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Raymond Parker -
I’ve had mine for 10 yrs now. Still love them and use the regularly
where can i get one for retail?
Mike massey -
Hello I have a pair of Juliet’s I bought in 1998 I have had them rebuilt twice unfortunately they are due for another rebuild then I found out Oakley does not rebuild these anymore and then they offered me a 30% off coupon I shopped around but not really impressed with the selection can you direct me to someone who can rebuild these and new lenses
allwheelarchive -
Sub Zero
Vintage Oakley Sub Zero #1n Sunglasses

Frame: Carbon Fiber

Lens: Black Iridum

SKU: 05-001

1993 model

Truly a unique piece of eyewear, guaranteed to turn heads thanks to its futuristic design and out of this world lens shape and proportions.
allwheelarchive -
Oakley Medusa and Goggles (2002)


Considered by many to be the most extreme item ever released by Oakley, the Medusa immediately makes one think "what on earth is that" upon seeing it for the first time.

The Predator-esque helmet features two large removable bug eyed lenses, 28 leather dreadlocks, a leather chin strap and a metal Oakley Icon logo on the forehead.

With the leather helmet and Plutonite Black Iridium goggles retailing for $500 and $250 USD respectively in 2002, the Medusa was an expensive purchase to justify on release.

Over 20 years later it is now highly sought after by Oakley enthusiasts, with it being the centrepiece of many Oakley collections the world over, including mine. Very happy to have finally acquired one, especially with the goggles given how hard they are to find.
John Vera -
Just much love for these Oakleys:
1. Splice
2. Pitboss 2
3. Plate
4. Madman

And the waifu loves Xmetal Juliet.

Also got Wiretap for my eyeglasses.
GardenTech -
Canteen, New
I've had these for about 5 years for going to the beach while wearing contact lenses. The salt and sweat have started to scuff the plastic slightly, nothing very noticeable. The lenses have microscratches all over and some of the coating of the lenses on the eye side has worn spots on the edges.
The fit is good, it seals against the wind well enough. So much that I get a bit of fog on top. The sides still let a little air in.
GardenTech -
I've had these for 10 years. Although the look is very outdated now (2024), they still hold up well. Never replaced earsocks, but the paint is starting wear away at a few edges from a lot of helmet wearing and mechanic products and oils. Since it's Pewter, it's barely noticeable.
Oakley don?t care about you -
SI Ballistic Shocktube Array
Tired to change the lenses on mine and one of the bolts just spins, the mounding on the frame that stops the back part of the img from foraging must be defective. Needless to say Oakley U.K. nor SI inthe USA will help even bough they were purchased from an official dealer. Oakley U.K. actually told me the model was discontinued and suggested I buy a new pair. What a laugh.
Toledo -
Oakley 3-1 Blade Pack Hydrofuse
This is the Blade Pack, the flagship model from the Oakley backpack collection. It has a capacity of 42 liters and contains 13 components all in a single backpack. The first component is a dry or wet compartment with leak-proof closures. There's also a panel for laptops up to 17 inches, a compartment with a mechanism for better drying during use, a sealed zipper pocket, with Hydrofuse technology.

Additionally, it features zippered side pockets, one of which has an interior designed for games, and another with a cord adjuster ideal for water bottles. The back panel has a cord that provides maximum comfort due to its design, as well as improving back and shoulder ventilation during use.

The material is water-repellent, and its seams are sealed, ensuring faster drying. The backpack also has straps on the sides to increase or reduce the size as needed, along with adjustable chest and abdomen straps to reduce shoulder strain and enhance comfort during use.
Salzy -
These masks are extremely rare - Even more with a non-delaminated visor. Hard to accomplish being these are 20+ years old now. Damn do they look cool though.
Alex -
Prizm Dark Golf
Apart the fact that in some online reviews the Oakley Prizm Dark Golf have a ridicolous brownish casting (it's a simulation, OK, but it's very far from real life), I wonder what's the use of "normal" Prizm Golf lenses when in a sunny day the Prizm Dark Golf itself is a TOO clear lens (too much light passing).
Manu -
TwoFace XL
very poor quality product. purchased a little over 1 year ago and the finish of the frame is peeling off. I think $20 glasses would have done better. I have to put them in the trash. very disappointed
Had a couple of pairs of Triggermans. Only complaint is the nose guards will fall off. You have to order them. These would be the perfect sunglasses if the nose guards were made onto the frames.
Rangerk -
I bought a pair of the Matte Carbon 24k off Oakley Si. I really like the rigidity of the frame. I have a pair of District Vision Junya Racer sunglasses and the prize lens of the Corridor is better. One star off for the nose piece as the lower part of the lens rubbed against my cheeks. Issue solved by mounting a M-frame nose piece.
Kerrin -
Satin Black 24K Gold Iridium.

just got myself a pair and these are super comfy to wear, the gold accent on the temple arms is a nice touch for the asthetics of matching the 24K lense in the Satin Black frame.

As being a steel framed sunglass, it doesn't feel heavy on my face as the gel nose cushions do a great job in dispersing the load evenly with no pressure.
Kerrin -
Frogskins Ti
my first ever pair of Frogskins, only because they are Titanium frames, super light, very comfortable to wear, they are actually a Prizm Black Polarized lense which is better than the standard non polarized.

would be nice to see maybe a couple of other colour lense options in the future in the Ti frame only option.

As there is two other Ti frames,
Super Rare limited edition (5 units handmade with a piece of ti from the block it was crafted from - cost i believe was around the $2200 mark US??
and the new collaboration pair from Oakley and Fragment comes as an O-matter and a Black Ti frame combo for around the $580 US mark.

it would be nice to see an Ice Iridium and a +Positive Red version of this make its way onto the shelves in the near future.
Granada351 -
Camo Golf Umbrella 2.0
hello, I see small flaws in items that are easily found in Brazil, I don't know... but I believe I can help with images and useful information for items that we "BRAZILIANS" look for more frequently.
DBNInc -
Valve, New
I keep a pair of these in my car. They’re super light, and the unobtainium holds them in place very well. They have nice large lenses, which give excellent coverage, and are inexpensive enough that I don’t have to baby them ($55-$70 at the time of writing, depending on the colorway and site). I bought a bunch of spare parts to future proof myself, but they’ve been holding up incredibly well. Great pairs.
willjhb1 -
Colour: Beige and black with red reflective accents

So comfortable and they look awesome with the other gear that I wear. However, I think a warning to other people buying these is to be careful when taking them off as the sole on one of my shoes fell off when taking it off. Got it professionally repaired though.
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