Artist Series Complete List
The Artist Series was a loose collection of releases from 2006 - 2012, with the bulk appearing in the first three years. The frames were designed by various artists, several whom returned to produce a second release.
BLOC line releases are part of the Square O line of fashion glasses. The BLOC specifically represents the limited releases that are enhanced by guest artists. The initial release was limited to an O Store debut in Japan, while the latter were released domestically in stores previously selling Stretchline models. Ultimately this collection did not last long, and instead primarily became the Artist Series and a few other small collections.
Collection Chronology
A hub for all of the Collections and Special editions throughout the years.
Concept Studio
Define problems, find solutions, wrap them in art. Every product, graphic, or color starts with an inspiration. The Oakley Concept Studio embodies the ideas before the work to make something reality. The 2014 Concept Studio showcases the hand-painted experimentation of techniques, colors, and mediums based around an inspiration, with 26 pairs featured in stores and 3 web-exclusive pieces.
Design Brief
The Design Brief Contest originated in the UK in May 19, 2008. Contributors were asked to apply a design to a pair of Hijinx, the box, and accompanying microbag. A total of 60 entries were presented online for consideration, and #38 was chosen for actual production.
Eyewear Families
Oakley's eyewear has historically comprised distinct categories: Sport Specific, Lifestyle, and glasses that fit somewhere in between. During the early years there were no official designations, as the Frogskins were the only lifestyle pair amidst the Eyeshade, Blade system, M Frames and Zeros. Then in 1994 Oakley formally devised two separate lineups, each named for their flagship product. These would form the future of Oakley's 3D fully sculptured glasses, since prior to this point, most models were created from bent and relatively flat shapes.
Get a Grip on the Timeline
Lee Silver's Article on the History and Descriptions of the Grips, staring in the late 1970's to the final models a decade later.
Grab Bag
The Grab Bag program incorporates custom icons in three different Square O models, the Eye Patch, Gascan and Hijinx. Each paired with a Black, White, or Rootbeer frame with a random and unknown icon. Initially in August 2007, the Gascan, Eye Patch, and Hijinx would be sold without the buyer knowing which icon they would get, but later on Gascan and Hijinx models had specific icons, rolling out via monthly releases from March to December of 2008.
In Residence Collection
The In-Residence Events were three pop-up galleries located in LA, Sydney, and London, each celebrating Skate and Cycling culture.
Lobby Museum - 2005
A virtual tour through the Lobby Museum at HQ in 2005.
Oakley has cycled through many logos over the years. The Icon is the most recognizable, but many textual forms have also been popular.
M Frames
An overview and history of the M Frame models including their lens options.
Oakley 5
Oakley takes pride in 5 core values. Each are covered in PDF format here.
Oakley Headquarters
Original Addresses and Photos of the headquarters leading up to 1 Icon.
STPL Collection
The SPTL collection is comprised of several waves of releases. Each varied in scale, but were designed by Jeff Staple as he applied his distinctive style.
In 2004, just prior to Oakley's 30th anniversary, they brought back the full company name on the ear stems for a few select models.
Ever find yourself confused with all the terms Oakley uses? Well, he's a quick guide to get you on your feet.
The Most from the Least
In 1992 Oakley introduced the Sub Zero, or as Oakley referred to them, "a limited selection of next to nothing." Even to this day they are considered to be one of the most innovative designs Oakley ever produced. So radical from anything else, they featured a one piece dual orbital frameless design that incorporated Oakleys patented High Definition Optics and Plutonite lens material.
The Would-be Signature Series
Oakley Review member: Ed suggested that if were were able to have our own signature series, what would it be. With this simple question, a few Photoshop experts started making the answers a reality. Here's what creative designs came forth.
Thermonuclear Capsule Collection
The Thermonuclear Protection capsule collection draws inspiration from the brand?s rich heritage in motocross, while honoring classic 90?s California style.
Unseen Art Collective
The Unseen Art Collective was an event hosted at Fuse Fest Millennium Skate Park in Calgary on September 8, 2012. Local artists were given a blank canvas consisting of either a Collectors Frogskins or Dispatch II. All were auctioned off with some proceeds going to the Calgary Association of Skateboarding Enthusiasts.
X-Metal Serial List
On most X-Metals glasses and Time Bomb watches, there is a unique serial number which identifies the item. X-Metal glasses after around December 2004 do not have these numbers, but most out there do have them. Each number has a prefix which identifies the frame/lens color combo.

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