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Pander -
Color: Black

I've always walked on Puma's just like these, only these are much better quality. The soles are exellent. They give a lot of support and are still quite flexibel. Thanks to the soft interior they feel very comfortable. They're a little bit too hot for summertime, but the rest of the year they're perfect. My #1 shoe at this time!
fin7 -
My eldest purloined this from me and uses it daily at school.
stores all he could ever need. bashed and beaten still looks good. The icom completes perfectly
o-xide -
Color: Black Kevlar
I would only get the black kevlar. Amazing as it looks. never shy down on a meeting. outstanding as it is. True metal Icon on it
DisturbedEarth -
Color: silver

Have it but don't find it extremely useful. I usually take it to lunch meetings where I'm supposed to look prepared to take notes or something but actually won' it matches the card case.
DisturbedEarth -
Color: black

I like it but not great for functionality...I agree it can't replace a day runner - unfortunately.
oogie -
Color: Yellow

I actually have the original Kevlar organizer...which is a bit larger than these. Some pretty great office-related Oakley items to bring to the workplace. But I still can't shake that feeling they they simply had a lot of Kevlar left over after the O-shoe.
o-xide -
Now, I got the white one too. And Ed doesn't even know this is his suprise item. hush!
Ed -
Color: Black/Silver

I have one of the older style organizers that is more of a portolio style with a three-snap closure and an embroidererd icon. When I put in my bid on eBay, I thought it was going to be big enough for a standard 8.5 x 11" pad, but when I got it, I realized it is sized for a 6 x 9" pad. Not a big deal, but it makes it a little less convenient to carry loose papers, as you need to fold them in order to tuck them into the sleeve. It does have a nice zipper mesh pocket on the inside along with two pen/pencil holders and a triangular pocket for business cards. I think the best part of owning this is being able to carry around something Oakley at work.
vindicator -
Color: White

Got these for those meetings when I need to pack my note pad to scribble down notes. The extra pockets are great too. I hold my iPod Nano in one of them, and my flash drives on the bottom mesh pockets. Great for those meetings when you want to be sharp, and look sharp too. 5 stars for the Kevlar Organizer
yoko -
Could have been better if it's a full size organizer. Quality of the materials used are of high quality. A head turner on meetings.
Zero -
Gave it as a gift to my Dad but he never used it so I took it back for myself. I use it for bank books, critical documents, passport and so on. Silver kevlar is very elegant indeed matching my Hi-Shoe Two and Kevlar wallet. Pockets for everything including one for your PDA, business cards, pen holster and a notepad sleeve. Mesh pockets good for spare keys. An Oakley case for all your important little stuff.
These things like a lot of the less standard Oakley items are really hind to track down in the UK. I found a yellow one, brand new for only a tenner! It's too small to be of much use as it only takes the small sized pads. It weighs a bit too, but at the end of the day, this, like most things we have, is unlike anything out there, and on that basis I recommend this to everyone I know.
vindicator -
Color: White
I was looking for the black kevlar organizer, but couldn't find any left, luckily I found the white one. While prone to occassional smudges, all you need is a moist rag and some toothpaste or sneaker shampoo for spot cleaning!

The coolness factor lies in getting to bring something Oakley to a meeting. It holds a notebook or a 6x9 pad, so writing down quick notes for work has never been cooler.

4 Stars for this one! Hope they bring it back in bigger sizes!
njphil -
Color: Black

It's a really cool/nice wallet but it's huge i wish i had purchased the small one however the small didn't have the clear plastic where I wanted it.
oogie -
Great wallet for the wife. It's large enough for everything she needs. A tough sell for a men's wallet, IMO. Only drawback is that the kevlar and stitching don't seem to hold up as well as Oakley's selection of leather wallet options.
O -
the kevlar sold me on it

the plus is that it is large enough for all of my cards and cash
Insomniac -
It's a nice looking wallet and everything with the necessary compartments. However, this thing is huge. It's something that should be put in a purse or bagpack instead of my pocket.
elf -

Huge wallet, but seems to fit most of my pockets. Would probably be better in countries that have paper money that's larger than US dollars. I do like the lanyard hole, though. I do prefer the tri-fold design and the centrally located plastic i.d. holder.
splatter -
Pretty much the same wallet as the small kevlar wallet but larger more card holding slots. I often wondered if they were made for export to countries that have wider currency like Great Britain. I haven’t used mine so as far as practicality I am not a good judge but I do imagine that if you have lots of cards it would be a good match for you.
Munkfish -
Have a couple of these, and they are nice (although retired now for the leather ones) - useful when you need something a little less flashy, or don't want an expensive wallet to get ruined. Good quality for non-leather though.
switchblade5984 -
got it for 10 at a vault wish i had bought 2 it has held up longer than any of my old wallets yet it is starting to show signs of wear after a year thats pretty good plenty of storage :)
vindicator -
Got this for my girlfriend 2 years ago, and they still look as good as when she first got them. Design and size would suit mostly women. I like the embossed O detail, plus the fact that its made out of Kevlar.
kingphilbert -
Color: yellow

Another first I jumped at as soon as it came it. Very "surf style" with nylon interior, minimal card space and a Velcro closure. Kevlar 2/3s and leather on the front with the Icon stamped into it. Not bad, but not great.
DarkGrieverX -
Color: Black

Decided to get this when my old wallet finally fell apart, and I needed a new replacement fast. The Oakley Kevlar wallet caught my attention by being stylish in its design, and with its fairly cheap price. The wallet itself comes designed with a hole which you can use to attach a chain (which would have been great if it was included with the wallet). The only letdown with this wallet is the limited space u have to put ur cards in (I really have to cram them in >.<). Other than that, I would really have preferred them to included a "bulging" Oakley icon on the outside rather than just a stamped indent, but with the low cost of the wallet I guess I can't really complain.
apostrophe -
Color: black

The Kevlar wallet held up well and wasn't a bad price. After about 2 years though I decided to get a larger, more durable wallet as the Kevlar/nylon started to show its age.
o-xide -
Color: silver
I used to use this wallet for travel. Now it just sits on my display case. I really like the Kevlar. It goes with Shoe 1 and soft case
brian -
Color: Yellow
Had to have this to match the O Shoe. My still looks new after 7 years of use. This is the best wallet I've ever owned.
oogie -
A great "I don't need no stinkin leather wallet" wallet. Perfect size, basic design. The kevlar weave is a fantastic look, but unfortunately I've found the kevlar and stitiching don't hold up as great as the leather.
As the name implies, this wallet features sturdy, woven-kevlar construction as well as a number of pockets for storage. I've owned this wallet for a number of years and it has held up quite well, with only a few areas of abrasion on the kevlar. Considering the construction and features, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better wallet for your money (no pun intended). Too bad it wasn't just a standard fold wallet, though, as the velcro detracts from its overall appeal.
splatter -
The perfect college student wallet in its minimal style with three card slots and an id holder. The zippered pouch and the mesh pocket are nice in an emergency but I really don’t use them. The kevlar after awhile can feel like it is a hard shell like shape but remains it will flexible in use.
Genghisackroyd -
An excellent wallet (sadly discontinued) which has served well for the past seven years or so. It outlasted (although the kevlar is now starting to fray at the edges (and the leather smells a bit).

I only wish I could find another!
vindicator -
Frame: Kickstand 2.0 Pewter/Clear
Lens: Clear

I've been using Oakley RX eyewear for years now. My first was the e-wire RX, then got the square wire spring hinge, and my latest is the pewter Kickstand 2.0. The frame is very lightweight, you can hardly feel it on you. Though the size suits most face shapes, IMHO, this style would suit round face types. The styling is very low-key, but indeed classy. Kickstand 2.0 is perfect for the corporate environment.

Jeremy Carn -
Great watch, understated. band smells of vanilla all the time. very comfy on. missing a Metal bracelet
The watch is pretty fun with the interchangeable bezel aspect. Most buyers of the watch end up trying to collect the bezels instead!
Nayelbomb -
I took this bag overseas to England, Scotland and Ireland for my honeymoon and packed the thing to capacity. The side pockets are deceptively large and held for coffee cups in just one of them. The weight was a factor and the straps did feel a little thin after hours of sight seeing and walking around for 26 days. But I was still glad I chose this one to take over my surf pack 3.0 or even my Icon 2.0; it was the best choice and I still think it could be improves with another compartment in the front instead of the nearly useless triple hooks but I still love the quality and the size is unmatchable until you get into camping gear. So still a great pack and I don't regret paying $210 (because I shipped it) its the best so far. can't wait for he 2.0 version!! Hope they make one
JC -
I am quite, positively, surprised with the bag. I had to order online and I was not sure my big 17" laptop would fit in it. It is one of those large 2006 Clevo (Intel core2 Duo )chassis, and though it does no go in from the side zipper opening, it will go right in from the top and fit quite well, with still tons of room for other things.
Of course, esthetically, it is stunning... the heavy duty hooks for the metal wire of the cover, the 3 metal loops at the front, large side pockets...really a lot of details that make this bag stunning. I have been a long time use of Oakley sunglasses (Juliette fan) and some accessories, and I am certainly now a fan of their backpacks!
jumpman73 -
I cannot say enough at how sick this bag is. It can handle pretty much everything. Oakley really did a good job at giving you every option on this bag. The capacity of this bag is huge. I use this for 4 day trips. The design of the bag is classic Oakley as well. I highly recommend this bag.
o-xide -
Oakley's most technical bag, very well disigned except for the size and weight. If you love Oakley, you must get this bag. The AP clip and D-ring and cable wire around the head of the bag just makes it so outstanding
Nayelbomb -
This bag would be perfect for school and travel if it were a little more square and not so round. The bag is a ridiculous headturner though. The flap is too rigid and gets to be a pain in the ass some times but it keeps the bags contents dry. The zipper enclosure on the main compartment needs to go down farther so you can open the bag easier and since there is no water bottle pocket the zippers needed to go bottom up not top down so you could half zip them and slide in a water bottle. For this you would need the compression straps to be on the main body around the pocket, not sewed onto the pocket itself. Opps. I still love it but I a perfectionist and it also should have had a place to put a camelback and hang it on the inside with the hole in the top for the hose. they will do better next time! Oakley always gets better, even if it takes a few trys.
rodney_moffitt -
An amazing bag, highly recommended. More pockets and straps on the main body than you could possibly need, although I did initially think the shoulder and (particularly) waist straps looked a bit thin compared to the overall size of the bag. And it is big - too big, I would guess, to take on as hand luggage on a flight - so if you have a small frame, it may look a bit oversized on you. It is pretty light though.
As for the overall design, the sheer ammount of metal fittings on the exterior makes it extremely striking (the two big clamps on the main lid are amazing!) - I've had quite a few comments when I've wore it out. The ipod / shades pocket on top I use for sunglasses only, and due to the lack of padding around the internal laptop compartment I'll stick with my Crumpler bag when transporting my Powerbook. However, the organiser pocket is great for storing your ipod, headphones and PDA (and Oakley large watch case...)
I don't actually use it as an everyday bag, just for taking gear to the gym so I can't commment on how tough it would be to use everyday, but it does strike me as the kind of bag that could soak up a load of abuse while holding just about everything you could want. As I write this, it seems to be in short supply so my advice would be this - do what I did, and if you want it even slightly get it.
OluvrNawlins -
Another 5 stars for this outstanding bag! Everything about it screams Oakley from start to finish. Glad I ordered sheetmetal has I think all black would have been too much black. There is literally a place for everything in this pack, if it won't fit, you don't need it. Get one today.Only problem for me, I see is it is so nice and so "Oakley", not sure if it will ever leave my "O shrine".

PS: They have updated their pricing and these are now $175.
BronzeT -
I really couldnt add any more good comments for its already mentioned.But this is a good example why Oakley rules over other brands.This pack is simply AMAZING,just look at the pics and that says it all.

Matter of fact if I ever see one NOT ridiculously priced I'll be all over it just so I have a spare.I suggest you do the same.
OsmosisJones -
Sheet metal is defaintely the best color to get. It's still pretty dark, and gives it more contrast, giving it an even sleeker look.

As for capacity...HUGE! I carried 3 pairs of size 12 shoes in the bottom compartment, and then 4 outfits (including jeans, boxers,shirts, socks, etc. I also have 3 pairs of sunglasses inside it, as well as my ipod and a waterbottle....and I had room to spare.

The clips are pure genius and eye-catchers for the non-Oakley lovers. They're not time-consuming or annoying at all to unlatch or re-attach. It's also a great conversation starter for you to talk about your Oakley obsession.

After reading the reviews, and actually seeing this awesome peice of art in the O store in Covent Garden, I plumped up the £'s and took home the all black version, which in my own opinion is far greater than the sheet metal version.
There are so many plus's for this abg, from the look, the size, the numerous pockets, the look, the design etc.
The only down point, is it is heavy empty! I have a few Oakley bags, inc. the hardshell, but this weighs so much, I actually suffer with the weight just to wear it!
By far the greatest 'bag', and calling it that is disrespectful, I have ever seen, and now owned.
NoIWontSmile -
Had the bag now for a year and have been very pleased. It holds my laptop, books, headphones, Juliets, and other necessary items while traveling.

- Long side entrance to the laptop area. This makes it so easy during airport screening to get the laptop out and then to put it back in.
- Bags seals up tight. The hard shell lid and the large zippers work great at keeping the elements out.
- Hard shell lid. Great spot to put phone, glasses, camera, etc...
- Many Many others - Read the other reviews, they are all correct.

- The hard shell lid. This is an incredible pain to move around when trying to get into the top of the bag - especially when flying coach with people on either side of you.
- The "O" on the hard shell fell off. Happened about 7 months after buying the bag. I would guess that something I had inside broke one of the plastic retainers.

Overall the bag is great and can be used for school, day hikes, or short trips out of town.

Review written - Apr 2008

With more bells and whistles than Santa's sleigh, the Kitchen Sink pack defines Oakley storage bags. Featuring numerous pockets including storage locations for a CD player, laptop, and wet gear (complete with drainage valves), this pack leaves nothing to be desired. Even the design, with reinforced straps and metal accents, assures anyone who sees it that this pack is 100% Oakley from start to finish.
Dave_Scott -
As a senior in high school who had a small summer job and a lot of cash I decided that I needed this backpack. I did my research. Everyday I would look at the bag online, read reviews (hard to find when I didnt know about o-review) and occasionally make a visit to the oakley store to check it out (again). The bag is well worth the money. As the only kid in school with the most advanced, technical, do-everything backpack I attract a lot of attention. It gets comments and occasionally raised eyebrows everyday. As a 6'3" kid who has not an ounce of fat on him I was a little worried it would look like the bag was swallowing me. Not to worry. You wont even notice with all the awesomeness that comes with this bag.

Features: Armored small-accessory case on top is a life-saver. I always carry around my pair of Radars (also inside oakley sunglass case) and when Im running around and dont want my phone in my pocket I will also stick my iPhone in there without any fear of damage.
Clasps-amazing. never get annoyed with clasping the outer shell. The metal clasps are possibly the coolest features that turn heads.

Awesome bag.
Adrian -
This thing is HUGE! Screams Oakley from top to bottom, inside out. Suits me as a student pharmacist in pharmacy school perfectly. Storage compartments for my calculator, pencils/pens, ethernet cable, USBs, and of course, my laptop and a few notebooks. Theres a few things that could be improved, like a water bottle compartment thats easily accessible, I just use one of the side zipper poockets currently for the water bottle, its big enough to fit one with extra room to spare. I have the king of backpacks on campus...MEHehEHEheHHehehehe! I dont see anyone else' bag as crazy. I've seen an icon 2.0 around campus though..and that happened to be my old backpack I been using before switching to this monster.

Thanks oakley, for another awesome product
New Oakley fan in Japan 7/25/10 -
I read a review from someone that this bag is huge. I will second that statement. It is huge. I am 155lbs 5.9" and this bag makes me look as if I am going on a trip. I got black because I was replacing a grey bag )similar color to the silver).

I use this bag everyday to work and to the gym. It holds my DayRunner, two sets of gym clothes, my 9" running shoes, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, iPhone, cellphone, iPod, Shuffle, and even with my 17" laptop, I still have room to spare. It has plenty of room and pockets to store and stay organized. The only thing it is missing is a water bottle pocket. It's something I can live without so no biggie for me. The headrest looking pocket on top is very handy for iPods and wallets; easy access and I can even reach behind my head to unzip and grab.

The clasps are kind of difficult to get open. I'm also a big fan of TOUGH JEANS bags and their clasps are easier to work and release. If you are driving with one hand on the wheel and the other on the bag, forget trying to unclasp the bag....too dangerous. Open it before you start driving or at a red light. The clasps look kick ass but since their difficult to open; is the reason why I give it 4 stars.

The $160 I payed was well worth it and I'd buy the sheet metal bag too if I had the extra cash to spend. The design and metal on the bag make it look indestructible. I love it and would recommend to flashy bag lovers. Oakley kicks ass!!!

RuBiCaNT -
I needed a new bag as my targus messenger bag wasn't cutting the mustard for all the stuff I need for work. I am a systems engineer so I have a whole gamut of tools that need to go along with my notebook. I do like all the pockets, straps and whatnot. My only complaint is that the backing of the 3 carabiner hooks broke and is sloppy now. Overall it's a great bag but I think I am going to take it to the Oakley store and see if I can get a replacement.
Heckler -
Have had this bag for a year now and it literally looks like the day I bought it. It has seen 4 mountain tops and over 1000 km of cycling, including plenty in wet weather as well as snowy COLD conditions (-30c and down). it holds my street clothes perfectly to the destination while on the bike and my soiled, nasty gear after I get there very nicely in the wet item compartment. The zippers are very smooth and well made, the ones on the side can also be reached and operated while wearing the bag. The top padded compartment really does have a thousand uses... But for my purposes serves as a great compartment for my Ipod. It can fit a pair of glasses in it at the same time as well. The rear compartment can easily hold a 7" laptop and when I'm not using it for that works very nicely as a sheltered quick grab location to stick my u-lock (thank you side access zipper). While the computer is in there I stick the u-lock on the front carabiner hooks, which seem as though they were made for this purpose.

Easily the best bag I have had. I go through quite a few bags as I abuse the hell out of them and subject them to more extremes then you can shake a stick at. Not only has this bag easily lasted a year through it, it remains the best designed bag I have laid my hands on for what I do.
Troy -
Worth the $200 i paid. One heck of a "backpack" that makes me feel like i'm in black ops or something out on the camp site. It's overkill for a 32 year young guy, but this thing is just bad ass. I take it on trips (mostly car trips as this thing likes to set off airport alarms) and it's very versitile. I really like the spot to keep my shades safe up at the top, and the venting compartment on the bottom is perfect for a wet towel or shoes to keep them from the rest of my gear. Only gripe is the top will not stay open on it's own while you're packing it. It almost springs back into the closed position like a clam shell. Small price for a super sweet back pack though.
Kory -
Superoir thinking demonstrated above. Thanks!
Matt -
I bought this bag back in November of 2008 when it was 175 instead of the 200 it is now. I love the bag and it does turn heads but my only beef is with the 3 carabiner anchors in the back. The backing which appears to be sewn into the lining to which the anchors are attached to broke in half. I believe it is flimsy plastic instead of something more rigid like aluminum. I still have it to this day, it holds my 15.4" notebook, my verizon mifi, ext. USB harddrive, sharpie, network cables, portable CD-ROM, etc.
Derpitty -
Picked this up in South Korea. This bag can carry everything that I need for a weekend away and more. This bag will definitely get you noticed.

Most common comments/questions:
1) What are the 3 hooks for?
2) Whoa, that's a serious backpack!
3) Is that a hiking backpack?
The Game -
Bought the stealth version just because it looked really good. I've only used it once and was able to fit a weeks worth of clothes, an xbox360 with the power brick and shoes with no problem. I'm looking forward to my next trip so I can maybe find something to complain about
ucdavisboy -
I will second other's opinions that this bag is on the bigger side- I wouldn't recommend it for anything below and average height/weight man (i.e. 5 foot 10 inches, 180 lbs. I don't have that issue- I'm 6 foot 5 inches tall and an athletic 235 lbs and the Kitchen Sink looks right at home on me.

It's also somewhat heavy because of all the metal hardware but- that's part of the charm. This isn't a lightweight hiking back, it's a Mad Science, Max Fearlight-ish, Purpose Beyond Reason, post-apocalyptic, looks like nothing else, urban warfare backpack. If the X-Metals are the edgy boundary pusher in the eyewear department, the Kitchen Sink is that in the backpack department.

Functionally, tons of room, expandable- the worlds only backpack pocket for eyewear that doesn't require you fold your earstems (great for me because I NEVER do), has a wet pocket that will hold even a pair of my Size 15 or 16 shoes- it's called the Kitchen Sink for a reason and lives up to it's name.

From a style perspective- always turns heads and I always get asked questions (mostly about those 3 hooks to the point I stuck carabiners on every single one so people would maybe "get" the idea).

At the end of the day, no other bag looks like this and it's truly and obviously something that came out of the 1997-2007 pre-Lux, Jim led Golden Era.

One of the few non-Oakley eyewear accessories I believe lives up to the standard the eyewear set. Expensive at $216 with tax, but recent sales have it dropped to $108 with tax- and at that price it's worth it. Grab one before Lux discontinues this legend too.
50 Shades of O -
I use the Kitchen Sink Stealth backpack as a peace officer duty bag. Great design. The top pocket protectively secures my sun and safety glasses, the outer pockets organize all my tools, the laptop sleeve stores my files, the main compartment stores my duty and safety gear, and the bottom pocket (awesome feature) stores extra clothing. My only criticism is that I wish the bag had a few more internal pockets for organization. Overall, a top notch bag!
Dann -
Color: Black

This is a very nice cap. The beanies just don't tend to go down far enough for me, so my ears are always exposed and freezing. Plus when I try to pull them down more, I always grab some hair and pull that out with it. This cap however is long and loose enough, that I've never had a problem. Now that it's cold, I wear them pretty much every day. The design is perfect, and my only gripe is that the red tag seems to stick off the side and doesn't look all that attractive.
o-static -
super. nice design,
dirtjump_boy -
i have the one where kristi is doing a 360 nose grab,its such a heavy poster felt from the wall in the first week.
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