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El Juan -
Frame: Black
Lens: Black Iridium
Valves are very comfortable and lite weight. sometimes I forget I have them on because they fit so nicely on my face. I think it's a way better design than the scars because of the way the frame feel, folds, and looks. If you want an inexpensive and trendy pair of shades, I recommend the valves.
EastCoast -
Frame: Bronze
Lens: Titanium Iridium Polarized

I was going to wait a while before reviewing this, but I've had it for three days. I'll repost if things go awry.

This gets a five out of five. Fits nicely, though this is a bit on the smaller size for a big head like me. Still, at least as much peripheral vision as the Eye Jacket 2.0, so no complaints.

Pros: The lugs are a nice touch and seem to keep some resistance in the hinges (the O-Matter lugs on other models i.e. Ducati; JP Montoya may not be the same). The frame colour is unique. Lens tint is super (see Ti Polar review). Aesthetically a success, more curves than most jackets; very complex; aggressive without looking like a goofball.

Cons: Not really many. I was a bit disappointed that there was no Unobtainium on the arms but the design doesn't really allow it. It doesn't seem to make much difference anyway. I'm waiting to see if the frame will stretch.
The only ways to improve this model would be
1) an X-Metal cam like the Scar
2) with a FMJ/Polarized combination (Copper, Black Iridium Polarized, if you please)
But both of these would be pretty pricey.
O-minous -
Frame: FMJ Platinum
Lens: Gold Iridium

These are nice frames best for smaller faces IMO. The platinum and gold color scheme is a bit loud but it’s probably my favorite option for the Valves. The metal icon accents make it look less plastic and the platinum base has a rich matte finish which is sweet.

The fit is snug though it can tend to sit a little high up and fairly close to the face. You can’t beat the aggressive (frowning) style which is quite unique. It looks a little like a condensed version of the Unknown and coverage is good though it could be better. May not work for all, but definitely a nice addition to the lineup.
Glen -
Frame: Silver
Lens: Ice Iridium

These aren't as comfortable as my old minutes upon initial wear, and doesn't seem to fit as well as my minutes, but after a few minutes of wearing them, u tend to forget that you're wearing them. They are very like and relatively comfortable. While i still prefer my old mintues, the design just looks awesome and has great lens clarity and perhiperhal vision! I'll only update these when i lose them (as i have with several minutes) or hopefully get some Juliets :)

Overall they aren't to bad, but can be tight at the arms for larger heads. I can feel them pressing down on the side of my head quite stiffly!
dan-E -
Frame: Black
Lens: Black Iridium

These are my kid brother's pairs. The lenses themselves look small on me but they look and fit much better on him. I really like the way the metal earstem lugs stand out and the overall look of this model is quite nice. They're supposed to be the succesors to the Scar but other than the metal lugs, they're really nothing alike. However, my bro really likes them and would probably give them a solid 4.
Ed -
Frame: Bronze
Lens: Titanium Iridium Polarized

Finally got a pair of these even though they've been out for quite some time. The lugged earstems are somewhat similar to Scar, but Valve is a totally different animal. The frame is much more compact, and the lenses get taller toward the outside edges. This gives the lenses a unique shape, although the bottom corners of the frame tend to sit on my cheeks. I don't mind too much as long as I don't wear them for an extended period of time. Larger nosebombs would probably help, but they aren't available.

The long, sculpted, Unobtainium-free earstems are surprisingly comfortable and are screwed onto the thick lugs. This gives the earstems a nice, solid feel. Unlike Scar, the Valve earstems hinge ahead of the lugs, so the folded frame is much more compact. The lens orbitals are also highly sculpted, and there are pronounced "eyebrows" above the lenses. These are really apparent if you ever put them up on your head.

The Bronze frame, Black Chrome lugs, dark silver icons, and Ti Polarized lenses make a really nice combination overall. Titanium Iridium is probably my favorite lens, and polarization makes them even better for high-glare conditions.
Wassaaaaaaaaaap -
Frame: Black
Lens: Black Polarized

Nice color combo as well as a little harder to find since these are not sold at every Oakley dealer. Simple yet stylish. Polarized lenses, as with all Oakley polarized lenses, are top notch. Black lenses are dark but with all the sun where i live, these are perfect. One problem i have is that they have less open area and do tend to fog up if you are at a standstill and the temp is hot. Retail price is a bit higher than I might want to pay but a nice pair of shades none-the-less.
fullback -
Frame: Ducati
Lens: Black Iridium

The frames don't fit my face well - I have high cheek bones and the outer edges of the rim rests on my cheeks, leaving a mark after 20mins. However, they do feel nice and tight even without unobtainium on the stems. The Valves have a real aggressive look to them - quite different from other O-Matter looks. The Ducatis are definitely a show piece - the red stands out amongst the grey.
o-xide -
Frame: Ducati
Lens: Black
Since I like the Scar so much. I see nothing that special with the valve except where the front orbitals protudes and the earstem holder faces the other way. I like it except that it was a little small in my face
Stephen -
Frame: Grey
Lens: Grey

I have had my valves for a little over a year now. I used to think these were great until I got some Splices. I think it is more along the lines of these glasses just dont fit my face right. They sit a little to high on my nose, which makes it to where If I look down there is no lens cover at all. They are also a little tight behind my ears, sometimes seeming like it is "gripping" my face way to hard, other times I forget I am even wearing them. I find myself alot of times constantly pushing them back closer to my face, and are an absolute pain to wear on your head compared to others I have owned. Overall I love the look of them, the design is very aggresive, much improved from the original Eye jackets. They dont offer alot of colors to choice from, even though I am partial to oakleys more basic color schemes. Overall for the price I payed for them I cant complain. They will definatly stay in my Oakley collection.
oogie -
Frame: Platinum
Lens: Gold

A pretty snug fit and tight overall curvature of the glasses. But the styling is pretty sweet. I like the frame shaping done around the lenses. Like the Scars before it, the jettison of some metal in the o-matter really makes them stand out. Given to me by my wife on our wedding night ... so I guess they'll hold a special place in my Oakley heart.
Frame: Black
Lens: Black iridium

Absolutely love the shape of the bridge, they're extremely comfy and very light and the O accent really gets them noticed, I also find the coverage on the valve to be very good but I think its an individual thing, they hug my head pretty well
x-metalman -
Frame: Blue
Lens: Black Iridium
I'll have to agree with many others. Valve just isn't as good as Scar, but for some reason it replaced it. The color combonations are alright, but Scar had better ones. On the good side, the orbitals are very aggresive. But thats about all I like. I would only recommend if you have a smaller face, and if you want a fairly inexpensive pair of glasses that still have some style to them.
O_MattR -
Frame: Silver
Lens: Fire Iridium

These were my second pair of Oaks and were really what kicked off this very expensive obsession. I had a hard time choosing between these and the Silver/Ice Iridium combo. They are pretty comfortable but I would not recommend them for someone with a wider head structure.
sparra -
Frame: Dark Grey
Lens: Ice Iridium

I like Valves, though I've never owned a pair. They fitted my larger nose bridge pretty well and looked cool and interesting, and personally, I prefer them overall in comparison to Scars.
Pander -
Juan Pablo Montoya Edition
Frame: Dark Grey
Lens: Ice Iridium

Like the way it looks! But it is a little bit narrow for my face and when I wear it for long periods it starts to get uncomfortable.
Tick -
Frame: Silver
Lens: Fire
A nice glass with very cool color choices. A great pair for someone that wants to go bold but not all out.
Rick -
Frame: Silver
Lens: Fire
I am of the strong belief that the Valve doesn't get the respect it deserves. I've always liked the design of these glasses, espcially the detail on the arms. They are a very easy pair to wear. I give them full marks.
Edit: sold them, guess I didn't like them as much as I thought I did.
LEX7 -
Frame:Dark Grey

My first pair of valves, ive been wanting a pair for a while so i decided to go for the badass JPM sig version. these are very cool but valves are a little too small for my face even though they are comfortable to wear they look a bit silly.
great for the collection though!
jumpman73 -
Frame: Black - FMJ+
Lens: Black Iridium

These are nicely designed sunglasses. They have Oakley all over them. This color scheme is really sweet with Black and Silver. The one problem I had with them was that they didn't fit me very well. They kind of floated above my nose. I have a filipino profile so maybe an the asian model would fit better.
Görkem -
Frame: Grey (Ducati)
Lens: Black Iridium

I have the Ducati edition. It was my first Oakley. Then I kinda fell in love with 'em. The frame is excellent and definetly feels right. And the lenses are very high quality!
o-static -
Frame: Blue
Lens: Black Iridium
Frame: Bronze
Lens: Titanium Iridium Polarized
Like them wore them, gr8 looking, maybe small for some but the styling was gr8, price too.
very sleek design good material nice combos a good allaround sunglasses.
Judge21 -
Frame: Black- FMJ+
Lens: Black iridium
one of my favorite what a wonderful fit, great wrap almost fit like a google, probably one of the better glasses for bike riding
ball5out -
Frame: blue
Lens: black iridium
this is what I wear when I gotta get dirty for work. its a good casual pair cuz its rigid
OsmosisJones -
Frame: Black FMJ
Lens: Black Iridium

I got these really cheap off of the 'bay, and they were just too small for my face. If they made them exactly the same but bigger, they'd be worth a buy. They just don't stick to your face well enough without them being smashed into your eyes.

The coverage leaves something to be desired as well.
BullyVW -
Frame: Ducati
Lens: Ducati
The second addition to my Ducati line-up, these glasses appear to be for smalled faces. Had I looked at them and NOT tried them on, I would have never bought them. While a unique look on a bigger head, I find myself wearing these more and more.

The arms loosen up quickly, though. Still, I like them...and they won't be sold anytime soon.
Je_Suis_Oakley -
Lens: Titanium Polarized

Definatley not my favorite pair the valves sit a little to close to my face, if they did not sit so close they would not give my eyes enough coverage. Because of the lack of unobtanium on the earstems they do not fit snug enough for anything other then everyday use.
LEX7 -
Frame:Black & White
Lens:Black iridium & Fire Iridium

Had to buy both of these so i could breate the awesome black with orange accents and fire lens, looks so good and the by product of the white, silver and black looks pretty good to.
Frame: Silver
Lens: Fire Iridium

If asked what the most unnoticed and unappreciated Oakleys were, the Valves would top the list. The fit, functionality, and styling coalesce into a simple yet sophisticated form. With a lightweight o-matter frame that hugs your face despite the lack of unobtainium earsocks, these shades also offer superior coverage, even at the periphery. Oakley decided to include unobtainum nosebombs, which add comfort while reducing slippage. The lenses/orbitals also have an unique, aggressive architecture, while the earstems - although reminiscent of the Scar - are scaled-down and compliment the rest of the glasses perfectly. For this pair, the contrast of the silver frame with the Fire Iridium looks amazing.
Dann -
Frame: Platinum / Silver
Lens: Gold / Fire

The Scar was discontinued and in its wake the Plate and Valve remained. While the Plate went crazy the Valve took on a more conservative approach. But in the process they became a mere ordinary pair and nothing to gather much attention. They fit okay, but not exceptionally well. The sharp edges tend to wear, and the paint then comes off.
ShadyOak -
Frame: Platinum
Lens: Gold Iridium
I gotta admit I like these a lot more than I thought I would. The orbitals are awesomely aggressively shaped, mean lookin >:^) These fit me very well, look good on my face, and are snug but not too tight. Living in the Seattle area I love gold iridium, it's perfect for overcast to moderately sunny days. The coverage is good enough for driving as well. These are my first pair of O-matter frames and I'm liking them, although my scars have a tighter feel (it's the hinges) I like these more for the fit and mean style.
JereL -
Frame: Dark Grey - Ducati
Lens: Black

Very Cool design! i love how the red stands out from its grey frame.hate how it fits my head,

Frame: Dark Grey/Red - Ducati
Lens: Black Iridium

While most Oakleys feature lenses that scale down from thick to narrow (moving from the nosebridge to the temple), Valve lenses actually scale in the opposite manner. Angular, aggressive, and unique, the frame compliments the lenses perfectly while adding visual appeal. Sadly, it seems that the Valve didn't perform well at retail, so it was discontinued within a relatively short period of time. If you're an Oakley enthusiast, however, chances are you'd appreciate these shades for their fit, funcationality, and unique design.

The Ducati version is quite difficult to locate now, so pick these up if you have the opportunity.
Farlius -
Frame: Black FMJ
Lens: Polarized Black Iridium

Got these for the motorcycle. Needed something polarized (no compromising for vision while driving at break-neck speeds) and without unobtainium earsocks so I could slide them into the fabric of the helmet. These fit nicely inside and provide good eye coverage even with my helmet's visor up. The ear stems have a tendency to pop out on occasion, but they pop back in just as easily. The FMJ provides great contrast to the Black o-matter.
plutonium54 -
Frame:fmj platinum/black/fmj silver
Lens:gold iridium/black iridium/fire iridium

Along with the splice,the valve must definitely be the most aggresive designs of oakley.The asymmetric almost rectangular/square orbitals with the big lenses and the exceeding fenders on the upper and lower sides of the orbitals,borrowed straight from mag switch,certainly give them a furious tone.Which by the way is further complimented by the two tone offset lugs and the batwing earstems,that,unlike the scars,are far more balnced,and in the end more matching to the overall concept.And while the splice boasted the two pattern frames,the valve is a homogenic ensemble,both aggresive and well defined.
Likewise,their fit,must be the best up to now in regard with the o-matter models.It fits to the head like a helmet,and never goes out.Whether it is the well calculated geometry of the earstems,the stiffness of them also,the unobtainium nosebombs,or the overall balanced design of theirs,one thing is for sure.They are definitely among the best jackets.
They also provide good coverage.Okay,the lenses might not be as wide as your new straight jackets' lenses are.But I never felt any lack of coverage,and the fact that they really look like television screens,should be taken under serious consideration whenever the coverage issue comes up.They also provide good coverage on the sides,due to their frame design,and it's one of the few times that I never felt the rays of sun hitting the lenses from their inner side.
One more thing that I feel obliged to point out is the majestic fmj finish.Whether it's 5.56,platinum,silver,or whatever,this brilliant idea of oakley,gives the glasses that it's applied on,a classy,expensive tone,and sets them apart the rest of the line.After all I think that all of us may be fed up with all this o-matter.The best flj finish that I have seen though,is the 5.56,on my twentys.However,all the valve moddels are equally distinguished by this great process.
Last but not least,the silver/fire model,with the great fire iridium lens,and the matching coloured lugs.It's definitely the valve philosophy in the maximum level.Aggresive and radical.If it weren't for the splice,I'd say that they're the best o'matter model ever.Even the five stars are not enough sometimes...
b2r -
Frame: Dark Grey
Lens: Grey

Ok, the combination I have is not the most interesting one. But even the other combinations look a bit boring I think. The fit is ok, but on my face the glasses look a bit too narrow vertically. The lenses get taller toward the outside edges and that doesn't look too good on me. Also the paint comes off from the frame and that is something I haven't experienced before.

Except for the FMJ Platinum version on all other Valve frames featuring FMJ just the small piece with the O icon is FMJ.

Overall not a favorite of me. But I like it enough to keep a pair in my collection since I really miss the times of the Scar, Splice, Plate and Valve and so I keep them in my collection.

I would recommend the Silver / Fire and Silver / Ice combinations!
Frame: Silver
Lens: Fire iridium

I have been searching all over the web for those in years,and finally found them in a store 10 miles away!And boy oh boy are they great.They have already a special place in my collection,since their design with the attractive lugs,initially released on the scar,are an element of attraction themselves already.The orbitals are smooth,but the sharp edges around the lenses are adding a bit of extremity,and the batwing earstems never allow you to frget their origin.This specific valve muust be the best of the line,it's the most attractive for sure,and there's no doubt why they were an OPD series model.The lenses are quite big,and the fit is just great.In fact they appear to be tighter than the half jackets,but the lack of unobtainium doesn't allow them to take the lead from the king of jackets.Still they are the nicest full frame o-matter oakley piece of eyewear.
blingabomb -
Frame: valve asian fit
Lens: black iridium
This is racist bullsh*t from oakley I am black and man we don't get glasses for ourselfes either? i hate sh*t like that it is just wrong, down with this kind of corporate scam. Because of the nature of my nose as with many of my brothas i thought the glasses would work but no it doesn't even fit for me my girl is rican and she has almost the same nose as me and it didn't fit on her neither, why do asians get the full benefit. The lenses don't do much for me at all just dark going to goback to my vaurnet not worth the hassle.
Rocky -
Frame: Valve Rx
Lens: Hoya
I bought this after comparing with many Oakley RX model at the store. Fall to this one because of the sporty look. Fit for me and comfy for my ears and nose. Choose the Toast color cause the paint looks great and looks like will last long. Wearing this everyday and never face a sweat problem that make the glasses fall down from my nose, it still stick to the place even make a extreme move. Great Glasses!

Steve H -
Frame: Valve (51) pewter
Nice, well built and quite comfortable. Design a bit on the conservative side for Oakley
Mayan power -
These are a nice frame, rather like a new version of Scapel than a whole new design. They are comfy and visibility is the excellent.
spin_nin -
These fit me very well. They are lightweight and comfortable. Visibility is great and coverage is complete. I like the unobtanium nose bombs and ear socks.

I would like to see more colorways and lens options in the future, especially Ruby Iridium (Ferrari?), Ice Iridium, and Jade Iridium. I wouldn't mind seeing Violet Iridium in the IH line either.

I know these are a departure from the original Valve, but things move forward and Lux is not Jim.

I like the new styles for what they are and I like the older styles for what they are. It isn't one or the other for me; it's all good as long as they fit my face.
Dann -
Color: Silver
These cases, like they claim, can withstand tremendous abuse and still not let your glasses be harmed. The outside is just aluminum, but the angles and support structures provide maximum strength, while the foam inside softens any blows that may shock the contents. I have two, the original and X-Metal.

This will house most glasses except for wires (may be too loose), Scars, and X-Metals. Penny's should fit though.
Ed -
Color: Silver

I gave this a 3 rating due to the weight, sharp edges, and the fact that one of the hinge springs broke after a year and a half so it would not stay closed. I had to send it back with $10 to get a replacement from Oakley. That said, this case does its job quite well, and it is still a must for Oakley collectors. I use this case to protect my Ruby Penny.
kingphilbert -
Color: Metal

This was a well received item when I first saw it. I had pinched my finger in the rear of the hinge though when I first played with it. It's great for storage of your fav Oakley. It's even great for travel if you are throwing the glasses in your suitcase. It's not good for throwing in a back pack for day trips, parks, etc. It's too much to worry about and to have to carry around. It's not really space saving like the Soft Vaults or new round Vaults.
LEX7 -

A truely magnificent case, this was my first ever oakley case and i got it with my first ever oakleys, being a gullible 14 year old I was told by the guy in the store that cars could run over these cases and they wouldnt break, i was too scared to try it but i did run over it with my bike and ofcourse it was fine. Oh and i smashed it with a hammer all it made was a tiny scratch mark.
jumpman73 -
This is cool for storing your frames away. I keep my Ducati half jackets in here and pull them out for special occasions. Just like any other rectangular case, they are hard to take with you but they are still super durable.
O-bandit -
color: silver

best case to store your sweetie glasses on a trip.
nothing will damaged the glasses even if you drive over the vault with a car!
the inlay is perceft and the glasses get fixed.....
okay the weight in a minus but the glasses are just safe if you use this.....

a great collector piece TOO

Stephen -
Color: Silver

Awesome case, by far the best you can get to protect you expensive oakleys or "Other" sunglasses, to me if not oakley not worth protecting anyway :)
oogie -
Color: Silver

Great cases! Fantastic looks and protection. Not as portable and handy as the torpedo style ... but they sure stand out!

Just toss one over to your worst enemy and let them pinch their fingers when they open it!
pao -
i have a vault for my E wires 2.0 which are about over 3 years old now and i got a vault for it the same time.

the vault was awesome a bit cumbersome for some people but its done its job. i personally am a very athletic person and the regular case just wont cut it

banarno -
Color: Silver

My girlfriend got one of these for Christmas from me, and she loves it!
After spend hundreds on the sunglasses, so why compromise on the case?
Awesome case to store your sunglasses.
Tick -
Appropriately named because it does keep your babies safe. function over conveinience because it doesn't fit good anywhere. it's great for starting up Oakley conversations too. People always want to know "What's in the box?"
brian -
I believe the original description of The Vault said that it could be ran over by a Humvee. I'm here to say that it is true. I had to try it. One guy I worked with, his father had a Humvee. The only thing that happened is a few gravel scuff marks in the bottom of the case. It did not bend and it still opens smooth as ever.
splatter -
These are nice but could be better.
The foam degrades which makes me also fear for my lens.
Can snap closed on you or your sunglasses ending in pain either way.
Still I love the design.
TheVault -
My favorite vault, I have one for every pair of shades I have, strong, not too heavy, feels like something special in your hand.

People always wonder whats inside, like with all the metal vaults, the padding will last a long time.

I would not be worried about pitching one of those vault from the top of a building, I know the vault AND the sunglasses inside would be fine.

ball5out -
this is what I use to protect wy favorites which are the metal, especially my ruby penny when I go out. I dont worry about the glasses one bit when they are in this.
Ofan -
It's durable, built like a tank, and looks sharp. It does what it's suppose to do which is protect your glasses. It's a not really something I should carry around because of it's size, but I have an X-Metal Vault, which is of course bigger, and I just put it in my backpack, I'll do the same thing with this one.
idealoakley -
This thing is big. It securely holds and protects your glasses. They do not move around inside when in transport. The foam keeps your lenses scratch free. The description say it will hold Monster dogs, but I find that a bit tight. It has that industrial look to it that disctinctly says it is an indestructable Oakley product.
An essential piece of equipment for protecting your shades, the Vault ensures that your prized eyewear remains secure. Solid, reinforced aluminum construction provides a lightweight shell of protection, and spring-loaded hinges keep the metal box shut while not in use. The interior also features cut-out foam padding to prevent scratching of lenses, although it's still necessary to use the microbag while storing your glasses inside. Aesthetically, the Vault exhibits Oakley's rugged, riveted, and rougue nature - definitely worth adding to the collection.
GarciaM25 -
Never heard the stories about what you could run these over with, but was told the story about being able to drop these out of a 3 story window and the case wouldn't open, thus the contents wouldn't be damaged. Didn't get around to trying it out as was stated before that the damn foam degraded so much that I was worried about putting anything inside it anymore! Would love to get it padded again with the lining from another case but for now they sit on display.....
Fastguy45 -
Having lost my first pair of Oakleys, a black Topcoat, when my torpedo soft vault rolled out of my car, I appreciate the squareness of this unit. I also like the spring hinge because it's annoying to fumble with the lousy plastic zippers Oakley puts on their other cases. The fact that it's real riveted aluminum and not some cheap material is totally sweet. Al doesn't corrode beyond the thin layer of aluminum oxide on the surface so this case should last until the apocalypse. The foam does degrade, but I make my own replacements so that's not a big deal.
Ian -
I bought one just because I never did when they were still made. I bought it for display only. It's cool, but too bulky for me to want to carry it around.
Marc CAstillo -
Really nice case and looks 100% OAKLEY!!. Can withstand a lot of abuse while keeping my chisel 4.0 lenses perfectly safe.
twjg78 -
It's smaller than the standard laptop bag but just about takes a 15" powerbook. Great cool design, less well padded than the other one but hey, who doesn't use a sleeve anyway!

Extemely cool.
oogie -
I think the Vertical bag offers greater functionality over many of the other bags. It's compact design gives me what I want: storage and protection for the expensive stuff and some extra areas to add some other papers/pens/etc. The other SI and basic laptop bags are so big that they are better suited for those that really need a full briefcase in addition to a laptop bag - which just gets too heavy and cumbersome for me. Keep it simple, keep it vertical!
Proteinz -
-Many pockets and sleeves to put documents, pens, accessories and laptop in
-Feels pretty good and not too big. Excellent build quality (measures up to the oakley brand)
-looks awesome
-not heavy

-side mesh pockets not very functional
-can be pricey for the conscious consumer
-could have made it slightly smaller (take an inch off the side)

Excellent computer bag by oakley. There are more than enough pockets for your documents and notebook. I would recommend this to a light traveller as it will hold all your essential items and not too much excess baggage would be left unused. All in all, highly recommended and you would not be making a bad choice in purchasing this bag. I would try testing it in person to see if it fits your bill, but if you are not able to do so i still think you would be 100% satisfied with this. 5/5.
Thomas64 -
Great looking bag, fit my 15.4" Vaio notebook perfectly. The padding in this bag very good and protect the computer well. It has a lot of compartments on the front and sides for all of your computer accessories,portables and stuff. The strap is very well padded so is comfortable to wear. I love it and I give this bag a perfect 5/5.
Rick -
I completely agree with Thomas on this one. This bag has turned carrying my laptop into something I actually don't mind doing. The bag has a nice protective pad at the bottom which gives me piece of mind as I use the Tokyo subway quite often. I know my computer is safe in this bag. It has more than enough storage for other items. The toggle clasp on the outside pocket is a nice touch. In all, I can't think of a better way to tote your laptop around. Perfect score.
o-xide -
one of those gotta have it at first sight. Slightly different from the 1.0 version with some similarity but the improvement is vast. I wouldn't get the 1.0 version because it looks plain compared to this. The shoulder strap of the 2.0 is an added bonus with the "O" stitching on it.
kingphilbert -
After a year+ of using the AP Sandbag I needed a change. Both physically and stylistically. The Vertical 2.0 caught my eye at an Apple store and was exactly waht I was looking for in a computer/work bag. The option for carrying it on either shoulder or cross my chest. Space for my current iBook and with room enough to spare to accomodate the larger laptop I am looking to get later this year. Two sections large enough for papers and files, one protected and one easy access, and the organizer section of this bag is hands down teh best I have seen in any Oakley bag to date. Though some pockets are for phone and PDA – iPod, cleaner for my glasses and so on fit more than well.
tb2000 -
Very nice design, works with my 15" IBM. I was not too crazy about the SI and other model, but this thing can work when I really have to wear suit and tie.
I prefered the 1.0, but now I can't find them anymore.

I still can't figure out the bungee code on the side...holding a Red Bull size can???

It could a little more padding in my opinion, and some padding for the PDA pouch.

Quality is excellent.
I may have gotten a bad one, but in 6 months... -
the interior liner has separated in a couple places were upon further inspection the stitching was too close to the edge of the material, and worst thing, the nylon loop that holds the D ring to the bag spontaneously let got (interior stitched so no way to repair). A quick hand saved the laptop bag from slamming onto the concrete. The plus side is the outside looks as new as the day I got it, but otherwise I was a bit surprised at the poorer than expected quality. I'm not giving up though, I just ordered the S.I. bag yesterday. We'll see if that's better.
Omnipresent -
I've been using this for the past year and not had any problems with it. Good size laptop compartment with strong padding at the bottom.

Cons: Too small, this is a bag designed for you to travel light. Power supply, pens, notebook, mouse, glasses, phone, mp3 player and that's it, full.

If you want to pop your sandwiches in there too forget it. In addition I find the flap to be annoying now especially if I want to get at my keys or something.

Build quality is damned good as is all Oakley gear. I've been using it on the Underground, flights, trains the lot every day and it's taken the punishment.

So if you travel light it's great, want a bit more storage look at another bag.
Derpitty -
The small side pockets do a great job of holding a lens cleaning kit, small flashlight, small cell phone, but not much else as it's a pain to get anything in or out. The anti-Bluetooth pocket is a pretty cool touch. The strap is pretty tame and should have received more attention during the design stage. I love the flap enclosure. Great every day bag.
american image -
nice film , oakley's are well displayed once in a while
jumpman73 -
I like this lens a lot during overcast or around sunset. Its a nice color to have because its different and adds a bit more style to your look.
LEX7 -
this is a very very pale lens, its nice to look through cos of the contrast but you cant really tell its violet because its so faint. id prefer this if it was darker and had more conntrast.
This is one of the very best lenses for night driving, especially with modern cold blue led headlamps. Love it. Shame there are not more frames using violet or black violet iridium..
Apart from being "different" due to its color, I can't find any suitable reason to actually acquire or wear this lens. It's purple, but doesn't really block light and lacks the functionality of so many other lenses.

banarno -
Quite a nice old school lens to look through,good glare reduction, and looks nice from the outside also.
american image -
i own a couple of frogskins with violet iridium , and vieuw through these shades is very comfrtable for the eyes. and it doesn't look bad either ( being in the 80's and early 90's )
Tick -
I have this lens in the Riddle & it is a stunner to look at. I was also quite pleased with the tint to look through. It's very pleasant for a good range of lighting conditions. The one-piece design of the Riddle really shows off the Flashy color range of the Iridium.
Dann -
An odd lens. The front appears purple, but then fade to green around the edges, seemingly without transitioning to blue first. The view from inside changes on your angle. It moves from neutral to contrast, and the hue changes as well. It's a nice shade, and works well with most outside lighting conditions. Rumor has it, the Riddle will be sporting this tint as part of the 30th anniversary throwback.
barbercb -
I have 2 of these lenses for my blades. Nice and dark and when I'm driving my old 80's cars they certainly add to the old school look. I like this lens for full sun days.
ball5out -
I have these lenses on a plasma juliet. looks similar to a g26 but with just abit lighter tint. I think that the plasma and violet iridium combo looks classy and unique. the glare effect makes u stand out abit
Pander -
I have the Violet Iridium in a pair of Collectors Frogskins.
The color from the outside is a true purple color. When the sun hits it, no matter from what angle, the purple just comes at you! It's a little more blue-ish towards the middle, but overall pretty consistant.
The base tint doesn't seem grey to me at all, it's more of a green / brown-ish tint. When you look straight forward it's brown-ish, when you look up or down it's more green-ish. So from the inside it is definatly not consistant in color, that's why it only gets 4 stars.
BullyVW -
I have to admit, I hate to look through these. I guess it's not so much of a hate situation, but it really bugs me out. I call this the psychedelic lense because as you shift your eyes behind the lens (in this case in a Riddle frame) the colors change...unlike any other Oakley lens I've come across. Oh, but it looks damn cool!
Wookieman -
As you walk into you favorite sunglass store you know you want something different, something that will stand out. You browse the selection and there it is! A violet lens with a beautiful finish catches your eye immediately. You pick up the sunglasses and they look even better up close. It almost reminds you of the mint restored car you saw in the parking lot. Someone had spent many hours painting and waxing, making sure the paint was flawless and everybody that walked by could see their reflection. The Iridium finish almost looks metallic. You take your favorite pair off, setting it down gingerly so it won’t get mixed in with the new frames, and after studying the brilliant blue-purple finish for a moment longer you think these may be the ones.

When you put the shades on and look outside you are pleasantly surprised. You expect a grey or bluish hue from the lens. However, it is as if your eyes are totally alive for the first time, yet still relaxed since they are totally protected from all UV radiation. The lens is crisp and gives almost a greenish brown look to the world with a hint of amber. The outline of every car and every tree you see is totally distinct from the background. As mere collection of water vapor and dust floats by and provides some relief from the world’s largest thermonuclear generator the world still seems bright and sunny.

As you look at the windshields of the cars you hope to see clearly through, but alas all you see is the reflection of the clouds above. When the sun is allowed to shine bright again you look at the pavement that became wet from rain earlier in the day. Even though the edge has been taken off it is still difficult to look at. You finally take this beautiful frame off and your suspicions are confirmed, there is no etching along the bottom of either lens.

You continue your search and ask the clerk if there is anything with this lens color that is polarized. You are again disappointed to hear that violet iridium polarized is not available. As the lovely shades sit on the table, Oakley has forced you to make a tough decision. Do you choose style, or keep looking for something that has all of the technology Oakley can muster. You know Oakley has the technology, but they have chosen not to integrate it into this lovely lens.

The more you wear polarized, the harder it is to do without. This lens that you almost fell in love with can receive no more than 3 skulls. Oakley we’re waiting you have come so far, but there is so much more you could do.
MB -
I have violet iridium on my jupiters, frogskins, and razor blades. I must say that this is the single most eyecatching lens that oakley produces. Even in low light where +red and black iridium become see-through, the violet coating remains extremely bright and opaque. This lens is honestly pretty bad to look through. The inside tint is gray, but it looks more like a combination of amber and green, and becomes stressful on the eyes after a long wear. I would not recommend these lenses for a long car ride or a day at the beach. As for wearing at school or to/from work, these are the lenses to wear if you want looks and comments. I give these 4 skulls because the look awesome from the outside, but are fairly unpleasant from behined.
Ian -
I just got these on my Fuel Cell. Wow. These lenses are terrible. The grey/amber/green tint that everyone has mentioned is spot on. The biggest issue with these lenses is that they increase contrast and block bright light, but they don't do enough of either to be effective. Another issue is the tint changes around the edges. I can't think of a single situation in which these lenses would work well. With that said, these do look pretty cool...
Evan -
My mom found a pair of First Generation yellow Frogskins with Violet Iridium lenses. They were at a yard sale for a buck, and they're in mint condition. I couldn't believe it. The lenses are great. They're so clear that it blocks the sun completely without feeling like my view is being obstructed. Great shades!
Feelin'Froggy -
I've got it in a pair of my Frogskins, and I actually like looking through them, especially in lower light. It keeps things bright, but with good reduction of glare. Plus it looks cool.
MelG -
The lens remind me of Fire lenses when looking through - the greens come out. Very nice mirror and color. It functions me better on very sunny days to lessen the amber tint on non-greens, and contrast to the greens.
The Game -
A great shade of lens to look out from the outside the violet iridium is eye catching as everyone says. Looking through it though I don't seem to have the same problem some people say the have. I can wear these for hours and I still find them comfortable.
Bird -
I have this lens in a pair of infinite hero split jackets and love it! The outside mirror coating shines better than any other lens Oakley makes. From the inside, they really improve contrast of greens, which makes them pretty good for golf I found. They were a little bit of a change from black polaraized, but once I got used to looking through them, I can wear them for 5 hours at a time
LEX7 -

Great for golf.
This is perfect for when it is too hot for a cap and you want to be able to feel the breeze on your head.
I use mine for playing golf in the summer when it is very sunny and hot, I would get far too hot and sweaty in a cap but the visor keeps the top of my head cool.
It has an adjustable strap and a soft towel like padding on the inside for comfort and sweat absorbsion.

rdgdmd -
this is what i use when i play golf when it's not too sunny. kinda keeps you from sweating too much and keeping the sun away from your eyes. pair it up with a G30 lens and it's the perfect combination for playing twilight golf. very durable material and nice adjustable velcro.
Delta One -
I wear mines not for golf, but just for kicks almost all the time. I like the way the tip comes bended already and the OAKLEY buldging letters on the back strap
is a very nice touch.
Farlius -
Frame: Tortoise
Lens: Clear

Slick frames. The black eye stem detail adds a modern flick to a classic styled frame color. Very comfortable, but not a huge area for actual sight; what I mean is, you can look over or under the frame very easily. I use mine for night driving/wet conditions and they are great.
oboy -
Frame: Black Fog
Lens: Transitional
Great frame! My first pair of Oakley RX frame; very comfortable and stylish! Receive many complements from varies type of people. Only wish they came with spring hinge temples...
Dann -
I've used these lenses in a pair of Penny's. They work similar to the G30's, but have a more orange tint when viewing them. They are perfect for evenings until dusk.
yankee7809 -
I have a new VR28 lens in one of my M frames, I have a VR28 black iridium lens in a Pro M frame that was assembled by the online Oakley store. They are identical! I'm not sure which I have but they are terrific, I Actually like them better than gold or black iridium. The black iridium is actually too dark in many situations. I believe that I was given either VR28'S OR vr28 Black iridiums both times. whatever the lens are they are certainly competent ones!
BigHonu -
Great alternative to the G30 lens for golf if you can't get used to the pinkish hue of the G30. Good contrast lens with pretty decent color rendition and excellent detail. Very good all around tint for a variety of lighting conditions with the exception of the brightest days.
Tim cooper -
Not very pretty on outside is the only negetive with this lens being an old rusty murky colour. But for quality and visual quality it is more than excellent. One not for the lovers of super looking fashion lenses but good in a spare pair of shades for cloudy weather, sports etc where showing your looks is not important.
adamjmoore -
Turned out to be a little bit darker than I expected but sill deal with low light situations well due to their increase contrast. For evening rides I still prefer to go with a clear lens when cycling.
jumpman73 -
I like to use these when its not to dark or when I'm going to be out during the sunset but not when its completely dark. They also look pretty conservative so when I'm looking to look a little more professional and not willing to change my frames, I'll use these lenses.
LEX7 -
Very nice lens I have these in my old Lava Tens so I hope its still the same as the version in all the current oakley models.
Its a nice redy goldy lens to look through but because it does not have an iridium coating its not very protective so its better to go for the Gold or titanium Iridium if you want a nice protective increased contrast lens
Ed -
Nice reddish brown tint. Not too dark, so they're suitable for those days when the light conditions vary from cloudy to sunny.
adrian13 -
one of my 2 favorite lenses (the other being titanium iridium). Suitable for a wide range of conditions from bright sunshine to overcast. Love the enhanced contrast. I have it in my chrome crosshairs and its my current fav pair for driving.
Raymond Karlsson -
I was curious on this one when I saw the brown tint on the Oakley site. A fan of the grey lens (talking Radar Path here) the VR28 seemed to be a nice complement with its contrast.
However, I must say that it has its limits in the standard version. One is the sun protection, not very good. But on one of those mild, colorful fall days it can be the right choice.
At large it's a moderate light situation lens with warm contrasts. As a road cyclist I like that, and I have just ordered a VR28 Black Iridium polarized to get some more sun protection like in the summer.
Raymond Karlsson -
I have a pair of Radars in polished aluminium with prespricption lenses in this finish. The sight field is two oval portions of the onepiece lens. May take a couple of times to ge used to that.
The plutonite is a little thicker here and adds a little weight.
VR28 is comfortable in medium or mixed light conditions and it adds contrast to details.
C6driver -
This is my all-time favorite base tint. It really makes texture changes pop out so cycling is a breeze with them. They work equally well on the road or on the trails. I used to ride with G30 lenses and when on the dirt, everything would blend together and I'd miss all sorts of roots & ruts... very dangerous. Then I tried VR28 and was able to pick out every subtle difference in road texture. Unlike the Bronze base tints, VR28 enhances contrast without making the world look hazy. This is a great lens color for all but the brightest of days. Definitely not for the fashion conscious, but the best lens if you're looking for true utility. Add one of the Iridium coatings or polarizing (or both) if you need a little more sun protection.
Frank -
I ordered a set of Strike 2.0 ballistic glasses about 2 weeks ago for the shooting range. Having used shooting glasses in the past with a "plain" yellow tint, I got a VR28 lens to go with the Strikes. I just got back from the range today and all I can say is WOW. For contrast and detail, both of which you want during shooting, the VR28s are by far the best glasses I have ever used.
Ian -
These really are a low-light lens. I can't say that I've ever liked them due to their niche use. They have a rose tint to them, and since they are best suited for dawn or dusk, a time which there is a rose color to everything anyway, they just result in overkill. VR28 Black Iridium is a better all-around choice. It's only slightly darker, and the iridium coating blocks so much more glare...
anonymous -
I am presently using the King's Camo Radar Pitch (Woodland) which comes with VR28 lens. The VR28 is a versatile lens that helps you adapt to changing light conditions. It is neither too dark nor does it transmit too much light and as such, can be worn in both bright sunny conditions as well as cloudy conditions.

If you are looking for lens that essentially reduces glare in very bright conditions or lens that helps you face direct sunlight then these lens may not be adequate.
Wymore -
The contrast on this lens is great, and it really brightens up a cloudy day and makes everything pop. I can't agree with those who say this can work on a bright day though. There is just not enough sun protection for that. Also, it's not a very good looking lense from the outside. If you are looking for a great contrast lens on cloudy days and don't really care about appearances, then it's perfect. Otherwise, you may want to look at a different lense.
kingphilbert -
I was never one for the V lenses. To pink. To reddish brown. No mirror. Then this showed up. Thing is though, it's not like I was out to buy this lens. I had wanted a pair of Red Oakley and the Crystal Red Premium Dealer Fives 2.0 fit the bill. It had this lens in it and it's great. It does let in a fair amount more of light but is still great in bright sunlight and excellent in low sun or on overcast days. If you ever want a lens that you would describe as "cinnamon", this it. The iridium barely shows mirror and the VR28 looked so much nicer this time around as if it had been modified along the way. With this lens is where I will say that Oakley pictures online almost always lie. This looks dead black in any photos they show and is so much lighter in person.
yankee7809 -
It's been my experience with the vr28 Black that the best way to describe the way it looks is that they look a lot like the developed 35mm (or any type) film negatives you get back with pictures!
MelG -
It's a deep dark brown when looking through. Very warm for the eyes. Should be used for medium light and not for extremely bright or sunny days.
dan-E -
One of the best all-around use lenses. They provide excellent contrast enhancement of the standard VR28 but the Black Iridium darkens the lens enough that they still be worn in sunny days.
x-metalman -
I've only tried this lens on once, and it was a pleasant experience. The color of the lens is so easy on the eyes. It does let in a lot of light, but it doesn't detract away from the overall beauty of this lens.
Rick -
When I first tried this lens years ago I wasn't quite sold on it. It had a real rosey complexion to it. But, after many years now of using this lens, it has become a favorite of mine and my wife. It is a solid performer and really casts a nice tone on life.
JimBob -
While this is an all around nice lens tint, I don't think its a stands out from the various other lens tints. There's nothing wrong with this tint - it just that its not all that exciting.

I probably would have a different view if the black iridium coating was stronger and more reflective. With all the options from Oakley at around the same lens transmission rate, I prefer the Tungsten Iridium, Blue Iridium or VR28 Blue Iridium Polarized lens for everyday use.
bong -
very nice lens tint, very easy on the eyes and has great contrast, these are nice looking through. it's a very warm reddish brown tint, unlike my VR28 Blue Iridium Polarized which are a bit more rosy red than brown. i wished the Iridium coating would have more of a mirror effect, since your eyes can be seen behind the lenses in some lighting conditions. but overall, quite a nice lens.
Ed -
A nice step up from non-Iridium VR28. Same reddish-brown base tint with a very light Black Iridium coating. Under some conditions, it is highly reflective while at other times your eyes can be seen behind the lenses. Very versatile lens.
oogie -
A sweet lens all around. A great soft VR base to look through. And the iridium coating bring the flash to the overall look. A superb option with a chrome frame (making the Crosshair chrome/VR28 Black a top choice!).
LEX7 -
This lens is only slightly darker than the normal VR28 but i still prefer it.
it is a rich dark redy brown. im a huge fan of brown lenses and this is a darker brown than gold iridium but gold iridium offers better protection from the sun.
the increased contrast makes it a great lens for outdoor use on a medium bright day.
Ijon__Tichy -
Nice lense, I have them in my Crosshair and my Juliet. The red-brown tint is nice, if you like the gold iridiums you may also like these here.
I think these are a lil bit clearer than the gold iridium (and they are way clearer than the dark bronze lenes).
EastCoast -
A perfect lens for days when you aren't sure what the sun is going to do. If it gets cloudy, you won't have to go to another lens, but if it gets sunny you're taken care of. They are somewhat see-through from the front, but that depends on how much light gets in the back of the lens. From a short distance usually others can't see through them. A good lens to add to your stable. Oh, and the increased contrast is nice and soft on the eyes. On par with Titanium Iridium.
american image -
eversince i started wearing my VR 28 black iridium Ti burnt copper crosshairs , i was amazed how easy this color is for your eyes , it's light enough to still wear your glasses when it isn't bright sunny , and it is dark enough for mildly sunny days.
so it is a perfect overall use lenscolor. currently my favorite lens
barbercb -
I love this lens. Contrast is great and can add some excitement to your day. It's a fun lens to look through, and not bad to look at. Not good for super sunny days but brightens up an overcast day.
contrabandit -
Putting a black iridium coating on the classic VR28 was a brilliant move by Oakley! Theese lenses are versatile, great looking and great looking through! I see Oakley use them in a lot of the new fashion oriented frames, but i have them in my Juliet.

The 18% paired with the contrast enhancing characteristics makes this lensesuitable for allmost every type of weather. This is my everyday lense 90% of the time.
Pander -
Nice lens tint. Not very special too look through, but it is very versatile in its use. You can use it for a lot of different weather conditions. So every time the weather is a bit freaky and changing a lot during the daytime I always bring along my Penny with VR28 BI.
Iwan -
Like everyone said it's a very versatile lens which is great if you're an utilitarian but rather boring for the collector. Other than that i agree with the previous reviews.
Raymond Karlsson -
This one came with a pair of Half Jackets that I badly wanted for the frames (metallic red). Feels like a great alternative or complement to Grey with its warm tone. About the same sun protection - up to bright sun.
VR28 black is one of those versatile lenses that's easy on the eyes during overcast days, yet still provides a moderate level of protection for bright conditions. The base color filters a portion of the light intensity while the iridium coating reduces glare. I haven't yet tried the polarized version of this lens, but could only imagine how epic it would be.
Viscouse -
A great lens. Wearable on overcast days, but still workable in extreme sun. Doesn't obscure colors in extreme sun. Realistic color contrast balance is still there (straight BI makes dark things darker and difficult to see, these don't). Surprisingly good.
Timcoops -
I have these in my Hatchets (Raw with VR28 Black Irdium). A great lens like everyone says here they are perfect in all conditions, from overcast to full sun. Attractive brownish earthy appearence from the outside (very elegant) almost vintage sunglass look which is pretty cool! The lens has no mirror (which does not matter as my frame is bright silver and this lens compliments it perfectly). I reckon Mirror lens finshes look good on dark frames and non mirror lenses look best on light frames. Remember the law of : "opposites attract".
Ian -
This was my introduction to VR28 lenses. I never really liked the normal VR28, but when I got this in my Water Jackets, I was impressed. It is a truly all-condition lens. You could spend all day on your boat, from dawn until dusk, and not need another pair of sunglasses.
Jon -
The VR28 Black lenses are superb. I haven't had a chance to try the other VR28 variants, but these are phenomenal. I prefer the VR28 Polarized Black, but these came with the metallic red flak jackets I ordered. I actually replaced these with the polarized version pretty quickly, but they were awesome. They don't hide the eyes very well though...Do yourself a favor and pick up the polarized ones. If you're on a budget, these will be just as good.
Doesn't matter -
I'm just gonna keep it simple. The sunglasses are great! Not too dark and not light. Perfect for everyday use. Do not get the polarized version, way too dark and a bit dangerous for driving. The VR28 black iridium is the perfect balance period.
Farlius -
This color looks great in my Chrome Crosshair frame. Gives the frame a classy look. Pretty good light tranmission index, but better for less sunny days in my opinion. If you want something for bright conditions, stick to your black, ice, ruby and polarized, etc.
Celicagame -
While I was in the market for the new straight jacket I came across the blood frame and I loved the look of it. But it came with the VR28 B.I. lens and I wasnt fond of it. I decided to give it a try and im glad I did. Great contrast, and great in any kind of weather. My only gripe is that they scratch easily. If you can get the polarized version.
Jared -
I just bought a pair of Plaintiff's with these lenses. While they are great for what they are supposed to do. I already have the tungsten polarized lens in a pair of flak jackets which is about as good. I was more looking for the mirrored look for style but refuse to not buy polarized. My question is whether the regular black iridium polarized will do what I want. If not what should I go with?
Koyote -
These lenses aren't optimal for extremely bright light, but you already know that from the 18% VLT. Use 'em for the right light and they are terrific. The right light is anything from moderately bright on down to heavy overcast, even fog, rain, light snow.
In the moderately bright light, these lenses will give adequate shading and the contrast-enhancing tint keeps things vivid. In the lower/flatter light, the lenses still allow enough light transmission and the tint raises contrast enough to actually enhance vision in these conditions.
I've had these lenses in some Straight Jacket frames for almost three years, and they are still in great condition -- no problems with the iridium coating, nor anything else.
hank -
I've had three different Oakley lenses: black iridium polarized, gold iridium, and vr28 black iridium polarized, which I recently purchased. The vr28 is easily my favorite and I much prefer it to the basic black iridium. The rose base color provides more contrast and overall is much nicer to look through on a wider range of conditions compared to the black iridium. I bought the gold iridium for overcast days but I think I'll end up using the vr28 more than the gold.
Jay Ho -
This may very well be my facorite lens color from Oakley. I love the Ti irid polarized but the additional contrast of these are so sharp. Everything seems brighter and crisp. These are great driving lenses which is what I have designated these as. The mirror on these is nice because they are not as prominent as some of the darker lenses. Light transmission is adequate for most situations from blazing sun to overcast and even in a thunderstorm. I was quite impressed on my last roadtrip. I recommend these strongly and I have used a wide variety of lens colors.
Ijon__Tichy -
This is an awesome lens.
I'm not a big fan of the VR28 Black because the mirror is flimsy and the base is too red for me - but the polarized version has a much better mirror and the base tint is more like a dark brown. I prefer these over the Titanium Ir. Polarized because their darker and have a nice base teint.
lucky13 -
So far one of my favorites! Nice rosey-brown base, though wish it were a little more rose colored. Nice boost in contrast, while keeping colors a little more true than a lot of the other high-contrast lenses.

The Black Iridium coating isn't over the top and it compliments this base tint nicely. This lens is very versatile, and could easily be used at a formal engagement, if paired with a subtle frame color. The coating is about average, which makes the lens somewhat transparent in very sunny conditions.

Polarization is definitely a plus, making this lens useful in practically any situation.

Very classy, versatile, and attractive lens.
Raymond Karlsson -
Very good sunlenses in my Half Jacket XLJs. Warm colours and a natural feeling overall. Bravo!
Raymond Karlsson -
I wrote a review in the standard column on these babies. With prescription, I have mine in the XLJ version on a pair of metallic red Half Jackets, this is the best sunglasses you could ask for. Warm,beautiful tone and practically no glare. Bravo!
AlWizZle -
Provides very well in its contrast despite its 10% light transmission.. very exellent as a titanium iridium alternative.
RP930 -
Too dark for me. Got the VR28 Polarized instead. Just right.I'm in Colorado where the sun is bright but they were just too dark for my liking.
Wookieman -
All I can say is WOW. If I could give these lenses a 6 I would.

I have always been a fan of contrast enhancing lenses. I rock the bronze polarized, gold iridium polarized, and tungsten iridium polarized in various frames. I am also a fan of Maui Jims rose lens. If you are familiar with the MJ lenses these are slightly redder and less brown when looking through them.

I just got a set of these 2 days ago for my flaks, popped them in, and drove about 500 miles. On this trip I encountered driving snow, full sun over wet pavement, and overcast conditions. The lenses handled each situation flawlessly.

For starters, when I pulled out of the driveway it was snowing. I wore my shades for about a minute and took them off, because I thought I didn't need them. I immediately noticed that some cars and other details I saw in the distance disappeared. I put my flaks back on and noticed that I could see better than without. The lens was not too dark, but the enhancement of contrast helped me see in the distance through the falling snow. I began to ask my wife if she saw certain objects and there were things that I saw clearly that she could not see at all through the snow.

Before long the sun came out. The lenses kept my eyes relaxed in full afternoon sun until sunset and the polarization eliminated all glare off of the pavement. The contrast enhancement was great while driving home in overcast conditions. This lens is awesome. I prefer it to all other lenses that I mentioned above. It does better enhancing contrast and blocking the sun's blinding rays.

They look great with any copper or neutral frame such as a silver, black, or gray. I have mine in a dark gray flak jacket. I would like to see this paired with a pewter wire.

What can I say, Oakley's done it again!
Mike S -
I have a Flak Jacket XLJ with these lenses. I'm really impressed with how the prescription came out. The optics are superior to my normal glasses (less distortion and chromatic aberration). I have a good tolerance to bright light so I was nervous about the polarization on the lenses making everything look too dark based on the specs (the non polarized is 18% vs 10% for the polarized). In practice, the polarization doesn't really make the lens any darker. It just reduces glare. They should be perfectly usable on overcast days.

The lenses also came with an AR coating on the back, which was a nice bonus I wasn't expecting.
Erwin from Bloomfield, NJ -
I just received my first Oakley ever, a brown chrome Square Wire with the VR28 Black Iridium lens. All I can say is wow. While I can't fully review the frame, I can truly say that the lens made all the difference for me. Being a huge fan of the gray/green color, I was weary when I ordered these lenses. The store didn't have the polarized version for me to demo so I tried the non polarized ones. I thought they were a little to light for my taste but they looked so good with the brown chrome frame. After I was convinced that the polarized version is darker, I finalized my order. The two week wait for my prescription sunglasses was a torture for me. When they finally arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see a darker tint and an even better match to the frame. It didn't take me long to adjust to the lens color which actually helped me during my drive home on an overcast day. Everything looked sharp and the contrast was amazing. Haven't tried the lenses under a very bright sunny day but I can already tell, they will be more than just fine. Now I can focus my worries on the frame. I read a couple of reviews where the spring hinges failed.
jjkrause1 -
If the non-polarized VR-28 Black Iridium (18%) is too bright for you but you're a fan of the rose colored tint, this is the answer. I custom ordered a pair of Fives Squared with these lenses and they are absolutely amazing! It was raining the day I got them so I thought it would be a terrible day to test them out, but it was actually a perfect opportunity. I could see right through the glare and rain drops like I had super powers. I can see into oncoming cars' windshields like I have X-ray vision. You haven't seen polarized until you've seen Oakley polarized! They're not too dark either. It was dark and cloudy but they seemed to brighten the sky and add a lot of contrast. They're great on sunny days too. The rose colored VR-28 base is really nice, because it has the ability to make you stop squinting without actually making things that much darker. The black iridium coating offers just enough mirroring to hide your eyes.

Just out of curiosity, I put on a pair of Emerald Iridium Monster Pups right after wearing these and it was like someone turned down the contrast. There was a big difference. They almost seemed hazy compared to the VR-28. Then I put on a pair of fake Lacoste's and it was like looking through wax paper! I can't believe I once wore those before discovering the quality of Oakleys.
Phill G -
Same as RP930, just too dark for me, useful for the snow on a bright day or the beach but not much in between. I'm in my 40's now so a life in the sun may not have helped the sensitivity of my eyes so I gave them to my 18 daughter and she said the same. Contrast and polarizing effect are excellent so might be great for very high light or people with very sensitive vision. Bought a pair of Hijinx with grey polarized (18%) lens and love them.
Adrian -
Easily the best lens ever crafted. I own the VR28 version of the Pit Boss, and it is far superior to the matte version which has just a Black Iridium Polarized lens (basically without the VR28). Not only is it more versatile because it increases contrast and can be used in a variety of environmental settings, but the rose/brownish tint makes the world look better than anything else I've found so far. High contrast lenses are in my opinion a staple of performance eyewear and these lenses are leading their category right now. Well done.
traz -
i recently sold my jawbone with black iridium lens, and purchased another pair with VR28 black irid. polarized, all i can say, this is the best lens i have worn, the contrast is really cool, it added life to a dull environment, VR28 is much of my liking especially here in the tropical country Philippines, lots of beaches, the sun shine almost everyday, the VR28 black iridium polarized is my weapon on this scenario..
Bowser -
I've had mine 2 weeks now and the fit and finish are second to none ,its the first time i have gone polarized and i have to say they are amazing !i dont know about you but to me the juliets are now looking a little dated....
Love these lens so much i wear them in any light , sun, clouds, rain , snow, it improves any situation! Love the tint (red/brownish) and you can actually see more details than with the naked eye. I wear them till it gets dark. If i could change one thing i would put a little more mirror on them, in direct sun you can see a hint of your eyes, but not enough to give yourself away. I bought them with the intenstion of buying more lenses to swap out for different conditions, but for sure this lens covers everything and more!
Toniclonic -
This is a great driving lens. It is very soothing to the eye, but is still able to increase contrast rather well. The only strange thing about the lens is that it seems to take the vividness out of the color blue.
ucdavisboy -
This is the best lens Oakley makes to look through. Period. Others are flashier, others have better mirroring/heavier iridium coatings (the only true weakness to this the VR28 Pol) but NONE make the world look as good or soothe your eyes as well.

I have had this on several models in the past and, while all were great, I currently have it on the Pit Boss and Oakley has evolved the optics and the I polarization formula to make it better. First of all, the polarization is just as effective and strong, but no longer do windows on cars break into little squares (which actually negatively impacted your ability to see) and everything is crisp and defined. I'm not sure if this is just Oakley further mastering the formula or something they did specially for the Pit Boss, but using ANY lens polarized or otherwise after wearing these is like looking at the world through a fog.

The lens does bias towards bright colors; I drive an orange car and it (and other cars that are red, yellow, orange, etc) look SUPER orange as the lens wipes out the glare of the sun and emphasizes the color. Its not nearly as noticeable on darker colors. The first day I had these I drove 400 miles from the city through farmland, hills and to a large lake; it was intermittently bright and sunny, partly cloudy and overcast and the lens performed brilliantly in all conditions, something no other lens can do. Greens are bright and sharp; you can see birds pecking in the shadows under trees....the whole world looks like a better place.

If I could improve anything I would wish for slightly more mirror, but its not like anyone can see your eyes in 98% of wearing situations so its not a big deal. These are the epitome of Oakley's vaunted "High Definition Optics"...I can't say enough about them.
Jon -
I've had gray based lenses up until now. I never bothered going with VR28's or Bronze based lenses due to the fact that they looked kinda goofy when you look through them. I realized much later after I bought them, that it was because I looked through them all inside. Outside, these lenses shine. I have them on a set of Flak Jackets and Nanowire 2.0's. Besides my Polarized ice iridium lenses, I think these are my new favorites. The other reason I never bothered looking at them was because of the Fire Iridium lens. I had a bad experience with that one...stay away from it. These are simply amazing and sooth your eyes. I wear them from dusk til dawn and they don't disappoint.
Jon -
I just wanted to re-add something...Maybe it's just how the Nanowire's are, but these lenses don't seem to smudge up or scratch at all. I was wearing these while wind surfing and they fell off and hit the board pretty hard. Luckily I got them before they started sinking. There wasn't a single scratch on them though, and they hit that pole pretty hard. I was pretty amazed.
Gryzor -
Just got a set of these VR28 polarized in a pair of X Squared, and it is by far the best Oakley lens I have ever had the privilege of using. I used to go with neutral lenses until a friend of mine got a pair of Juliets with this same lens. I had a quick look through and loved the subtle tint and the fact that everything just seemed to "pop".

One thing I do find strange is people commenting (moaning?) about these taking the vividness out of the colour blue. If you had done your research you would know that one of the key features of this lens is that it filters out some blue light to give you that enhanced contrast.
Dr. Chris -
I bought these lenses because everybody was raving about them as the hi-def lenses. People tell me (and I agree) that the world is a prettier place thru these lenses. My only problem was that I purchased them on a square wire frame with spring hinge. They are heavy for me since I'm used to whiskers which are pretty light. They make nasty indentations on my nose-they weigh almost 30 grams! The spring hinge has gotten bad reviews and is prone to breakage. This review is on the lens, however. VR28 blk irid plz is GREAT. It looks super elegant from the outside and when you walk indoors or when it gets slightly overcast you don't find yourself taking them off quite as frequently as with blk irid plz. And that's surprising since they are 10% transmission as opposed to the 9% transmission of the blk irid plz. you would think that the difference is negligible but to the oakley-trained eye, there is a difference! My advice to any first time buyer: buy 'em light, durable, breathable, and for the specific intended purpose. Oh and nothing other than polarized!
tcris3 -
I just got the vr28 black iridium polarized for my flak jackets, they are my first contrast lenses so i can't really compare them to other contrast lenses but these are very impressive. They are not as dark as I was expecting, at full sun, they seem to brighten things up but still keep your eyes very relaxed. Looking through these lenses is almost like seeing the world in high definition.
They are also great for lower light like overcast and hazy conditions. I will never go back to the plain black iridium lens.
tcris3 -
I also wanted to add...colors seem to stay very true with this lens...again I don't have other contrast lenses to compare to but was expecting some kind of color distortion.
Nate_B -
litte bit of an oakley connoisseur myself, i custom ordered the matte black oil rig frame, with the vr28 black iridium polarized lens, and the gunmetal "O": ... beautiful pair or eyewear btw.. a week before a cincinnati bengals game... jus had to have them b4 actually got em customized from authorized oaskley O store in cinci, the kenwood towne center mall .... wearing deisels, canteens, gascans, flaks and few others i seemed to always go with a dull or wam grey colored lens. Untill i purchased the canteens. i stepped up to a polarized lens. WOW.!!!!!!!!! i will NEVER... let me say it again NEVER buy another pair of sunglasses again besides well oakleys of course but poarized lenses. haha And have been hearing ppl talk so much about these new lenses oakley just came out with them a little while back the ever so amazing vr28 black iridium polarized lens .... thank you whoever rested at night with the thought of an evolution changing product that could make me actually greatful to go outdoors in these things... there amazing .. color definition is tremendous .... contrast of colors seem to pop out atcha.. man these are amazing for all year round conditions.... crazy sunny, hellaciously snowy, raining like a f'n female watching lifetime, or even my favprite beautiful fall leaves changing colors ....i could sit here all night an try to tell you how amazingly perfect these lenses are but u wouldnt believe me unless you had em now would ya.? go buy some oakleys!!!!!!!!! peace
Sunglasses Lover -
Purchased my Pit Boss with the VR28 polarized lenses, love the built, the fit...the look is absolutely impressive, I still love to look at them, unfortunately the lenses a little dark for me, which I don't wear them very often,so they stay in their box most of the time since I got them, wish the light transition is 15%, that would be perfect for my eyes.
kblue -
This lens really is the buisness! Just like others have said, the world looks better and more beautiful through this lens. The only negative thing I can point out that would worry a lot of people...
If you're paranoid about people seeing your eyes, then CONSIDER not buying this lens. The iridium coating is not heavy, and in direct sunlight (or any kind of bright light) a hint of your eyes can be seen from a few feet away, but any more than that distance people would see absolutely nothing. Personally I couldn't care what anyone thinks.
I don't find the lens too dark as a few people said. You can look straight at the sun without straining your eyes, but at the same time, everything else is bright and fantastic looking. The lens is not black (technically), but it appears black when worn because of the closeness to your eyes.
Overall, this is a great lens. The mirroring is enough that my friends can't see my eyes, and it is anything but dark to look through in my opinion. As I am a pilot, it would be no use if the inside of the aircraft was dark. The lens makes a perfect job of preserving the colours and brightness, while eliminating the glare from the sun.
This lens would be THE perfect lens for most people. That's why it, like anything else, comes at a price.
max -
Have this lens on some rust colored hijinx.
My first pair of Oakleys and even though I have had polarized lenses with other brands these take it to another level.
Driving, hiking, chilling these lenses are superb and a pleasure to see through.
Zax -
These are simply amazing. They are not that dark, as others have said, and I find them soothing. They really bring out the color in a lot of different areas. I find them also suitable for indoor wear; but that's just me. Grab a pair!
Celicagame -
i remember looking through the lenses for the first time and thinking why would any one wear these? After giving the non polarized version a chance on a pair of straight jackets I thought I get myself a pair of polarized for my flak jackets. I was pleasantly surprised as these get more use than the pair that originally came on the flak jackets. Contrast is top notch, especially in FL where there is a lot of greens and yellows. This might end up being my favorite iridium lens. I recommend any one to give this lens a try and not be drawn away from the rose base on it. I push this lens a lot at work and usually get a positive feedback from return customers.
Matt228 -
I have this lens in a custom pair of Fuel Cells and absolutely love it. Though they're not the flashiest from the outside, the view through them is absolutely amazing. They have a rose tint to them that is great for contrast and brings everything else to a pleasant shade. I particularly like these on overcast days as it makes everything "pop" more but I also have no problem wearing them on sunny days. The polarization does a great job of cutting down glare, as you would expect. I've had probably 8 pairs of Oakleys in my life, and this is probably my favorite lens.
MJensen1969 -
Love these lenses...I got them in a pair of Custom Hijinx, not really knowing too much about them. They turned out to be my most favorite sunglasses. The contrast and glare reduction is awesome. They are dark, but if you are looking for something on the lower transmission end of the spectrum, I would not hesitate going this route.
FloatWays -
I bought a set of VR28 Black Iridium Polarized for my white Gascans to try them out. I figured it was better to spend $70 on them to try them out rather than $135 for a 1-piece for my Oil Rigs. I'm a fan of contrast lenses and the Bronze Polarized lenses have always been my favorite because they offer good contrast without screwing with the colors too much. Well, I must say I love these new VR28 Black Iridium Polarized lenses. As far as the view through them goes, I can't say I like them more than the Bronze simply because the Bronze are more neutral. But the VR28's are fun and they hide the eyes pretty well when compared to the non-iridium coated Bronze Polarized lenses. In all, I'm very happy with them and having spent $135 on them for my Oil Rigs would've been just fine.
That's a very nice lens.Although I expected some more contrast,and a tint harder to the eye,the vr28 black iridium polarized is still nice.Brings up the red color a lot,although it is not as intense as I expected.It's got a mild red tint,very soothing to the eye,and it's a lens you can wear all day long,although the transmission seems to me that's more that 10% that oakley says.That not bad however,since even when I have the sun against me,I feel no inconvenience.and the polarization is fine and efficient as always.Just great.
Ian -
I was pleasantly surprised by this lens. Up until this version, I saw no need for a VR28, as it fills the same niche as bronze, just with a different hue. Adding an iridium coating and polarization, the lens came into its own, and is now a staple of my collection, and is a go-to lens for uncertain conditions. It's dark enough for bright sun, but has enough contrast to brighten up a cloudy, or even rainy day. It's much less harsh than a bronze or amber base lens, and therefore much more valuable to me overall. I'm very much looking forward to trying this in snowy conditions. It may not be for everyone, but I'd recommend trying it at some point.
tgol -
Love em! I have a matte black batwolf frame that just adds to the ensemble. Perfect for most conditions and I love the color. Great product.
Arnel Trinidad -
Finally it has arrived! After a long wait,I figured this is just a some sort of marketing strategy. Browsing on your reviews and looking on the Oakley's website I said ok I'll get these VR28 Black Iridium Polarized. I have mine in flak jacket frame and I had it for four years and it came with 3 lenses, gold iridium, persimmon and the G30. But this time I would go for polarized. It's expensive but this baby ROCK's! It's worth the wait specially on this lovely part of the world called Manila Philippines.... Just to tell you this, after a day used all the good things described on this product is absolutely true. Thus by far is my favorite and looking forward using my Oakley for years to come and will never go back to an ordinary lense. VR28 Black Iridium Polarized rules! Hats off!!!
DevilDriver309 -
I got these lenses recently in a pair of Plaintiffs. This is the 5th pair of Oakleys I've owned in the last 11 years since my 1st purchase. I have worn Black Iridium Polarized, Bronze Polarized, and Fire Iridium. These new VR28 Black Iridium Polarized are hands down the best yet. My favourite before would have been the Bronze polarized as I prefer a coloured hue opposed to the somewhat drabness of grey based lenses. The VR28 have a much more copper tone than the bronze which I prefer as it is far more effective in bright sun. The other thing I found quite surprising was the much higher level of contrast these lenses provide under low light conditions. I put them on the other morning in light overcast and found they almost brightened things up - some other drivers even had their head lights on! The other thing I love is the fact you can walk inside and still have excellent contrast even though they are on the lowest end of the light transmission scale at 10%. So the best yet in bright conditions, and the best yet in low light conditions, not to mention they are nice to look at from the outside too. You can just barely see the eyes of the wearer which I like as it doesnt distract people during a conversation as they know you are paying attention (i guess this could be bad for those who dont pay attention or have a "wandering eye" lol). I highly recommend these lenses, excellent for overcast and driving directly into the sun.
wymore -
Recently bought these for my Flak Jackets. It's my first pair of polarized lenses and first hydrophobic lens as well.

The appearance is stellar. I've always liked the VR28 for overcast conditions but thought that they just looked ugly. These are a totally different animal. They are not completely mirrored as other reviewers have said. While some might not like this, I find that it adds a depth to the lens with the black iridium blending with the base VR28 to make a rich brown color that is really stunning.

The view from the inside is equally gorgeous. This is the most versatile lense I have worn with previous ones being Grey, Black Iridium, and VR28. It works well in slightly overcast, shadows, and bright light even though it doesn't appear to be as dark as the Black Iridium. I assume that its performance in bright light is enhanced by the polarization. While working well in reducing light, the contrast still manages to brighten things up especially in winter conditions.

One complaint I do have about the lens is the amount of reflection on the inside. While not terrible most of the time, it can be distracting at times. I'm not sure why I have more reflection with this lens than with my other Oakleys. For a lens that sells for almost $100, it might be a good idea for Oakley to work on a more anti-reflective interior.

As for the polarization, this is a mixed bag. For every day use, I just don't see that much of an improvement over a non polarized lens such as the Black Iridium. Also, you have the slight rainbow effect when looking at certain surfaces such as LCD screens. Considering the ubiquity of handheld devices these days, that can be an issue. All things considered, unless you spend a lot of time on the water, I would save the $30 and buy a regular iridium lens.
maxg -
A great lens - no doubt - but IMHO a little bit overhyped.

One can consider VR28 Black Iridium Polarized to be close to the perfect all-around lens, good from very bright to overcast weather conditions. I can wear these all day long without eye-fatigue.

However for me e.g. the OO Black Iridium Polarized and Tungsten Iridium Polarized offer more contrast, sharpness and better depth perception.

At the beginning it was a bit difficult to get used the rose VR28 tint, but now I appreciate the eye-soothing capabilities of this colour.
The VR28 B.I.P. are my favourite lenses for driving.

I would rate these 4-5 skulls!
thisguy -
The VR28 base of this lensis nice for contrast. I like how dark the base makes it when looking through, adding a brownish tint, but still addng clariy for contrast. The black iridium coating on the outside could be more heavily applied I think. The polarization is nice also but I don't think polarized is necessary for daily conditions, at least not for me. Possibly the best lens that Oakley makes!
LEX7 -
This is a very cool lens I have it on my XLJ's and I use them for when I'm playing golf and they are also great for skiing in flat light.
Fisher -
VR28 Blue Iridium Polarized with my Half Jacket was a good combination. However, the "Blue" looks like Red+Brown.
ball5out -
the outside finish look is fairly decent. light transmission just right and I can still wear it inside the movies and see clearly. I also like it when u take a pic of it cuz as violet as it looks in person, it looks deep blue on pictures
Ed -
Beautiful lens. Looks a lot like G30 from the outside due to the bluish mirror over the VR28 red/brown base tint. Not too dark, so it can be used for a wider range of light conditions than Black, Ti, or Gold Iridium.
bong -
i agree these are very beautiful lenses. they're absolutely perfect for almost any light conditions, dark enough for really bright days but the red/brown base tint offers great contrast. the Blue Iridium coating looks great with these lenses.
sparra -
Amazing lenses - and they look really really cool from the outside too. They're not wrong when they say that Oakley make the best polarised lenses in the world.
idealoakley -
Combination of this light color frame and darker color lens is amazing.
Lens look sweet from the outside. Mine I see a little blue and lots of purple. From the inside they look the same as the fire lens.....Amber family I think? Being polarized makes them even better around ski hills and water. I can actually see some fish before they take my hook.
Anyways they are very good on those bright days but too dark on partly sunny days and evening. That is the best part of the HALF jackets.....take em out and pop in a lighter lens!
Airborne -
This is a very useful lens for overcast-to-bright conditions, but not recommended for ultra-bright conditions. I have these in a pair of Half Jackets, and choose them on overcast days, or for early-morning wear. They're also a good choice for driving, where the increased contrast + polarization keeps visual acuity at a maximum and eye fatigue at a minimum. I'd give it a five, but I prefer lenses that mask the wearer's eyes, which these don't do very well.
JimBob -
There's two types of VR28 Blue Iridium Polarized lens - the older lens (such as in Square Wire 2.0) has a darker less reflective coating which is dark blueish while the newer lens (such as in the Half Jacket XLJ) has a lot more purpleish coating - almost like Ice Iridium rather that Blue Iridium.

I prefer the older version - which is pretty much perfect for all conditions except on the darkest overcast days. Amongst the various lens tints this colour is pretty much unique - the reddish base which gives everything a warmer feel and the blueish coating increases contrast and reduces glare. Depending on how bright it is, your eyes are marginally visible through these lenses. These are my primary lenses that I pretty much use all the time.

The newer version does pretty much the same except they are bit more flash, which can be good if that's the look you're after. I also think that the coating on the newer version is slightly more reflective.
Iwan -
This has exactly what VR28 black iridium misses: that little extra which makes a utilarian base look like absolute class. Highly recommended both for daily use and for display.
Cb1nof -
Great lens but has one big flaw: the coating doesn't last long enough.

I had to stop using them as VR28 Blue Iridium PLZD but have them now as VR28 PLZD!

Light conditions comfortable for driving with any kind of light (my favorite pair of Oakleys so far)
Rick -
A very rich gold tone to this lens. Have it in a Polished Gold Warden frame and the combination really pops.
LEX7 -

I just got this on my Wardens and this is immediately one of my fave lenses, i love the VR28 lenses but this has got a GI coating which makes it more protective than the standard VR28 and is nicer to look through than the VR28 black.
gorgeous lens I hope it will get used more in the future.
Dann -
Very nice daytime to evening lens. I have these in my warden, and although I'm sick of the glut of VR## lenses nowadays, at least it isn't Grey or Bronze. I'm loving them, and they do their job well.
jumpman73 -
Awesome lens option. Have these in Polished Gold Crosshair. Excellent for morning to afternoons. Offers great clarity. Really good looking from the front as well.
ShadyOak -
This may be my favorite lens ever! The VR28 base is awesome, great for pretty much any lighting condition. They improve contrast greatly while being much more pleasant to look through than a bronze based lens. The gold iridium is way cooler to look at than VR28 black IMO, and really compliments the base color well. I just wish they would make this lens available in more models. It is super hot in the gold Wardens :^)
Ally -
More posts of this quality. Not the usual c***, plseae
Ed -
Same as VR28, but with the added benefit of polarization. A bit more subdued than VR28 Blue Polarized since it is non-Iridium, but otherwise very similar.
elf -
Excellent lens! Polarization is good and the color is the dog's b***s! Great contrast, and good in almost all light except really bright sunlight. Oakley says 10% but it seems brighter.
RP930 -
My new favorite. Not much to look at from the outside but very nice from the inside. Very warm. The VR28 Black Iridium's will probably hit E-bay. Hard to find (had to order from Oakley) but worth it.
JoseBobkins -
Had these on a pair of Nano2.0's for 4 years and they are AWESOME. Great for driving, great for skiing, great for the outdoors.
OpinionatedOakley -
I've had these on some Zeros for a year now and I love them. The polarization lowers the light transmission from the regular vr28 to put this lens in a class for the brightest days. The lack of iridium gives it better durability, which is a property more people should understand about non-iridium lenses. I'd like to see this released in the newer models.
equetefue -
This lens is so bright and contrasty. This lens is a must for driving. Everything just comes alive. For those that want to concealed their eyes to the public, this will not be the lens for you.

It has a brown base and not iridium coating which is not everyones cup of tea, but they are awesome in every aspect.
LEX7 -
This looks like a very pale gold Iridium.
It has the same colour contrast as the gold Iridium lens but it makes everything a lighter tint.

This is a good afternoon lens for wearing when the sun is going down, or even indoors to take the edge off harsh lighting.
frankie4fingers -
good for overcast, but very boring to look at. definately increased contrast like the hole VR serie
Tim cooper -
Well what can I say about this one I think it is more feminine looking than masculine. For the sophisticated female. Not the nicest to view from the outside as it shows your eyes behind a pinky orange pale shade. Very Very handy though for very cloudy weather or golf on days like these.
Ed -
As the name suggests, this tint is a lighter version of VR28, meaning it has the same nice reddish brown base but does not filter out as much light. This lens is great for all but the brightest light conditions.
jumpman73 -
For the type of lighting conditions these were made for I would prefer the Ti Clear. The VR50 is still pretty nice to have. People can definitely see your eyes when you have these on. These look great with black or brown o matter frames.
SealedWithaKisS-Singapore -
Definately a lens for evening wear, Driving in low light almost best at sundown conditions. During night driving the colors of red/green lights is amazingly clear and filters out glare from oncoming traffic. I hv mine with Split Jacket cones w Black iridium so i swap whenever i go for evening runs. Does show ur eyes altho at further distance its simply brown it
Hugo -
I love mountain biking and these glasses are perfect for any time of the day!!!Even in Brazil where I live and sunny days are very bright, these lenses can do the job!!!recommended!!!!AAAA++++
lucky13 -
Nice lens, but has an extremely weak iridium coating... Does not hide the eyes well at all.

Lens is best during overcast days, and too light (especially with contrast enhancing vr50) on sunny days.

Giving these a 4 just because it's part of my Finito Juliet, which I treasure... Otherwise, I'd give the lens itself a 3, from a usability and nice to look at perspective. ;-)
dj.MLYT -
very nice lens. as jumpman said... mysterious.
Ed -
Nice lens for those days when you don't want or need a really dark tint. Think of this as a lighter VR28 Black. Adds a slight red/brown hue to your view. The Iridium coating gives these lenses a bronze appearance under certain light conditions.
zeroshiki -
VR50's one of the few lens option for Juliet which allows others to see your eyes thru the lenses (under certain lighting conditions). Ed's review is correct, it's bright looking thru this lens compared to the other lenses i have(black, ruby, and ice), to the eyes the tint changes between pinkish(under darker light) to a golden brown(under bright light), it's certainly a nice lens..
jumpman73 -
These look really cool. I have them in my Finito's. They give a hint of your eye but not enough so that you can still look cool. Mysterious these lenses are.
Rick -
I love it. It is great for those days where you are going in and out of buildings and in and out of the shadows. I wore these for a week straight in Vancouver and was so impressed with it from a comfort and versatility aspect. It looks especially nice in a Carbon X-Metal Juliet frame with the word "Finito" etched in the left lens.
Iwan -
This one really exceeded my expectations. On pictures it just looked like another boring brown lens but how wrong I was! It looks extremely classy and is a pleasure to wear with increased contrast and it colours everything a nice gold instead of a drab brown.
Kourtney -
If my problem was a Death Star, this article is a pothon torpedo.
Iwan -
Really great lens. Looks more like deep gold/brown/amber than green though. Only when the light hits it just right do you get a greenish reflection. It's a bit like emerald slate in that regard but the base color is far more interesting and has increased contrast to boost. It's very pleasant to look through and providing there isn't to much light you can wear it all day without any fatigue. I would love to see it in more frames but for some reason Oakley seems to have given up on this lens...
oogie -
Hard to come by, but worth it if you can find it. I'm only familiar with this lens on a Why 3 and 05 frames. A great lens option for overcast/lower light, and the Emerald Iridium coating is not very reflective, but adds a great level of depth and color to the lens.
Ijon__Tichy -
My favorite low light lense, maybe just because they were that hard to obtain *lol.
The mirror is very gold-green (not like emerald ir. or emerald slate) and the base is very comfortable.
Matt -
I have these lenses in a set of crowbars and i must say that they are the best all around lens ive ridden with. I have rode these at night in a blizzard as well as daytime with blue skies and i have yet to find a reason not to like them. The only downside is they can be expensive... but its well worth it!!
BullyVW -
I have these custom cut for Eyepatches. I love them. They're not great on really bright days, but they're good for those hazy, but semi-bright days where there's no excuse not to wear shades.
DoctorCrip -
Very hard to find, but it is certainly worth it if you do. VR50 Emerald Iridium is an exceptional lens to both look through as well as look at. Though it won't do too great a job in bright conditions, it is a fantastic option for lower light conditions. I only wish it was available in more styles.
monis821 -
I have these lenses for one month now and I love it. I'm recommending them 100%
epicenter -
This review is in reference to the VR50 Emerald Iridiums for Crowbar snow goggles. This is hands-down the best all-around and most versatile lens for snow goggles. After using a myriad of other lens colors in all kinds of conditions, I've found the VR50 Emerald Iridiums have the widest range of applications. They are excellent in everything from a sunny day to dim/flat light conditions. They even perform well in the extremes of super-bright and night time riding, but of course Oakley has more "specialized" lens that would do you best for those conditions (for example fire iridium and high intensity yellow, respectively). The VR50 base is a great middle-of-the-line tint and the iridium coating darkens it down a bit while providing good contrast. The coating isn't blatantly green as the "emerald" description implies. I'd say the coating reflects as a combo of green, blue, with a slight look of pink iridium and gold iridium. The color changes depending on the angle (similar to how the fire iridium changes). The iridium also provides that coveted mirror finish. No question, these are the best looking and the best performing snow goggle lens out there. Worth every penny.
mcpimplestein -
Splice Goggles, emerald iridium -

- Great clarity and contrast.
- Tint is very subtle and makes things look natural to the eye.
- the lens looks much more 'blue' than 'green', only green from some angles.
Dann -
I've worn this lens in the new Why 8.0 Polished Gold model. It's a nice low light lens with a bronze tint as you'd expect. Best for evening through dusk, and definitely not mid-day, as the VR50 series is about as transmissive as Titanium Clear.
DarkGrieverX -
Only worn this a couple of times as the glasses which these are installed (Why 8.0) are my dads. Noticed it felt more comfortable wearing them indoors in a bright environment than outdoors during the afternoon (probably due to the contrast). Not a bad set of lenses, though for outdoor use I'd think probably early morning or evening.
Iwan -
Very nice to look through, easy on the eyes but not very dark. Looks realy classy as well. Definitely worth 4 skulls!
dan-E -
A good middle-of-the-road lens in terms of light transmission. Obviously meant for overcast days, they provide enough contrast to be suitable any part of day as long as the sun isn't out.
flyer -
About as versatile a "non-sun" lens as any Oakley produced.
Hides the eyes better than the clears (ruby and Ti), it's still just light enough to work nicely indoors. A particularly fine evening concert lens.
Raymond Karlsson -
I have this baby sometimes when I drive my car (Half Jacket XLJ) or in the late afternoon/early evening when training on my bike.
As I like the tint I recently bought a pair of Radar Path with this lens in a bright red frame. The view is wider/bigger than with the HJs and it really suits for cycling.
The photochromatic effect is good but doesn't work inside a car (have to get a convertible). Minor problems over all.
Raymond Karlsson -
Now as I have had my VR 50s for a while I can recommend it for anyone who doesn't feel he/she have to be extreme or flashy. The view becomes warm and comfortable in mixed conditions. Maybe the best afternoon or early evening lens of all. With the transition of the light one have several glasses in one. A good alternative would be Light Grey transition with its neutral colour.
I had high hopes for these, as I felt that my other transitions lenses did not lighten enough. However, it seems to me as though the only time they go to 50% is when they are in the case!
In evening and overcast rides in the woods, I have compared them to my VR28 Flak Jackets and they are not lighter. I do seem to prefer more light than other people as my friends on VR50 transitions in the same conditions think they are great.

I am hoping that the new clear black transitions that go up to 66% will be better, but these lenses are too expensive to keep buying them!
jackhammer -
The lenses are not bad, VR50 is a nice color for the evening and morning the brown is enough if it is cloudy with a bit sun. But for bright sun, they aren't useful. The changing time is too slow and the price too high. So if you buy an extra set of lenses for a normal Half Jacket that would be much better.
jumpman73 -
The transition lens is a great idea for people who need to be in an environment when light is changing. I like to go on long bike rides so this was a great lens option for me when I started in the afternoon and had to deal with sunset. I felt like the lens itself was really true to adjust to lighting conditions. I didn't feel like the lens blocked too much light when it was dark. On the other side, I felt like it blocked enough light when it was bright. I never found myself having worry about light at all. The one thing I thought could be improved on is how fast the lens made the transition. I tested it from going from a real dark setting to a very bright setting and it took awhile to make the transition. That drastic change of light will probably never happen when you are using like for a bike ride, but it was fun to see how fast it could make the transition. I think this is a great acquisition by Oakley and hopefully we'll see a lot more transition lenses out for more frames.
Perkasa -
I needed a pair of photochromic sunglasses to replace my expired one (expired, as photochromic lenses usually stop working after few years), so gave this lens a try.

It behaves like usual photochromic lenses by Transitions Optical:
- Fast enough to darken, but smoothly, so you will never realise it darkens (your eyes adapt faster than the lenses darken)
- A bit slow to lighten. You feel it most when you are going indoor and it feels dark.
- UV Activated, so they won't darken inside cars (not a problem for me, as I have another pair that does).
- How dark and how fast they darken are affected by ambient temperature, humidity etc.

- VR50 when lightened, dark enough to sooth, yet light enough to wear when driving into tunnels or into parking building
- Brown, 10% transmission, is perfect. They feel brighter being a contrast lenses, unless you are used to contrast lenses.

- I have BIG problem: When light hits under certain angle (say, for instance, under 45deg), they create flare/ghosting/internal reflections (I really don't know the right term). I can even often see reflection of my eyes blinking! There is a possibility that this only happens with certain frames (in my case Crosshair), and won't happen with "more enclosed" frames such as Monster Dog. This "ghosting" happens 60% of the times. I compared these with my old photochromic lenses, and apparently these Oakley lenses are not coated on the inside (my old photochromic lenses show rainbow coloured coatings on the inside)
- I wish these lenses are more "see through" from outside when lightened (note I am not talking about light transmission, Titanium Clear and Gold Clear have similar 50% light transmission, yet they are more see-through), so I can wear these indoor without looking like "trying so hard to look cool".

- Coat the inside to fix the ghosting effect, make it more see-through, then we will have a winner.
- Other brands have done photochromic polarized, my photochromic polarized sunglasses even darken in the car, come on Oakley!

2 out of 5, mainly due to the ghosting at 60% of the times.
Raymond Karlsson -
I think the appearance is great, especially in low light. Warm vision but limited sun protection. I have mine on a smoke brown Half Jacket XLJ and alternates with a Tungsten iridium in more sunny conditions.
Raymond Karlsson -
These are THE evening lenses (early eve to sunset) when outside exercising. A bit softer than the VR 28 the next step would be Persimmon. Oakley makes these brown tints outstanding. I also have VR 28 Black Iridium (both regular and Polarized), Tungsten and Gold Iridium. The most comfortable of the Oakley tints.
Wally J -
Have had Transitions for almost 2 years now and it's a love/hate relatinship. I wear glasses full time and it's a convenience to have glasses that do double duty. The downside is that they DO NOT CHANGE tint anywhere near as fast as shown in the ad with Kenny Perry. That is pure false advertising. I actually remove them when I first step indoors so I don't trip over something I can't see. They are EXTREMELY difficult to clean and they smear very easily. I doubt if I will purchase another pair.
oakley boy -
Have radars In vr 28 and they are awesome and also cool text frames
Dann -
This lens was only found on a Monster Dog one-off sold by Total-O back in the day. Since the VR line without Iridium directly references its transmission rate, allowing 70% of light to pass though results in a very pale lens, only useful for very low light situations.
rsuarez1982 -
This is my go to belt. I have had this belt now for a good while and the canvas strap is holding up really well. There is absolutely NO fraying. The buckle is solid and has a great look to it. The straps come in a variety of colors, but you can't go wrong with black. I would recommend this belt to anyone.
skull.jacket -
I was interested more in the buckle than for anything else. It makes a great display piece and i'm glad I got it.
xstarr -

This store is a MUST for any Oakley fan! This is the best Oakley store that I have ever been in.
They have a huge selection of Oakley sunglasses, clothes, watches, shoes, backpacks and anything else that Oakley releases.
The staff is great and Paul, who is the store manager and owner is the BEST!
When you go to visit, be sure to tell Paul that Sallie sent you :)
Aron K -
This store is awesome! Everyone that works there knows everything about the specs on the glasses. Very friendly too.
Copper1836 -
This is the place for Oakley!!! No one has more Oakley stuff then Paul and Vutt Sunglasses. The staff is great, everyone is helpful and knowledgable about the products. They are very friendly and make you feel welcome. I have been a police officer for over 17 years. I have gone through alot of sunglasses over the years trying to find the right ones. Well Paul and his crew set me up with a great pair of Oakley sunglasses. They are without a doubt the best glasses I have ever had. I liked them so much that I know have over 6 pair, different styles with the ruby lenz. I just can't say enough good things about the place and the people. Paul genuinely cares about your satisfaction and wants you to leave his store happy.
Marcelo -
Vutt Sunglasses is the store for anyone to go. The reason is a friendly atmosfere with competent people that know about sunglasses. Overall Paul has built a great store where people like to and feel welcome.
Rocco -
Vutt Sunglasses is the OAKLEY MUSEUM!!! I felt like a VIP walking into "The Vault"... a chamber filled with tons of Oakley Stuff I didn't even know existed!
The staff finds you the perfect Oakleys on the first shot... they make a game out of it! I'm looking for any old excuse to go back for more.
Bring your friends... they'll think you're kidding 'em.
Five Stars!!!
Andrew -
Vutt Sunglasses is the place to go for Oakley products in the northeast US. Between having almost everything you could want from Oakley, Paul, Randy and the rest of the staff are a friendly bunch who know thier stuff. Great place.
Judge21 -
ive grown up in this store, its where i learneed everything i could about oakley, its where i bought my first oakley when i was 16, oakley polarized straight jacket matte black black iridium polarized, ill never forget that day, anyway awesome store check it out if your a true oakley cult member.
Jerry -
VUTT Optical is a great place to get prescription and regular eyewear. They have a big selection, excellent customer service, and they are just all-around great folks. I just ordered progressive prescription sunglasses (Maui Jim) with the works on Monday and picked them up two days later.

This is the second time I have used VUTT’s services for eyewear. Two years ago, when I came in with my scrip from my ophthalmologist VUTT said that the script did not look correct. VUTT and I questioned the script but the ophthalmologist insisted that it was correct. VUTT questioned it more and finally an error was discovered by the ophthalmologist. Who doesn’t need an advocate like this? I would recommend them to anyone.
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