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when jack frost is out!

What the Oaks ride in!

Oakleys and MotoGP= Priceless!

The boss and I!

Juliet loves the hair!

Yep that's Rossi's!

No discount buddy!

Me and James!






Feb 3, 2011 12:44 AM
yeah Ian I feel you. I may never where them, but boy are they an awesome looking pair of Oaks! Dan inspired me to snatch a pair after his video review... and so I notified my partner and sure enough he found a pair in NY vault brand new! If I told you the price you may plunk yourself! lol
Feb 2, 2011 9:11 AM
Just got a brand spanking new pair of x-metal xx in 24k! could not resist the price and the prestige condition!!! thanks to my inside the O hookup!!!
Feb 2, 2011 9:05 AM
my dog... congrats terror!
Jan 25, 2011 1:48 AM
Over 5k for the TBII-CF would be too much... material and process should get cheaper, etc. Still we all know the O can overprice things. As for the CF pit boss at say 1k i'd be so interested in! $3500 for the watch in my opinion is a great price, because it's more than the regular TBII but reasonable!
Jan 24, 2011 10:37 PM
I wouldn't expect for the interiors of the watch to be CF, but the individual plates and face... yes! As for the cutting of the band, I think it is a unique aspect of the piece itself. The only thing I'm worried about is if they will continue to produce the band long after the watch is no longer in production. I really love this watch and compared to other watches(rolex, tag, etc.) I'd rather be different than the same. Again CF plates and face, with a black band and "stealth" titanium hands and inner working mechanicals would rock! As for the CF Pit Boss, I don't want the entire frame made of CF... just the titanium plates replaced with CF plates on a polished black frame or Matte Black frame! Or they could possibly make an x-metal pit boss with CF plates!
Jan 24, 2011 1:22 PM
I was thinking... I recently purchased a TB II and it is a wonder to behold... however, like me... would you guys be interested in a all Carbon Fiber Timb Bomb II? I would love to have one and am hoping that someone at Oakley is reading and decides to bring this dream to reality. Instead of going with the usual "stealth" model spin on watches... it would be awesome to do a carbon fiber version since it is the Elite line! I would be in on purchasing!!! What do you guys think? I would also love a carbon fiber Pit Boss too! Pricing as follows: TB II-CF =$3500 and a Pit Boss-CF =$1000! If Oakley does make this happen, I'd sH!t myself and wouldn't have money for toilet tissue, cause both will be purchased!!! lol
Jan 10, 2011 6:50 AM
indeed sir you are right... an instant purchase! I like the idea of it being like the timebomb II! It can even be an "ELITE" piece and for that I'm totally down to purchase one, maybe two, or three depending on the price!!!
Jan 9, 2011 7:52 AM
Damn those all look excellent! Keep it going boys... the artist series rocks!!! Yo Rick... ya just so damn sick... wit it!
Jan 7, 2011 11:03 PM
Congrats tag on the pit bosses... I got 1 more to go(rootbeer) :)! I just got my first over the top in matte black/ruby iridium! Might pick up a plate soon not convince with the color(platinum/24k)! Anyone wanna trade a silver and black iridium plate for the platinum/24k plate? The one that I can scoop is mint with box and all papers! PM me and let me know!
Jan 7, 2011 6:28 AM
Picked up a red camo new style ZERO today! Could have picked up a PLATE but passed on them. However still may go back and pick them up!
Jan 6, 2011 1:00 AM
just added photo of the face mask in gallery!
Jan 6, 2011 12:53 AM
did you guys purchase the artic face mask? i bought 2 from in black with the grey artic challenge symbol covering the face! search for it, it's an awesome piece!
Jan 6, 2011 12:45 AM
that's killer phil! man and something told me that was gonna happen! can't wait for it an others to surface!!!
Jan 6, 2011 12:28 AM
hey fellas, what is the pit bull?
Jan 5, 2011 1:35 PM
Yo Chop! Mad skills there buddy... You will be hearing from me and my wallet after we complete the first project!
Jan 5, 2011 1:31 PM
welcome to the view! happy to you you along. enjoy and learn everything you can from these guys. they all are great!
Jan 5, 2011 2:17 AM
we can only hope! that would be awesome though!!! hope the O is reading... just don't make the price for $4000. $1500 would be reasonable!
Jan 5, 2011 2:03 AM
If the fit was spot on... that may be a purchase!!! Why, lol... is there something you know that we don't? spill it!
Jan 3, 2011 10:54 AM
I knew you would see it my way Terror! To some folks they were everything and then some, but again I was more impressed with material than design! Could I afford them, yes... but I just didn't think they were worth it! The Pit Boss is a bad boy because although it took elements from other designs before it, the Pit Boss still stood out on its own and is a real head turner. The CSIX just said "yeah I got cash!", but when spending that kinda doe I want my glasses to say "yeah bi&tch, I have arrived and you better take notice!". The CSIX didn't say that at all. No it doesn't have to be an over the top like scare, but I wanna look like I belong in "The League of Extrodinary Bad A$$es!". So the next time Oakley wants to place a $4000 price tag on an item... #1. should be custom fitted, #2. should be designed to draw attention, but remain tamed, #3. give me the gut feeling of I just can't live without these. Sorry guys and maybe I'm gonna cause an uproar, but the CSIX failed at all 3 and then some!

Jan 3, 2011 7:20 AM
Ian, if it's worth the price you can count me in on it! to me the elite CSIX was not a piece that I thought worlds of. It was just a blah design... I was more excited about the materials than the design. The fit too was on the medium to small size, but my big head didn't work with them. for $4000 or even $1500 they better be an out of this world design and to me the CSIX didn't get it done!
Jan 3, 2011 2:26 AM
For me... OTT in black/ruby... also maybe a second timebomb 2, titanium 12 gauge or stealth 12 gauge... minute machine... that red pit boss... maybe the tron pit boss...
and hopefully new elite products! I would like to see an elite X-Metal! Hopefully a razor sharp design of a new romeo 3.0 or romeo similar to the first romeo, just more meaner.
Jan 2, 2011 10:08 PM
will be at motogp in 2011, so hope to see you again... by the way what's "big" in 2011, lol!!! PM me and let me know if things are to be hush!
Dec 31, 2010 11:36 AM
First and foremost happy new year... every year from here on out! Second I wanna say thanks to Dann for allowing me to join this awesome group of guys, that are just as insane as me! It was a lonely world, not having anyone to share my hobby and passion with. I also wanna say thanks to each and every one of the members, because I have learned so much since becoming a member and I see you guys as my family and if I can ever assist in anyway(except my frosted blue Oil Rigs, lol) I'd be glad to help each and every one of you guys! This has become my favorite place to be when I can be on. I hope that the site and friendships continue to grow throughout the rest of all our lives... I hope that Lux continues to allow the designers the freedom to create eyewear unlike anything... and may we all continue to buy everything! May 2011 bring us all a better life in every aspect! I wish you all the very best! Say whatever you just wanna say... whether it be good news, hopes and wishes, get something off your chest, quick thoughts on new models, etc. Now 2011, bring on the Ducati Pit Boss, new X-Metals, new models, new colors, more lense options, etc.!!!

Rock on, o-review members, and oakley!!!
Dec 31, 2010 8:01 AM
This has been a great end of the year for 2010... pick ups include the following: Time Bomb II, Anti-Freeze Radar Path(added yesterday), Tribal Monster Dog(thanks to member ifynanceu), and 2010 Ichiro Radar in frosted blue(thanks to rhlake). Now thinking of the next move once I've recovered a little... Ichiro Radar path in silver, 24K X-Metal XX, Tron Pit Boss, Matte Rootbeer Pit Boss, 12 Gauge, Time Tank, and more! Ducati Pit Boss is purchased before released and hopefully some new X-Metals!!! Come on Oakley, 2011 can be the year to shock and awe us! New Monster Dog, new Romeo 3.0, new Over The Top, new Plates(metal and not plastic), etc. Take my money, just give me the most radical year of the sunglass!!!
Dec 25, 2010 4:03 AM
Terror I got a lot of pics to post man... the time bomb 2, the ichiro, and some others I've been quietly seeking!
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