James brown
Jul 21, 2006 10:47 PM
maybe we could introduce a sticky thread for new members to post any questions in and make a sort of safe area for them to start posting without getting shot down for asking "stupid" questions, introduce themselves etceteras???
Jumpman23 Mamba Triple Ocho
Jul 22, 2006 1:51 AM
Hopefully they woud read the sticky. I really doubt that new people would.
Rick (The Doctor) Fawcett
Jul 22, 2006 2:01 AM
I completely agree. I have no problem answering a question or giving feedback, but it's obvious when a new member has put forth little to no time into reading past threads. When I joined I jumped off the handle when I saw a member's comments regarding the Romeo 1.0 spider-cracking problem. Did I ever apologize to you BrianJ1888? This would not have happened had I taken the time to bring myself up to speed on things. Newbies everywhere take this for what it's worth - Read as much as you can before posting.
James brown
Jul 24, 2006 12:59 PM
Fair enough guys, I know what you are all saying. Personally, when I joined it took me three and a half days to read through all the posts before I posted myself (including the one about Saab drivers and Oakley). However, in case you havent noticed we arent exactly a long way off a million posts and depending on what you are looking for the search facility can bring up an awfull lot of stuff to look at. I think a lot of us can get complacent about that because we can do very directed searches because we already know what we are talking about and can often even remember a particular thread. That is obviously a bit hard if you have just joined. I am pretty certain there would be some members who wouldnt mind answering "stupid" questions every now and then. Also, instead of allowing them to litter the main thread, we could just direct them to the "new guys" thread.

And besides, that wasnt the only aim. Like I said, a safe area where new guys (and girls) can intro themselves without thinking they will get shot down. Might make some genuine people more able/willing to make their first post.

Again, it was just a thought;-)
Eric Arsenault
Jul 24, 2006 7:32 PM
Well worded post as always William, like others, I dont mind answering "stupid" questions but some come from members who dont bother to search at all and are just happy to it the reply button as soon as they can.

When you have been here more then a few weeks and doing that, that means you dont get it, and dont understand the vibe of this site.

I would like to see a noob area where new members could be for the first week or 2, so they can ask questions and read and look around. They could not post in the main forum in the meantime.
Wilson Ng
Jul 24, 2006 8:12 PM
we do have a welcome page up in the stickies where newbies can introduce themselves. it was actually there where i posted my first post.


but perhaps it should be revised where newbies can get more introduction information.
James brown
Jul 25, 2006 11:59 AM
Hey guys. I think it goes without saying that there are certain questions which are beyond the pale and I would imagine it would be up to each member as to whether they would want to answer them or not.

As mentioned earlier there are a whole bunch of things that can be quite difficult to research. I certainly think that most people who have been here a while can be very good at searching for and posting links in reply to questions. It does however get quite tiring when they pop up again and again. Thats why I thought it could be confined to one section where the rules would prevent flaming of/shooting down down people who, as far as they are concerned, are asking a perfectly reasonable question.

I dont think we are in danger of becoming like some sites with a fixed community of elitists who sneer at anyone with less knowledge than they do so this isnt a comment on the way we treat new guys. It is just a suggestion as to how to improve the site by giving these people a place to ease themselves into the way of the O.

Eric, I know exactly what you are saying about the "vibe" of the site and completely agree. God knows there have been some people join who have been beyond salvation.

I think it might be difficult to confine new guys to posting in the noob section to begin with because there would have to be some sort of release mechanism. I dont think self nomination would be any good and I dont think a certain number of posts would be a good indicator of acquired knowledge. Besides, I would probably want to post my own stupid question every now and then.

For example, I had been a member here for about 6 months before I knew what OPD stood for. :-)
Eric Arsenault
Jul 25, 2006 9:38 PM
Yeah a sticky thread for Noobs that would stay at the tops with links to the major points and threads would be the best like you said.

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