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flyer -
Matte Black 256mb.
Black iridium polarized.

Late to the party (2017) but found a terrific deal on New Old Stock.
Very pleased.
Iconic Oakley style, wonderful DSP sound, flip up lenses are worth having, sufficient battery/memory for 4+ hours of tunes, simple to add/delete songs (no proprietary junk software).
NO OEM lenses, not for love nor money. Aftermarket severely limited and questionable quality. No longer supported by Oakley, though is fast, honest, and reasonable. [B]Thump electronics are NOT compatible with wet, humid conditions: poor sweat resistance.[/B] No unobtainium, though in normal (non-exercise) conditions, they stay put sufficiently.
I also find a "Pro" in it's not Bluetooth compatible, as the ORockr is. I HATE answering my phone when I'm out and about...

bearoak -
Frame:Matt Black
Lens: Black Irridium
AWESOME!! I wore these when I cut fairways in Delaware. How sweet the sound. clean,Clear music at all spectrums. They are great.
r2w -
Frame: matte black
Lens: black iridim

256mb... enough for my needs, and last as long as the sun does here in the UK..!! Brilliant shades, top sound and enables me to do my dog the bounty hunter impression!
ball5out -
Frame: red camo
Lens: black polarized

The finish color is awesome. It definitely gets attention cause of both the color and the earpiece for this isnt normal for most people to look at just yet. I just dont like wearing it much cuz like I said, everybody isnt used to seeing it yet. They think it looks weird lol! As far as the mp3 player, its awesome. Both quality of the sound and the flip lens
O-bandit -
Frame: Red Camo 256Mb
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized

i just love my thump!!!

it´s easy to handle, fast to charge and looks awesome!
256 Mb ist just rigth to store music for a tour or daily way to work. more is not necessary because you have no display and would never found the right song in time. the style is the bomb and even with all the stuff in it it´s not to heavy!

there is just one small point what i don´t like.
that i can flip the lenses but the lenses are not easy exchangeable like a half wire.

anyway great combination between style and "hightech".
jumpman73 -
Frame: Red Camo 256Mb
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized

The red camo color of these thumps are awesome. I'm still wondering why Little Jon went with this color since I don't think it really suits him. Anyways, the red camo shouts Oakley uniqueness. The 256 mb memory is ok but it carries enough songs to go on a jog. I'm a big fan of the flip up lenses but not so much of these polarized lenses. I do like to use them though when I run on the beach.
Frame: Black
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized
Excellent idea and fantastic functionality.
These are better than thump 2 and Orokr by far. Thump 2 are too bulky and not good for bikeriding. The lower rim blocks your vision too much.
Ijon__Tichy -
Frame: Rootbeer 128mb
Lens: Bronze

I have both Thumbs and both are nice sunglasses with good and negative points.

The Thump one has

- nonpractical earphonesticks (Thump 2 ones are much better)
- no unoptanium (but I think the T2 doesn't fit much better)
- no changeable lenses
- Flip-up-lenses that feel cheap (nice idea but looks up the pole)

+ Nice frame (if you like halfe framed sunnies like the Bottlecap - I do!)
+ Nice frame colour options
+ Flip-up-lenses (some members seem to like them)
+ leigth weight
switchblade5984 -
Frame: Matte Black 256
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized

These were my First Oakleys! I love the style much more than the other thumps wish i had bought bigger mem size but they hold plenty of songs about 67 @ 128kbps the flip up option is a must i wish they had did this for the razrwires
jumpman73 -
Frame: Night Camo
Lens: Black Polarized

I really like this frame color. Having the polarized lenses on there are cool too. Again, the only problem I had with these are that the ear buds don't fit perfectly. But I guess that's a good thing just in case I go jogging so I can hear if a car is going to run me over or not.
alexrugby18 -
Frame: matte black
Lens:black iridium

they fit well and they are not to heavy on your face considering they have an mp3 player in them.the only thing i hate about them is the lense which i find too narrow and it doesnt cover my face too well.
the cool aggresive design gives the thump extra credit

Lake District -
Frame: Rootbeer
Lens: Bronze

I really don't like the way the earbuds don't insert into your ears and how their is too much movement. The buttons are a bit stiff too. Other than that, it has great sound and it is well constructed.
O_MattR -
Frame: Matte Black 128Mb
Lens: Black Iridium

Initially, I didnt really like the style of the Thumps or the price for that matter. Eventually they grew on me and when the price dropped I couldnt resist. I was really surprised by the sound quality and how they fit. And if you really wanna go for that aggressive look, you cant go wrong with the tribal frame.
jumpman73 -
Frame: White Camo
I love the flip up lense feature on these. Makes you feel like a baseball player. Anyways, I wish these came with more memory in this color. This colorway is one of my favorites along with the upgraded tribals. I wish they could've made these in at least 512 mb. That is the biggest drawback. With more memory, I would've given these no less than a 4. One negative about these are the ear buds. They don't fit perfectly in my ear.
cycling-pablo -
Frame: sliver
Lens: grey
Absolutly love these glasses, I use them all the time. Makes dong school work that much easier to be able to just jam to tunes while sitting in the library. Can't wait to order my Thump 2's!!
brian -
Frame: Black
Lens: Black
Don't know how I lived without them. Great piece with great sound. They work perfectly for biking and doing outdoor work. Would love to have another pair.
luv2solve -
Frame: Matte Black 512Mb
Lens: Black Iridium

I agree with "o-xide" Im a mountian biker and the buds started to make a crackling sound everytime the "Thump Thump" sound came on. and while it was playing a song (every now and then).

Great piece of technology though, maybe the Thump 2's will be a more sport rated pair.
Ed -
Frame: Rootbeer
Lens: Bronze

Well, I finally broke down and got one. The price dropped below $200 at Circuit City, so I figured I should get one before all the Rootbeer ones disappear. No change from my other review. I still think they are a very impressive piece of technology. They fit surprisingly well and sound great. I always like the Bronze lenses, and I certainly prefer the standard matte-finish Rootbeer frame over the polished version that is becoming more prevalent these days.
fin7 -
Frame: Matte Black / Tortoise
Lens: Black / Polarised Gold
The more I wear these the more I love 'em.
Guaranteed to turn heads, Not sure what anyone says though!
Fully adjustable, even wear them indoors.
Why take Sunglasses and an ipod into the sun.
Pity the lens options is not an Oakley priority.
I'd love to have ruby clear in these.
Worth every penny!
shanafan -
Frame: Black
Lens: Black Iridium

The pair of Oakleys I want the most. When I first put them on, they appeared to be too big for me. But, after trying them on more and more, they have grown on me. Music sounds great on them. My only complaint is the price. You can spend the same amount of money, and get a portable MP3 player with a lot more memory.
o-xide -
Frame: nightcamo
This is not made for heavy work-outs, the earboom starts to become loose and the button to cotrol the next song sticks causing the song to forward. Great technology but not for sports that requires sweating like running.

The looks is could be nice except for bulk on the side. Flip up lens is a nice feature but looks dorky. I would rather remove it.

Limited lenses available and non interchangable

Too pricly for so little memory.

sorry but this is quite a disappointment. I will keep it for now because I am collector and a gadget freak but no doubt this thing will be obsolete soon when the peaple laught at the 256mg memory
Wassaaaaaaaaaap -
Frame: Matte Black 256mb
Lens: Black iridium Polarized

Awesome. I got a pair of these as a Christmas gift and loved them. Super expensive though. I'm not too thrilled with the flip lenses but that aside, the sound clarity is excellent, the lenses are ,as always, the best. A lot lighter than I thought it would have been.
dan-E -
Frame: Night Camo 128 Mb
Lens: Black Iridium

I had some misgivings about these when I first heard about them but after trying them on, I'm very impressed. They're much lighter than I thought and the sound quality is superb. They stand out when you wear them but don't look any more outlandish than say, Plates or Splices. Despite the lack of Unobtanium, they're a nice snug fit and didn't get jostled at all when I hopped around the store. It's just too bad they're so expensive. Otherwise, cool product.
sparra -
Frame: Matte Black 128mb
Lens: Black Iridium

Tried them on during the launch day here in the UK, and was amazed, especially with the ease of fitting and adjustment of the earstems. They are impressivley light, the flip lenses are built well and are not flimsy as I was expecting, and the sound quality is great. And the arms are not overwhelmingly thick, certainly not detracting from the look of the sunglasses when worn. I'd give them five stars if it wasn't for the high price per mb. Great innovation again from the O.
DisturbedEarth -
Frame: Night Camo 256mb
Lens: black irridium polarized

Listened to the webcast when these were announced. Started my own countdown before they set one up on the website - my wife thinks i'm nuts. Picked them up the day they were released at Circuit City.

I use these things everyday at the gym. People think i'm an a**hole because I'm wearing shades in the gym - then they notice the earbuds...

My only issue is that i'm a pretty big guy and the earbuds lack about an 1/8th inch of fitting perfectly in my ears. Wish I could get a little bit longer bar for the earbuds...oh well - still the coolest thing i've ever seen!
Thomas64 -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Black
Just got these today and they are simply awesome. The sounds are great. Songs transfers are easy and fast. My only complaint is that I will have to shell out extra for the charger cause I don't like recharge using usb.
Dann -
Frame: Red Camo
Lens: Black Polarized

I pre-ordered these as to get them as soon as possible. After two missed FedEx deliveries, I thought they'd never come, but at long last, they did.

I opened them up, put them on and was treated to a quick sampler of music. I have to say, they are a real treat. The sound quality is awesome, and they aren't uncomfortable at all. The ear buds work well floating away from your ear, but if you want loud music, then you'll have to insert them. This makes a snug fit, but can feel sharp at times, plus I'm sure that can cause some hearing damage if you're not careful.

The buttons are a little stiff. I wish that they would click rather then feel like rubber, but I can't complain. Uploading music is a snap. Just connect the USB cable, and plug&pray should pick it up. Then copy the music, disconnect and press play. The buttons are simple, and easy to navigate. The lack of display tend to make the file progression tricky, but what can you expect, the lack of wires more than makes up for all the things they wouldn't be possible on a system this compact.

Everyone I've shown it to, has only the highest compliments to say. It's surprising how widespread the knowledge of the Thump is. But with good cause, as it's a solid product.
Dann -
Frame: Red Camo Thump
Lens: Black Polarized

My full review for the Thump is in that section, I'll just note the color combo here.

Red Camo is an awesome print on these glasses. The high shine finish is a nice change from the matte camo that we're used to. My only complaint is that there is a rim of unprinted red plastic on the reverse of the orbitals. Not a big deal, but it would look better if that was finished too.
nicpistol -
Frame: Night camo
Lens: Black iridium polarised
i just got the thumps this morning and they are amazing. I have had them on pretty much all day and they are really comfortable and look amazing. Everyone should have a pair but obsession is right, the buttons are too stiff.
obsession -
Frame: Night Camo
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized

The only downside to Thump is that the buttons are a bit too stiff. Other than that, GO BUY IT. IT SOUNDS AMAZING. The sound quality, lightweight, great fit, genius design, oakley engineering and quality. You really can't go wrong with Thump, Absolutely Astonishing. Team Oakley, you've got a winner on your hands.
XmetalHero -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Black Irr
So a few of my friends and I were invited to meet the portland area oakley rep last night, 11.1.04, by my good buddies at pdx gear for a little thump preview. He had a working model of the Matte Black 128mb and a 'blank' model of just about all of the other colors in the 128 and 256 range. Needless to say, the thump are incredible. Once you try them on and hear the full range of sonic potential there is absolutely no question that these are worth every penny. Not to mention the standard quality and innovation we have all come to expect from anything with an O. It really is an experience like no other. Extremely light weight for what it is. Holds its position very well on your face also. Ed was pretty accurate in his review above. They look kind of like a half jacket on steroids with the kick ass ribbed frame and the tough looking thick earstems.
Prescription is a no - go. The flip up lenses must be bolted in to secure them in place. This combined with the shape of a prescription lense would likely cause the lenses to crack and splinter. Oakley will not be selling replacement lenses for the thump, even though switching them out would be quite simple. The Rep also mentioned that we may be seeing some of the well known bold lense colors, like ice and emerald ( we will probably not see the fire due to oakleys moving away from the color because of the huge duplication of the lense by competing companies ), released later, however he could not Guarantee anything.
The rep mentioned that this has been in development for the last five years and that this is mearly the introduction of oakleys move into the electronic world. The thump will probably run for a couple of well deserved years as a power in the oakley lineup before we see the next advancement in this direction. The rep also teased me with the knowledge that oakley is seriously working with the military and possibly developing a HUD ( Heads up Display ) unit. So really, its only a matter of time. Dont you just love being an oakley fan.
Ed -
Frame: Matte Black 128 Mb
Lens: Black Iridium

So I got to try out Thump yesterday. I think it was the 128 Mb version... I was too geeked about the mp3 player to notice if the lenses said "POLARIZED" or not. This thing is absolutely amazing! I still don't think I can afford one, but I kinda want one now.

I was surprised at how well they fit and felt on my face. Even without any Unobtainium, they stayed put, and the lenses did not touch my cheeks. The flip-up lenses felt a bit strange when in the up position, but I can see how they would be helpful if you want to keep listening to your music when you go indoors. These things are incredibly lightweight considering that there is hardware embedded in the earstems. I think that the location of the hardware helps give them a balanced feel... not too heavy on the nose. The control buttons are made of Unobtainium, too, which helps your fingers find them. The earbuds have a considerable range of motion and are quite comfy as well. Unfortunately, I forgot to look at myself in a mirror, so I don't know if I looked stupid or not. I'm going to assume that I looked like a badass.

Based on my 5 minute test drive, I give it 5 stars for a great blend of technology, styling, fit, and function. If you can afford it, get it.
Dann -
According to the press release from Oakley, the Thump will be released at Circuit City, O Stores and The asking price will be $400 for the 128Mb version and $500 for the 256Mb Polarized version.

The frame will be self-contained with no wires. Data is uploaded via USB 2.0, and stored in an internal memory chip. All controls will be handled on the outside of the ear stem. The lenses can be flipped up for low light conditions, and the ear buds are extendable and pivotable, so you can perfectly align them with your ears.

Available Holiday Season '04
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