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Utility design with ultra grip handle of molded rubber
Dedicated laptop compartment with side zip access
Contoured shoulder straps with brushed poly-wick lining
Adjustable sternum strap
Triple buckle closure
Webbed exterior pocket
Side pockets with zip closures
Riveted reinforcement
True metal icon set in injection-molded PVC
2300 Cubic Inch Main Compartment
Dimensions: 22? x 15? x 10?
Recommended for a 14? screen laptop or less
Ballistic White
Black Atlas Camo
Desert Camo
Fluoro Green
Light Grey
Military Olive
New Khaki
Night Camo
Sheet Metal
Snow Camo

Color: Black

I just got the ICON 3.0 and it looks great of course. But like most of the other reviewers, the laptop part of the backpack is a little tight. I have a 15.4" notebook and it will not fit thru the side zipper access. But it does fit thru the top and the strap does velcro fully. However, it is very snug and there is little to no protection on top of the backpack for the notebook. My other small complaint is that there are no zipped compartments within the main backpack compartment (or maybe i haven't found it yet...). I have usb keys and prefer a zippered pocket, so unfortunately I have to either put them in the velrco pockets or use the zippered pockets that are on the sides of the pack.
Dennis -
Picked it up in Tan. The shape of this bag fully-loaded will still allow it to fit in most overhead storage bins when flying, even on some of the smaller "regional jets." This is a big "plus" if you're taller than 5' and *need* that space under the seat in front of you for luxuries like your feet. For those who have trouble translating "cubic inches" to actual capacity, here's some perspective: I generally fly for short trips & can comfortably fit a change of clothes (khakis / button-down shirt / T-shirt / shorts / socks) and basic toiletries, along with a book, my laptop, power supply, PDA, cell phone, and a few other small loose items in this pack. Zippers and seams are very durable, Comfort is A+. Good "cool factor" to the look if that matters for you.
Infinite Hero 3.0 -
Color: Ash/ purple closure straps
This is my second icon pack....this bag rocks...fits my 13" MacBook pro, iPad, yoga mat, shoes perfectly...bag is extremely durable as I travel frequently in and out of airports and job sites. This bag fits all my daily accessories plus tools for work! I highly recommend.
ToniClonic -
Awesome backpack. Great for school or hiking. Like everyone has said, my 15.4 inch laptop doesn't fit through the side zip slot, which is the only downside to this backpack. Otherwise it has tons of room it and takes a while to explore all of its functions.
Xtremehardy388 -
Pretty good backpack. Even got mine stolen for a little over a week. The bag was ditched in some bushes and went through a few storms. Most everything was destroyed (so it's not waterproof) but after a washing, the bag was restored to normal. However, the laptop compartment doesn't fit my laptop unless I go through the main compartment...and that's a pretty tight fit. I was also surprised by the lack of room in the pack. A little disappointed. The bag looks pretty cool and it'll get me through these last couple years of college, I'm hoping. Looks like it'll be pretty durable. If you're looking for a good day pack or something for a couple classes, this is the bag...but given the number of books a lot of people are using for class, now, this bag might not cut it...or survive the elements. Lack of room/compartments, no waterproofing...just left a bit to the imagination.
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