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RON2D2 -
Frame: Amber Tortoise
Lens: Rx Clear

This is my second Oakley Rx frame in my rotation. The style is great. I've been stopped a handful of times with folks complimenting me on the frames. The color of the frame is a little lighter in person than it is in pictures. The fit is also good (again, with some minor bending of the earstems to fit my flat bald head).
anonymous -
Frame: oakley RX yardstick 4.0 matte blue
these oakley RX yarstick 4.0 frames are very good looking and very well made 5 stars and also the matte blue pair shown in that picture above is no where near that bright it is quite a bit darker.
kupsy -
Frame: Olive
Lens: rx clear

My latest addition to my oakley collection. My third Rx frame. great fit even if you're a big guy just like me! Always wanted to have this design however my wife wanted the wire ones. Very comfortable to wear and light. Eye catching design as well! Must haves!
TekDragon -
Frame: Black/Black Chrome
Lens: Clear
These are such a great update remeniscent of the old horn-rim style glasses, but much cooler. No white tape around the center of these. Just an all-around great retro look. I'm wearing them as I type this!! They rule!!
anonymous -
Frame: brown
Lens: clear
Very durable glasses. I wanted something that could stand up to some abuse, and these fit the bill. The lenses are a bit small, but they are Rx, so it is not that big of a deal.
The fit takes some work. I went to the optical shop a few times to have them adjust the bend of the arms so that they stayed on my head without giving me a headache from the pressure.
A good buy for everyday Rx glasses.
jaekster -
Frame: Yardstick 8.0
Lens: Knockoff

bought these because I wanted some rad clark kent style glasses. never had so many compliments. these frames rock! one suggestion tho, ask for the oakley lenses... didn't think i would have to, but the lady at the optical shop ordered some other kind, because she said they were cheaper... I asked how much and she said two dollars a lens. Bi@tc4, never going to make that mistake again. frames are great, don't know about the oakley Rx lenses though. lol.

Rocky -
Frame: Black
Lens: Hoya
Was wearing this while I got a formal party. I never using this glasses for my works, I was an engineer and it looks kind of out of fashion when I was on the field with a classy look eyewear. It takes me several time to adjust the hinge before I got the best one to fit on my face without getting any headaches. The nosepad not so good. They should make a rubber one instead of plastic.

Although this frame made by plastic the material looks great and not like a cheap one frame. You can bend the hinge without any worries.
Ready -
Frame: Brown
Lens: clear Oakley
Great glasses. Held up to a couple years of abuse, and still going strong. Like another said, it took a few trips to the glasses store to have the arms adjusted so I did not get headaches, but so they stayed in they are the most comfortable glasses I own. I have others, but I always end up wearing these by the end of the day, and I get all kinds of compliments on the cool retro look.
Barry -
FrameYardstick 8 :
Lens: clear
Great glasses. I bought them on Ebay new in box and saved about 80% off retail.All I had to do was to get my Rx put in the frame. These frames are sporty, retro professional looking.I have gotten so many compliments about my new glasses.These frames are very lightweight and durable and I know will last me years to come.I had no problems with the fit and getting used to them very fast.These frames look nice with a suit and tye or just casual wear but do not look good for the construction worker look.I love these Oakley frames and would bye them again in a heart beat
Scott -
Frame:Black yardstick 8
Lens: clear
I also saved a ton of cash by buying these frames on Ebay. I went to my local optical shop and had my lenses put in. I had them adjusted once and they are very comfortable to wear all the time even during sports.I get lots of good comments about my new glasses.Oakley rocks as always
Mike -
Frame: black
Lens clear
I tried these frames on a while ago at my local optical store but I thought about the price and decided to wait for them to come on sale. I was reading the reviews here and looked on Ebay and found these frames for $20.00 plus 8 S&H(brand new in box) What a steal. I had my lenses made and I just love the look of my new glasses. I had to go to have them adjusted a few times to get the proper fit but no big deal it was worth it.I have had several compliments from strangers and friends.
banarno -
One of the old Virgin Serilium colours they used for the Eyeshades and Blades.
About as retro as you can get.
LEX7 -
I have this on my factory pilot eyeshades. it is a very nice rich sunflower yellow colour.
i really want the classic straight jackets with this frame colour.
i believe on the classic straight jackets it has a glossy finish but on my FP eyeshades its matte.

i have since got the yellow straight jackets and yes it is a glossy finish and a slightly darker version, very nice.
Ian -
My Yellow Straight Jackets are one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses, ever. It's a very unique color that came on just a few pairs.
oogie -
Comes with the half-pints ... so I'm not sure how many of these actually sell all that well. I think it's a great idea ... cause the kids will trash their Oakleys anyways, might as well give them a fighting chance with this leash.
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