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Mrs H -
Frame: Polished Gold.
Lens: Brown - Clear Gradient.
These were one of my early purchases and I absolutely love them to this day. Had absolutely none of the problems previously mentioned by others with the lenses either.
The design of the glasses is detailed and I get loads of compliments on them.
I love the hard, white vault that they come with too.
I used to have 2 pairs of Riddles, which I think are a similar size, but didn't keep them as they rested on my cheek. A problem I definitely do not have with the Dart.
So, in summary, a classy, stylish pair of sunglasses which are very comfortable and long-lasting.
wyogirl -
Frame: dart
Lens: black gradient
I have had these glasses for about 5 years. I have had to send them back to Oakley twice ( on my dime of 65.00 each time) to have the lenses replaced. Granted I love the design and look but the lenses suck. They told me not to put any lense cleaner or anything but water on them which I have done and I still had to have the lenses replaced....Take your chance with looking great but shelling our some extra dough!
Farlius -
Frame: Brushed Bronze
Lens: VR50-Brown Gradient

Wife loves them and the biggish style, but she somehow cracked the lense on the upper left side. She has been meaning to send them in (aka, have me send them in) but they're still sitting in one of her fancy white hard cases and she's been circulating through her other pairs. She likes the color scheme and the full lense format.
Rosa -
Lens: Gray
I LOVE these glasses! I had the Haymakers before these and I've never been so happy with a pair of sunglasses! They look great and I get a ton of compliments on them!
Michelle -
Frame: Dart
Lens: I purchased these glasses last year, only 6 mths later a smuggy mark appeared on the lens. The mark looked like the tinting was wearing off. I then sent them back to ebay who replaced the lens. About 3 mths later i lost them. So i purchased another pear. AGAIN 6mths later the lens got little glinpses in the lens????? I suggest that no-1 buy these glasses unless prepared to stuff around with oakley. Very disappointing
Please let me know if anyone eles has had this problem.
Hexesonxs -
Frame: Slate
Lens: G40 Black Gradient

This model has been a very good seller for as long as I've been working for Oakley. I frequently have to tell people that this model is "unisex" because we honestly have just as many male customers who buy Darts, although our customer base is largely South American and European, which may explain things. Overall, it's a well designed pair of sunglasses and extremely durable.
Eddy -
Frame: Polished Gold
Lens: G40 Black Gradient

Had them custom made for my mother as a mothers day present, she went bonkers when she got them. It's the best looking frame/lens combo.
dan-E -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Black/Clear Gradient

It's probably the only one of the new Women's Line that guys might try on (not that I did or anything) as long as they don't get a glimpse of the Berry frame. The hinge design is quite lovely - you know, if you're a chick and into something like that - and the overall shape of the frame make it look much less garish that the similarly sized Riddle. Clearly a women's design, some Metrosexual guys might actually love this (not that there's anything wrong with that).
oogie -
Frame: Berry
Lens: G40
The Dart is officially my favorite frame of the new women's line of eyewear. The inner hinge design is very unique. And it is the first large shield for women that I think actually looks fantastic when worn. Very good fit (since my wife (filipino) can wear them).
Rick -
Frame: Berry
Lens: G40 Black Gradient
My wife looks great in these. They are very similar to the Riddle, but they have a refinement that the Riddle just doesn't quite have. Nothing against the Riddle. Their may only be 4 color combos, but they are all pretty sweet. The detailing on these is quite unique. Oakley seems to be concentrating on the inside of glasses almost as much as the exterior finish. The fact these come with the white leather vault is a plus. My wife is happy and for that, I award 5

NB: A few people have commented that their vision goes a bit wonky when they try them on. Not sure as I haven't noticed this, could be the gradient but I thought it might be worth mentioning. I would recommend giving them a test run prior to purchasing.
OsmosisJones -
Frame: Slate
Lens: Gray
I got these a few weeks ago for my girlfriend and then got her Riddles as well. She prefers these over the Riddles any day. The hinge-design is amazing, the clarity is of course outstanding and the case that comes with it is very helpful. The white bag makes it all look classy. She loves it and I love them on her. Good glasses.
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