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Freeman Transport Jawbone - Help needed.

David Flores Gascan






Jan 13, 2018 2:07 PM

And another tower... - pastor.elfstrom

I notice you don't have doors on the shelving on the RHS. Don't you have any problems with dust on the lenses when you finally get round to wearing them?
Dec 20, 2017 11:39 AM
Thanks all you guys for the help!!

And have a great time with your families this Christmas!

Dec 19, 2017 2:24 PM
Thanks Oak & Wavecloud!

I think the lenses should be vr50 photochromic judging from the picture of the original.

I'm supposed to be getting them from Joseph Smith from the Lion Museum.

Apparently, he's double checking with Freeman Transport themselves. I assume when he bought them, he thought they were original too.
Dec 19, 2017 5:58 AM
Hi All,
Do any of you own or have seen a pair of genuine Freeman Transport Jawbones are these real or fake?

The colour of the frame is the same, but the bolt and icon colours look different.

Oak or Dann or pastor.elfstrom, can you guys shed any light on this?

Picture from website in full sunlight

Dec 15, 2017 8:22 PM
Custom white cerakoted Juliets with matte blue Dillon lenses
Nov 14, 2017 7:28 PM
O. Thanks!!! Hey bro, is there any way I can "follow" you. You're a fountain of Oakley knowledge!!!! Awesome!!!

P.S. Alternatively, you could just tag me for anything about Oakley, 'cos that wouldn't be a burden to you, right?!!! HA HA HA!! :)
Nov 14, 2017 5:08 PM
Jason, I think they only released one crystal frame in the JB. And the MI one I thought was a clear split jacket, because it had the wind jacket part.
Nov 14, 2017 11:14 AM
pastor.elfstrom & Oak (or anyone else)

Does anyone know about the Gascan S David Flores?

ie. how many were produced, what they're worth etc?

Nov 13, 2017 9:27 PM
Thanks john. I think the colour is the same.

Nov 13, 2017 8:35 PM
Here's one with a slight variation in colour with the jaws.

Nov 13, 2017 3:48 PM
I always get confused with which models came with JB and which came with the RJs, but I think some of them are pretty cool, like the Juan Pelota, Rapha, 30th Anniversary, atmos, B1B etc.
Nov 13, 2017 3:33 PM
Oak! Thanks for that. Very helpful!!

If I'm not mistaken, the JB was renamed anyhow due to copyright issues. Not sure why they didn't proceed.
Nov 13, 2017 2:26 PM
Hi everyone,
Just wondering if anyone knows anything about these?

Allegedly were unreleased.

Came with their own Deuce Coupe MF bag (which holds an extra pair of lenses) which is why I think that they may be genuine. The other versions of the Deuce Coupe didn't have the extra stitched pocket for 2 extra lenses like the jawbone/RJ MF bags (as far as I know).

Also, I can't tell if the yellow sulphur colour is the same as "lemon peel" jawbone here, or different (because I own neither pair)...

Nov 12, 2017 9:02 PM
Great work as usual!!

Are the graphics painted or are they decals?
Nov 2, 2017 2:01 AM
Man, that is insane!!!!
Nov 1, 2017 10:19 PM
Wow. Just wow. I'm not just talking about one of the posts. I'm talking about ALLLLLLLLLL of them!!!!!! O could you explain what the models you displayed are?

And also what people have told you are the upper numbers produced.

Oct 31, 2017 10:01 PM
Here's a List I compiled thanks to numerous sources (of Non-Frogskins) from rarest to least rare:-

I know there are other threads about what people think are the rarest. I've created this new one because it has the alleged numbers and they are in order.

Super Sports Pro M Frame - Red with Black Rubber - Grey. Prototype unreleased model - 1 known pair
Hijinx Polished Art Chantry - 1 made
Blue Juliet - 1 OEM made (@Dyeraudio has one)
Green OTT (from first Raimi Spiderman movie) - 1 made
Jawbone - Sulphur Yellow/Orange - Ruby to G30 Photochromic Jawbone - 1 made. For Shade Station for the 2012 Olympics. Additionally rare as it is the only example of this unreleased lens (@romeovanfrogstein)
M Frame - 18K - Gold. Lance Armstrong. 2 pairs produced. In July 2007 a pair sold on auction for $19,200. As per @OakleyG, One is with Oakley and the other pair is held by an owner of a financial trading company located in northeast US.
Kozik (+red polarized) - 2 pairs made (Kozik has one)
New Straight Jacket Jet black pink flames 2 pairs (@GRFMotorsports)
New Straight Jacket Jet black with blue flames 2 Pairs (@GRFMotorsports)
Purple Juliet 3 pairs (@Dyeraudio has one)
Romeo 1 Copper/Black lenses. Factory produced, suggested quantity ranges from one to around 5 pairs.
C-Six Carbone Livestrong Tungsten Polarized - 5 numbered pairs. In July 2010 a pair sold on auction for $6,605.05
Straight Jackets Snow Camo/Black Iridium - 8-12 pairs (as per @Funky-Trixtar)
Rapha Jawbone 10 pairs*
Eastern Border Dispatch - 12 pairs (@mercbezerk)
Juliet Corvette Racing Team Edition (Ruby lens with Corvette etching) 20 pairs
Gascan White JPM 20 pairs (@GRFMotorsports)
Freeman Transport Jawbone 30 pairs - VR50 transition lens + black icons
Jawbone Fairends 30 pairs (Oakley Trival Pursuit - They have replaceable icons which means they should be called Racing Jackets! Thanks to @Nortika for the information)
M Frame Bobby Labonte 30 pairs (@GRFMotorsports)
oki-ni Exclusive Eyeshade 35 pairs
Juan Pelota Jawbones 50 pairs
Atmos Jawbones glows in the dark 50 pairs (50 also of Frogskins)
White Text Gascan with Grey lens 50 pairs
Gascans Boot Camp etched on lens - given to employees only 70 pairs
B1-B Jawbone 75 pairs
Mash Radar Path 90 pairs
New Straight Jacket Flying Mater 50-100 pairs (@GRFMotorsports is looking for these as of 15th May, 2017. Contact him if you have a pair for sale!)
Indy 500 Pit Boss 100 pairs
Thump 2 Blumentopf Edition 100 pairs
Stussy Hijinx Buffalo Soldier 100 pairs
David Flores Gascan Brown with orange icon or gunmetal icon 100 pairs
David Flores Gascan Blue around 100 pairs
Penny Carbon/+Red - 100 pairs
MotoGP Sliver XL + Spielberg etching - 100 pairs
Garage Rock Osheaga 100+ pairs (as per @Lexkempo here)
MotoGP Carbon Prime (100 pairs USA, 5 Australia) (@Oakleynerd/@jdd32)
Glow in the Dark Radar 100-150 pairs? (as per @Nortika here)
MotoGP Carbon Prime - 105 pairs (100 USA + 5 Australia)
Madman Raw 150 pairs
Staple RazorBlades - 150 pairs
Eyeshades (red/fire iridium) with clear box - 150 pairs (@Wavecloud)
Matt Kenseth Splices 200 pairs
Elite C-Six Carbon Fiber/Tungsten Iridium Polarized OO4047-02 £3450 original UK sale price - 250 made
Who is this kid Hijinx 300 pairs
Over The Top Blade II 300 pairs (apparently may be less in circulation due to recall as per @Romeo Van Frogskinstein here)
Murasaki Holbrooks 400 pairs
Gascan KTM 400 pairs
Juliet Brown 400 (1000?)pairs
London Police Pack - 500 boxed sets
Romeo 2.0 Gary Scelzi - 500 pairs
Jamiroquai Thumps 500 pairs $1000 - 2008
C100 Gascans 500 pairs 12-759
Thump 2 Pascha Edition 500 pairs
Juliet 24K 750 pairs
X-Squared 24K/Titanium Iridium Polarized 750 pairs
Infinite Hero Juliet Plasma/Violet Iridium 800 pairs*???
Juliet Finito Edition - 1000 pairs
Juliet Ichiro Carbon Polished - 1000 pairs
Canvas Fuel Cell 1000 pairs
Ichiro Radars 4 different combinations 1000 pairs
Ichiro Juliets different colors 1000 pairs
Shaun White Holbrook FMJ Gold/24K Polarized 1000 pairs $470
Holiday Oil Rigs frost blue w silver history text 1000 pairs
Holiday Oil Rigs matte clear 1000 pairs
Holiday Oil Rigs matte clear w black history text 1000 pairs
Rust Decay Fuel Cell 1000 pairs (allegedly)
Rust Decay Breadbox 1000 pairs (allegedly)
Elite C-Six Aluminum/Grey Polarized £1295 original UK retail price - 1500 numbered pairs
Troy Lee Fuel Cell (Love&Hate) 1500 pairs
Soviet Red Shift Gascans 3000 pairs 12-777
Soviet Red Shift Gascans 3000 pairs
Soviet Red Shift Hijinx 3000 pairs
Troy Lee Gascan 3000 pairs
Penny x-metal ruby lenses 5000 pairs
Romeo 1 Michael Jordan. Identified with a 4 digit serial number on the nose piece - 5000 pairs
First gen Juliet with Ruby with serials - 5000 pairs
Honourable Mentions (unknown quantities, but known to be rare):-
Romeo Jordan Rep Sales Sample in oversized aluminum vault
Romeo 1 w/ persimmon (2000 Olympics)
Crankcase Five
Multicam Twenty
Distressed Breadbox
SAB Miller Hijinx
2015 Osheaga Sliver (3 x colour ways - polished black, matte black & sepia)
Oct 31, 2017 9:34 PM
Hi guys!
Wondering if any of you can shed light on the 2 different versions of the Jawbone Echelon.

Apparently, they had the same SKU, but one was more polished than the other.

Does anyone have any information on this.....or pictures showing the differences?

Many thanks!
Oct 30, 2017 12:24 AM
Thanks Oak,

You've obviously thought about this a lot more than me. I find it a very interesting discussion!! Thanks.

The SLA resin models, etc would undoubtedly qualify as "prototypes" as it's clearer what they're precursors of.

It just gets fuzzy around the edges once the experimental ones are released by employees to the public. Some of them are in various stages of development ranging from half painted, to completed, but with a different finish or lens. I guess you could always label these as "experimental" or "unreleased versions".

Practically, it doesn't matter what they're called, as long as we are able to communicate exactly what we mean by the terms, which is what you are concerned about.

I'd still say that the Ferrari Carbon Prime was a "prototype" because it was a version that was being "tested" prior to being commercially released, even though it never reached production. As you point out in your other thread, one could just avoid defining "prototype" by labelling a "prototype" something which an Oakley employee labels!! Of course, then, it just defers to someone else to decide the definition. Once again, how you'd be able to determine that is extremely difficult.

You talk about prototypes being athlete models which were tested and later refined and adapted. But I assume that you wouldn't call Oil rig 1 a "prototype" even though it was superseded by the oil rig 2 or RJ Gen 1/2, Jawbone/New RJ. Most athlete only versions as I understand it, were different frame colouring and lens combinations. Some of the early R1 MJ models had squarer side arms than standard. But I wouldn't call them prototypes.

However, overall, it sounds like you'd draw the circle a bit smaller than me. I use the term more loosely than you.

Oct 29, 2017 11:12 PM
You raise a great point re: nomenclature.

The Cambridge dictionary defines "prototype" as, "the first example of something, such as a machine or other industrial product, from which all later forms are developed:"

This implies:-
1. It's the "first" of it's kind
2. It precedes the eventual product.

But I'd probably take a broader view for a number of reasons. Even if the "prototype" didn't make it into production, but was still made at the Oakley factory, I'd define as a "prototype" e.g. Ferrari Carbon Prime which was never released publicly. Samples were only made.

Also, it's problematic to try and define which actual chrome frogskin was the "first" of it's kind.

So to me, a more practical definition with regards to Oakley, would be, "Oakley produced piece developed to help develop a product and not officially released to the public (e.g. employees for public use, or specific persons outside of Oakley e.g. sportsmen) regardless of whether it eventually was produced". This would cover failed partnership models (Ferrari) etc.

I'd distinguish them as being different from "one offs" (even though they may have been 30 pieces) which I'd define as "non-Oakley store released complete pairs (with or without packaging/boxes) given as sponsorship etc to athletes e.g. Sydney Olympic R1 with persimmon or organisations (e.g. bullrun gascans, cape epic/rapha jawbones) or given specifically to employee representatives (e.g. gascans with Swarovski crystals Oakley logo)".

In the "one off" category, I'd probably include the group "factory customs" which is Oakley employees involved in the production process themselves, doing a "frankenstein" product for themselves e.g. distressed mars, or frankstein Juliet that Romeo van frog stein sold recently. These experimental pieces didn't really serve to help advance new models. They were mashups for fun by people within Oakley for their own reasons. Obviously, these are quite rare, and no different from "customs", apart from the fact that the machines used to make them were not just Oakley, but "industrial" grade.

Of course, there probably is some grey areas too. As you know, some versions were available to the public, but only under certain circumstances e.g. Livestrong C6ers went to auction or were limited to a specific outlet e.g. Juan pelota jawbone, or more recently, the TP12 frogskin and Holbrook in Bangkok etc. Strictly speaking, not everyone had the same chance to access these pairs.

Oct 29, 2017 10:13 PM
Speak to Vasan @yakuzafloralgangsta. He may have one to sell. It has had 3 links cut off it.
Oct 29, 2017 9:49 PM
Thanks Flyer! List updated.
Oct 29, 2017 9:49 PM
Oakley Sunglasses Weights

A Wire 2.0 (NSH) - 26g.
A Wire 2.0 SH Ti - 19g.
Badman - 38g.
Big Square Wire - 34g.
Blade (New), Carbon - 22g
Blender - 24 g
Breadbox (rust decay) - 29g
C Wire - 30g.
C Wire (New) - 31g.
Carbon Blade - 22g.
Classic Four S - 20g.
Crosshair 1.0 - 32g.
Crosshair Ti (New) - 25g.
Dartboard - 26g.
E Wire 1.0 - 24g.
E Wire 2.0 - 31g.
Eyeshade - 30g.
Fandango - 34g.
Five - 23g.
Frogskins (New) - 27g.
Flak Jacket - 24g.
Frogskins - 24g.
Gascan - 33g.
Half X - 38g.
Hatchet - 34g.
Jawbone (vented) - 29g.
Jawbreaker - 35g
Juliet - 39g. to 44g. (late -> early models).
Jupiter Squared - 29g.
M Frame Heater - 30g.
M Frame Slash - 31g.
M Frame Strike - 27g.
Madman - 33.6g.
Mag Switch - 36g.
Mars - 42g.
Minute 1.0 - 22g.
Monster Dogs - 34g.
Nanowire 1.0 - 18g.
Nanowire 2.0 - 19g.
00 E, A Jordan - 23g.
00 Jordan - 24g.
Penny - 44g.
Pocket - 25g.
Racing Jacket 1.0 - 30g.
Radar - 31g.
Radarlock - 31g
Radarlock XL - 31g.
Romeo 1 (square stem) - 46g. (Hereby nicknamed "Chubby").
Romeo 1 (square stem, Linegear socks, nosebombs, lenses) - 48g.
Romeo 1 (round stem) - 43g.
Romeo 2 -35g.
Scalpel - 30g.
Scar - 32g.
Sliver F - 24g.
Split Jacket (non-vented lens) - 30g.
Square Wire “Gen 1” - 25g.
Square Wire 2.0 - 29 g.
Straightline 4.0 - 24 g.
Straight Jacket - 29g.
Straight Jacket FMJ - 30g.
Sub Zero 1 - 19g.
Sub Zero 3n - 19g.
Tailend 27g.
Ten - 32g.
Thread 6.0 - 15g
Thump - 52 g.
Ti Crosshair - 24g.
Tinfoil - 29g.
T Wire 2.0 - 18g.
Tombstone - 28g.
Triggerman - 22g.
Turbine - 33g,
Twenty XX = 23g.
Why 1.0 - 17g.
Why 3 lens 2 - 15g.
Wind Jacket (non-vented lens) - 30g.
Wiretap 1 - 29g.
Wiretap Ti Gen.1 - 19g.
X Metal XX - 45g.
X-Squared - 42g.
Zero .01 - 18g.
Zero (New) (Bridged nose bombs) - 23g.
Zero (New)Ducati (Bud nose bombs) - 21g.
Zero 0.3 - 21g.

Special thanks to Flyer for most of the updates.
Oct 29, 2017 9:47 PM
I guess I distinguish between "factory customs", "prototypes" and "customs".

To me, "factory customs" are customs that can be ordered straight from Oakley and are made up from OEM parts e.g. Jawbreakers etc to suit your taste and desired colour pattern/lens. These don't really have much value to me, because there are an infinite number of permutations, that are able to be put together. I generally don't purchase these types of customs at all, unless I pick up a good deal second hand, cannibalise what I want and shift the rest of the frame/lens on.

"Prototypes" are desirable to me, because they are not widely available, and let's face it, it's cool to be able to get as part of a collection because they are rare, and simultaneously provide some history of the "finished product". In terms of quality of work, a lot are incomplete, don't have matching boxes, or even have markings on the frame or lenses. This makes it difficult to determine whether they are genuine or not, which is the problem with paying high prices for these. And this is the main problem most of us wouldn't be willing to pay top dollar for stuff like this unless we have a traceable trustable history with the seller.

Case in point - It's no secret that Romeo van Frogstein (Ashley) would love to own one of those blue or purple factory OEM Juliets, but when I talked to him, he raised a good point. Unless you actually have a proven factory one, it's hard to tell if someone just customised it themselves for $120 or whether it's worth the price of a "one of three" in existence. Everything is made by human beings, whether OEM or by someone who is non-Oakley, so who's to tell what the origins are? c.f. Fake artwork that floats around nowadays.

"Customs" breathe new life into old beat up frames. But they also provide "styles" in models that weren't OEM or provide a cheaper version of the original. Oak mentioned some of the non-OEM "Greats" - Brian, Zach, Josh etc. I have a number of customs from all of those guys which include Juliet rust decays, chameleon frogskin, RJ Gen 2 decay, stands that are glow in the dark, Atmos Holbrooks, gold chromed Jawbones, Gold Tintin 3D gascan with 24k, stealth black juliets and R1, Infinite hero new Racking Jackets, Holbrook blends, various cerakoted Juliets, a pair of polished carbon ichiro XS complete with etched slate lenses and linegear rubbers.

Beauty, of course, is in the eye of the beholder, and the purists amongst us would say that customs aren't really worth much at the end of the day as a beat up standard pair and that people always want "original". Well, yes and no.

It makes sense that if you alter something from factory, it probably won't be worth as much when you go to sell. But I've seen some customs go for amazing prices, because of the amount of work people know needs be spent.

My argument is, that in a way, the stuff these artists produce are in much much less volumes than commercial OEM limited edition pieces. And often, they'll be better quality. Look at some of the OEM rust decay and green fade stuff and you'll understand. Customs often they take longer to produce as well, and with definitely no less skill than the artists at Oakley. The guys who produce this stuff are good enough to work at Oakley. The only difference is that they're on the other side of the fence.

Customising allows us to get something that is truly unique. To me, that's worth something.

Oct 25, 2017 11:55 PM

Romeos with Matte gold Dillon lenses
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