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alexrugby18 -
White Quilted Leather Wallet

i love it because is soo resistant and because of the bigger size it can fit anythin if u are the kind of person that has tons of cards this is the perfect wallet since it has soo many spaces... i fint 12 cards in mine and i could still find place for some more.

the money compartment is large also in case u carry tons of cash with u.

the only downside is the fact that it has no compartment for change.

for amazing spacing and resistance and also for looks i give it 4 on 5
k -
I've owned this wallet for a while now, and I noticed that the left side card slots started cracking my cards because of the bifold bend.

Great wallet nonetheless.
Teknical -
I don't own this wallet, but I played with it in the vault ($25 now). I like the style and looks, and I like that it's a bi-fold and that there is a built in id window that is spring loaded. The idea here is that you could just flash your id to get into a club without taking it out, or even opening your wallet. (my current wallet has an internal window pocket for ids and they normally make me take it out anyways).
I didn't buy this for two reasons:
1. It's too thick. I want a bi-fold so it's thinner, but this one is thicker empty than my tri-fold with all my cards and bills in it. The metal Oakley emblem is really thick internally and acts as the attachment for the elastic to pull the id window back in. It's much harder and thicker at the top where the metal is. The whole id window is like having a wallet within a wallet because it's outlined in stitched leather contributing to the thickness.
2. The id window didn't pull out all the way, even when pulling hard. This would never fly to get into a club, and definitely not an airplane.
ichibandidisan -
I'm rating after over 12 months of almost daily use. It gets a 5 from me because it's the best one I've ever had. My dollar notes don't get crumpled like it did with my previous Tommy Hilfiger wallet. I concur 100% with Teknical on the relative uselessness of the id window, coz it barely pulls out enough to render your id card visible. Pull too hard and, who knows if it'll snap?
Mine's black leather with yellow threads quilted in, and the color contrast is much starker than in the retail pics. OK, no coin compartment, but none of my previous wallets ever had one. And if this one did, Teknical would just about flip! In the end, it's about expectations, and we all have our own. I guess I didn't bring sky-high demands, so this one has been a pleasant surprise, and all for around $25 from my local Vault. More than worth the money spent, and worthy of storing the remainder of my cash.
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