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I first got Oakleys back in about 1999 when you could no longer get Victorinox sunglasses. I think those were A-wires and had them till 2008 when I lost them in the ocean. I got some A wire 2.0 polarized to replace them.
I think I might be the only one here that is more in to Oakley's other stuff than sunglasses. I think they put a lot of special style and features in well-made awesome products. I think their bags and accessories are all very cool. A lot of Oakley products are like beautiful art that deserves to be collected. It's like a cross between rugged industrial brutalist design and H.R. Geiger in some cases. As far as their apparel lines go, I think their clothing has great style reflective of the action sports they represent. I love the snowboarding jacket I have and all of its gadgety features.
About me personally: I'm 27 and enjoy snowboarding, mountain biking, scuba diving, sky diving, and traveling. I'm also about to finish a PhD in engineering.














Feb 24, 2014 10:37 PM
I agree. It seems like it would be a cool gadget to collect and add to the stuff like industrial looking water bottles I have from them, but $100 AND probably unusable... I don't think so.

Also, I'd really like to see someone pull off their new laptop bag not looking like a huge dork. I wish they had a slimmer bag that was in better taste.

Feb 24, 2014 10:06 PM

Do they realize how stupid it looks to real climbers to release a "fashion" caribiner for $100 that doesn't even work? Compare to http://www.rei.com/search?query=carabiners where you can actually trust your life to these.

You want a company with a radical and extreme image? Make stuff that actually works. I wish they would stop cutting the quality corners while making their stuff so expensive at the same time. Thanks for reading my rant :)
Aug 4, 2011 6:27 AM
So can we get the AP 3.0 added to the catalog?
Aug 4, 2011 6:25 AM
There's a new vault in either Meban or Burlington NC. I can probably get pics at some point.
Jul 27, 2011 9:47 AM
As you may know the "Oakley" name on the AP Backpack is a velcro strip that can be pulled off. This is what I replaced mine with. Standard flag from a military store.
I didn't want to put my actual name tape on it so everyone would know my name while I'm walking around through an airport, for example.

What have others used?

PS. Can someone please add the AP Backpack 3.0 to the catalog so we can get some reviews? I think it might actually win the design award over the kitchen sink.

PPS. Why are the really awesome metal closure clips placed on the straps rather than the main closure on this pack? The way they work is so awesome and they'd be so much more useful on the main closure than the little clips.
Jun 8, 2011 11:20 PM
kingphilber, fyi they just released "Crystalline" for graphic designers, http://www.gunnars.com/shop/Specialty/Crystalline/
I may have to get a second pair.
May 19, 2011 5:53 PM
Yes, these do have a slight magnification. Maybe +.25. You get used to the tint after a while. It's like having the monitor set on a warmer color temperature. It's great for those days when you can't turn the brightness down anymore and wearing actual sunglasses would be too much.
I wear amber Oakley ski googles for night snowboarding. The yellow colors seem to make contrast pop out at night. Some people year yellow glasses for night driving, I hear.
May 19, 2011 3:25 AM
There's a lot of bags, packs, etc that are also missing.
May 19, 2011 3:22 AM
I don't believe these have been mentioned on here before, but there is a fairly new company called Gunnar Optiks ( http://gunnars.com/ , http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts-apparel/miscellaneous/c411/ ),

which are for use with computers or gaming. Whether you think it's PR nonsense or not, I own a pair of the Anime style http://www.gunnars.com/shop/Anime.html)

and love them. I just finished a stint where I was staring at or writing C++ or circuit netlist code on computer screens for up to 16 hours a day and my eyes were killing me. I had never had any pain before. I was able to finish a 200 page PhD dissertation in electrical engineering with the help of these glasses. Now I use them all the time, especially in dark conditions.

I just wanted to bring these to the attention of the forum members here. It would be cool if Oakley did something related, however it looks like these guys hold a lot of patents on the idea. I have seen some knock-off computer glasses that were similar at the drug store for $9, but the differences were obvious if you had tried the real thing.
May 19, 2011 3:10 AM
They had a frame. Why doesn't.
May 6, 2011 2:50 AM
Sorry Netflix isn't higher resolution on my iPad. Thanks for your help, guys. I think it's a nanowire. Looks like those aren't sold anymore. I've learned the hard way not to buy out of production glasses because when they break, they don't always have spare parts.
May 5, 2011 12:12 AM
Are these Square Wires 2.0? Thanks for help with identification. It's a great show, by the way (Califonication).

Sorry about starting a new thread for this one. The threads get hard for me to follow when they become very long.
May 5, 2011 12:01 AM
Very hipster.
Jan 31, 2011 9:01 AM
The Fast Jacket looks a lot like my Peppers: http://www.peppersusa.com/products/speedline/gambit.html


Jan 31, 2011 8:54 AM
Did anyone ever give a curated video tour and put it up on youtube? That would be pretty good.
Jan 31, 2011 8:48 AM
I thought it was a great movie. Don't forget you also need beer money. Sell them to me! :D
Jan 14, 2011 10:46 PM
These were ads in snowboarding magazines.
Jan 5, 2011 8:26 PM
I think Dann should make it so people can register themselves, rather than emailing him.
For a long time it wasn't even clear to me that there was an active forum still here since it's all hidden. I was visiting the site for a long time just to look at the catalog before I emailed him and asked about the "portal". We could have a lot more collectors and discussion on here!
Jan 5, 2011 8:20 PM
Too funny!
Dec 27, 2010 12:23 AM
Ian, I just get these small travel q-tip packs from the store, http://www.swansonvitamins.com/QTP001/ItemDetail?SourceCode=INTL405&CAWELAID=734210978
Dec 23, 2010 12:54 AM
Ohh yeah... Might have to move some things to the more hidden compartments. Like I said in my review that spill proof zipper never worked, so that's about the only thing it's good for holding.

I overpaid about $90 on ebay. I think more will come up for less.

There might be other ways to do this, but with the iPhone ebay app, you can now save searches and it will notify you of a new listing. This way you don't miss really rare stuff that only comes around every once in a while.
Dec 21, 2010 11:30 PM
Here is the review I just added http://o-review.com/bagmodels.asp?ID=1876
Btw, the description on that page is wrong.

Here are some pictures of my kit in-use:

Dec 21, 2010 10:17 PM
Can anyone please post pics or let me know what colors the new iphone cases are? O-matter of course, the unob. one's are too bulky.
Dec 20, 2010 11:01 PM
Also, don't know if it's been mentioned, there is now a Tron backpack

Dec 20, 2010 10:59 PM
Yeah, that's definitely an old iPhone 3G/3G-S with a curved back, small camera and no flash. That purple cover looks like crap too, the old carbon fiber look one they used to have was much better.
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