12-6-2016 5:08 AM
Twenty Fifty
Oakley and CyclingTips has teamed up again:


Following on from our collaborative set of Jawbreakers made by Oakley for the CyclingTips Emporium, we're excited to be showcasing this collaborative cycling kit between Oakley and new Australian apparel brand, Camino.

Oakley says the kit has been developed with an emphasis on technical benefits and functionality. The collection includes a jersey, bib, cap, socks and water bottle. And we've also paired it with matching Jawbreakers and Radar EV Pitch.

This product comes as a complete kit and includes bib shorts and jersey.
12-6-2016 5:22 AM
Twenty Fifty

12-6-2016 2:09 PM
Chris Hoiberg
The kit Camino designed looks amazing!

I placed my order last night directly from Camino Apparel once I saw they went live last night.

Debating whether or not I want to sang the coordinating Jawbreaker or Radar EV from Cycling Tips.
12-6-2016 6:15 PM
Chris Hoiberg
Did some further research on the Jawbreaker & Radar EV listed on the CyclingTips website and it appears they are not Custom or Limited Release; I would suspect they might come with e CyclingTips Microbag...

I've gone ahead and added both he to DB and noted "Oakley X Camino" on the entries:

Jawbreaker Matte Black PRIZMRoad "Oakley X Camino"

Radar EV Matte Black PRIZM Road "Oakley X Camino"
12-6-2016 6:21 PM
Dan "Rick is Oak" Bogacz
The Jawbreaker and the Radar EV look awesome!
12-6-2016 7:36 PM
Twenty Fifty
Yep, the glasses are standard releases just like the Retina Burn was


12-28-2016 8:29 PM
Chris Hoiberg
Sent this message to Cycling Tips:
I was curious about the Oakley Jawbreaker and Radar EV that is paired with the Oakley X Camino cycling kit.
Are these custom Oakley eyewear that come with a Cycling Tips micro bag (like the previous collaboration Cycling Tips did with the Retina Burn/Crank Display)?
Or are they the normal selections you can purchase off of the Oakley website, and the colors coordinate with the Oakley X Camino cycling kit?

Received this response back:
These particular glasses do not come with the stand which was available with the CT x Oakley Glasses as they come as a standard pair of glasses from Oakley. However, this specific colour combination is exclusive and unique to this collab and not available online anywhere else as it matches the Camino kit.
12-28-2016 8:35 PM
Chris Hoiberg
Oakley X Camino Cycling Kit arrived!!!

12-29-2016 4:34 PM
Twenty Fifty
The full kit! Very impressive!
12-29-2016 11:31 PM
The Game
The Game
So is the sku different?
12-30-2016 8:21 PM
Hum... unless there is an engraving on the lens thAt I'm missing those EV and Jawbreakers are sold in stores.
1-3-2017 5:11 AM
Chris Hoiberg
The full kit! Very impressive! - Oak

Thanks Oak!
So is the sku different? - The Game

Couldn't get a straight answer from Cycling Tips... they seemed to dance around the questions I asked them and avoided answering most of what I asked them. I don't think they have a solid understanding of SKU's and what is considered stock/normal colorways.
Hum... unless there is an engraving on the lens thAt I'm missing those EV and Jawbreakers are sold in stores. - Defenderoftheo

Mine are the ones that are sold in stores. The ones they are offering in the Cycling Tips website are the same colorway as available in O Stores / Vaults. They did not answer my questions to whether or not they came with custom micros or not... my other Oakley X Cycling Tips Jawbreaker was a Custom (no SKU) Retina Burn w/ PRIZM Road lens (no Cycling Tips etching), and came with their micro and the display stand of course.

I wasnt planning on getting these from them... and then received them as a Christmas gift from a close friend.
1-4-2017 8:57 AM
EJ Man
nice im assuming those water bottles are not sold separately?
1-4-2017 2:57 PM
Chris Hoiberg
nice im assuming those water bottles are not sold separately?
- LEX7

They are; everything is sold separately except for the Kit which includes the Jersey & Bibs.

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