Since 1999, Oakley has placed metal icons onto the temples of most glasses, which replaced the molded icons of the mid-90's and the intake ports briefly appearing in the late-90's. These icons come in a few different shapes but are mostly shared throughout several models. The most common are:

The Classic logo appeared in a few different variations in the first wave of glasses.

Indented Classic (1984)
On the Eyeshade it was inset into the ear stem.

Screenprinted Classic (1984)
The Classic Frogskin first used a screen print, but later changed to a raised and painted logo which formed the technique used on all stem logos until the mid-90's.

Molded Classic (1985)
The raised logo was used on the Blade line, M Frames and Sub Zero's until ca. 1994. It was later reused on the Supreme and Collectors Frogskins.

Indented Thinstretch (1992)
In 1992 with the release of the E Wire, the stems were first created flat with ample space for a logo on top. The Boxy Thinstretch logo was engaved on the top face of each stem. This continued with the T Wire and Square Wire until 1998 with the release of the A Wire, at which point all four models converted to the Indented Icon.

Indented Icon (1998)
In 1998, the A Wire was released and instead of having thin hammer stems, a large faux-hammer earsock was placed on a rounded stem and the logo was changed to a small Icon near the hinge. The E Wire, T Wire and Square Wire converted as well for the remaining two-year period before the line-wide Wire change in 2000, which despite some design alterations, kept the indented icon for a few more years.

Indented Heavystretch (2004)
During the release of the initial Stretchline run, the Warden was the only Wire model to be included (and continued). The new Heavystretch logo was indented into the ear stem like most wires have.

Indented Square Icon (2007)
When the old Stretchline series moved to Square O, the Warden followed suit and adopted an indented Block Icon.

Molded Thinstretch (1992)
The raised Thinstretch logo first appeared on the latter Sub Zero's and on initial Zero's. At first the boxy stretch logo was used, but soon turned into the oval stretch. This logo was phased out in favor of the universal Icon in 1997. Since the Zero's were revamped in the late 90's only a few runs ended up with the Icon.

Molded Icon (1994)
The raised Icon first appeared on the Eye Jacket in 1994 and the M Frame adopted this logo as it transitioned into its second generation. The Sub Zero and Zero line would only later use this logo briefly in 1997 as they were using the stretch logo at the time. 1997 however was the last year any new model would appear with a molded logo, as the Jet Intake was experimented with and ultimately the True Metal Icon and variants took over in 1999.

Jet Intake
The Jet Intake option essentially removed any logo or defining feature from the glasses. While it was a styling choice, it made fakes harder to differentiate. The Jet Intake only lasted two years as a regular feature.

X-Metal Jet Intake (1997)
From 1997-1998 and appeared first on the Romeo. Other X-Metal glasses retained the Jet Intake on the tips of the stems since the parts were reusable accross the first four models in the lineup. Once the Penny was released, alternative stem styles were applied.

O Matter Jet Intake (1998)
First appearing on the Racing Jacket, the Moon and Gen 1 Minute applied this style. Only the Racing Jacket and Moon retain the intake, as the Minute soon changed to true metal icons when the Eye Jacket and Straight Jacket were redesigned in 1999.

Elliptical Icon
Small Icon (1999)
The Small Icon first appeared on the New Eye Jacket and Gen 2 Minute. The overall length is short and round.

Medium Icon (1999)
The Medium Icon appeared on the New Straight Jacket and New M Frame, but later was reused on the Riddle

Large Icon (2000)
The Large Icon was the last new Round Icon to appear. Debuting on the Eye Jacket 2.0, its most prominent role is on the Monster Dog and [Monster Doggle|Doggle].

Thin Icon (2001)
The Thin Icon is the most widely used and appears on models ranging from wires to jackets to zeros.

Thumbprint Icon (2002)
On the Half Jacket and Eye Jacket 3.0, an Icon roughly the same size as the Medium Icon was used. This was a raised icon that had rivets and addition detail. Initially the Thumbprint Icon had a filled center, but later was hollowed out.

Script Icon (2003)
On certain models, the Icon is replaced with a solid ellipse and the [Logo#Script|Script Logo]. This was later used exclusively on [List Of Female Glasses|Female Specific] glasses, but initially was swappable with the Small Icon when only certain colorways were designed for women.

Filled Icon (2007)
The Flak Jacket debuted with a new icon. It was smaller than the usual Icons, and the center despite looking empty, was actually part of the metal Icon; it was filled in with a plastic.

Heavystretch Logo
Large Heavystretch (2004)
In 2004, the Stretchline collection debuted and used a thickened [logo#stretch|Stretch Logo].

Small Heavystretch (2005)
The Montefrio was the second frame to use a Metal Heavystretch logo, but the logo was slightly reduced in size to fit the frame.

Medium Heavystretch (2006)
The final two frames to adopt the Heavystrech logo were the Twitch and Eye Patch, both which switched to the Square Icon when the stretchline collection was abandoned.

Classic Logo
Small Classic (2005)
The New Razorblade retained its styling from the original model and used a metal version of the [logo#Classic|Classic Logo] instead of the Heavystretch.

Large Classic (2007)
The Supreme Frogskins re-release in the White City colorway used a slightly larger Classic Logo to keep the style similar to the original, but update the technology.

Square Icon
Medium Square Icon (2005)
When the Gascan debuted, a new type of icon appeared and was blockier. A few years later as more appeared, these glasses were grouped into the Square O category. In 2007 the Grab Bag program produced custom artwork icons for integration into the standard Square O models.

Small Square Icon (2006)
The Small Square Icon was based off the original Square Icon, but reduced to fit on smaller stems like the Canteen

Large Square Icon (2007)
The Hijinx with its larger frame required a large icon to fit on it. Some are vented, but most are flat.
[Icon Compatibility#Large_Square_Icon|View Compatible Frames]

Sideways Square Icon (2008)
For the Sideways model, the Square Icon was rotated on the stem. However this rotation pushed some of the icon off the frame, and the edges were trimmed.

Castle Square Icon (2008)
The Oil Drum and Oil Rig were redesigned in 2008 with a new icon that was indented rather then flat.

Hex Icon
Hex Icon (2009)
First appearing on the Pit Boss, the Hex O is the symbol of the Elite line.
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