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Funky-Trixtar -
I wanted to add, there's also an Electric Mustard - Black Iridium pair which, it's believed were given to Reps. Supposed amounts suggested being 7-8 pairs.
O4life -
Frame: cannon red
Lens:black iridium
the design from the origional eye jacket to the 2.0 was pretty drastic but in my opinion AWSOME!
Doodle -
Frame: Midnight
Lens: 24K

Just scored my 2nd pair of these. I love 'em. Slight blindspot when driving with these on but looks and comments make up for it.

Definately look like something out of the future with these baby's on!

Matt SG -
Frame: Midnight (Dark Blue Metallic)
Lens: 24K Gold iRidium

My 2nd pair of Oaks... I actually would give this a 3.5, but the ratings don't allow for half skulls :p Basically a love-hate relationship with this. First thing, build quality is fantastic. I recently got a pair of new Straight Jackets II and thought since it's the top-tier of O-matter wraparounds, it should at least come up to the standard of build quality of this 2002 Eye Jacket model... but no... the EJs 2.0 beat it hands down... :((

Next to build quality, 2nd good thing are the 24k gold iridium lenses. The lenses are a work of art and truly shine brilliantly like 24k gold. But the lens shape was what made me give the EJs a not-so-high rating. I don't really like the BUG-EYED kind of style of the glases. I bought it as it was going cheap at some random sunglass store I walked into. That's what people comment on most of the time - the bug or fly's eyes... and it 'bugs' me, HAHA. Also, the fit on my head is rather loose, not as tight as my Minutes; and as someone also mentioned, the hinges are quite loose and the arms just flap easily any way they want.

However, it's protection is outstanding (I'm not sure if the lenses are polarized, can someone tell me?), and the vision is excellent for all bright light conditions. Point to note is that green grass through the lenses look extra green, like a computer-enhanced sort of bright artificial green, and I think that's cool. I'm really trying to like this pair more, but I'm currently auctioning it off after about 3 years with it... i hope it'll find a good home...
Frame: FMJ+
Lens: Black Polarized

To match the aesthetics of Oakley's first watch, the company created the Eye Jacket 2.0. Sleek and aerodynamic in design, the flush-mounted orbitals and earstems closely resemble the crystal and band of the TimeBomb. A Full Metal Jacket further enhances the strength of the frame, and polarized lenses reduce glare (customized). On the downside, the appearance is a bit bulky and the fit somewhat loose. Overall, however, a solid lineup to the Oakley regimen.

EnergyShiftX -
Frame: Red
Lens: Black Iridium

I love the Red. What an awesome color. The lens shape is a little wierd for my face, makes my look like an alien, but still these were some cool glasses. The red & black is such a sick combination, plus the unobtanium earsocks is a nice touch
american image -
Frame: fmj
Lens: black iridium

these shades are really covering up all of your eyes, i like the earstems with the industrial design. they are actually comfortable to wear , so all in all A+
too bad they sold really bad
O-Whores -
Frame: Midnight
Lens: 24k Iridium

Snakes! They look like snakes!
But like Ed says, they do really look futuristic. Sleek and sexy. They wrap rather nicely and aren't heavy on the face. The 24k lenses are also very mirrored, making them an awesome "privacy" pair.
Dann -
Frame: Cannon Red
Lens: Black

I got these for pretty cheap at the vault. Ended up trading them for some Trenchcoats, but I gave them a try before I did. They fit nice, and provide adequate coverage. I'm not crazy about the flat red color, but I intend to pick up one of these again in a different colorway.
RubyMars -
Frame: Midnight
Lens: 24K Iridium

I love these glasses. Of all the colorways, the 24K definitely makes these stand out when you're wearing them. And the flush mounted lenses look spectacular. The problem with this mounting is another little blind spot in your peripheral, but nothing too major. Not as much shock effect as an OTT, but still different enough to be noticed. Classic Oakley bug eyes and fluid styling. And they fit me like a glove, almost no light around the sides. Large Unobtainium surface on the ears makes for a solid anchor point, these puppies aren't going anywhere. Bravo Oakley. Too bad you screwed up on the 3.0.
mrtwenty1 -
Frame: midnight blue
Lens: 24k iridium

when i look at myself in the mirror I look like a big bee buzzing!!. kidding aside the EJ 2.0 is a great sunglass it truly meet my needs with its index 3 category. i drive my car a lot and play golf during weekends and it provides me with clear vision all the time. even though after 6 years i gave it up for a juliet plasma / Fire Iridium.!!!! looking for more years with my new oakley :)
banarno -
Lens:Black Iridium
TimeBomb inspired 2nd generation of eyejackets, and I think they are pretty cool.
Not as popular as they initially hoped for though.
oogie -
Frame: Midnight
Lens: 24k

I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with my EJ 2.0. I really liked the elements of the earstems and flushed lens orbitals. But the overall look just didn't scream anything all that special to me. I had this pair stolen from my car some years back ... and although it has been tempting to replace that style, I haven't found them at a price low enough for me to pounce.
scottie pimpn -
Frame: midnight blu
Lens: 24K

perhaps some of the best sunglasses i ever owned til someone thought they needed them more then i did like them so much i am in proccess in getting a pair in all the colors available
RangerK -
Frame: Midnight
Lens: 24k

I wear these when I want to hide from the world... the gold lenses look menacing.

Not a pair my wife likes....

The song "Bad to the Bone" comes to mind.
Ed -
Frame: Midnight
Lens: 24K Iridium

Had to get one more pair of these before they disappear. The Midnight frame is just beautiful. Indoors, it's a shiny, deep blue. In the sun, the metallic flakes in the paint really sparkle. The flush-mounted lenses and streamlined shape are so unique even among other Oakleys. It's a shame those design elements really have not been used again since these were released.
sparra -
Frame: Midnight
Lens: 24K Iridium

Well, they were okay I guess, but not personally to my taste. After the iconic Eye Jacket, these just don't match up in terms of style, however they do appear to fit my face better than Eye Jacket.
Tick -
Frame: midnight
Lens: 24k
These looked good and were a cool idea. Too bad it didn't work out.
LEX7 -
Frame:Metallic Black
Lens:Black Iridium

When i saw these in stores and on the website i thought they looked a bit weird so i never made an effort to try them on.
i just got a pair today for the collection and they are really very nice.
not as comfortable as the originals, but still a great wraparound pair.
they even have nosebombs, so they are like a more rigid version of twentys.
x-metalman -
Frame: Midnight
Lens: 24K Iridium
The 2.0's are not nearly as nice as the originals. The fklush mount orbitals sound like a good idea, but look more like swimming goggles than sunglasses. If they look good on you, fine. Just not for me.
o-xide -
Frame: FMJ
Lens: Blk Iridium

I can't wear this. I got one and gave it away. They say that it's inspired by the TimeBomb design but the beauty is nothing close. I once saw this on a Samoan guy and he looked cool but not one me so I give it a 3
JL -
Frame: Midnight, Metallic Black
Lens: 24k, Black

I bought two of these when they were first released, the store owner at first didn't order any because he found that the 'slugs' weren't all that attractive going by what the Oakley Rep had showed him. Low and behold, there were four pairs when I returned and I was the first to grab the midnight. This was a very nice glass and bought me a lot of comments. However because the lens is flush mounted your vision is obscured particularly if you're trying to look backwards only to see a part of the orbital.

The lens popped out of my Metallic blacks but luckily it doesn't take much to fix them.
EastCoast -
Frame: Metallic Black
Lens: Black Iridium
I like these a lot. They fit a larger head well with a wider nose bridge. Great look to them, with the detail on the arms coinciding with the lens orbitals. Pictures really don't do these frames justice. My only issue, and it's a minor one, is that the peripheral vision seems to be a bit curtailed. However, I haven't worn any other Jackets so maybe they're par for the course.
kingphilbert -
Frame: Midnight
Lens: 24K

Oakley designed these to copy the look and band of the Time bomb, their first time piece. A little bulky and unwieldy and almost a mutation (not evolution) of the original. The lenses were flush with the frame which made it look a little too much like smaller dual lens goggles that many were wearing. More on par with the Straight Jacket in my eyes.
Ed -
Frame: Black Chrome
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized

Very sleek, futuristic look to these glasses. The Black Chrome finish blends well with the flush-mounted Black Iridium Polarized lenses to create a smooth, wraparound profile. The Black Chrome on these frames does not have near as much bronze tint as the Black Chrome Half Jackets.
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