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fivesguy -
Frame: Crystal Black
Lens: Black

I’ll start by saying that they’re probably too big for my face. They’re big. The orbitals are larger than the modern Cohort (a sporty ladies frame). On my medium sized face, they sit on my cheeks when I smile or talk.

Even with the size issue, (a personal problem) I really like the look of the frame. They’re pretty much a bigger version of the Fives, which are one of my favorite shapes and fit me like a glove.

I picked up my CB pair in 2020, nearly 15 years after the frames were discontinued. At this age, there is some fine cracking in the top and bottoms of the orbitals. When compared to some older Fives, they aren’t quite as brittle as the old O Matter so they can still be worn... just with some care when taking them off and cleaning lenses.

Since they’re a little big on my face, they’ll probably hang out in my case.
crsssl -
Frame: Rootbeer
Lens: Gold Iridium

Best damn sunglasses I've ever owned. Performance was second to none, no glare, comfortable to the point that I forgot I was wearing them. Perfection.

Unfortunately, I lost them years ago. If anyone knows where I can find these kinds (this model) of sunglasses again, I would be eternally grateful.
N.O.X -
Frame: glow in the dark (Trevor Andrew)
Lens: bronze

Purely on a cosmetic angle these glasses are great. The lense quality is still better than any other wayfarer brands out there. A must have for any collector. However they could really use an iridium coating on the lens (possibly 5 star). Not the best coverage, not to be used for any type of active lifestyle. But the n again thats not really the target audience of anyone interested in these
Frame: Black
Lens: Grey

I really like these glasses. I like the large fit and the unobstructed view I get from them. I only wish I would have bought the polarized version. I can attest to their impact resistance as well. Mine have a "dent" on the bridge from an unidentified object that struck me in a boat going about 55mph. I thought for sure the glasses came apart, but I was able to pick up the earpieces, snap them back on and continue no worse for wear.

These glass are tough to keep on though. The thin earpieces combined with no rubber lets them easily fall off if you look down at your feet.
Tick -
Frame: Matte Clear
Lens: Black Iridium
Fit is super comfortable but styling is sorta blah but what can you expect from an entry level glass.
LEX7 -
Frame:Matte Clear
Lens:Black Iridium

Another Damn cool clear frame, Im hoping to have all of them one day.
a bit boring that it comes with black iridium, as i think it would look amazing with a gold iridium lens.
very cool.
LEX7 -
Frame:Texas Tea
Lens:Gold Iridium

Same goes with these about fit and comfort as the other ones I have reviewed.
But I felt I had to mention this frame colour.
It looks so cool and weird, its very similar to the Gold X frame colour which is available in the original eye jackets.
Looks great with the sun shinning on them and plus it has the Gold Iridium lens which compliments the frame perfectly.
I highly recommend this frame if you can find it.
LEX7 -
Lens:Blue Iridium

I have to disagree with Phil, I love how retro these look, they have a big goofy look which is just funny.
They have huge lenses and the white looks soo good with the blue lens.
very comfortable and fit well.
These are a great classic addition to my collection.
kingphilbert -
Frame: Crystal
Lens: Black

Not the pair to relive past glories in. It was a complete 360 from the classic Frogskins and had a large fit. The arms were thin and the pattern on them wasn't great (unlike the bubbles on the Fives). Released before the Fives and not my recommendation out of the two.
O -
Frame: Polished White
Lens: Ruby Iridium

I was impressed with these, not sure quite how to pull of the huge BCG look but I like how purple the lenses are and that they are limited. 4 X
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