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randy scott -
Frogskins (Gen 1)
Sometime way back in the mid to late 1980’s I obtained a pair of Oakley Frogskin sunglasses (black lenses/black frame/white temples; see attached pics).

I don’t remember ever purchasing these at a retail outlet, but recall I may have seen a small classified type ad in the back of a magazine or newspaper to sign up to receive a Free pair of Oakley Frogskins and only pay shipping and handling.

In the past few years, as the vintage market for all those things old and dear to us baby boomers (I was born in 1958) have emerged with relative monetary and sentimental value, I’ve been conducting internet searches periodically to find out more information about this model and style. After exhaustive searches through many, many websites, I’ve never been able to exactly find and pinpoint my exact model and style.

I’m hoping to obtain some historical information on this model, style, year produced, collectible value, monetary value, etc. and any other information you can provide me relating to my exact model of Gen 1 Frogskins.

I can describe them as generously worn back in the late 80’s, a few minor scratches on the outside of the lens and imprinted with the Oakley Logo prominently embossed on the outside of each temple and on the inside of the right side temple there is a raised molded Oakley Logo. For the past 25 or so years they have been kept in an eyeglass case in my memory box stored in my closet. And I’ve just begun to bring them out and wear them again.

Any help you can provide me in this matter will be greatly appreciated.
Wavecloud -
Seriously sexy pair! Simply because of BVI Gradient and Black to Grey Gradient!

I’m the only O lover who owns them? I think so! Seriously under rated indeed
The Game -
Crossrange Patch
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Prizm Black Iridium

Appropriately named, this Crossrange takes its styling cues from previous Dispatch models. The front had the distinct opening from the Dispatch 1 and thin framed from the Dispatch 2 with the oversized look of both. I owned the original and loved the way they looked on me, the only problem was the bottom of the frame rested on my cheek and would leave lines on my face if I wore them too long. If only they put nose pieces on them. Enter the Crossrange Patch which fixes that problem. I was able to acquire the 5 sizes of nose pieces able and fit the right one for me. They look and feel great. Thanks to the unobtainium earsocks of the sports stems they aren’t going anywhere. If I had only one gripe it’s that there are no polarized lenses available
Dullisc -
Zero 0.4
Frame: Sleet
Lens: Black Iridium

The 0.4 lens is a bit bigger than I thought it would be but that is a good thing. The lens coverage is great with a great light fit. Leave them on for a few minutes and you can forget your even wearing them.
The design is more subdued and does not get as much attention as the the others can but you still get that nostalgic feeling when wearing them. A great pair to get into if you looking to start a collection of the Zero lineup as there seem to be plenty of 0.4 in good condition available
A worthy pickup for sure.
Dullisc -
M Frame Heater
Frame: Crystal Blue
Lens: Blue Iridium

Iconic..To me there are several glasses that scream Oakley when you see them. The MFrame is one of those. I purchased my first pair of MFrames in 1994 (Fingerprint with Ruby Iridium) and that was my only frame I had until 2014. The Heater gives great coverage a unique look that everyone recognizes and are some of the most comfortable glasses I've ever worn.
These are still great pieces to have and wear but due to the age of the glasses and the brittleness of the O-Matter you will see stress cracks and eventually a full break. I would however recommend these though for any collector as they are a true iconic piece of history but for every day use I would recommend the MFrame New as it is more sturdy.
flyer -
Square Whisker
Polished Black, Black polarized.
BEWARE: This is one of Oakley's less than stellar designs in which the earstem ends WILL impact the lens when folded. (See also Blender).
ediglenn7786 -
Hollow Point
Just grabbed a brand new silver HP that was still, catch this, BRAND NEW. Sure enough it arrived exactly as the eBay add described. Even better, I only paid $1,100 for it. Not bad considering the $1,995 MSRP. This is second in the Oakley luxury line only to the Elite Full Metal Jacket, as it truly really resembles it. This watch would make GQ salivate, as it’s big face and bracelt links that resemble spare ammo, says “Badass” all over the place. I get compliments daily so far. Great job Oakley! Now just start the watch line back up!
Dullisc -
Frame: Dark Carbon
Lens: Ruby Iridium Polarized

X-metal lines continues. Yes not a popular saying but one that we are left with these days. These are extremely comfortable more so than the original X-metal Line. There are features that remind me of the Romeo's, Juliets etc.. such as the screws being featured at the top of the frame. And the lenses and profile remind me greatly of the X-Squared.

If you can get past the fact that they are not full metal, titanium frames and appreciate them for what they are, a mix of old and new with a blending of O-matter and metal then you will enjoy these glasses.
Comfortable, easy to wear stylish everyday glasses that will still get the attention from others on the street.

I will defiantly be looking to get more in the future.
Dullisc -
Pit Bull
Frame: Gunmetal FMJ
Lens: Fire Iridium

Extremly comfortable pair of glasses. Larger frame perfect for bigger heads. Great coverage with no light leakage from the sides.
If your a fan of the Monster Dog you will want to check these out. With the Unobtainium ear socks and nose piece they fit snugly to your head with no fear of them falling off.

My only complaint is not due to the frames themselves yet the FMJ finish which is a known issue. The FMJ tends to flake and peal off causing the chrome finish to show through. This is not something I'll knock off points for as this is not an issue with the frame just the coating.

Great glasses though worth a buy.
MicahS -
The Mainlink is a fantastic addition to the "link" line. Similar styling to the rest of the "link" line but the added height of the orbitals and variety of colorways makes this a much more user friendly and stylish alternative to the earlier releases of the same line.

This model continues with the unobtainium nose pads and ear socks to maintain a solid and secure fit, if a little on the narrow side.
flyer -
Matte Black 256mb.
Black iridium polarized.

Late to the party (2017) but found a terrific deal on New Old Stock.
Very pleased.
Iconic Oakley style, wonderful DSP sound, flip up lenses are worth having, sufficient battery/memory for 4+ hours of tunes, simple to add/delete songs (no proprietary junk software).
NO OEM lenses, not for love nor money. Aftermarket severely limited and questionable quality. No longer supported by Oakley, though is fast, honest, and reasonable. [B]Thump electronics are NOT compatible with wet, humid conditions: poor sweat resistance.[/B] No unobtainium, though in normal (non-exercise) conditions, they stay put sufficiently.
I also find a "Pro" in it's not Bluetooth compatible, as the ORockr is. I HATE answering my phone when I'm out and about...

BiGCoB -
Split Jacket Wind Gasket Accessory Upgrade Kit
My review will be on a very specific use of the Split Jacket Wind Gasket.
I thought I could use that for skydiving and ... I was wrong.
When you fall down at around 200 to 300 km/h face down, you don't really want to have the gasket detaching and poking your eye/eyelid. But that's what happened. This wasn't such a great experience at all.
So, maybe for other uses it's a good idea, but for skydiving, forget about it.
Wavecloud -
A Wire
I have the A Wire Thick with Light Blue lenses. Love the brushed finish on these and the lenses! I wish there were more low light options available on other frames.
etheman23 -
Employee Dog Tag
Nice to have
cacatman -
Carbon Prime
In terms of "wearability", they have a "feel" like a carbon blade, albeit slightly heavier. It's probably more like a carbon shift, but I've never owned a pair, so I don't know. Lens coverage is like a Badman, but frame feels "flatter" as opposed to excessively curved like the Badman.

I'm pretty sure the "shock" absorber is going to stuff up sooner than any of us would like. It looks good, but I doubt this mechanism will last the distance.

I think it's slack of Luxottica to reuse the tube and box thing for such an allegedly "unique" pair.

Having said that, I think overall, if you compare it to the slightly cheaper (at least when talking RRP) Ferrari Badman or Madman (and definitely the most numerous alleged "1,000" Rust Decay Bread boxes/Fuel Cells), I think it's likely the best piece of kit to come out of Luxottica in a long time.

You decide. I paid $819 AUD (USD$640) shipped.
Oak -
Metalworks Gold Carbon Fiber Money Clip
Oak -
Carbon Prime
Colourway: All black Ferrari Prototype and MotoGP

I love the Carbon Prime. Very light/supple and the shape fits my noggin perfectly. I am intrigued by the piston spring hinge (though I'm not sure about the long term durability of them) and am hopeful for even more complicated hinges in the future. The carbon injected O Matter has a great texture and aesthetic to it, and the real CF earstems adds a great feel to the model. I especially appreciate the ability to adjust the nosepieces.
Oak -
1 Eye-Con
I would have love to buy this!
pantojad -
I'm curious why other Oakley Crush has O logo on the number 6 but others doesn't have, is that normal? -mvp21

I believe the only ones with the o logo on the 6 are the skull ones and they did it because they did not want to impede or intrude on the skull logo. I have 3 of these now and hope to collect them all. this is personally one of my favorite original watches.
Jerry -
VUTT Sunglasses
VUTT Optical is a great place to get prescription and regular eyewear. They have a big selection, excellent customer service, and they are just all-around great folks. I just ordered progressive prescription sunglasses (Maui Jim) with the works on Monday and picked them up two days later.

This is the second time I have used VUTT’s services for eyewear. Two years ago, when I came in with my scrip from my ophthalmologist VUTT said that the script did not look correct. VUTT and I questioned the script but the ophthalmologist insisted that it was correct. VUTT questioned it more and finally an error was discovered by the ophthalmologist. Who doesn’t need an advocate like this? I would recommend them to anyone.
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