blk iridium polarized

This is a perfect piece for people who want to benefit of oakley's great lens technology ( HDO & polarized ) but don't want to walk around with eyewear that draw attention. Size, weight and overall feel is very good, a comfortable piece for every day wear , perfect for in the car and the lens i chose is one of the best out there. VR28 black iridium polarized can be used in a wide range of weatherconditions.
one of my favorite pairs for every day use
Eric_Cloud -
Frame: Metallic Black
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium Polarized

These glasses have everything I need. They are light, they are suitable in almost every weather condition and they are perfect for sport activities(perfect fit,hydrophobic coating,polarized,coverage of the eyes).And as mentioned before you can wear it all day without the "bling,bling" effect!
heglock -
Frame: Jet Black
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized
My first day out with the Ice Picks was with a buddy of mine who wears Maui Jims. When he saw me he said, "ah, you've gone to the dark side." Meaning he thought I had bought some Maui Jim's. I didn't buy them because of that, I bought them because I really like half frames. Half X, Flaks, Half J's, M Frames, etc. They are light, wrapped to cover my eyes from the sun better than most of the small lens Oaks, and they fit perfectly on my round head. I'm going to be wearing these a lot in corporate "dress" environments!
Jon -
Frame: Jet Black
Lens: Polarized Black Iridium / Polarized Tungsten Iridium

I was lucky enough to grab a pair of these at a decent price, along with the extra lenses at no cost. These are extremely light. I was not expecting that. These are even lighter than my Nanowire's, and those are as light as a feather already. It's a mixed blessing though. While it may be light, it seems a little frail. The fit is great, and the wrap is awesome. They are very comfortable, yet snug at the same time.
Overall, these are excellent. The only issue is how frail the frame seems. It seems cheap and just not as good as a metal frame or a thicker o matter frame. All in all, a solid pair to add to the collection.
skylinrcr01 -
no reception in my jeans pocket but other than that a very good product. aalso it breaks up if you put it under something. Ie:pocket, sweater, your grandma. Ps. Black ipod nano+white icomi=bad
o-xide -
breaks up alot. nice and small. great fit with nano. uses a lot of batt
oogie -
Frame: Titanium
Face: Titanium

Like the Time Bomb, a fantastic watch for sure. Really deserving the full 5 stars. My only gripe is really the slimmed down styling. The small icon for women makes sense. But the regular Icon watch here just seems to miss out on the styling features that make the T.B. so fantastic.
Giles -
serial#000226 This watch is the max, reading Ed's slim wrist revue I ran into the same problems and solved them by removing the unobtainium blobs plus a few links,recurving the locking piece and filing the inside of the first lock links to get a better fit. I haven't taken the thing off since I bought it 7 years ago.
I only give it 4 stars because the curved watch crystal is too soft and gets scratched up easily and the date is a bitch to read aside from that it is my favourite possesion, I really like how the xmetal has become worn, somewhat beaten up but tough as all hell.
Without the O Engine none of the new watches do much for me, they seem to have lost some of that innovative edge.
Ed -
Case/Band: Titanium
Face: Blue

A more streamlined alternative to the famed Timebomb for those of us who can't pull off the big winged case or just want a more elegant style. Yet another Oakley item that I only started to want after it was discontinued... the whole "get it while you still can" mentality, I guess.

The titanium case and band are a nice satin silver/grey, and the deep blue face is just lovely. I was a little afraid the hidden clasp would irritate my wrist, but the edges are nicely rounded and virtually unnoticeable.

Due to my skinny wrists, I strongly considered the Icon Small, but it was not offered with a blue face, so I took a chance and got one of these without ever trying one on. It does look a little wide on me since the first links past the case do not flex very much, but taking out a couple other links to tighten up the band keeps my wrist in contact with those little Unobtainium blobs under the case, which effectively keep the watch from moving around. If I could change one thing, I would let those links flex just a little bit more to improve the fit for the small-wristed who don't want to go for the smaller version. That's the only thing keeping me from giving this five stars.

Probably the main reason I wanted one of these instead of the other discontinued styles is the O-Engine. I always get annoyed when a watch battery dies and makes you late for something, so I figured an automatic movement would be a good thing. The little window on the back of the case that shows off the mechanism is a neat little touch that certainly appeals to the engineer in me. With all the newer O watches using battery power, it only made me want one of these more.
Rick -
For a long time I was convinced the Icon was better suited to my wrist than the Time Bomb. The Icon has all the charm of it's larger Time Bomb cousin, but it does look a bit "naked" once you have become accustomed to the fins of the TB. Without comparing it to the TB, the Icon is a fantastic watch with great styling, but it's just a little bit plain. All four color configurations are appealing though. If you try this on and like the way it looks, you have to pull the trigger.
DoctorCrip -
Color: Titanium/Titanium
Serial #: 000287

A bit too big for my girl-like wrists and hands, but a stunning watch nonetheless. It has a more masculine look to it than the Icon Small, mainly due to the larger size of the face. I'm pretty sure I prefer the sleeker look of the Icons without the fins of their big brother - the Time Bomb. However, I'd still love to get my hands on one, but only for the right price since I probably won't ever be able to wear it. An amazing watch in every way and if I could give it more than 5 skulls, I would because of the incredible combination of design and technology. In my humble opinion, at least a few of Oakley's newer high-end watches should feature the O Engine and run on World Movement - if not all of them. Although, I don't think any of the newer model watch designs even come close to the Time Bomb and Icons.
Casing: X-Metal
Dial: Blue

Just slightly smaller than the TimeBomb, the Icon offers a superb alternative for those who admire the TimeBomb but lack larger wrists. True to its bigger brother, the watch maintains the sleek, aerodynamic design, intuitive band, X-Metal fuselage, and O-Engine mechanics. In contrast, however, it lacks the "flares" on the casing of its counterpart. An excellent watch combining the best materials, workmanship, and aesthetics that one would expect from an Oakley product.
ShadyOak -

This is my first O watch, I wear it every day and I love it! I have a rather small wrist and it fits well. I'm not sure I could pull off an origional TB, although I want one even if I can't. It is a very reserved look, not blingy at all, but exudes style and class. I get some compliments on it, but for the most part it goes under the radar. The finish is starting to get "broken in" which adds character and is getting better with time IMO. I haven't exactly been easy on it and the crystal is holding up very well, no scratches. The longest the reserve time has lasted so far is 2.5 days, but I'm ok with that. It was torture not wearing it for 3 days just to find that out. It took a week or 2 to get used to the sound of the O-Engine as it spins on my wrist, but now I miss it when it's not there. So far this is my favorite watch I've ever owned. I tried on a Time Tank the other day and loved it (and want one really bad), but for me it loses some personality without the O-Engine.
Parks -
Already have a stealth time bomb and bought the icon for a song to add to my collection. I really rate the watch and it is so light and sleek after wearing the heavier bomb. The white face really is striking and the thing is really comfy to wear day to day. If you can pick one up for a good price, you wnont regret it
Garry -
Love this watch. I also own and Minute Machine and have mostly worn it. I recently decided to pull the trigger and picked up a Titanium/White for a great deal. The watch is great. The O Engine is a interesting idea and seems to work well so far. I like that I can wear the larger Minute Machine or the Icon depending on my mood. It doesn't stand out as much as the Minute Machine but is very stylish in its own. Great for those times you may want to be more reserved in you look. It is worth it if you can still find one around as they are getting very hard to come by.
Kevinsmith101 -
Braclet: x metal
Face: Blue

Recently bought the polished/black Blade watch and was really happy with it but saw an Icon on ebay and got it for a reasonable £160.

First thing i noticed was the weight difference the icon feels feather light and grabs the hairs on my arms alot less, visually the icon gives my small wrists some more height making them appear wider and looks a little more classy in design just sleek and simple.

I only wish i could have got one with a white face, The man in the corner of a busy room with a fantastic suit gets noticed.....sure, but the man in the corner of the room with a fantastic white suit gets noticed even more.
pastor.elfstrom -
A great looking, discreet watch. As all Oakley watches, an eye catching thing. Like it a lot!
I originally got one for the Watch Vault that came with it and not so the watch... but then it caught the wife's fancy... She likes the smaller face watch for her tiny wrist and the fact that it does not need batteries is always a plus.
Dann -
Color: Red, White & Blue
I've been looking for a good backpack for a while. Something that would last, and hopefully something by Oakley. Looking at the $125 prices tags for the Icon's, I figured I'd have to settle for the sandbag if I wanted something a little less expensive. But ran a sale on these Icons, and I picked one up. I was able to pack for a full week trip to Hawaii without needing any checked luggage. The storage capacity is amazing and there are tons of little pockets and snaps to explore. I bring this everywhere now, and it’s great for my bike. Highly recommended. Now does anyone know what those loops are on the top?
o-xide -
I got the 1st Generation. I loved this design! lots of compartments. Padded for comfort. A must have for any collector
Rick -
I bought a couple of these when I was in Korea and I was living in Korea (from an Oakley store) and they served me well. I still use my light grey one to lug groceries around Japan. I have to say they are not on the cutting edge of style any longer. Nevertheless, they were the first backpack I ever saw from Oakley and, like I said, they are a pretty solid workhorse. No longer available.
cycling-pablo -
Color: RWB

Love this bag. I have wanted this bag ever since I saw one at a national bike race. Great storage, solidly built, screams oakley so no one has any doubt about what kind of bag it is. Definately worth the money.
brian -
Color: Yellow
Bought mine in 2000, and I haved used it for everything. School, Trips, Hiking, Biking, Day pack at the Drag Races ect... Looks great and has a huge payload.
O -
Color: white (kevlar)

Great back pack, I have the old school while one made from kevlar. It is very comfortable and looks sweet. It is my main travel bag in the airport and I have revieved many comments on it. It holds a lot and is strong and durable
Eddy -
I have had this thing since sophomore year of high school and it is now going to haul books on my second semester of sophomore college. It has some minor "battle scars" but it's still going strong, when I bought it I said i'd finish high school with it but it seems like it's got enough left in it to finish college, it's perfect for spring break getaways as I was able to pack a weeks worth of clothing in it. Someone once told me: "for $125 dollars I could get 5 backpacks" to which I replied: "yeah, but this one would still outlast ALL 5 of them". It's no longer available but the 2.0 version has divided compartments and a laptop bag so if I had to buy another backpack (which I seriously doubt) i'd get a 2.0.
Nate Dawg -
Extreemly nice pack. Large capacity. Straps are a little long and dangle. This isn't good for using on a motorcycle. I used some black velcro straps, and secured them up. Now everything is perfect.
o-xide -
I got another liminted edition kevlar white. awesome!
yelkao -
Color: Black
I bought mine years ago and still love it to this day. It's the first generation and I couldn't be happier with it. When I first saw it I knew it was a must have. There was nothing else like it and it's still one of the very best!
jumpman73 -
Pretty cool everyday bag. Very versatile and has a lot of storage. There are a lot of pockets so you can pretty much fit anything in it. Its a nice bag to have for a weekend trip.
Very comfortable with big heavy loads. I've used it for three years in college and I'm only having a minor problem with a side pocket seam. Even though the triple buckle closure helps anchor the load to prevent shifting it has gotten old to go through three buckles to get something. It sucks to pinch your finger with the buckles in the cold. I'd give this a 4.5 (for functionality, not esthetics) if the rating system would allow it.
oogie -
Color: Black

Back when Black was the only color it would come in (I think) .. and this bag is still in perfect condition and still a great looking bag. Utility design and plenty of room for gear, this bag has the functionality and looks to make it the classic that it is.
O-TasMiC -
Got my Kevlar White Icon for $17.00 on eBay, and could not be happier. The price was good sure, but the size and versitility as well as the amount of differant storage spaces is what makes the Icon better than any backpack I have previously owned. Much better than a North Face, but maybee I'm bias.
Pretty Hatemachine -
Color: Olive
Scored one of these a couple of years ago on ebay and I have been happy with it ever since. I use it for college, daily use to and from work, and any and everything. Holds alot, very tough, and looks so freakin' Oakley. I have pinched my fingers in the buckles as well, but I can honestly say that is my own fault and not blame the backpack. After reading some of these reviews, I'm gonna try an experiment and use the Icon as my sole bag for a two-week trip to Japan!
Jeremy -
I got this pack at a Sunglass Hut when it first came out. The "O" icon is stitched in and much bigger in size than shown in the pictures here. While in college, I once had 30 books in it. A professor said... "Dang now that is a backpack... looks like a VW on your back." I took that as a compliment. The only complaint after years of use... After a trip to Seattle and Mt. Rainier, I noticed the inside of the flap over the main compartment was shedding its coating like "dry skin" flaking off a person. Has anyone else had this happen?
pitOm -
Light Grey

I just found the best backpack ever made..
Very huge room to put anything including Laptop and the charger, my Juliet, and plenty of my apparels for my short-trip to Bali for 3 days..

The durability of this bagpack is amazing..
Worth every penny you spent for this good investment..
Ian -
Got it in Red right after it came out. It has the stitched "O". I've had it for 10 years, and it has been through everything. It's been on C-130s, all over the country, I've used it for canyoneering, rappelling, college, and it doesn't fail. It's my favorite backpack ever, and I'm stoked to get one of the newer incarnations.
Rob -
This is the BEST backpack evermade. I have never seen so many knock-off and imitation versions of any backback and the Icon sets the standard by which all bags should be made. I got mine back in 97 when they first came out...mine had the "O" embroidered onto the center panel. It's been everywhere...I like some aspects of the newer version but notably I do not like the new buckles..they look frickin 'foofoo' and not burly like the previous versions. I also have the PackTwo and this other "Unidentified Model" that I picked up in WhistlerBlackComb in Canada in 2004
redline8x1000 -
Best backpack i've ever had! Mine lasted for 12 years! had it since 1997 when they first came out and it finally gave out on me a month ago. i'll probably get another one later on.
PropWash -
Still running strong with my first Oakley backpack. Like others, I have the one with the embroidered logo.

Was able to pack for a trip to China in this bag alone.

It has been a camping bag, water craft gear bag, tool bag, carry on luggage, laptop bag, and so on.

Other than a busted buckle (slammed it in trunk door) and the yellowing / flaking interior, it had many years left in her.

This backpack symbolizes so much about what is RIGHT with Oakley.
ChrisFlynn -
I have a black one from '97 and a yellow one from '98. Both are still in regular service and I haven't bought another backpack since. Both are the first generation model with the large, embroidered logo. Nice padding, comfortable even when filled with heavy stuff. The yellow one has seemingly deeper, more-defined padding cells in the back. Neither bag shows much, if any, wear and this is after being thrown around by baggage handlers while filled with books, shoes, large documents with sharp-edged binder clips, tools, etc. Large, beefy zippers that run smoothly even when the bag is awkwardly overloaded. Fantastic styling. Shoulder straps show no signs of coming apart. In my pre-Oakley days I owned other packs that came apart eventually. These haven't. Love the long straps and the dragster-parachute styling elements. Simple layout with not a lot of special-use compartments, but one of the highest-quality consumer products I've ever owned.
PaulT00 -
Colour: Blue

Mine dates from about 2002 and is still going strong after 9 years as my main daily use kitbag. It's been on trains, plains and automobiles almost every day since I've had it. Good capacity and I've used it as my one bag when travelling. A bit of wear, firstly the rubber zip grippers have come off mine (replaced with some cords) and secondly the moulded back piece has worn near the bottom, where the black cover fabric is gone and the blue foam is exposed. Doesn't seem to be wearing away any further though. Finally the bottom corners of the side pockets are starting to look a bit thin but nothing is falling out yet. In other words this is a pretty robust backpack.

The biggest annoyance with this pack as far as I'm concerned is that if you put it down it will flop over onto its belly. If loading it with the main compartment zips fully open, the back of the pack kind of folds in half so it flops down, which combined with the body rolling forward onto its belly can make it awkward to deal with. It's also very dark in there - the bulk of the interior is black or navy blue - so given how much will fit and the lack of interior structure in the main compartment it can be a challenge to find things now and then. I had a bad moment when I thought I'd misplaced my passport in Schiphol a few years back but it was actually in the bag and invisible in the interior darkness! I'd also like the waist straps to be removable, I never use them so they're kind of rolled up and wrapped around each other to get them out of the way.

None of that is enough to put me off thinking about buying the latest generation when this one finally gives up the ghost!
Wilson -
Color: Black
What can I say? This is a very versatile backpack and your imagination is the limit. Tons of storage in the main compartment, two zippered pockets on each side makes it easy to get to your frequently accessed items. A netted front compartment let's you store your misc. There is an area right next to your back which is completely padded and it fits a standard size laptop (IBM T series), this area can be reached from the main compartment and also through a side zipper. All the buckles are adjustable so you can tighten the backpack to the items inside, so that they don't shift around when you move (this is excellent for motorcycle riding) It also has a sternum strap and a waist strap. I've gone way over 100mph on my bike with this backpack with only sternum strap on and it never felt loose. The shoulder straps and back part are all padded which makes this one comfortable backpack to have on. I do have a recommendation though, go and get the Oakley cell phone case if you plan to keep your phone on the backpack.
DarkGrieverX -
Color: Red
Got this from an outdoor equipment store in Skagway, Alaska during vacation. Wow, this bag is really everything I've hoped for. I was searching for this bag for a LONG time (mostly due to the newly added compartment for storing a laptop), but no store in Vancouver seems to have it stocked yet (all still Icon Backpack 1.0). My first impression of the bag is that it is extremely durable; there are safety buckles, zippers everywhere. Space is ample inside the numerous zippers, and the straps themselves are very comfortable. Apart from the fairly steep price tag (~190 CND after conversion), there is nothing that I would really gripe about. Really a great backpack.
sparra -
Color: Red
This bag is massive and looks great. You can fit so much in this bag that my mate frequently loses stuff in the various pockets and compartments. As always, everythings adjustable and seems made to last, so it's certainly worth the money.
O -

A nice upgrade from my kevlar backpack, some changes to the design and the zippers and the molded handle. Best back pack I have ever owned
Ed -
Color: Sheet Metal

The classic Oakley pack. I still prefer the industrial look with the understated metal icon compared to the newer military-inspired bags with screen prints and sew-on labels. The padded, fleece-lined shoulder straps are grippy and comfortable, and the main compartment holds a huge amount of stuff. The little side pockets are surprisingly roomy, too. I don't own a laptop, but if I did, I'd really appreciate the padded laptop compartment with the side entry zipper. The velcro closure on the inside has a nifty molded rubber grip with a skull print. I really like the large metal icon on the back panel, but it's hidden when you wear the backpack so it seems like a bit of a waste. I don't really care for the organizer panel, though. It is rather flimsy, and the velcro flaps make access somewhat clumsy. Access to the main compartment takes a bit of effort as well since there are three buckles securing the top flap and a zipper underneath, but it is very secure and well-protected from the elements. One other minor complaint is that the bag doesn't stand well on its own. The shape of the bottom causes it to flop over so that the straps are facing up whether it is empty or full, so you have to hold it up, flip it straps-down, or hang it from something to open it up.

Color: Fluoro Green
I picked up a sample of this bag from Oakley (Fluoro Green - avail Spring 06). I love it! So many compartments and the padding is phenomenal. Attach some caribineer keychains to the straps for added effect...
cycling-pablo -
Color: Yellow
Ok, this is a great bag with a great design, but the short coming is the computer side access is just not quite big enough. I have a 17" monitor on my laptop and it barely fits through the top of the bag, the zipper is pulled taught to get over the corners. If you have a smaller more compact laptop then the laptop spot is great but I will have to stick to my SI computerbag for most trips with the laptop.
Ninpomaniac -
Color: Black

Rugged, comfortable, and no stupid waist flaps. Like that you can put a lot in it, but if empty, it doesn't look deflated. Ballistic Nylon is a nice touch, I have to admit when the Oakley rep shoved a Bic pen through the material and it healed itself, I was sold. Works well in the rain. Best backpack I have Ever owned.
travee -
Colour:Snow Camo
I love this backpack. It is the best built backpack I have ever owned. I am a university student and am very hard on my bags. This one is the only one that has lasted longer than 3 months and is still going. I dont have a laptop, but the storage compartment is good for expensive textbooks as well. It would be nice if it had a cell phone case though. There is more to this bag then meets the eye. There are many small compartments when you open it up. This is a unique bag that know one else has, but that might be because of the 180 price tag. I would reccomend this bag to anyone especially if you have really heavy books to lug around. The snow camo colour makes the bag look dirty from a distance but it is my favourite colour by far.
BrianJ1888 -
Color: Red Camo
I can't give this a rating yet, as I haven't used it yet. I got it as a freebie from my OPD's manager. It'd been sitting at the store for a long time now, and he wanted it out of the way. Anyway, this guy seems like it's got a ton of room, but the laptop sleeve just barely fits my 15.4" screen Acer. My laptop's dimensions are 14.3x10.5x1.4. The bag seems well built, with the straps made of seemingly high quality materials. I liked the removable sternum strap. However, one thing really bugs me: the red camo parts look pink from the back. with the top flap open, the back of the flap looks pink, rather than the red camo color. What gives?
strake -
They are really comfortable and alot of easy to access compartments make them really convenient. It looks really cool carrying them around.

My basis for the low marks is two-folds. 1)The laptop compartment makes me feel like I'm filling up a sausage everytime I place them inside. They are too tight. 2)I used them for over 8 months and the top grip handle gave way. This was a normal wear and tear situation, nothing abusive or forceful. I would expect something of this price to last much longer. Unfortunately, I have to say that these aren't really value for money.
TheVault -
Color: Black with added small red metal icon sticker

Top notch bag, very durable, has holes to get rid of odors, many compartments, the attention to details is also amazing with inside print in the interior of the bag, the big Metal icon in the back is also a nice touch as well as the laptop compartment.

Comes in great choices of color, but the snow camo looks more like cofee stains in person.

The 3 buckles really gives a feeling that everything is safe in this bag, this bag will last and its made for abuse, not too small but not so big as the Kitchen sink. A good everyday bag.
bluemarlinchef24 -
Color: Black

Awesome Backpack!

I use it daily to store various things like a change of clothes (you never know!).

I have had many compliments. I use to use it for my iBook when I had one.

Plenty of space too!
jumpman73 -
Like the first Icon pack, this bag is great for everyday use. Its is pretty big and can fin a ton of stuff. There are a ton of pockets on here which makes it pretty versatile. I use it for weekend trips. It can carry small items like my ipod. The big pocket I use for my clothes and then I can fit my portable DVD player in here too. Very nice bag which offers a lot of options.
Colour:New Khaki

Nothing at all like its picture on the website. An almost canvas like feel to the sand coloured nylon which engulfs the traditional black panels. Making this the most outstanding colourway in all of the Icon's history. Very SI feel to this although I sense it's smaller than my other 5 Icons.
Dennis -
Picked it up in Tan. The shape of this bag fully-loaded will still allow it to fit in most overhead storage bins when flying, even on some of the smaller "regional jets." This is a big "plus" if you're taller than 5' and *need* that space under the seat in front of you for luxuries like your feet. For those who have trouble translating "cubic inches" to actual capacity, here's some perspective: I generally fly for short trips & can comfortably fit a change of clothes (khakis / button-down shirt / T-shirt / shorts / socks) and basic toiletries, along with a book, my laptop, power supply, PDA, cell phone, and a few other small loose items in this pack. Zippers and seams are very durable, Comfort is A+. Good "cool factor" to the look if that matters for you.
Ichibandidisan -
Mine's a 3.0. My laptop's 15.4" so I had to purchase a separate sleeve, since the laptop compartment wouldn't fit. But the Sheet Metal Camo looks awesome. The top grip is super comfortable, and the cell phone compartment on the shoulder strap makes it convenient to pull your phone out when needed. Yes, the front velcro flaps do irritate me some, but overall this is an awesome bag.
The backpack was great for about three months and then a seam started to rip apart next to the zipper until it spread the whole length of the bag! I just used it to take books to class! Not worth it.
Color: Black

I just got the ICON 3.0 and it looks great of course. But like most of the other reviewers, the laptop part of the backpack is a little tight. I have a 15.4" notebook and it will not fit thru the side zipper access. But it does fit thru the top and the strap does velcro fully. However, it is very snug and there is little to no protection on top of the backpack for the notebook. My other small complaint is that there are no zipped compartments within the main backpack compartment (or maybe i haven't found it yet...). I have usb keys and prefer a zippered pocket, so unfortunately I have to either put them in the velrco pockets or use the zippered pockets that are on the sides of the pack.

I have wanted this backpack ever since it came out and now that i have it i'm not dissapointed! Looks amazing, fits all the necessities and protects my Alienware 15.4' nicely.
Another winner from Oakley
alfred -
best looking backpack!!!very well built!!!6 years and im still looking at it and admiring it.
Xtremehardy388 -
Pretty good backpack. Even got mine stolen for a little over a week. The bag was ditched in some bushes and went through a few storms. Most everything was destroyed (so it's not waterproof) but after a washing, the bag was restored to normal. However, the laptop compartment doesn't fit my laptop unless I go through the main compartment...and that's a pretty tight fit. I was also surprised by the lack of room in the pack. A little disappointed. The bag looks pretty cool and it'll get me through these last couple years of college, I'm hoping. Looks like it'll be pretty durable. If you're looking for a good day pack or something for a couple classes, this is the bag...but given the number of books a lot of people are using for class, now, this bag might not cut it...or survive the elements. Lack of room/compartments, no waterproofing...just left a bit to the imagination.
Chopsticks -
Nice bag, looks crazy, very oakley. I tried the feature where if the nylon material is punctured (i.e. with a pen), the hole would close up! and it worked! crazy. I dont know any other bags that can do that. Got it for about 50% off too. suh-weeeeeet!
ToniClonic -
Awesome backpack. Great for school or hiking. Like everyone has said, my 15.4 inch laptop doesn't fit through the side zip slot, which is the only downside to this backpack. Otherwise it has tons of room it and takes a while to explore all of its functions.
Infinite Hero 3.0 -
Color: Ash/ purple closure straps
This is my second icon pack....this bag rocks...fits my 13" MacBook pro, iPad, yoga mat, shoes perfectly...bag is extremely durable as I travel frequently in and out of airports and job sites. This bag fits all my daily accessories plus tools for work! I highly recommend.
Dann -
Color: Grey/Black
This cap would be fine, but it doesn't cover your ears too well, leaving them frozen during the winter months. Pulling it down is a pain, literally, as you tend to pull your hair out while getting a grip on the fabric. I like the hat, but it could have been a little bit longer.
kingphilbert -
Color: Black, Blood, Blue Corduroy

I have owned many of these basic caps over the last 8 years. I hadn't seen Oakley caps in a long time (during the classic logo days) and then a new basic cap had appeared more similar to this than what is called Basic Cap. I thin black material with silver embroidery. It featured the Icon and stretch logo on the front and had the # 1242 on the rear.

It had later showed up in Black, Blood and White with "O Matter" on the rear and even came out made form 8 Whale Corduroy and Mesh.

They were all great hats and it was a nice alternative to wear in the summer when the other popular styles at the time were heavy wool Starter caps or just basic rough fabric.

The only downfalls on these originals were shrinkage and the Blood bled into the white embroidery in the rain.
capt. obvious -
Color: Black
Guess what? The best hat ever made by anyone isn't made anymore!!! (trying to control floods of sobbing) Remember that Seinfeld episode where Jerry did the bit about men wearing their underwear to the point where they can just walk up to a window and a breeze will blow away the remaining scraps of a favorite pair they were hanging on to? Yeah well that's how it is with me and my favorite Oakley Icon Cap. It is literally in shreads after repeated dyings and the last time I bleached it before the dying process which only ate away further at the precious remaining fabric. I've had it for 11 years and went through of 3 identical ones prior to this one. So naturally I looked on-line for a replacement only to discover that Oakley has discontinued the hat. WHY THEN haven't they removed it from their site yet, your guess is as good as mine. With the billions of revenue they accumulate from thier overpriced goods (people are just paying for the name - I bet even the most expensive pair of sunglasses only costs $5.00 to fully manufacture) they could at least properly update their website. But no. Here I was looking for a replacement for the only hat that ever "fit right" and the mothersite of Oakley said it was available only to be not true. I have never been so disappointed in my life. What can I do now? Everywhere I go I try on different Oakley caps but to no avail. If anyone has any advice who has read this or has an old Icon cap that is in good shape please send me info at and I will buy it from you, thanks.
rdgdmd -
color: navy blue
got this from a sale at a nearby oakley vault and were very nice. conforms well to the head and so obviously oakley!!
O -
good basic design cap with the classic logo, but yes they do shrink when they get wet
ball5out -
I got a red one. All I can say is that it has an O emblem. looks good and the fit(if u know how to choose) is good
Ed -
Color: Silver

Solid construction and a great way to show your Oakley pride. Works like any other carabineer but looks so much better!
o-xide -
Color: Silver
Outstanding carabineer. I kept it in my display case and it rocks!
njphil -
nothing says oakley better, however mine had bad built quality and actually cut me where an inside part of the O was razor sharp... not fun, so i got my dremel out smoothed that out and now it's good.

Good looks, worst oakley build quality i've ever seen in an O product.
x-metalman -
Color: Silver
I have to get one of these. I love the design. Would go great with my icon keychain.
LEX7 -
Color:Bright Silver

Damn cool keyring but i dont think im gonna use it as a key ring.
Im gonna clip it onto my oakley backpack so i can easily attach things to it.
Very useful and cheap so grab one if you can
kingphilbert -
Color: Silver

Most fantastic. I have been using a carabiner to attach my keys to my belt loop for years and this makes it so much sweeter. One the larger side but in no means a draw back. A definite must have.
Viscouse -
Nice peice of Oakley. I love how the deign lends itself to the function. The color is a favorite of mine: matte nickel or something like that. It's not chromed.

It's perfect for what I use it for.
Stephen -
Color: Silver

I have had this for a few months now and is a TON better than my old carabiner ( was free what do I expect ). This has awesome looks and a smooth finish. Since I am an Oakley fanatic I just love pulling the Icon out of my pocket. Have had a few people ask me where I got it, and just love telling them it is sold out on oakleys website and impossible to find. :) Goes great hanging from my car ignition with my oakley dogtag hanging on my rearview mirror :)
Ed -
Color: Bright Silver

Found a few of these at Circuit City by the Thump tower and had to pick them up. The latest carabiners have a bright, almost polished finish whereas the first generation were a satin silver/grey. Other than the color, they look and feel the same.
KevinLuu -
Color: Silver

When I first saw it, I thought damn, if only it was a bit smaller. Then sometime later, I visited the O store again and saw it. It must of grown in my mind because I thought it was actually smaller. Anyways, I love it now. It's all about expectations.

Always sported on my right belt loop with my keys.
Dann -
Color: Silver

Finally grabbed one of these over the holiday's. Don't plan on using it, as it will most likely just go into the display cabinet. It's a solid piece and the icon works perfectly as a design base.
TekDragon -
I'll get crap from my friends who already think I'm deranged because of all the Oakley stuff I have already, but I couldn't resist, just a great design and seems very strong. Went right on my key chain and will make them stand out as mine.
DisturbedEarth -
Color: silver

Very cool! I use mine on my second set of keys for the truck and just click it to my beltloop - very durable
oogie -
Color: Silver

Best overal keychain I have seen oakley make. Large icon ... can't go wrong. Functional and tough, mine still looks great after 8 months of daily use.
champuslive -
Very cool, but here in germany the price is not fair! 29€. Thats 35$ for a keychain. Sorry thats to much. But by there are no sellers who ship to germany :( so i have to wait.... and wait
filmetal -
I bought this with intention of using it as a keychain, however I find this to big for my liking. But any ways its cool carabineer.
bong -
absolutely stunning and a must have for any Oakley collection. just attach keys and then click it through my belt loop and then i'm good to go. love how Oakley integrated the Icon with a carabineer with a simple yet ingenious design.
cycling-pablo -
Color: Sivler
Solid built, great design, gets the job done too. What else can you ask for? Maybe more of em' cause these are hard to find!!
jumpman73 -
Awesome keychain. It feels a lot stury than it looks. Classic symbol for a keychain.
TSIcon8 -
Color: Silver

This is killer. It does everything it's supposed to do, lasts a long time and it shows dedication. I love being able to say that everything on my body is O, even my key chain!
DoctorCrip -
I really like mine. All of Oakley's keychains look cool, but this one is actually functional as well. I have always used carabineers for my keys, but never one that people comment on or ask me about. This is just another testament to Oakley's genius.
LukePhillips -
Got one from in April, so theyre still available. Not much to say, its a good keychain. It is a little on the big side though. Nothing else much to say, it is what it is and it works.
I love this key chain but I can't lie I have lost keys off of it a couple of times. If it had a fastener on it, I believe that would make it golden. good product though
Ian -
I had to get another one, just because the one that I have on my keychain is getting chewed up. Everyone who sees it comments on it.
O -
I just had to pick one up at HQ. Its a classic key ring but my experience with these D-Ring clips that they do wear out over time so this is a dust collector in the case
vindicator -
Got 2 of these for me and my girl. Use them mainly for car keys, and they look awesome hanging from your Oakley backpack arm straps. A great addition to any Oakley Collection.

My friends all think I'm a big Oakley Fanatic but what the hey, deep inside, they're all Oakley fans too!
AmandaS -
Great Keychain - Every single Oakley lover needs to sport this keychain on their keyring. It should be a law or something. Holds my keys just fine, and clips to the Rings on my Oakley planet pack, so that solved my problem of never being able to find my keys.... and also, if they're not on my planet pack, I make a mental note of where they are anyway, because This key ring was on backorder for weeks, I had to wait & I loathe waiting, I am not misplacing it - hell no.
Xtremehardy388 -
It was cool but it wasn't the most reliable. I lost mine a while ago but I miss it a lot.
zombie43083 -
I LOVED IT!...Then it broke. The small spring-piece in the hinge broke one day, and I was lucky to still have my keys AND find the part that broke.
I got numerous compliments (including an approving gaze from a hot boss of mine at the time :D) but now I have a broken piece that I would love to use again. It's really too bad that Oakley has discontinued them, and now they're going for as much as 5 times their MSRP on eBay! Sad...
Anyone have any ideas on how I could fix mine?
Farlius -
I have a bunch. Like any other normal carabineer you can latch onto and through whatever you want. These look especially cool hooked through the 'ammo' loops on my Sandbag strap. Much more robust than the new mini-carabineers I'm seeing at the counters at the O-Stores lately.
i am rich -
I used to have 2 until I lost one of them. It is an awesome keychain. Some users complain that they tend to loose their keys but I do not have that problem. I wished I gathered as much as I can when I had the chance.
o-xide -
Color: silver
I really like this 3D design put into it. I am not sure why it was discontinued for a while then went to clearance at the I got it for $22. I never really used it bec I guess it scraches easy. I just put it on display and adore it. Good display item
jumpman73 -
This is awesome. I love using this for my cards. Its like having a piece of Oakley everywhere you go.
O-bandit -
color: silver

the design is great...
if you need something to store your business cards is this piece the rigth O-product.
it´s a little bit to small if you need your cards every day.
everybody who get a business card from you will get the case too
Ed -
Color: Silver

Finally got my hands on one of these on eBay at less than retail. It is much heavier than I thought it would be based on pictures. I thought the metal would be really thin and dent easily, but the real thing is quite solid. The finish is a cool satin silver/grey. I like the raised thumbprint icon, too. A great little collector's item.
oogie -
Color: Silver

A great item. It's a card case ... so there isn't all that much to say about it's functionality. Great looks, a luxury card case for sure. My case has had some trouble "holding on" to it's icon, likely due to it being pushed into the card slot of the Oakley PDA case. If I just kept better care of my stuf...
DisturbedEarth -
Color: Silver

Use mine a lot but it doesn't hold many cards...definitely a conversation piece!
Munkfish -
Not much to say about it really - good build quality - holds more than enough cards, and has the big O Icon!
ball5out -
I dont carry a wallet anymore. I just got this recently and made it into my wallet. I just carry a drivers license,debit card and some large bills
OsmosisJones -
Extremely Oakley. The metal is faily prone to scratches, but it's perfect for the display case. It's also awesome that those scalpers trying to sell them for 85+ dollars are SOL now that they have been re-released.
DoctorCrip -
It seems a bit flimsy, but quite cool and distinctly Oakley nonetheless. Until I actually get my own business cards, I'll have to come up with a creative use for it. Do elementary school teachers even get business cards? Anyway, in the meantime I'll just make it part of my Oakley display.
Ian -
Bad ass! I finally got one, and it's so clean and beautiful, I don't think I'll ever use it. I even considered getting business cards made just to put in it while it's on display. "Ian Morris- Potential Lunch Winner". Heh.
Teknical -
I had been wanting to get a nice business card case for awhile and checking them out at places like Stephen Covey. None of the other ones really appealed to me for the price. This case really has stylistic flare, while remaining conservative. It's an essential part of a professional's artillery. I like the "rivets" on the corners. It's much more cool than Patrick Bateman's ("Is that a gram?") or even Paul Allen's card case in American Psycho, if you've ever seen that famous business card scene. I keep this stocked with cards in my suit pocket.
vindicator -
Use this everyday and it never fails to impress! I love the Icon detail dead smack in the middle! Love the sturdy, industrial look and feel of it. Definitely a winner!
Farlius -
Recently broke mine out of the display case for actual use. Very sturdy, very cool looking. I am usually giving my card out to hospital staff and MD's and when I bust out the case to grab a card there is usually some sort of comment of how cool or interesting the case is. Scratches easily but maintains its shape while getting banged around in my work-bag. A nice accessory.
zev5740 -
Color: Red

Bought it on eBay thinking it'd be a cool keychain . . . IT'S HUGE! What the hell would anyone do with this thing?! Oh well, it looks like something Batman would own so I guess its cool to show off in my Oakley shrine.
o-xide -
Color: Red

No real use except for display. It stands out in my display case. No regrets. Strictly for collectors only.
Dann -
Color: Red

My brother got this in Japan, which seems to be the only place to get it. Umm...just one question, what is it? Not that I care too much since it just sits in the shrine as others said. Good construction whatever it is.
Viscouse -
I love how it also says "Remove Before Flight".on the other side of the webbing. Good thing too, because otherwise I'd forget with all the other things on my mind while prepping my F-117.

For some reason i thought it would be spring loaded, but it wasn't.

Anyone know the years this ran or was available? I picked mine up at a Michigan Vault in 7/2007.
warwagon -
Why do I have it .... Because i can! Purpose?... None, it just looks awesome in my collection.
jplacson -
Got mine from the O-store at Hollywood & Highland Mall. This is by far, THE coolest looking keychain on the planet. Not very useful... since it doesn't fit in any pocket!!! Hahahaha... who cares... it looks so cool... and can be used as a weapon if someone tries to mug you!!! Hahahaha
oogie -
Color: Red

The icon carabineer is both useful and nifty. This Iron Claw carabinner though cranks it up a notch! Throw utility out the window and you just have a sweet little Oakley accessory. I've actually used this for a keychain at times, just link the claw to your belt loop and put the caribeener in your pocket. There ya go!
DisturbedEarth -

Funny! Yeah I had to have one...have absolutely no use for it but it looks very cool! I was told it is used in rockclimbing....?
BronzeT -
Where are you gonna find a keychain like this.So I got it just for the sake of having one.Only Oakley would come up with this kind of stuff.Its awesome.

Just like what everybody said,its too big for everyday use.Basically got it for collection purpose only.
BiGCoB -
Still searching why I bought that thing for. But I'm deeply convinced that I needed to buy it. A little bit disappointed that the black part is plastic
TSIcon8 -
Color: Red

Bought it just to have. Since it's pretty rare I jumped on the retail....yea, no use for it at all but it looks cool and gets questions so I like it.
Nemesis -
Do you need it? No. Do you want it? Hell ya! Another excellent non-usable product from Oakley! Collectors love it, everyone else asks 'why?'
Picked this up a few weeks ago online thinking it was much smaller than it actually is. I was hoping to use it for my new truck keys but no such luck. So having no practical use for it i put it in my bag of useless oakley items to be later placed on display. LOOKS FRIGGIN SWEET THOUGH!!!
mbrogz3000 -

Saw this in an O store and online a while back when it was still in production. Thought that $18 was crazy for a keychain that I couldn't and wouldn't use, then it became discontinued. It probably is or was a discounted vault item, but whatever. I recently saw it on ebay at pretty much the retail price, and decided to purchase it. I figured this is going to be a 'hard to get' item eventually like the mini-chrome Bob head I have, and figured just to get it since I like owning hard to get items. What can I say, its a schwag item! It inspires creativity by being an item that has 100% form and serves 0% function. My wife didn't understand why I purchased something that doesn't have any purpose, but I explained that that WAS the purpose!

The claw side is just interesting to look at and flip open and closed repeaditly as you ponder a decision while clip side is a regular carabineer. If you don't understand the Iron Claw Carabineer, then you won't understand Oakley products in general and should just stick with the ordinary.
BullyVW -
Much like the others on here, I just bought it with no specific reason as to why. It looks good...hanging from my lamp in my bedroom. Beyond that...all I can think of to make is a cool leash extension for my dogs.
Pointless in every way possible, but who in their right mind won't crave one? I've tried to justify using it, but it's just so useless. But do I love it? Of course, it is a typical Oakley oddity. Serves no real purpose, but we will all own one!
Echo63 -
I bought one of these of Ebay recently.
I didnt realise it was as big as it is, im going to try it as a keyring for a few weeks, and see how i like it.

Completely useless, but very very cool

A smaller one in X-Metal (maybe an inch and a half long, with 1/2 inch webbing) would be awesome
ichibandidisan -
This also gets 5 stars from me because it's another indication of the wild, impractical and crazy design that makes (or some will say, made) Oakley products so desirable. Might find use as an alternative to Bruce-Lee-nunchucks, but otherwise, it looks nice alongside the rest of my crazy-looking Oakley stuff on display.
o-xide -
This one is on my snowboard right now. Perfect color match I love it. I actually ordered another one but I did not receive it yet

Although my car may be a piece of junk ('99 Buick Regal), the stickers on it are not: this is one of the two stickers. The design is very unique, suggesting an industrial-inspired theme, and the neutral color is great, too, as it looks fantastic on a "metallic sand" colored vehicle. At least the value of my car increased (in my mind, anyway) because of this sticker.

o-xide -
Color: black/ red
cute. The stitch is starting to come off. It is sporty looking while running in the gym
x-metalman -
Color: Black/Red
They're pretty cool, but I find them more useful as a display item, as there's not much use for them.
sparra -
Color: Black/red

These bobble and knuffle pretty quickly, and though they look pretty cool, I don't wear them anymore. More of a one off thing. Still quite nice to show true O dedication.
O-bandit -
color: red/black/white

i like those tiny bands!!!
have not realy a usefulness but it´s cool to wear and even cool to have in the collection.....
if you sweating a little bit mor than you should use the regular wirstband otherwise it´s good enough for the eyebrows :o))
oogie -
I can't imagine any use for a fingerband ... but it's a cool fuzzy tube with an icon. I like the icon, so I like the band!
yoko -
A cool display item but no real use for it. Maybe for poker games?
jumpman73 -
Its kind of cool. If you put 2 or 3 on one hand they are pretty nice if you are playing basketball or jogging. That way you can wipe the sweat of your brow. Wristbands are a bit more useful but these look cool.
OsmosisJones -
Meh, pretty useless in my eyes. Theyre thick as hell too, so I guess they'll do the job theyre intended to if need-be.
TSIcon8 -
Color: Black/White

No real purpose but really cool to have for the collection next to the Icon Wristbands.
Teknical -
it's just like the wristband or headband, but smaller. Pure genius. They seem well constructed enough. Oakley fingerbands are a great toy for me. I wear them for no reason. Might wear them while typing or coding. They add a nice squeeze, and actually keep my fingers warm. You might try wearing them on the middle section of finger rather than pushed all the way up.
LEX7 -
Color:Black/Silver & Black/Red

I have since lost the black/silver one but this is great for tennis and soccer I team it while im wearing my bengal racing jackets while playing soccer in the summer so I look very cool lol.
oogie -
Great headband, but just too tight on my noggin for regular use.
AmandaS -
How great could a headband be? Does a good job of holding my bangs back at the Gym, cant complain. Picked up a few of these at the VAULT for a buck a peice. :)
Teknical -
Your typical headband. I now have the entire set with the wrist bands and finger bands. I might actually wear this running. It doesn't look so dorky like a lot of headbands tend to. It's plush and soft, and a bit too tight for my head so that I can feel my pulse. I'm sure it can be stretched out though.
kingphilbert -

This is the keychain to go with. It's small and very lite (supposedly titanium but I honestly can't tell). It's nice to have a sculpted Icon hanging from you at all times though. I have also heard this version of the icon referred to as the Thumb Print Icon
EastCoast -
Color: Silver
Well, it holds my keys okay, no trouble there.

Bought it when my Bob Head keychain broke. Not too keen on the design, it is subtle. Easy to grab, nice heft, but still, what can be said about it? It is, I will admit, much nicer than some freebie keychain from your insurance company. Still, I think the minds that came up with the Racing Jacket could have produced something crazier. If you want a keychain, go ahead and buy it. You won't be disappointed, but it's hard to get real excited about a keychain.

I actually prefer the look of it as it gets pitted and worn down from all my keys. No joke - go figure.
sparra -
Color: Silver

I like this keychain. It is light yet solid to hold and looks pretty cool, if not particularly innovative.
o-xide -
Color: silver
Just cool looking. I have 2. I got them in HongKong for half price and they are authentic. It came with no tag and I guess they didn't know how much to sell it. The keychain has a lot of detail in it. Another collector must have. Yeah it is very light
Ed -
Color: Silver

Nice, simple keychain. It has a good, solid feel and some fairly intricate detailing.
x-metalman -
Color: Silver
The coolset keychain I've ever owned. I like the detail put into.
O -
one of the most reconizeable keychains there are. its heavy and makes a good handle for the keys
O-bandit -
color: silver

it´s okay not realy detailed but good enough for the keys!
would not buy so many of these like from the bobs :o))
just some to complete the collection....
JL -
Color: Silver

I actually got to pick between two colours, the one i have is the standard silver but they also had a darker tinted one which the store manager showed me. Solid keychain, still haven't figured out what to do with it, I use a lanyard and don't normally use a keychain, but so far makes a nice display piece with the ring taken off.
oogie -
A great keychain. A simple, strong statement with the icon.
Dann -
Color: Silver

A nice piece for the display cabinet. I got it on my second trip after getting the Carabineer. I don't want to ruin it by actually using it, so I leave it be as a nice collectable.
O-minous -
Very nice. Light weight, cool detailed engraving and the matte titanium finish is sweet! Already got my keys on it.
DisturbedEarth -
Color: silver

Yet another Oakley keychain I had to have and have absolutely no use for....still very cool!
alexrugby18 -
it s simple but it says alot!! it has a great feeling and although really resistant it is really light!

bad part is that the paint wears off pretty fast if u keep playing with it like i do
Munkfish -
Really nice - the only Oakley keychain I use on a daily basis. Good weight, and comfortable in the pocket - solid build quality.
DoctorCrip -
Color: Silver

I really like this keychain. It's not nearly as heavy as it appears, so you hardly even notice it on your it also looks really cool. I prefer to use mine with my display so that it doesn't get beat up. However, I'd like to get another one at some point - preferably the harder to find pewter one - and use that one in my display, thus demoting my current one to the keychain to undoubtedly get destroyed over time.
Ian -
I got mine for free. I'll never use it since I have the carabineer, but I have pride of ownership, and that's all that matters.
DoctorCrip -
Color: Polished Titanium/Gold
Serial #: 000657

The perfect watch for us men with smaller wrists and hands. This particular color combination goes with pretty much any color jewelery one may wear. But the best part of this line of watches (the Timebomb and both Icons) is that you don't have to worry about replacing the battery every year or two. I don't know if I'd be willing to pay the full retail price for it though, so I'm glad I got mine for a pretty good price on eBay.
Casing: X-Metal
Dial: Emerald

Although this watch was marketed as a "women's" timepiece, most colors would still look appropriate for either sex to wear. The Emerald Icon Small represents what was supposedly a prototype color that never made it to mass production. Rare and beautiful, this "Miniture TimeBomb" also represents a crown jewel in an Oakley watch collection. And, as usual... no batteries are required.
jumpman73 -
Titanium/Mother of Pearl

Pretty nice little watch. This might be too small for a guy. I think it would be more fitting for women. The design is a little plain especially when compared to the new Time Tank. It is a very light weight watch and is also very durable. I don't think its worth the full MSRP. These are popping up at outlets everywhere so if you really want one I would recommend checking those places. The face is a little small but what can you expect with the Icon "small". Still, the titanium/mother of pearl is a very classy color combination.
DoctorCrip -
Color: Titanium/Titanium
Serial #: 000895

I just added this colorway to my collection and I'm almost speechless. It is by far the most incredible looking timepiece I have ever laid my eyes on and pictures simply do not do it justice. I had been looking for an all-Titanium Icon Small for quite a while, until a Review member across the pond in the United Kingdom told me that he had one that he hardly ever used - thanks Martin! Adding to the allure of this watch is the apparent rarity of it. I also love that the hands glow in the dark. I couldn't be happier with this watch as well as the fact that I finally own this absolutely stunning Oakley masterpiece. It is now - and probably forever - one of the crown jewels of my Oakley collection.
ichibandidisan -
Color: Polished Ti/MOP Pink
Serial #: 000169

Got this for my wife in my further attempt to initiate her into the O-cult. Bought used (more like abused), so had band re-polished by jewelry repairwoman, and Oakley replaced the crustal face. Great looks aside, the power storage on this Icon Small actually lives up to the manual's hype of almost 2 weeks. Unlike my two Timebombs, this Icon Small has not stopped running since getting it back from Oakley. Either their maintenance tuned it, or the mechanism on these Smalls is somehow better than the Timebombs. Have sent my TBs in to Oakley, hoping they'll return to me and store a charge as well as these Smalls.
alexithymia -

I'm a have small wrists for a guy, and these look a little small on me (so i have been told a few times). But I absolutely love this watch. I must say the Ti/Ti combo on the Icon small is probably the only option for a guy though. I've heard some people around saying that this watch isn't worth that due to it only being "seiko technology" and not mechanical. But since I only paid a "seiko" price for it, I'd buy this over a seiko anyday.
o-xide -
simple sticker yet it signifies O
LEX7 -

A must for any oakley fan.
ive got hundreds of these in all different colours and sizes.
ive used them on my oakley cabinet and on doors.
once i get my new car i am planning to have icon stickers all over the place.
these are great i have a remote control drift car that uses a lexan clear body that you paint yourself from the inside so i afixed the decal on the inside and painted it so now my car is O-powered sweetness
TSIcon8 -
Color: White

Threw a couple of these on the car so I could represent on the go!
Farlius -
Color: Red, White, Black

I have a bunch in multiple sizes. Easy to put them anywhere---phone, snowboard, back window, cases, Mac. The double sided applicators are easy to use. Simple sticker that shows the love.
o-xide -
Trucker Cap or Ballistic Cap. Not really that great looking. Looks more like nylon than ballistic
o-xide -
kinda looks like the headwrap with all the little Icons in the word Oakley. pretty cool
kingphilbert -
Color: Black

I just picked up this sticker with the new heavier stretch logo. I even have a back stock of the older stickers with the thinner stretch logo. I have always loved these for being completely die cut and easy to apply. I have always found the white and silver best for car windows and black better for applying to lighter objects.
LEX7 -

I have this sticker in lots of different colours and sizes.

I have a really giant black one that im putting on the back of my new car.

the letters are a bit fidly to stick on so be careful when you do it.
o-xide -
Color: S.I. Black
This is one of the must have items bec of the S.I. logo. that's all. Otherwise I won't get the regular one. I paid $18 for the S.I.
LEX7 -

I think these are the best colour out of all the wristbands. The white ones get dirty very easily. so its better to get the black ones and the red icons look extremely cool with the black.
x-metalman -
Color: Black/Silver
I don't actually work out in these(yet). I usually just wear them with my other Oakley apparel.
oogie -
Color: Black / Red

Does anyone wear wristbands anymore??? Either way, I thought it important to have head and wrist bands on hand in case the 80's ever strike again....
jumpman73 -
You can sport O while your in the gym, playing sports, or just for fashion purposes. These are pretty nice. Just wristbands with the famous symbol on it.
Munkfish -
Not much to say about it really, a wristband with an O logo - however, mine looks as new as the day I bought it, so good quality stuff!
TSIcon8 -
Cool wristbands, wore them during baseball season just to represent. Comfortable and useful, no complaints.
mathieu -
That's what make a real oakley fan. I have a wrist band almost 24/7 just to represent and give O some publicity
Teknical -
These are very plush soft and dense material. They are slightly long for my taste and there is a circular indention around the icon in the fluff. This can be seen in the above images. Maybe it is made by the sewing machine that does the embroidery, and it doesn't seem to wear out. These are probably too tight for bigger boned people, but just right for me, and I have somewhat thin wrists. Very sporty and I will definitely use these for running and maybe just wearing around.
Farlius -
Color: Dark Red/Black

They collect my sweat, thus do the job. Good for both on the bike and for the retro costumes. The Dark Red doesn't show dirt or staining easily.
Hippie -
Wow! That's a really neat awsner!
Jeanine -
a lente descascou, solicitei troca e aguardo
Dann -
While Spencer is running from the law and takes refuge with the homeless, he needs a disguise to pass by security. The homeless man he's with says "wear these" and hands him Leather Mars (right like the homeless can afford that). I actually decided that I didn't like the Mars after seeing that, but later got them anyway.
J Mo -
The entire scene in the future government law enforcement headquaters was filmed in Oakley's Foothill Ranch Main Offices. If you look at the backgrounds, you can make out the O's through the colored gels.
o-xide -
Color: Indigo
got this in the vault for $15. Heavy duty material. great of industrial use. Runs big and loose
x-metalman -
Color: Black Wash
Have had these for a while and very little signs of wear. Great contruction with little touches of Oakley all over the place. The outside of the pockets(on the inside of the jeans) is particularily cool.
DisturbedEarth -
Color: Black wash
Love these - wear them constantly - very comfortable and definitely want more.
sparra -
Color: Black

Great, great jeans. Very comforable, lovely detailing and great quality. I particularly like the button and extra patches for added comfort.
Rita -
God, I feel like I shuold be takin notes! Great work
Lali -
I bought a pair of this pant about a month ago. In the color industrial rinse. After my two lifestyle pants (not denim), the front pockets were pretty small for me. Maybe I have too big hand, but it takes some time if I have to pull out a wallet or a cell phone.
The good thing is, its quite baggy and a plain look. I like this pant, although I haven't bought jeans for years. 4 stars from me, because of the small pockets.
Pander -
The jeans themselves look very good. Too bad the stitches are already letting go. It's been washed like 5 times and already letting go. It looks good, but quality... I'm not sure.
skylinrcr01 -
best pair of jeans ever!!! little pricy but toaly worth it!!!
Zero -
Oakley seems to do everything right. Even a pair of jeans could score high marks in styling and functionality - just look for the O logo. ID#14 features velcro flapped back pockets to secure your wallet. Side pockets good for mobile phone, iPod, surefire flashlight or multitool. Button fly never malfunctions like zippers. Amazing skull detail on back pocket. Am I biased or is that label the coolest-looking in any pants around. It's a dilemma for me to wear my Cam belt because it covers the skull logo.
warwagon -
Color: Blue.
I was a llittle Unsure about this at first, but decided to give it a go. Now when ever it's cold I live in it. well worth every cent, plus the comments.
fin7 -
Colour: Midnight

Favourite Oakley clothing item.
Nice skull studs on the pocket, Improves with age and washing.
looks great with the Plated O T
Color: Washed Finish
Went to New York City for the winter, and that was the jacket I sported during my stay. They only made 3 smalls for 2003 and now for 2004 they made more than 3 and re-named it Industrial Denim Jacket #3. So I was able to snag one and it's pretty sweet. The only thing it's missing is real sherpa wool lining and an inside pocket. After that it would be officialy pimped.
cycling-pablo -
I have a very simular jacket to this, it just has the sherpa lining. Oakley's denim is awsome, I absolutely love the warmth this provides. When I got this jacket I figured it would be another nice moderate temp jacket but it actually has quilted liners in the arms and thick sherpa lining that makes it rediculusly warm.
Ed -
Color: Used Wash

This was an impulse buy. I wasn't sure if a denim jacket would look that great, but this one sure is nice. It also helped that I got mine at 50% off retail. The sherpa fleece lining is super warm and perfect for cold, dry days. The metal buttons all have an icon imprinted in the center, a nice touch. The sleeves seem a bit long, but I often have that problem since I'm rather short. Also, the buttons are somewhat difficult to fasten, but I expect that they will improve as the buttonholes stretch and soften up with use.
oogie -
Killer looking wallet. Great graphic and stitching. I think it's a bit less functional and more on the cool factor. Seems a bit thin .. which is great if you don't hardly haul much in your wallet.
Fezzik1071 -
Great looking wallet with cool xmetal logo, and has some cool features. It has a slot that's accessible w/o opening the wallet for fast access; really nice if you pay with credit card often. Tons of room in main pocket for cash. The inside ID and credit card slots can be a pain to get stuff out of for some reason, and there's a pretty useless slot made special for a key. I've got a few different keys I use every day, so they all just go on a key chain.
bomb oakley -
"Beautiful collector's copy."
I am fortunate to have 1 copy.
Junkie -
A striking colour, there's a bit of an orange tint to the colour; it's not a true red. It's a colour that will stand out and attract attention more than anything with a flat finish or a more neutral tone. For added effect grab a pair of red ear socks too (which match close enough that no one will ask questions).

Christo -
Frame: Brushed Chrome/Black
Lens: Dark Bronze

No regrets! i was nervous at first, buying a pair on-line but i was not disappointed. this pair is a perfect fit! i love the large lens and sturdy frame which fits snugly around my head. its a great style for people with a large and rounded head profile. a very well designed and modern improvement on the aviator class of sunglasses!
DisturbedEarth -
Frame: Polished Gold
Lens: Dark Grey

Wow... I am more impressed with this new release than I have been in a long time. The lenses are huge and it is really a big frame. The stems seem oddly short for some reason, not that they do not fit and it may be due to the size of the lenses that they seem so short. They are a big frame - even on my huge noggin' - but they are very, very comfortable. I cannot recommend these high enough. Definitely an excelent purchase for the pricepoint. I have no doubt I will be going back for 2nds.
Vegagroove -
Frame: Polished Chrome
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium

I have been waiting for this glass for about a month. The Inmate is so sick!
I love the lens size and the wrap. Its the same color as my Crosshair's which has been my signature sunglass for a while. The Inmate are defiantly taking that spot!
oakdays -
Frame: Brushed Chrome/Matte Black
Lens: Chrome Ir

Well I don’t even know were to start with this pair of glasses, they have and amazing look I can see this one being in big seller in pop culture do to the size of the lens, but not by far this is one of the most uncomfortable pair of glasses I have ever worn the top par of the lens hits my eyebrow way to much I could not even make them fit by moving the nose bridge but now on to the good par of the glasses the Chrome iridium lens one the best lens tints Oakley has mad in my opinion just by ruby, I have hear people say the lens is to light but they look just like black iridium to me I did try on the chrome oil rig that lens did seemed light
solacevip -
Frame: Polished Chrome
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium

This is my 10th pair of Oakleys. I'm normally an O-matter or X metal guy.....most of the wire type glasses are too small for my head.

I tried on the Inmate glasses and they fit like a charm. I love the large lens. I was planning to buy the gold plated/black iridum ones but my wife suggested that the Chrome/VR 28 Black Iridum looked a ton better. I was weary about the VR 28 lens as 28% light transmission to my eyes is way to much.....but wait. This is the VR 28 BLACK IRIDIUM. Thus.....instead of 28% it is 17%.

I agree that the temples seem just a bit short. Being a bald guy, you can slightly see them pushing against my head.

I can't tell you how much I love the stylized O on the temples too.

Sweet design!
baylisstic -
Frame: light
Lens: black iridium polarized

Absolutely great!! I have a larger head, and these fit me so much better than a lot of other Oak's. Sort of like an Oil Drum but in a wire frame, and I think the lenses are actually even larger than the Drums. Anyways, great pair of glasses and am thinking about getting more.
FirstPair -
Frame: Polished Gold
Lens: Dark Grey
These are a great pair of glasses! I have always wanted a pair of oakleys and this was my first pair. I really enjoy them and wear them anytime I get. They fit very well, and despite their large and intimidating size you really can forget they are on sometimes! And the lens! That HDO is great and really helps with perception and clarity. Only thing is this lens can be a little too dark sometimes b/c of their 10% transmission. but thats the only tradeoff b/c these things love bright sunlight! In my opinion the lens is clearest when it is VERY sunny out. Overall if you are looking at this pair, get them, you will be satisfied.
iz3y -
Frame: Brushed Chrome/Matte Black
Lens: Dark Bronze
Just got these after lusting for them for a while now. I had a hard choice to make whether to get these or the Oil Drums. I ended getting the inmates for their more formal uses and because I felt like looking like a spy. The fit is a little tight despite I dont have the biggest head, but it still fits light. Also, I am not worried about them falling off my face, just whether or not I have to grow a cheesy stache now and start wearing Hawaiian shirts. Great eye coverage, very sweet style, and super light weight.
tarponfly -
Frame:Matte Black/Brushed Chrome
Lens:Chrome Iridium
I was very hesitant at first, as I have yet to wear a pair of aviator-style shades that look good on me. The downward slope of the crosshair plus my chubby cheeks makes me look like I have downsyndrome, but alas we have the inmate...effing sweet style! Very angular lens shape (think oil drum or rig) and they are HUGE, even bigger than the hijinx. Very cool! This is, to me, one of the most versatile pairs I own, can be classy in nice attire, pop culture, and edgy badass depending on what you wear them with! 5 stars!
Toniclonic -
Frame: Light
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized
I am a huge fan of the oil rig and oil drum and these seem to be their wire counter part. I love the way these seem to hug your face. These are very nice to where while in cold climates because they block a ton of wind from hitting your face. My only complaint about these is that the lenses cannot be freely purchased in stores and that the frames have to be sent in to replace the lenses.
godisgov -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Warm Grey
These are my new favorite Oaks! I usually stick to O-matter frames, as I never really liked wires, other than the Crosshair. As a couple other reviewers have mentioned, these are pretty versatile. You can wear them in a suit or to the beach. Love them and I'm already looking at getting another in Brushed Chrome.
ShadyOak -
Frame: Brushed Chrome
Lens: Chrome Iridium

These are a frame I didn't like at first, but really warmed up to over time (that happens a lot with me). They were a bit tight at first, but being a wire, I was able to tweek them for a perfect fit easy enough. The lenses are HUGE! I thought the Hijinx , Oilrig, and Spike were big, this pair dwarfs them. The styling is very modern and cool, and needless to say, coverage is excelent. The aviator cues are enough that people recognize them as aviators, but they are a new twist on the origional idea.

This colorway is phenomenal! They are rock star stunner shades to the max! The Chrome Iridium is amazing, the best mirror effect I've ever seen. I also like that they aren't too dark, I live in Seattle. They are ok for overcast days, but dark enough for all but the brightest sun. In other words, perfect for our weather. The frame color on these however looks more pewter than brushed chrome to me, but it works well with this lens color, so it's all good.

I really wish Oakley would bring out Chrome Iridium in more frames, it is quickly becoming one of my favorite lenses. As soon as I was able to find these (or stumbled upon more accurately), I snatched them up and have beem loving them ever since. 5 Skulls :^)
Ger21 -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Warm Grey
these are my 3rd pair of oaks and my favorite so far! good coverage and no glare! perfect for everyday use. oh, and did i mention they look awesome too?
Grizzzzwaaalld -
Frame: Light
Lens: Black IR Pol

I like these, great fit. I can wear them in shorts and a tee. Or even dressed up for an event.I was sold on the pair Denzel Washington had on in book of eli. He looked bad ass in them. Worth the $$$
Celicagame -
Frame: Polished Gold
Lens: Dark Grey

I love the inmate. Great combination of looks and fit. The gold frame is a real head turner and the dark grey lens compliments the frame. It's a shame this color way had been discontinued.
Masked -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Warm Grey

The slightly heavier frame makes for a change from O-Matter glasses, along with the lenses being so large they may hit your cheeks more often than not depending on your facial features. Being a wire frame the nose pieces will have to be adjusted slightly to fit you perfectly. These are minor inconveniences that come with being an owner of these glasses which provide a nice wrap and aviator style that can be pulled off with a suit or t-shirt.

Screws may need tightening to prevent floppyness every once in a while, and they may not fit into most sunglass cases due to the lens size and wrap. Like the felon it pushes on the side of your head above your ears slightly more than it should, depending on your head size. Definitely try them on and play with them a bit before buying, these are just things I noticed after I bought them because I nitpick. I definitely don't regret buying them.
Oakleyman24 -
Frame: Light
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized.

Awesome glasses. These fit perfect and are light. Don't hurt my ears or my nose. EXCELENT EYE COVERAGE!!! Good luck getting in sun. HAHAHAHA!
Rafael -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Dark Grey

I had the warm grey lenses replaced as those lenses shouldn't be there. I have a big face and the lens touches my cheeks. I wear them now and then just because. Wish they had Grey Polarized lenses.
Obsidian -
Frame: Light
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized

These were my first pair of Oakley wire frames. I bought them after seeing them in "The Book Of Eli" movie. I wore them for a long time and loved them. They have great coverage with the large lenses but that may be a problem for people with smaller heads.

The main drawback for me are that the frames are a little heavy which can become an issue after wearing them for a while especially if it really hot, I find they tend to slip down your face. The other is that the curvature can cause the lenses to touch your face which can be annoying.
aznrounder -
Frame: Polished Chrome
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium

These look good on more angular faces. Asian fit is for those with an almost nonexistant nosebridge.
The lens is good on overcast as well as sunny days.
Dan -
Frame: Chrome
Lens: Bk Iridium

I cant knock on Oakley for my genetics. I have a huge head. The frames stop short of framing my face. Imagine a guy with horn-rimmed glasses which are too small. That is how I feel. All my friends that try them on say wow, they fit great, they are amazing. Me? not so much.
Andy -
Frame: Inmate (Asian Fit) - Chocolate
Lens: Brown (Polarized)

I've never been able to find a pair of sunglasses that fit my face my entire life, due to having a typical asian face (small bridge, flat nose, wide face).

All my sunglasses seem to touch my temples, cheeks, face and slip off the end of my nose.

I heard about Oakley having an asian fit series but discovered to my dismay that they discontinued the sales here in Australia.

Found this pair on ebay and took a chance and bought it.

Oh - my - god !!!

The first pair of sunglasses that fit perfectly on my face straight out of the box, without any tweaking of the nose piece or ear pieces.

Oakley's 3 point contact system was perfect for my wide face, somehow, the ear stems wrapped around my head without causing any discomfort. I could wear these all day and not get any marks on the sides of my head.

The narrowed bridge and nose piece had perfect contact on my flat nose bridge.

The reduced curvature of the frame meant that I no longer had oily eyelash marks on the inside of my glasses, and the len's did not touch my face.

Brown polarized lens is awesome to drive with, as it provides contrast of the important colours of the red spectrum.

Also formal enough to use this pair for special occasions as well as everyday wear.

The only downside (if any) is it's a little on the heavy side (38.3gms). But that's perfectly ok with me, considering that these are metal frames and polarized lenses.

Its been 1 year on since I bought this pair and so far, its my best fitting pair.
Brian -
Frame: Black Chrome
Lens: Clear/Rx

This is my second pair of Oakley Rx frames. With both pair, I liked the earsocks and straight stems. I can move the glasses lower or higher on my nose easily, and with long earsocks, they're not going anywhere. As with all Rx frames, they're pricey, and the only thing that pissed me off was the store wouldn't throw in a free Oakley ballcap when I was spending like $400 on these. Oh well.
Frame: Toast
Lens: Clear

Got these at Costco last week and they are perfectly great so far for less than $250 bucks, comfortable and fit well. Snug and easily adjustable, very satisfied.
Thomas64 -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: N/A
Recently got this as my prescription glasses. I've tried on many of oakley RX styles before deciding on this. I love the design of the arms, very unique. The rubber on the arms added much needed grip for me. The overall design are elegant yet sporty. Most importantly they are very lightweight and comfortable to wear.
oogie -
A great alternative to any metal watch. I think this color option is superb on bands like the GMT, Judge or Blade. It's not too flashy, but really demonstrates a great look.
Tyrant -
it does fit witht he iphone 3g i work at an oakley store and sell it to many iphone 3g owners. I do't know who toldyou but they are mistaken
noiwontsmile -
I have had the case now for a few days and am very pleased with it. I wanted this case because of its ability to hold its shape and not stretch out. The case fits very tight around the phone w/o affecting how any of the buttons work. I was concerned about what appeared to be additional size added since the case wasn't round on the edges. Well, I can still put the phone in all of my pockets without any problems... So don't let the size deter you.

It's the convergence of two great items.
Hanz -
I used the case for a week, but now i removed it. I think it makes a thin phone a lot thicker. Als the top button didn't work with the case around my phone. When i push this button, it does not react or the button stays pushed in so my phone turns off.
I think it needs improvement.
SuperiorChase -
I've had this case for at least 6 months now and I absolutely love it. I couldn't tell you how many compliments I've had from it. The mass it adds to the phone never really bothered me. I think it adds masculinity to it. All the buttons work fine, the volume control on the side, as well as the hole on the back for the camera matches up perfectly. I'm such a huge oakley that I've waited on getting the new iPhone because I like this case so much!
Doodle -
I would love to get this case but apparently it doesnt work with the 3g version. Can anyone enlighten me as to why it doesn't. Is it because of the thickness of the two phones?:- wondering if i can get around it somehow!

Eddy -
Looks tight but I would LOVE it if they made a case for the HTC Touch HD (if you've never heard of it, look it up) the one true iPhone KILLER.
Doodle -
Are you sure, it must be Oakley then that are mistaken as it states it on their website?

However if that is the case i shall purchase one and award it top rating!
O-Whores -
If you want hard-core protection for your iPhone, you got it.

The Oakley iPhone case definitely has to be one of the toughest cases I've seen for this phone. Not to mention the most unique looking. It's easy to hold, doesn't have the bowing issues that similar gel cases have, and still allows ease of use for the touch screen. But overall, I think the durability it adds to your iPhone has to be the key selling point. While I wouldn't recommend or condone doing so, I've told people that I would feel quite confident in my iPhone's survival if I were to drop it off a second-story balcony. Not that I'm going to test this anytime soon, of course.

The only real issue I have with this case is the volume keys. I don't think there was proper enough research or time put in to making the volume keys accessible, but still covered. From time to time I have problems with the volume keys being pressed if I put enough pressure on the case near that area. It's not often enough to be a deal-breaker, but it can be a nuisance.
Harry in Poland -
A superb case for your iphone and represents Oakley well. I particularly like the way it stands up so you can rest the phone on a surface when you're watching video. Combine this with a screen cover and the only way to protect your iphone better would be to keep it in a waterproof box.

On the bad side the case adds a fair bit of bulk to a slim phone and the rubber makes it a bit difficult to get out of your jeans pocket, especially if you're sitting down. Also the buttons could be a little bit better thought out.
Teknical -
Personally I think that this is THE best iPhone case on the market. Two great brands have come together nicely on this product. The Unobtainium is the perfect combination of grippyness and smoothness so that it doesn't slip around, but is still possible to get in and out of your pocket, even in fairly tight jeans. The design is awesome; this actually transforms the whole feel of your iPhone into a different more robust device. Feels great as a grip playing games, or against your face. Gets lots of notice. If it gets a little dusty from your pockets in the groves, just rinse it off in the sink. It comes clean easily. The pictures show the Oakley iPhone surf app running, which is cool. By the way, this case is great for the beach or camping.
All of this being said, this is not an everyday use case because it is simply too big to slip into a lot of my pockets. It also makes the iPhone too large to fit into the iPhone pocket in my Oakley Sideswipe snowboarding jacket. I have to take the case off every night to charge it with my alarm clock dock, but few cases do fit in that, so I'm not complaining. After taking the case on and off everyday, the rubber has started to weaken on the bottom where it is thinner, and it is becoming loose.
The main design problem is (and others have mentioned this) that they did not design the volume controls well. The power button is fine - there is a stem inside the case that pushes the buttons when you push the top, but the volume buttons on the side lack this. The effect is that the volume changes when you hold the side of the case anywhere, and if you try to turn it up, it might go down. I have no idea why they released it like this. But still, I think it's the best case out there.
YI Man -
Have any of you guys played Command and Conquer: Kane's Wrath? You know the epic units? The huge ass tank for GDI and the two walker units for Nod and Scrin? Well this is all three of those epic units combined for the iPhone - any other skin or case out there just pales in comparison in terms of:

1)Aggressive design - it's Oakley after all
2)Functionality - it's made to be abused
3)Size - hardly the most practical size BUT saying that it's fit in all my pockets so far but the average joe/y out there would probably complain! Only snag is that due to the design of the grip every time I take it out my pocket, it takes the pocket inside out with it!

I really don't have any faults with the case - it protects the phone and all the button recesses WORK really well. The phone look like a tank and I dare someone to play rugby/football with this thing on (on a dry day - it's not water proof).

Only other thing I'd slate is the price, but granted most things by Oakley are pricey. However that won't matter since my next point is that this case, at the time of writing, Oakley are phasing out - why phase out out something for one of the most popular phones about?

Either way, if you have an iPhone and appreciate Oakley's aggressive design and interpretation of protection then I heartily recommend this.
Daveyboyracer -
As a busy courier I need a good phone like the iphone and a f&%king tough case as I'm in and out of trucks/vans half and the time on the phone to a client as well. If it wasn't for the case I would have had to replace my phone at least 4 times due to dropping it from 2m plus in height onto concrete. It just bounced with no damage to the case or phone. Best case ever!
i am rich -
I had this for my 3gs. One time I forgot that I placed my cellphone on the roof of my car and took off. I then realized that my phone is missing. So I drove back around and found my cellphone on the road. Luckily my phone was still intact. The only downside is the bulkiness and it is difficult taking out of your pocket.
vodou -
When I first got an iphone, I went through a lot of cases. The Unobtanium Oakley case fits perfectly and offers the best protection and grip of any that I tried. I love the look too. Overall, I am thrilled with the case and hope Oakley makes a case to protect the next series of phones.
The Game -
I loved this case. I had this case for four years and I beat the hell out of my phone. If I didn't have to upgrade to the 4 I would've kept this case. Yes it's bulky and not very pretty to look at but it did the job. If I only had one complaint it would be that the case is difficult to keep clean. Lint sticks to the case and is difficult to clean off.
A "cool caveat" if there ever was one, the "Warning" card is reminiscent of the days of Blades and Mumbos. Using the word "Warning" even seems to have been a prelude to Oakley's "quasi-military image" days which followed a few years later. Perhaps best of all, the card not only "warned" the consumer about the possibility of iridium being scratched, but it also bragged about the lenses themselves.
LEX7 -
I have this on the eye jackets and its basically an ivory cream colour, has also been done in the fatcat but weirdly enough called cream instead.
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