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Granada351 -
Precisa atualizar a lista, já tive outra frame com outra lente e não está aqui...
flippj -
lense shape bit bigger than on the normal dartboard, but the misses loves the subtle pink and lightweight feel-damn she looks hot in em too lol!
o-static -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Black Iridium

girls loved , i love the look on ger, Fashion yes, but with oakley style
jumpman73 -
Frame: Brown Tortoise/Bronze
Lens: Bronze

Very nice and comfortable frame. I like the Dartboard model a lot but this version of the Dartboard seems too feminine for me. The eye coverage is excellent though.
Rick -
Frame: Pearl
Lens: Pink Iridium
My wife loves these, however they are becoming a bit dated. The turn towards large female frames is making these a little less "fashion forward" than they used to be. That said, this particular color combo looks great on the ladies. They have a high glam factor that is sure to turn some heads. It probably goes without saying, but just in case; I would NOT recommend this color combo for a guy.
Dann -
Frame: Black
Lens: Black

Gave this a try at the Lobby O Store, and it's certainly not for me. The lens is huge and just looks too boxy. The original was far superior in my opinion.
x-metalman -
Frame: Any
Lens: Any
To me, these are for the same crowd as the Riddle. Very big, very fashion geared. I'd say the only people who would buy these are women, which they are directed at. I also think that the regular Dartboard lens is big enough to cover most faces, which is why I think these are another excuse to enter the fashion market. Probably look good on the ladies though.
sparra -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Black Iridium

Just returned from my OPD after trying these - not bad at all, they fit pretty well, and I think if you have a taller or more angular face then the L will certainly suit better than the regular Dartboard.
crmnjst -
Frame: Black polished
Lens: Black iridum
Horrible these things are huge and boxy they look like the shades old folks get to put over their prescription lenses. the regular dartboards are cool because the flow of the lines these things lack that aspect which make the dartboards so nice. Oakley should have called these shoe boxes
dan-E -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Black Iridium

Like other Dartboards (does anyone else appreciate the irony of wearing something on your face called a "Dartboard?" Or was this discussed earlier? Never mind.) they're very comfortable to wear. The larger lens doesn't increase the weight of it much and their coverage is outstanding. Roll your eyes in any direction and you'll be hard pressed to see any daylight. But the only negative is that they look absolutely huge. Which is saying something considering my large head. And they tend to sit a little high. I can see how some people might like these but I'd never buy them.
DarkJuliet -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Black Iridium

I gave these a swing--for about ten seconds. They're absolutely huge. As a fashion accessory I think they're a little much, but some people like that. The Dartboard non-L is just fine for most coverage. Yet another one of Oakley's 'fashion' pairs.
LEX7 -
Frame:Polished Black
Lens:Black Iridium

Tried these on today and these were the only combo that the store had so i hope they will be more combos coming soon cos they are very nice.
same as the dartboards but they have a taller lense with a straight line at the top.
i hope there will be some with one of the gold or bronze lenses.

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