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Obsidian -
Frame: Carbon
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized

This was my first pair of wire Oakleys. I liked them until I bent the frame slightly and could never get a good fit after that. I agree with some here about the winged earsocks having a tendency to twist. I don't wear them anymore because the coverage is just not enough for me, I tend to like the bigger lenses.
Wavecloud -
I have the A Wire Thick with Light Blue lenses. Love the brushed finish on these and the lenses! I wish there were more low light options available on other frames.
xtremehardy388 -
Frame: Black
Lens: Grey

Nice pair of shades. I have a smaller face so these looked a bit too big. These aren't the most rugged so do be careful when using them in an active environment. Still, they do look professional and are pretty comfortable. They are a bit heavy after a while.
Shotgun -
Frame: Platinum
Lens: Gold Iridium
Without a doubt, the best Oakley's ever made. Gold iridium is my favorite non-polarized lens. Great in sun and overcast. Contrast is so good I wear them when driving in the rain. Oakley got an earful when they cancelled them according to the the sales rep I dealt with when ordering the Ti Whiskers to replace them after 8 years of great service. If they still made the A Wire, I'd be buying another pair.
D.a_Mc. -
Frame: (NOT Thick) Blk.A WIRE
I am 6'6" & 180 lbs. The variety of frames that fit my narrow head,w/out taking over my face were few and far between, and there was always a hand full of problems or things I did'nt like at all.
But, the orig.A WIRE w/ the Hammerfin style ear socks solved nearly all my frustrations.
You can not beat a CLASSIC style. Ten years ago,I was turned on to these in particular for their comfort fit and clarity of optics. Working in construction,I found myself loving them more & more daily. After almost loosing an eye, I learned that it was Oakley's saftey standards that allowed me to keep both my eyes. These saftey specs.,as well as clarity, comfort and timeless style are just a few reasons why I will not entrust my valuable visual sight to anything less than the best.
:Vintage OAKLEY since 1999: & still sportin' em
p.s. Now, if only I could easily find replacement softwear for vintage specs.(hammerfinn unobtanium)w/out shipping them to Oakley.(I'd miss them too much and my others just are'nt the same.) !!!THANK YOU OAKLEY!!!
Ian -
Frame: Brushed Thick
Lens: Black Iridium

My second pair of Oakleys. They only thing I didn't like about them was the extra-long earsocks that had a tendency to twist.
BullyVW -
Frame: Platinum
Lens: Dark Grey

While these can be tight on large heads, the initial style is timeless. These are some of the darkest Oakley lenses I have experienced. They're great for any day, whether it's a dress occasion or not.

I have an original thin frame pair with hammer Unobtanium pieces and it adds something to the look and feel. The 3 position grips make them right for almost anyone.
Frame: Dark/thick
Lens:Black Iridium

Probably the best wire ever made. I bought them in 1999 and I have worn them in every brigth condition: Alpi mountains , Polinesian baeches, an my eyes ever felt relaxed.
jumpman73 -
Frame: Brushed Thick
Lens: Black Iridium

I had the opportunity to get these real cheap. I missed the pair of A wires I broke yearas ago so I had to do it for memory lane's sake. The thicker frame doesn't look as clean as the thinner frame option. Still, the eye coverage and lightness of the frame is still good. It also is still really clean and conservative looking which is a nice professional alternative to a pair of x-metals.
Frame: carbon
Lens: black iridium polarized rx

got these more out of necessity then want.i needed a rx sunglass pair and this was one of the only ones i could get at the time.
but when i had them in hand and on head it was great very confortable i little tight but it worked fantasticly. i kind wanna have them make me a H.I. pair in the future when i have the cash

fin7 -
Frame: Platinum
Lens: gold

Only the second Oakley I ever had, great hammerfin socks & loved the gold lens compared to what else was available at the time. Not easy to justify the price tag at the time, but due to the cost I still have them now, where cheaper ones would be long gone by now.
My eldest son loves to wear them and consequently have got him his own pair

Beautiful introduction pair of Oakley and for sentimental reasons one of my favourites
maxarre -
Frame: Brushed Thick
Lens: Black Iridium
I purchased my A-wire Oakley's in September 1999 and have worn them almost every day since then. I purchased them because they fit up close to my eyeballs and gave me about 90% coverage. I also loved the HammerFang arms w/ 3-position ear socks because I have a wide head and most sunglasses cut into the side of my head. These were the first "expensive" sunglasses I had ever purchased; before this I had gone through a $10 pair every few months. My Oakley's have survived as long as they have because I bought a soft vault to store them in and kept the soft vault attached to my belt w/ a keychain thing I made. After 7 years the lense coatings are starting to decompose and the earsocks are almost worn out but the frames themselves are rock-solid. I am planning to send them in to Oakley soon to be refurbed w/ new lenses, pads and ear socks.
yelkao -
Frame: Carbon
Lens: Black Iridium

The A Wire was my first pair of Oakley wires. The wing ear socks were one of the selling points along with the frames finish. I like the fact that wires in my opinion are more of a subtle looking sunglass. But the wing ear socks along with Oakley design definitely set them a part from other sunglass company's wires.
splatter -
Frame: Brushed Thick
Lens: Black Iridium

these are the best looking wires on most people and the hammer ear socks are too cool.
jumpman73 -
Frame: Dark
Lens: Black
These are awesome for dress up days. Very professional. The only draw back for me were they were not very durable, not like a X-metal. My frame broke after 2 years. Still, pretty nice looking.
Tick -
Frame: Brushed Thick
Lens: Light blue
I love the way these look from a fashion standpoint. Really light lens that Oakley didn't use that often.
Rick -
Frame: Brushed/Thick
Lens: Black Iridium
Almost exactly like the first pair I bought with the exception of a wider frame. I like the brushed finish. Looks classy but has a subtle industrial flavor.
Rick -
Frame: Platinum
Lens: Gold Iridium
I bought these the day they were released in New Zealand. I might be wrong but they may have been the first wire ever available. I remember trying them on and feeling like they fit so well and looked great. I think they provide class and sophistication without sreaming "look at me!". The have a high level of refinement that is more difficult to find within the other Oakley families. Of all Oakleys I have ever recommended, the A Wire is the one that most friends have gone with. They are getting a little long in the tooth, but they are still an all-time favorite of mine. They served me well back in the day.
O-TasMiC -
Frame: Dark
Lens: Black Iridium
Dark A wires with Black Iridium lenses and old school false hammer earsocks were the S**t when they first came out. They were the second pair of Oakleys (Black/Black Iridium Eye Jackets being the first) I ever actualy went to Sunglass Hut and bought. They cost me $135.00 + tax of my hard earned lawn mowing money when I was in the eighth grade, and they were worth every penny. I eventualy sold them on eBay for $105.00 and put it towards some Juliet Plasma/fires but I wish I still had them.
BrianJ1888 -
Frame: Thick
Lens: Black Iridium
I gave these to my Mom, because I didn't like wearing them. The Hammer earsocks were cool, but they seemed a bit flimsy. They bent constantly at the hinge. The design of the hinge is that the orbital screws around the lens, with two little wings sticking out. These wings then sandwich the earstem. The 2.0 version beefed this are up a lot, making them less prone to bendage.
evan.carrigan -
Frame: Brushed Thick
Lens: Emerald Iridium
Great shades. I bought these on a whim 3 years ago and still wear them all the time. Solid pair of shades. Extremely tough and great looks. Of course there are many new styles but these are still great.
oogie -
Frame: Thick
Lens: Clear Blue & Black

Back in the day, these seemed like the pinnacle of wires. A newer, squared off lens shape and sleek earsocks. I love the clear blue lenses in the thick silver frame, something to wear at night or inside.
adamjmoore -
Frame: Platinum
Lens: Gold Iridium
Looser fitting than the current a wire and as result very comfortable but I find they do have a tendancy to slip off if you're running around a lot.
bong -
Frame: Brushed Thick/Brushed Thick
Lens: Black Iridium/Emerald Iridium or Light Blue

these are one of the nicest Wires ever made, and even more comfortable to wear than the current A Wire Thick, because of the thicker unobtanium earsock (with nicely sculpted pseudo Hammer Wing) and bigger nosepads. these are still the nicest lens shape ever made in the Wire series. the Brushed Thick frames are really nice looking, especially in contrast with the Black Iridium lenses.
kingphilbert -
Frame: Platinum
Lens: Gold

The best wire available when it came out. I loved the older ear stem with the arm length ear sock and the false Hammer wing on it. And Copper was cool. I bought Platinum as soon as the straight arm pair had shown up. It was a great fit, slightly on the smaller side and a great lens shape. A good alternative from the E and Square.
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