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Date: June 2008

i am rich -
I had this for my 3gs. One time I forgot that I placed my cellphone on the roof of my car and took off. I then realized that my phone is missing. So I drove back around and found my cellphone on the road. Luckily my phone was still intact. The only downside is the bulkiness and it is difficult taking out of your pocket.
The Game -
I loved this case. I had this case for four years and I beat the hell out of my phone. If I didn't have to upgrade to the 4 I would've kept this case. Yes it's bulky and not very pretty to look at but it did the job. If I only had one complaint it would be that the case is difficult to keep clean. Lint sticks to the case and is difficult to clean off.
vodou -
When I first got an iphone, I went through a lot of cases. The Unobtanium Oakley case fits perfectly and offers the best protection and grip of any that I tried. I love the look too. Overall, I am thrilled with the case and hope Oakley makes a case to protect the next series of phones.
Daveyboyracer -
As a busy courier I need a good phone like the iphone and a f&%king tough case as I'm in and out of trucks/vans half and the time on the phone to a client as well. If it wasn't for the case I would have had to replace my phone at least 4 times due to dropping it from 2m plus in height onto concrete. It just bounced with no damage to the case or phone. Best case ever!
YI Man -
Have any of you guys played Command and Conquer: Kane's Wrath? You know the epic units? The huge ass tank for GDI and the two walker units for Nod and Scrin? Well this is all three of those epic units combined for the iPhone - any other skin or case out there just pales in comparison in terms of:

1)Aggressive design - it's Oakley after all
2)Functionality - it's made to be abused
3)Size - hardly the most practical size BUT saying that it's fit in all my pockets so far but the average joe/y out there would probably complain! Only snag is that due to the design of the grip every time I take it out my pocket, it takes the pocket inside out with it!

I really don't have any faults with the case - it protects the phone and all the button recesses WORK really well. The phone look like a tank and I dare someone to play rugby/football with this thing on (on a dry day - it's not water proof).

Only other thing I'd slate is the price, but granted most things by Oakley are pricey. However that won't matter since my next point is that this case, at the time of writing, Oakley are phasing out - why phase out out something for one of the most popular phones about?

Either way, if you have an iPhone and appreciate Oakley's aggressive design and interpretation of protection then I heartily recommend this.
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