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roy-r -
Flesh... I had on pair on blue (and other TEETH) and no more to say, WE NEED THEM BACK!
Oakley Shoe Fan -
I have two pairs of these now, one in the lovely Goldenrod colour, the other sand/black or tan...
They are very quirky, very comfy and all out, lovely.
Perfect on warm to hot days if you can't wear the other sandal's(Oakley of course).
Brice Mougoue -
Man this sucks, for a long time now I have been looking for Okley Flesh but to no avail, seems to be found only in the museums now but why? After the last one I bought, can't find any other one. Such nice stuff should not stop being produced, they are the ONLY shoes I love. Ok now how can we urge them to start making them again (the old models not these sucking new models)? WE NEEEEEEEEEEEED THEM BACK!!!
I have owned a couple pairs of these. Great shoe so comfy my only con is the padding would deteriorate way before the shoe 1yr+. I have tried to replace them but to no real success.If you find these in your size buy them as they are collector items at this point :).
Derrick -
I need another pair of these, they were my first Oakley shoes and only the Nail has a better fit for me. I have about 20 pairs of oakley shoes, but nothing is better than your first.
Color: Black

Oakley's early entrance into the footwear market proved difficult at best, as many of their first lines of shoes performed poorly at retail; the Flesh changed that, however - at least in my opinion. Combining aesthetic appeal, comfort from aeroprene, and the convenience of slip-on footwear resulted in an excellent shoe. The black color looks great with almost anything, and doesn't stand out too much like the blue. Due to the limited amount of use mine have had, I cannot comment on their longevity/durability, though.

justin -
i have several pair of various colors and age (oldest pair is probably 5-6 yo) and have wore nothing since besides oakley...wonderful.... I live in north dakota nd actually thought they had good traction on ice........
A very different feeling shoe..... Very Very comfortable.. They feel like your only wearing soles... (not the whole shoe) very cool.....I have 2 pairs of them (black / grey)
BiGCoB -
I've got three of those that I paid 15 euros each. A red one, a black one and a sand one. I still wear all of them but the black is very used. They are very comfortable but as idealoakley said, don't walk with its on the snow.
TSIcon8 -
Color: Black
Awesome awesome shoes. Had them for 6 years now and they still look great despite bending one of the Icons trying to jump on something, but still really great shoes that are very comfortable.
idealoakley -

Extremely comfortable and look good too. I have been wearing mine for 3 years and they still look good and feel great. My only complaint is that they are VERRY slippery on snow. That is no fault of OAKLEY as they were not designed for the snowy climate up here in CANADA. I have learned to deal with sliding around while looking good in these shoes.
o-static -
Color: black/black
Mine are so old and they feel just like they were new, like the old shoes better than the new ones, well put together even i get good reaction of o employe's, is a bit edge but comfort is oke. sole design awesome.. very oakley..
Munkfish -
Really like these - very very comfy - a nice casual pair for the beach, pool, or just when you want to wear a pair of slippers out!
O-TasMiC -
Color: Goldenrod
Got these off of when they first came out. Initially I really liked the feel of them, they were comfortable, not to mention they added at least two inches to my already 6'2" frame. After a while though, the "O" Icon began to recede and cause a blister on my middle toe. Also I would not recomend wearing these without socks, it will cause an ungodly smell.
elf -

Strange shoe. People WILL comment on them, but it's all good! The are very comfortable and good if you stand a lot due to the heel cushioning. The soles don't seem to wear quickly at all.
Rick -
Color: Blue

I remember buying these in LA in 2001 and that day some drunk dude said "if LA ever slips into the ocean, I'm swimming with you!" So, I've always been a little self conscious when wearing these, but they are so easy to slip on and off. The bright blue is a bit "look at me" but I still love them. I wore them without socks once - big blisters on the back of the ankle.
Tick -
I really like my Fleshs but, at least for my foot, they tood a long time to break in. I like the way the Icon on the toe looks.
rocky2log -
color: brown

great cushioning,great fit, not very stable especially when running, sole design came from jurasic period,
sparra -
Color: Blue

These are one of the best pairs of Oakley shoes ever. They look the business, are ultra comfortable, and best of all, they're laceless. I wish they still made them, especially in such funky colours.
DisturbedEarth -
Color: black, tan, grey, blue/tan

I still have the very first pair of these i ever bought - and now have 4 or 5 pair total. These things wear like iron - never seen shoes that wear or last as long and the fit is awesome - great for the gym or any situation!
ford -
Color: Black

I have had these shoes for 4 years, and of course they aren't like they were brand new, but they have unbeleiveably remained intact and are very durable.

I love the style and fit of these shoes. They go with every pant/short/jean I own and are great for their ease of use.

I really would like Oakley to release the Flesh because mine are getting old and I want to replace them with exactly the same pair.
oogie -
Color: Goldenrod

I bought them at first at the thought of having goldenrod shoes! But they are so comfortable. The only problem I've had is that the heel has started to wear out on the inside. But that's been after so much use, I'd still rank these as some great shoes. Slip on and enjoy!
O.T.T. -
Color: black with white detailing
Thes are great shoes although the lack of half sizes made it difficult to be 100% comfortable (a 10.5 would have been perfect. I found that if I had been particularly active that salt from sweat would turn parts of the leather white. Also it didnt take long for profile of the padding under the stretch membrane to become constantly visible.

A lot of faults but oakley's first outing into footwear is still one of my most favourite oakley designs (bottlecaps just sucked)
adamjmoore -
Color: Tan
I have 2 pairs of these, one has the original 'smooth' pods on the sole and the other pair has the textured bottlecap style pods. Both shoes are really comfortable and have stretched a little bit as you would expect. On the whole, they rock with the newer style ones rocking slightly harder :)
rolyatnerrad -
Color: Red, Goldenrod, Blue
Very comfortable, but probably worth getting the half size down, as theyre quite loose fitting, I actually prefer the shoe 3 which has a very similar sole, but with laces! winner!
JL -
Color: Black

I've had mine for a few years now and they seems as comfortable as ever. Not good for wearing in the street or at school!, your lizard feet get a few stares. I wear mine over the summer months at the beach, traction pods have a nice hollow feel to them.
o-xide -
Color: Black
I like the pods at the bottom of the sole. The bottlecap and net is better than this regular flesh
apostrophe -
Color: Grey
These were my first Oakley shoes, since then I've bought Oakley footwear exclusively ('cept for dress shoes) as they're so damn comfortable. Great shoes for sports, seem to have good spring to them.
EastCoast -
Color: White / Light Blue

Very comfortable pair of shoes. The model I have was never listed on the webpage. Also, the tread on the original Flesh was solid on the traction pods. On the pair I have the traction pods are crosshatched like on the Bottlecap. No good for formal wear, but I don't think that's the point of them.
Dann -
Color: Black, Red
I bought the Black Flesh shoes at Marshall's for $16. I saw these shoes go for over a hundred in a fancy store, so it was quote a deal. They lasted for well over a year before the plastic that holds the back ridge up started breaking down and wearing through the exterior. At that point I had to get rid of them to avoid a blister. But everything else about them is perfect. I also have a pair of red ones that I wear on special occasions, but I like to keep those mint.
Daniel Silva -
Ive had mine pair for 7 years and still doing great ! want to buy new ones but apparanetely they dont make them anymore...New models dont look to me. wonder if theres any shop where I can find some back catalogue
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