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We took reinforced nylon fiber and created a semi-rigid design that matches durability with the convenience of low weight.

Jah-9's -
Color: Black, of course
This thing clearly does its job. I can put my Juliet's in there and toss them in a bag and not think twice about them until I pull them back out and they're just as perfect as they were when they went in.

It's a little bulky, but then again so are Juliet's, but that's what you need for superb sculptural styling.

The logo on the top of my case, which I assume is made of X-Metal, broke. There are several inherent points in the design where the metal is very thin and is subjected to odd stresses, and it broke along two of them. So that's disappointing, and makes me wonder if x-metal is really as indestructible as I'd been led to believe. But there's no thin points or bizarre stresses on my Juliet's so I think it's ok

I could probably send it back and get it fixed but it doesn't affect the function, and I'd rather not be without my soft vault while they fix it, so broken it stays. I can identify it from all the other x-metal soft vaults I run into every day. haaahaha.
thisguy -
Very nice for travel. You can fit your X Metals in them securely and pack them for any trip. The logo on the top of the case is also cool.
Farlius -
Color: Black

Perfect for the X-Metal series and anything smaller you don't mind getting banged around inside. The X on the outside lets people know they aren't just any Oakleys. My case has kept my Juliets and lenses in great shape for the last few years. Less of a profile in your bag and more for real world use than a metal vault, although the metal vault also doubles for display.
The X-Metal Soft Vault is actually constructed from a rigid nylon material and offers a great alternative to the standard X-Metal Vault (metal). Adorned with the X-Metal logo on the top/center, this protective piece of equipment also weighs very little, making transport very easy.
BiGCoB -
This vault is by far more practical than the X-metal metal vault.
While the X-metal hard vault can't go go everywhere due to his shape, the soft one will find a place in all your bags. It will ensure a secured place for your precious X-Metals in all condition. It will also be able to accept other size of glasses which won't fit in the regular vaults like Scar's, Eye Jacket 2.0, etc... or smaller ones, but you'll better choose the good size of vault to not get your glasses moving constantly if the vault is too large.
Thanks to the zip, the X-metal soft vault will keep closed in any condition.
With respect to the durability, I've been using mine for 3 years now and he is still like new. So son't worry about this, even if it's not metal, it's build to resist.
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