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splatter -
These are the slip on of the Nail series

Like the rest of the Nails these are tough shoes with thick soles with rubber that comes up the side of the toe bed to prevent side "blow outs".

I have had my pair for more than a year and my only complaint is that after about 6 months the elastic in the instep really loosens up.

a great shoe none the less
Dann -
Color: White
I got the Nail also at Marshall's and for a very low price since it was on clearance. It served me well for a very long time until I mistakenly took them to Hawaii and walked six miles on volcanic rock. Needless to say, they got shredded beyond repair. They're a heavy shoe, but fit very well and don't get uncomfortable. They do live up to their name though. They stick to the ground and don't buckle at all. I have a tendency to twist my angle walking, since I'm very clumsy, and with these shoes, that's next to impossible, since they don't rock to either side.
apostrophe -
Color: Olive Green / Yellow
I bought 2 pairs of Nails over the course of 2 years. The first pair was the Olive Green, I bought the yellow awhile later as they were on sale. Even though I pretty much hated the yellow colour I knew the boots were awesome and could find a use for them.

Would wear them often, until I got the S.I. boots that is.
rolyatnerrad -
Color: Black, Yellow
Yep, comfy, good solid shoes, depending on the color combo, can look abit like spaz shoes..
brian -
These are a great everyday work shoe. They are very durable and stand up to the elements of the winter cold to the summer heat. I've had mine for 4 years now and I finally wore a hole in the side of the shoe. They are still very comfortable after all this time. Just a great shoe.
splatter -
The picture is of the Nail mid

Like all the Nail series these have a heavy sole, great padding, and good ankle support.

These are the coolest boots in my opinion even over the SI boot
Matt SG -
I have the Nail hi-top boot that I picked up from a guy on ebay who wasn't wearing them enough for just $30. I wear 8.5 and these are a 9, and have massive headroom/clearance inside, so I wished they were 8.5. But still, I can walk in these and the footbed has massive cushioning that doesn't seem to lose it's cushioness/get flat. The sole is close to iron clad, with the sole pattern requiring lots of effort and years of use to wear down. The upper material is soft and comfortable too, but not providing the kind of protection you'd expect from a safety boot, so be careful where you wear these. I sometimes wear these to work as I work in the office section of a refinery. I have 10 pairs of shoes/boots right now and this is into rotation.

The lace system on this shoe is unconventional, as the top 3-4 lace rungs (not eyelets) allow you to "hook" the laces around them. They don't come off, and I guess are smart in the sense that you don't feel the laces on the inside of the boot where it travels up your foot. Great ankle support, and relatively heavy/weighty too. This is a great and comfortable Timberland/Caterpillar-esque all terrain trekking boot.

The only cons about the Nail hi-top is the traction (which isn't totally great- eg: even BRS 1000 on Nike runners beats it for grippiness) and the extra space they have inside (runs large). Also protection from (let's say a "Nail" touch wood, haha, accidentally dropping on the Nail would only be passable at least). I guess it's not a safety boot, but I kinda expected something close, with it's name. 4 and 1/2 stars for the comfort and wearability.
rolyatnerrad -
Color: Black/silver, Black/yellow
Definite spaz shoes, wear with baggy combats or something so your mates dont take the piss, i like the scatter skull logo on the tongue, good soles in loose dirt, but slippy on wet rock
I must have had an earlier edition because mine had a slightly different design and were in all black but were called the low top. This shoe took a ton of abuse and lasted for about 4 years. The shoe's padding was really hard when I first got them but softened up a tiny bit. Not comfortable but not uncomfortable either. 3.75 seems fair
american image -
oh yeah , these shoes are/were indistructable.. i still today see people wearing these models. bulky but comfy.
splatter -
I got these a half size too small (Not the shoes fault) so i really haven't worn them for more than a few hours.

However they are very simular to all the other Nails (you can read my other Nail reviews)

these are going to be tough, thick soled shoes that are great in your size.
Farlius -
I just got a Khaki pair of the updated version from the online O-Vault. I haven't had the chance to use them but my first impression was a good one. They are lightweight and the cushioning feels solid. The Khaki color will probably show dirt pretty fast but for what I plan to use them for that won't matter.
kingphilbert -
Color: Brown/Green/Black

My first Oakley shoe. Their first line of shoes were so out there being made of Kevlar in bright white, red and yellow that I never thought I would wear them and then one day I got a shoe only catalog, mail order only to be among the first to have the O Shoe. The smallest size you could get was a 9 or 10. I am an 8/8.5. It was like a slap in the face. They hadn't recognized those with smaller (even average) feet. Then the second line hit and they had done it right. I loved the idea of an Oakley boot and I don't think these left my feet at all that winter or the next. Very sturdy and stable. Comfortable after long periods and they didn't let in too much water or snow. Downfalls though, they were very heavy and the sole had no flex like a sneaker. But then hey, they are boots.
oogie -
Color: Black

Awesome shoes. Not for those looking for athletic shoes. But for some light hiking or stomping shoes, this is it. Running around a corn field maze on a rainy day or the volcanos in Hawaii ... these shoes provide the perfect traction and toughness. Great comfort for a shoe that provides such oomph!
njphil -
Color: Black, Sand

So good you cant buy just one.
yelkao -
Color: Black

I've had these shoes for years and they're still going strong. I love the contrast stitching and the metal eyelets. The sole is aggressive and durable. Overall the shoe is comfortable, looks great and seems like it just might last forever.
splatter -
These are tough shoes
The thick soles have pretty good grip but can get filled with mud easily. The rubber side wall goes up the side of the toe bed holding the shape of the shoe preventing "blowouts" from the uppers separating from the sole.
RON2D2 -
Color: Black

This was my first Oakley shoe. I've had them for a couple years now and they're holding up great. Because of their toughness, I've designated my Nails as my "work around the house" shoe for moving and yard work.

Sole is thick and very tough. Ankle support is also good.
Laces are thick and need to be double-knotted to prevent constant tying.
Farlius -
Scored the Charcoal/Red updated version from Oakley vault online along with a pair of Khaki Nail Low in a combo great deal--$65 for both. They feel great on first impression and I can't wait to try them out hiking. They may even be pretty solid for motorcycle riding given the above ankle design although the toe is pretty prominent so that would play a factor. The color scheme is solid and I;like it better than the khaki color of the Nail Low. SOlid footwear, thus far.
thisguy -
A nice additional offering from Oakley. I have only used it a couple times but it seems to work well.
Adam -
seems to repel oils to a certain extent. but i dont think it will ever replace hydrophobic lenses. also claims to be a cleaner, but doesn't seem to clean as well as the cleaning kit. after a while, it just seems to build up on the lenses, and needs to be removed by the cleaning kit.
Pez -
Frame: Black Chrome
Lens: VR28 polarized and Tungsten

***warning! Long, yet through review.***

Oakley obviously does the Maui Jim thing with these. So much so that they beg comparison. The similarities are pretty blatant, both are incredibly flexible, very lightweight, and thin frame design with decked out technology on the lenses. However despite these similarities their are substantial differences.

Here's where the two brands differ:

In comparison to the Maui's stainless steel or flexon nose bridge the nano's have a none flexible titanium nose-bridge for even lighter weight and more strength, as well as maintaining correct visual relation for the lenses rather than a flexible bridge that could cause misalignment of the lenses and your eyes. which is more durable? Let's put it this way if either of these glasses break it's not going to be the nose-bridge, more likely it would be the lens-screw-frame point in either design that is the weakest link.

The Maui's use "Flexon" for their frame material while Oakley uses their own proprietary titanium alloy which of course is shrouded in mystery. One would probably be correct in guessing that it is very similar to Flexon.

Of course Oakley also utilizes Unobtainium for the ear-stems and clear Unobtainium for the nose-bridge. I found this in comparison to Maui Jim's hard ear-stems to be more comfortable as they grip, but don't have as much pressure, but still maintain a solid grip. They have an almost pillow like effect and grip much better in comparison to the ear hugging design of the Jim's.


As any Oakley connoissieur knows Oakley lenses are superior to any other lens of the planet when it comes to clarity (this is proven time and time again scientifically). What any Maui Jim lover would counter with is that the Jim's are extremely scratch resistant where Oakley's are somewhat scratch prone. However there is a huge fallacy at the very base of this argument.

Here is why, using glass like the Maui Jim's can be, first and foremost, dangerous! Any one with even a lick of common sense can tell you having glass that close to your eyes is playing a game of Russian roulette. If for instance you were to get hit in the face by gravel, or other such small objects you would not only get hit in your face with the gravel after it goes through the lens, you would also get an eye full of very fine glass particles. Oakley's Plutonite is ANSI certified meaning they have been proven not to shatter in such scenarios. (see for an excellent demo of this in action)

If that argument isn't enough to make you think twice before buying the Jim's, then here's another point. Because the Jim's use glass they must integrate tint, polarization, anti-reflective coating, etc as separate films. Each one of these films must be literally glued onto the glass. In case you were wondering their are 7 layers of film and at most 4 layers of glue. That's potentially 11 surfaces light must pass through before reaching your eye (I say potentially, because I'm not sure if they use adhesive for every layer).

Again pretty obvious that with that many layers you're talking about a huge potential for optical distortion, visual aberrations, and a ridiculous amount of prismatic effect. Any way according to here's the layering: Water Proofing coating X 2, Anti reflective Coating, two layers of glass, polarized filter, and finally bi-gradient mirror. Again, I don't know the process of how all the coatings are applied, but I do know that the glass layers are glued to the polarized filter.

Obviously there is a lot that goes into a glass based polarized lens. In contrast, Oakley uses their Plutonite (aka specially formulated polycarbonate). How many glued layers are there? Zero. Plutonite has tint built into it and the polarized lens is molecularly fused to the plutonite. AR coating (finally Oakley wised up and put this standard on these, Note to Oakley: put this on all your high end lenses!!!) and Hydrophobic coating are chemically and or vapor fused to the surface of the lens.

All this scientific blah blah blah means just one thing- Clarity. Oakley has finally made the ultimate lens. Trying these on the clarity is unmatched. The AR coating is a much needed addition and cuts down back-lens glare about 75-85% (that is my perception, I doubt there is a hard number for this) I didn't test the hydrophobic coating, but based on my experience with the Radars it greatly reduces the amount cleaning necessary as well as making it easier to clean, hence less scratch prone. sweat and water will just roll off of these. (for clarity comparison see )

All in all let's face it, the Nano's are intended to take on the Jim's head on. Many of you reading this will say "Oakley ripped off the M.J.'s look and concept" true, but really what isn't ripped off this day and age. Windows Vista is a rip off of Mac OSX (not a very good one, but one none the less), Circuit City is just a rip off of Best Buy, and the war in Iraq is just a rip off of Vietnam. :)

What really matters is which is the better product. For me it's a Mac running OSX err... the Nano's. Having tried the MJ's myself, I didn't think I'd be interested in the Nano's, but after trying them I can see what the appeal of an ultra light go anywhere do anything frame is. In this category the Nano's are clearly the superior option. If you haven't tried these do yourself a favor and give them a go!
Jay Ho -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Black Irid Polarized
I got one of each in the Nano line. I waited a little while to post my reviews as I wanted to be able to get a clear impression. The 1.0 fits my M-L head better than the 2.0. The lens is also slighlty larger on these. Cool, 3 lens types on 3 pairs of glasses. I wanted rimless for a long time but was really unimpressed with the Why line. If I wasn't an Oakley devotee, I might have jumped to another brand just for that. In the end, I'm glad I waited for these to come out. The glasses are super-light due to the lack of a frame. I always loved my Whisker Ti because of the lightness but these are even more featherweight. I really like the way the earstems flex but the memory metal doesn't lose their shape. I can see how these frames will hold up so I hope the lenses will do the same since they are so exposed. The new everything-phobic coating on these have got to be Oakley's best new feature. Cleaning is a breeze and I never have to worry about dust. I drive a convertible and ride a motocycle so that feature is definately put to the test. I do wonder why Oakley used pastic nuts to hold the frame to the glasses. It maybe weight savings but it doesn't look cheaply made in any way. I just figured they have some kind of super-metal for that as well.
As far as lens color goes, it's black irdium polarized and enough has been written about them. Really dark and definately works wonders on super bright days. One thing I did notice is that they do not have as bad a rainbow effect as the same color lenses on my Crosshair. Don't know why but I'm happy about it.
And lastly, the case is nice. Not the most practical shape but nice nonetheless. It looks like a huge pill. Is that a Oakley Nano case in my pocket or am I just glad to have Oakley Nanos??? BOTH!!!
edlex -
Frame: Black Chrome
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium Polarized

Just got mine a week ago with the Chrome Black/VR28 Black Iridium Polarized and I love them already. Very sturdy construction even though they are rimless. Good coverage of eye area with no significant gaps. Tint is great for both bright and medium light conditions. Best feature is how light they are. I forget I have them on! Overall very glad I bought them.
nismohks -
Frame: Black Chrome
Lens: RX Grey Transitions MAR

I decided to get these because they were one of the styles that suited me best. I got mine with RX grey transition lenses becuase i wanted something suitable for everyday use. -0.75 in both eyes.


-These frames are super light and super comfy. Lightweight means no pressure on the nose.
-Svelte and slimline rimless design.
-Bendable arms act like a spring hinge aiding fit.
-Comes with fantastic carbon fibre look torpedo case and brilliant cloth.
-Nose pieces are easily adjusted to give a great fit, usually takes me ages playing around with other glasses to get a good fit.
-Transition lens is light enough for indoors and night and changes dark enough in moderight bright light.


-Lens suffers from glare under artificial light and some ghosting infront of computer monitor (I can see a reflection of my eyes). Apparently this is a problem on transition lenses. If you are not having RX transition lenses this shouldnt be a problem.
-RX Lenses are slightly too thick and has straight edges. this makes the glasses less stylish and slightly nerdy.
-The lenses sit close to the face so seem to get dirty very easily. Could just be me!
-Transition lenses don't seem to get dark enough in extreme bright light. Would be better if they could go darker.

Despite the faults i have suffered, I still think these are an excellent pair of glasses, although a bit too pricey.
I think the reflections and glare problems would disappear if I had an iridium lens instead of a transition lens.
They are extremely lightweight and I hardly notice i have them on, as there is no weight to put pressure on contact points.
I would prefer a thinner lens with chamfered edges. Oakley should have the technology to do this by now, plus the price they charge it should be mandatory.

Would I buy another pair ?
I would buy another pair without transition lenses and only if Oakley could make my lenses the same thickness as the non RX lenses.
ChampJ -
Frame: Black Chrome
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium Polarized

Simply the most elegant pair of O's available. Light, good coverage on my average size melon and a pleasure to wear all day if necessary. I absolutely loved these before my derned truck had a mind to run over them so I'm now looking for a replacement. Hmmm, if only Oakley would put the Titanium Iridium Polarized lenses in these we just might have the perfect pair. I would so pay dearly for that.
ShadyOak -
Frame: Black Chrome
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium Polarized

Overall these are a pretty sweet pair of shades. The reason for the 4 skull rating is that the alignment of the frame to lenses was never quite right. I may be a little OCD, but it bugged me from the start. I'm sure I could have sent them in or something, but for a $300 pair of glasses, they should have been right the first time and I didn't want to take the time or spend the money to send them in for service. Other than that they were great from a functional standpoint. Super light, very classy looking, and maybe the best lenses ever. I sold mine the other day and plan on picking up some 4.0's before too long. They fit me better, look great, and just have a more solid feel to them.
oboy -
Frame: Black Chrome
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium Polarized

Super comfortable and light. It seems may be not too sturdy but I think it is not fair to ask thee to be as sturdy as the Juliet. Looks really good and nothing much to talk about the Oakley lens...they are great as usual
japaner -
Frame: Brown Chrome
Lens: Tungsten iridium Polarized

This is one (if not the one) of my most favourite oakleys.
It looks so damn sexy. Nice form of the glass and very thin frame.
Tungsten Iridium Polarized lenses are really nice ones. Great coverage to the face. Absolutely nice one ! 5 Heads !
AsianPersuasion -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: VR28 Black Irid Polarized
Nice and light. Good optics. Great lens color,super versatile and crisp image. Nice design in earstems. Watch out Maui Jim, cuz these Oaks are gonna sink ya. Smaller lens in height than the 1.0 version. Great overall shades and cool case...Included for a change. Cleaning cloth is better than the sock. No stitching to accidentally scratch the lens. Great classy, unisex design so my girl keeps stealing them.
Feinstein -
Frame: Pewter
Lens: Black Polarized

These looked fine on my medium sized head at the store, but when I got a haircut everyone said they are too big for my face. They actually are slightly wider than New Square Wires. It is disappointing that Oakley never made a Nanowire for anything except huge melons. The Good - The thicker lens is a good design feature for durability. The Bad - weak grip on the head and impossible to adjust because of the memory titanium, screws kept coming loose so I used loctite on them, and frame size is only for large faces. One day I'll have a glass shop put the frames on some smaller lenses - that is one cool thing about these frames. You can cut any lens for them. But I only give 3 stars because of the weak grip.
David Smith -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium

The style and design of these glasses is great. There is nothing quite like it (I get quite a few compliments wearing it), except for the Maui Jim Kapalua, which I also have. Compared to the MJ, I like the Oakley better due to its slightly more squarish and wrap-around look. The frame feels snug and comfortable for my medium-size face, and folds up compactly for storage in a very strong and special case made for this model only. The polarized lens worked great in bright sunlight. The contrast is very good. Overall, I am very impressed by these glasses, even though it is quite expensive at $300.
Adam B. -
Frame: Pewter (dark grey/matte black look)
Lens: Black Irdium Polarized (prescription / RX lens)

I have a long history with Oakley eyewear, both sunglasses and regular RX. This was my firs purchase of RX sunglasses, and I am very satisfied with it. I had been concerned that the glasses would darken things too much, but they do not. Although I wouldn't wear them around the house, one could certainly wear them on darker/cloudy days and in a mall without an issue.

They are very light but extremely stable on your face. The only way they are coming off is if you take them off yourself.

I personally suggest the pewter frame with these glasses - the glossy frame just screams "look at me", while the pewter one simply states "Yeah, I've got Oakleys... what about it?". Try as I might I could not find a pair with Ice Iridium coatings to view before this purchase, but you should be aware that if you are interested, you can get an Ice Iridium coating on them (despite what says).
Jon -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium Polarized

These glasses are great! I didn't think I'd like the VR28 base tint, but they're amazing. Every pair of lenses I've owned had a gray base, so it was new. I own a pair of polarized ice iridium, black iridium, ruby iridium, and deep blue polarized iridium. These are by far one of my favorites next to the ice iridiums. The contrast is awesome, and the glasses themselves are super lightweight. Maybe it is my face...but the glasses seem to be a little tilted. Could just be me though. I'm too scared to test the memory metal, but from what the guy at the store demonstrated, they seem near impossible to mess up. Too bad you can't switch out the lenses. That's the one thing I love about my Half Jackets.
Jon -
Frame: Titanium
Lens: Tungsten Iridium Polarized.

I've been through a couple Nanowire's at this point. This is my 3rd pair from the Nanowire series, and I love it. The frame is much different than the polished black, and has a nice feel to it. The fit is amazing, and doesn't slide off my medium sized head. The lens is just as good as the VR28 Black Iridium. The contrast isn't overwhelming and it just makes everything look extremely sharp and clear. I will continue collecting the 2.0's and 4.0's. Probably my favorite glasses from the Wire series. I wish they didn't discontinue them.
Zax -
Frame: Pewter Black
Lens: Polarized Black Iridium

I have to disagree with a Feinstein here. These glasses are amazing, and in my opinion, perfect for medium sized heads. I actually have a small-medium sized head and they fit me perfectly. The lenses are not too big, unlike the Nanowire's, and the fit is snug. They're super light and the nosepieces are extremely easy to bend to comfort, unlike some other models. These are very classy glasses!
Je_Suis_Oakley -
Frame: Brown Chrome
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium Polarized
Very stylish, I feel like Will Smith when I were these. They are super super light weight. I love the memory flex titanium and since they are all polarized and they all have the new hydrophobic lens coatings you can not go wrong. Plus they all come with this sick carbon fiber case.
Landseer -
Frame: Olive Chrome
Lens: Tungsten Iridium

Very stylish and super light weight. 20g on my scale. They give a pretty snug fit even though they have these extremely thin ear stems. The ends of the ear stems are only about 1.5 inches apart when the frames are completely open and rely on the slight flex of the lens to widen the gap when you put them on. I imagine this stresses the attachment points but they look well constructed. Unlike the attachments on the Why 8.0-8.2 there isn’t a screw head, but rather a very small plastic hex nut. The fit is great with full coverage (almost like a M-Frame Strike, but a closer fit and slightly smaller). As usual, the polarization is superb and then tungsten tint has nice contrast. The case is nice too. It weight 9 times as much as the glasses at 180g, and seems bomb proof. It is felt lined and the glasses do not come with the classic Oakley bag but a slick lens cloth with a HDO emblem on it. The only thing about the case is that is it SO smooth and seamless and cylindrical that it is sometime hard to open with extremely dry or wet hands. It is too slick almost. A great stylish look, and we’ll see now their Nano-ish construction holds up, but I expect no problems. Thumbs up.
Jay Ho -
Frame: brown chrome
Lens: VR28 BIP
Wasn't sure I really liked these when I first saw them because they are a little metrosexual looking for me. But they reminded me of a pair of glasses my dad gave me 20 years ago when this style(with a frame) was in style. I tried them on and they fit great on my m-l head. Really liked the coverage too as I will be using them for driving a convertible. Decided to pick them up...what the hell, right? After getting a haircut, I liked the way they looked a lot more. Really, I REALLY liked them. Maybe they grew on me in that hour. Wore them for a roadtrip this past weekend and they performed great through blazing sun and 2 thunderstorms. Now I am really impressed. They are also the style in fashion now so that's cool. I think they will be used a lot this year but the nano 1 and 2 I also bought will get more wear in the long run. I do hope this style stays in style cuz $300 is a pretty pricey fashion fad.
jeffoakley -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized

As the previous reviewers have said: very stylish, very lightweight, very comfortable. Without being overly flashy like an x-metal, this, in its architecture, is one of the most unique styles Oakley has ever produced. I like my sunglasses on the larger side, and I like the "rock star" look, i.e. Oil Drum, Crosshair, Warden, etc. so these are right up my alley. Although these might be a little more "Hollywood" than rock star. Whatever that means.

The lack of weight is a tad strange at first, but after a week of wearing these, I don't know how I can go back to "heavy" frames. The lenses are a pleasure to look through, and the total lack of rim is kind of cool as it opens your field of vision that much more.

The included case and cleaning cloth are a great touch.

Worth the money? To me, totally.
Frame: polished black
Lens: black iridium polarized

The nano wire 3.0 is a great pair & I love the one lens. The black on black looks great. Also, the memory wire helps to have a comfortable fit. You can't go wrong w/ having this pair. Especially w/ the hydrophobic lens helps give you better lens quality than just a polarized lens alone.
Thomas64 -
Frame: Brown Chrome
If Bono was to sport an Oakley, I think these will be it. ;) I would classify this as a pair of nice fashion sunglasses by Oakley. Nice to wear these when I want to take a break from other O-Matter or X-Metal Oakleys. Very smooth and stylish design. The lens provide suberperb coverage and the curve of the lens is just right for my face, all it take is some adjustment of the nose pieces for perfect fit. These are super lightweight which I like. Too bad these are discontinued.
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Black Irid. Polarized

Ive been wanting to get these for the longest time, and finally did. They are definitely worth the price tag, and any Oakley fanatic would know that the sick looks and HDO lens combo is a must have. The first day I got them and picked them up, I truly understood what Oakley meant to accomplish.

Arms: The lightweight nanowire arms provide excellent grip, a comfortable wrap around style, and memory metal technology which is definitely cooler than one would think. The only thing that I am slightly confused about, is why my Nanowire 3.0's have Nanowire 1.0 arms on them. Maybe Oakley decided to reuse the left over ones? Either way they are sick.

Frame: Or lack there of, completes the shield lens with a sleek performance style.

Lenses: When looking through them you have unlimited vision as well as peripheral vision. After a while it seems as if you aren't wearing them. All I can say is Oakley HDO plus polarized, the perfect fit.

Fit: Great fit, They are the perfect snugness, and sit perfectly on my head. They will not come off no matter what, even if you have a jackhammer in your head. Only thing I dont like is that I do wish that the nose piece was adjustable.

Overall: These are great looking shades, with an ultralight great feel to them. My favorite pair of Oakley's so far. Go get some!
Feinstein -
Frame: Olive Chrome
Lens: Tungsten Polarized

Build quality and finishing is what I would expect from $300 glasses, but I only give 2 stars because this design relies on the flex of the lens for tension. As a Zero wearer for a decade, I am well experienced with the weakening and cracking of the lens at the nose bridge during normal use. The flexible earstems mean the lens doesn't flex as much as the Zero design, but I still would not buy them expecting them to hold up like other Oakley wire designs. Still got a pair, though, for my hip fauxhawk days.
Marcelo Segnori - Brazil -
Hello, I have a Nano Wire 3.0 (SKI 12-919) and I love this glass, but I lost the nose plaque. Unfortunatelly Oakley-Brazil told me they do not carry this accessorty kit anymore, since it is a 2007 model... Any help would be much appreciated, once I don'n want to replace this by another model as Oakley-BR proposed to me. I just want a simple accessory (plaque) to avoid it marking my nose as the lens are still perfect and the glass this fantastic.
Thanks a lot for any clue on how to fix it.
Suicide Hitman -
Frame: Brown Chrome
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium Polarized

Very comfortable and lightweight with near-perfect coverage. I barely notice they are on my face. The VR28 lens has excellent contrast and the polarization is flawless. I do question the durability of these glasses as others have - I fear dropping them. But they do look awesome and I've had several people ask me where I got them. Throw in the solid case with a large microfiber cloth and you have a must buy set for any Oakley fan.
Chris -
Frame: Polished Black Iridium

I loved these glasses but unfortunately the lenses seem to crack at where the nut connects. If it wasnt for this, easily 5 out of 5. Im on my second lense from Warranty and has cracked again and now scared of using them for daily use.

So have ordered the plaintiff aviators!
Brad (France) -
Frame:Polished Black
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized nanowire 3.0

Hello everybody, i have lost mine and iam very sad!! Iam seeking this discontinued model Oakley nanowire 3.0 black 12-919. If someone can help me to find a serious web adress everywhere in the world to buy this excellent Oakley glasses. Or want to sell a second hand nanowire 3.0 black polished ,I would greatly appreciate any information. Do you know end of line Oakley shop with old stock? Thanks a lot. Brad (France)
Rachel (Dallas, TX) -
Frame: Brown Chrome
Lens: Tungstn Iridium

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these glasses and am so sad to learn after 2 pairs and my husband accidentally breaking mine, they do not sell them anymore. Does anyone know where I can get replacement lenses for the 2 pairs that I have? I would greatly appreciate any information.
PaulT00 -
Frame/Lens: Polished Black/BIP, Brown Chrome/VR28 BIP

These are great. So lightweight you forget you're wearing them, very secure fit with the memory metal arms gripping the side of your head. Brilliant coverage. I rotate through my collection (37 assorted pairs of Oakleys as at today) so they don't get a huge amount of use but they're great in e.g. bright winter days especially after snow because the wraparound shield keeps the light out around the edges. They do seem a bit fragile - although I think they're actually stronger than they look - and because there is no frame as such and the lens is so huge and unprotected they're not the most practical of glasses if you need to keep taking them off. You more or less have to carry the case with you because otherwise you could easily damage the lens just putting them down somewhere. Forget hanging them from the neck of your shirt by one arm! I tend to just leave them on, even indoors, unless it's really dim, rather than take them off and break them or scratch them while out in the world. The case can be a bit awkward to open as others have mentioned. Because they rely on flex to actually wear, I tend to put these on quite carefully trying to ensure that I only bend the arms not the lens - spreading the ends of the arms apart just far enough to slide them past the temples. If you do it right you reduce the load on the (easily cracked) arm mountings and the thin central section of the lens itself over the nosebridge. They also take a bit of care when cleaning them as there's nothing you can really grip with one hand while polishing with the other, fortunately they don't seem to get dirty very easily. One point deducted for impracticality and the non-adjustable nosebridge. A flawed gem of a design.
edlex -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Blacl Iridium

I got the Matte Black Limited-Black Iridium Polarized numbered edition right when they went on sale and haven't worn another pair since. Perfect blend of function and style with a nice wide lense and super light but strong titanium frame. Very nice details all along the frame and unlike my 1.0's these stay on my head with a much grippier fit. They look great with a suit as well as on the beach. What can I say other than Oakley did it again!
xyesterdayx -
Frame: light
Lens: black iridium polarized

While i feel like the styling is a bit bland (looks VERY similar to a Square Wire in terms of shape and fit), this is an unbeleivably comfortable pair of shades! It has a slightly firmer structured feel compared to earlier Nano's, but keeps the flexible, spongy feel and negligible weight. A very well-made and comfortable sunglass, even if it is a bit on the conservative side...
C6driver -
Frame: Burnt Copper
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium Polarized

I bought these a week before I left for vacation on Maui last summer. I actually packed 3 other pairs of Oakleys but the others ended up staying in my suitcase. I wore these the first day and never looked back.

Visually, these are probably the most conservative of the Nanowire family other than the split ear stems. But it was actually the ear stems that sold me on them. Put together, these are the lightest sunglasses I own. You really owe it to yourself to check them out in person if you don't believe how light they are. As mentioned in other Nanowire reviews, the nose bridge is not flexible, which maintains proper alignment of the lenses and keeps Oakleys famed HDO reputation in tact.

The ear stems, however, are very flexible and have just enough elasticity to hug the back of your head without pinching. I literally wore these 6-8 hours a day, every day for 2 1/2 weeks. In the blistering summer sun of Maui, the Unobtanium also lives up to its reputation. I never once felt like they were gonna come off, even on boats and a parasailing ride.

It's ironic, Oakley is obviously gunning for that MJ brand of sunglasses with this line. Yet it was on the island of Maui that I fell in love with my Nanos.
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized

Oakley continues to focus on releases that are arguably fashion-oriented, and the Nanowire 4.0 seems to fit that category. With a conservative, squarish frame and relatively simple design, these shades perform well in their category. They're extremely lightweight and the earstems are incredibly flexible, which removes the need for a spring hinge. Lens coverage is also very adequate as they would probably be best suited for larger or possibly medium-sized faces.
southside -
Frame: Burnt Copper
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium Polarized

I can't find one thing bad to say about these. They're super light, fit really well to my face, and the lens provides PLENTY of coverage without obstructing any peripheral view. The VR28 Black Iridium is one of, if not my favorite lens because of this pair of shades.
I know the nano-wire series are supposed to have flexible metal frames, but I'm still too afraid to test them out. When I end up sitting on them, god forbid, I'll post back on their condition.
I've gotten a few compliments in public on these as well. People love that Burnt Copper frame.
Jon -
Frame: Burnt Copper
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium

Now I've owned a pair of Nanowire 2.0's, and while the reviews seem to be better for those, I think these definitely top them. I've got a medium sized head, and even though they are for the larger melons, they fit me perfectly and look great. The burnt copper is great with the VR28, and the fit is snug and comfortable at the same time. The one major issue I had with the 2.0's were the snug ear stems, but these won't fall off if you are running or doing anything really. VR28 Black are still my favorite lenses, and I still can't go back to Grey Based. I would compare these to the Splinters, which I also recently bought. I didn't know how similar the two were, but the lenses on the Nanowire's are much bigger and cover more area.

The price is still rather high for these, but if you're lucky to grab a pair at a good price, I would highly suggest snatching one. You will not regret it.
Hitman -
Frame: Light
Lens: Tungsten Iridium Polarized

Very lightweight and comfortable. Quite similar to the Titanium Square Whisker but with slightly smaller lenses. The titanium frame is very flexible and has yet to fall off my face. The Tungsten Iridium lens is excellent, though I'm not a huge fan of the yellow tint. Nonetheless, these look very sharp without being over-the-top like some of Oakley's other models. Recommended for casual use. The included hard case is another plus.
cycling-pablo -
Odd to set up, not very easy to figure out. Also, its $100 to play a expensive ipod on your expensive blue tooth head set, too much waste when one could by more oakleys :)
Italianbarista -
This device is one of the reasons why the OROKR was delayed so many times. The device was not user friendly and the iCombi was MUCH cheaper and works a TON better! Also, the device is quite clunky in size and doesn't feel as sturdy as that of the iCombi
The Naviplay is both cheap feeling and awkward. It does not even have the unique Oakley look to it. It looks just like any other Ipod accessory.
Nelia -
Way to use the inteernt to help people solve problems!
RubyMars -
I've got the crystal version in my Fluoro MD's. Nothing very exciting, looks black on the face like most crystals. The pink and blue icon does do a great accent job though.
Ed -
Somewhat brighter than Midnight but a very similar deep metallic blue. I have this color on my University of Michigan collegiate M-Frame.
mbrogz3000 -
Have this color on my Penn State M-Frame. Lets go P S U!!! I'd love to see a revamped collegiate line, but I think Nike has had 'optics' included in their apparel contracts with almost all the schools since 2006. A basic color, but very versatile to be matched with just about any other lens color. Although in an M-Frame, this is a frame I wear cautiously since the Navy color is rare, and the Lion logo etching is truly rare, and truly means a lot to me.
Xyesterdayx -
Frame: all
Lens: all

The Necessity is essentially the replacement for the Ravishing. Subtle sweeps in the frame give it a slightly more streamlined look, but for most it will look virtually identical to the Ravishing. The bonus with the Necessity is the addition of Unobtanium solely on the nosepads! This will keep them in place better on the face, but avoiding the rubber bits on the earstems will make it much more friendly to longer hair than a sport frame (particularly when placed on top of the head!).
banarno -
One of the old Virgin Serilium colours they used for the Blades and Razor Blades.
About as retro as you can get.
BrianJ1888 -
Think HiLiter colors...
Super 80's style.
banarno -
One of the old Virgin Serilium colours they used for the Blades and Razor Blades.
About as retro as you can get.
BrianJ1888 -
Think HiLiter colors...
Super 80's style.
LEX7 -
Basically bright orange, i have this on some blades and even though id never wear them. i think they are a great part of my collection cos it shows where oakley started and the fashion sense of those in the 80's.
Dann -
I have this on a Goggle frame. Very bright. There's no chance someone won't notice you with these on.
banarno -
One of the old Virgin Serilium colours they used for the Blades and Razor Blades.
About as retro as you can get.
BrianJ1888 -
Think HiLiter colors...
Super 80's style.
LEX7 -
this is fluorescent pink, i have this colour on some blade earstems and it is very cool, but again one for the collection, as the 80's are way over.
If you're still living in the 80s, this color is perfect for you. But you won't find this color on any of Oakley's new products, only the Razor Blades. In my opinion, this color would have looked much better than the Wildberry n' Milk on the Frogskins. It would be really cool seeing these 80s neon colors come back on retro Oakley styled frames, like the Frogskins.
Neon Pink definitely fits a retro '80s mentality, but does little to impress in 2010 - unless, of course the color is used for female frames.

banarno -
One of the old Virgin Serilium colours they used for the Blades and Mumbos.
About as retro as you can get.
BrianJ1888 -
Think HiLiter colors...
Super 80's style.
LEX7 -
this is Fluorescent yellow, not as cool as the pink or orange but still a great part of any vintage collection.
Warning do not wear this colour out in public.
jumpman73 -
I love this color option. It is totally 80's. Very bold and stands out to show off your O.
flippj -
i have these on my mumbos-id wear these out in the summer-one of my best vintage frame colours i have.
Neon yellow is a classic hue reminiscent of the Mumbos or original Blades. Although it cannot be readily worn with just any attire, it still serves as a great colorway since Mumbos were designed for sport purposes. The original Blue Iridium looks incredible when paired with this frame, and Lee will confirm this.
o-xide -
Like these tables, usually located in the front of the O-store to show case the latest shirts. Awesome construction
Dann -
Found on the Racing Jacket and M Frame. It's an updated version of the standard blue found on the Topcoat and a few other older ones. It has a glitter shine to it in the sun, but otherwise is a plain blue.
Of all the different "blue" chromas available for frames this has to be my favorite. Bright, royal in color, and sporting a metallic finish, New Blue garners attention and looks phenomenal with a number of different lens options. One of the best combinations is with +Red, and Oakley wisely paired the New Blue frames with this lens color. In short, a classic.

yelkao -
I finally got my hands on one of these. I love it! It might not be the most practical thing in the world but for me it does the job. I really wanted it because of it's cool factor and it doesn't disappoint me. The attention to detail is amazing for something that's just an accessory. Plus it's definitely a bit of a conversation piece.
cycling-pablo -
Super cool and oakley to the bone but not practicle for all phones and hard to get the phone out of it to answer the call! The top does not really open well if you have it on a belt loop either.
o-static -
agree, small, hard good protection, but not easy to get the phone out, to bad i can't put my cell in it .
Dann -
Strange how big this box was for what it contained. Zero's are supposed to be smaller, but the box is a good two times the size of the normal boxes.
Dann -
This is where I go locally to check out the latest style. They usually get in the latest models and is a pretty nice shop for not being a total O Store.
OakleyMonster -
Although I do most of my buying on eBay (I'm a poor teacher), I enjoy visiting the brick marketplace in the summer. It's a great place to shop for all kinds of stuff. Newport Sunglasses has a fairly good selection. I bought one of my kevlar planners there. They had one double mega-tower and some more misc. stuff throughout the store.
darth_icon -
Newport Sunglass shop, and all of the Coconut's stores are the best places to get Oakley's in all of New England. Don't buy stuff off the internet! Support your local stores. These guys put in a ton of effort to make sure that they have all of the newest styles, and you really screw them over by checking it out there, and going to the internet to buy them. They have the same prices.
Dann -
Very nice like all the camos, but I like the other offerings a little better. It's usually a matte finish, but can sometimes be glossy. I also have this print on my SI Assault Boots, and that can't be beat.
Rick -
Easily the most tame of the camo colors. A nice alternative to the more flashy and dramatic camo schemes in existence.
addicted2o -
military like camouflage...looks great on the thump but i like the white camo one better...but not bad nonetheless
BrianJ1888 -
A very stealthy look. I like it better than plain black because it offers something to look at.
LEX7 -
Just got this on a very silly pair of glasses im sure you all know which ones i mean.
this is a dark colours camo which as the name suggests be perfect for night ops.
love love night camo will probably get it in the dogs aswell one day.
jumpman73 -
Very cool color. Have these in my thumps and they look awesome. You really can't go wrong with any of the camo colors from Oakley.
Pander -
It's a dark color, but at the same time it's not. Like the camouflage colors because they do not look so massive.
DoctorCrip -
I love the subtlety of the Night Camo as opposed to all of the other Camos. This fact makes it wearable on both formal and informal occasions as well as with a greater variety of clothing.
b2r -
I love the Oakley Camos. Much better than the plain color but not too flashy. But Night Camo could be a bit more black and white like the White Camo, a bit more pronounced. It is better than Shadow Camo though, which is not much different than Black.
Dann -
Frame: Black
Lens: Night Vision
For the movie Blade 2, the Overthetops were modified (much like most Oakley's making a debut in a movie) for the ninja vampires. Instead of the ruby lenses which we can buy (there was a signature Blade II model for sale as well), the lenses were fitted with telescopic night vision goggles, which also changed the shape of the frame a bit. If these were really sold, aside from being ridiculously expensive, they would the coolest pair ever created.
o-xide -
nah, could have been better but I got one anyway
Tick -
Ahh, the nitro-methane powered tomato... they must smoke the good stuff at Foothill Ranch
LEX7 -
not as cool as the cannonball racing sticker but hey at least this dude is wearing oakleys.
Farlius -
Picked up this one and a bunch of other 'retro' Oakley stickers at the Vault in San Jose. I may never really 'use' it since I imagine they are so hard to find nowadays. The newer stickers are so much more generic than the ones from the early 1990's-2000's.
Xtremehardy388 -
I've used these for a while. They work really well, once you work them in. Very stylish design. Not heavy, at all.
o-xide -
Color: Black and Silver/ White and Navy
I got 2. I paid retail for these becaue they look great!
O.T.T. -
Color: black and silver
got this because it was on sale. Found that the front of the cap protrudes a little more than expected and despite my rather large head doesnt sit flush with my forehead. Still looks good
DisturbedEarth -
Color: Navy/silver

This is by far my favorite hat - Oakley or otherwise. The fit is perfect and it is cool and comfortable
Farlius -
Color: White/Navy

Retired this hat sometime ago. The white got yellowish from years of abuse. I liked it a lot while I lived in California; kept my dome covered and sunburn free and the mesh helped keep me cooled. I would've/should've bought more than one.
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