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Not sure... always knew about it.
My fascination with Oakley started in the early 90's when I was in high school. I was 15-16yrs old and competing as a Junior road cyclist and Oakley was making their entry into that market with their optics. I had always wanted Oakley's, but was always too cash strapped needing to invest my funds into upgrading my roadie, riding gear, travel to races & race entry fees... cycling was, and still is, and expensive sport. I had glasses at the time, and Oakley was just bringing the Sub-Zero with Optical Inserts to the market. A cash strapped Junior had no chance of affording this cutting edge technology... I stopped competing after Junior 15-16 Nationals, as a CAT3, and slowly started transitioning to a normal high school life.

It was years later in 1997, after I had stopped competing, had a steady job, and had started wearing contacts, that I purchased my first Oakleys... the Eye Jacket from a Sunglass Hut (still have the receipt). They were everything I imagined and the fit was amazing. I still have them, with the original lens, which have seen their fair share of abuse. They had to be warranty replace twice due to a weak point in the arms, but Oakley replaced them no questions asked. I knew I had found a company that stood behind what they sold...

Over the next 10 years, I slowly acquired several more Oakleys... A-Wires, C-Wires, Half Wires. During this time I met Sarah (I was wearing my Eye Jackets when I first caught her eye), I started my career & we married and started a family. It wasn't long before I was starting to purchase Oakleys for my wife. She lost her first ones into the Gulf of Mexico, they were Fives (Root Beer in color). I replaced them eventually and she then lost those in the Atlantic Ocean years later (it wasn't meant to be). Later in 2004, I purchased her Dartboards... we still have them. The Dartboards were amazing, she wore them every day... this is the point in time that I knew I had created a problem. We were now both obsessed with Oakley Optics.

The Jacksonville O Store opened at some point in 2005... the Dartboards were one of the first purchases I made there and in 2006 I purchased my X-Metal Plasma Juliets (which I had the rivets and membranes replaced at HQ in 2013). December 7th of 2006 was the last purchase (.45 Caliber Jacket) I made at the Jacksonville O Store (029); January 2007 I learned the O Store was closing... sad day; it was my favorite store in the mall to go visit. I would spend 30-60 min in the store talking with the staff about everything Oakley. Goodbyes were exchanged and Jacksonville was Oakley-less.

In September 2007, my wife & I went to NYC for the first time. We took a trip down to SoHo and thought it would be a good idea to find the O Store down there. We had heard about it from the staff at the old Jacksonville O Store. Once we stepped foot in the door, we were both floored, me probably more than my wife. I remember purchasing my first "destination tee" from them, the NYC City Scape.

The SoHo O Store was #2 for me... after this, I sought out O Stores when I traveled to purchase my optics and t-shirts. It wasn't until I started traveling for business in 2009/2010 that I really started visiting more and more Oakley Stores. Since I didn't have an O Store in town, I would do my shopping for clothes when I traveled. Eventually Oakley Women arrived, and now I was bringing home clothes for my wife too...

After 2 years of shopping Oakley while I travel, the rumor showed true in mid-2011, an Oakley Store was returning to Jacksonville; the St Johns O Store (...I still call them O Stores). During this summer (2011), we made a road trip up to Maine, from Florida, for a wedding and stopped at close to 15 O Stores/Vaults... I was pushing close to 35 Oakley Store visits by this point. And in October of 2011, Oakley was open once again in Jacksonville. I immediately stopped in, introduced myself to the Store Mgr. and developed an amazing relationship with her and the staff there.

I still continued to travel... my travel actually increased substantially, and visits to O Stores & Vaults did as well. I would pick-up items at these stores that the store in Jacksonville didn't carry. Then upon return, stop in and share my travels, pictures of stores I visited with everyone; this is why I call the store in Jacksonville, my "Basecamp" in my pictures. I always try to make my larger purchases at Basecamp to support my local Oakley Store; I don't want to lose it a second time. Often times I would hold off making smaller purchases on the road if I knew it was available at Basecamp.

You can find my O Store & Oakley Vault photos on Facebook:


This album hosts all the photos I have taken of the O Stores & Oakley Vaults I have visited during my travels throughout the years? there is only 1 store I do not have pics of that I have been to, the former Jacksonville O Store in the Avenues Mall. The one that started it all.

I make a point to grab a picture of the store front and then one with me in front of the store. Sometimes I take more pictures, especially when I come across locations that were uniquely designed. My wife Sarah & my daughters appear in some of the pics too... more recently I've brought my friends with me to visit the stores and brought them into my pics as well. I've met some amazing and passionate people along the way during my visits and don't have any plans to stop... it's my thing, it's what I do when I travel.


You can find me and more photos on Instagram: http://instagram.com/h01b3rg/

"Married to my Best Friend & Father of 2 Amazing Girls. Avid Cyclist, Runner, Snowboarder, Golfer & Traveler. Oakley Enthusiast, "Slightly" Obsessed..."

2020 Concept Studio

2020 Concept Studio

Black Friday And Holiday 2019

15th Anniversary Meetup

15th Anniversary Meetup

15th Anniversary Meetup

15th Anniversary Meetup

Thermonuclear Capsule Collection






Dec 25, 2020 4:06 AM
Marry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone is well and staying safe.
Dec 12, 2020 11:29 PM
Thanks Dann!!!
I actually picked up the PRIZM Ruby Lugplate this afternoon.
Feb 23, 2020 4:21 PM
Order "Completed" and tracking provided.
Feb 22, 2020 8:08 PM
I ordered mine this morning. I home it comes lol

Has anyone had theirs shipped yet - M

Mine are still showing with a status of "In Process"
Feb 21, 2020 5:04 PM
Here's some pics of LeMond on that cycling team...

Jan 1, 2020 4:39 AM
Happy New Year!
Nov 29, 2019 7:12 AM
I received 2 emails about Black Friday...

Stopped in tonight and picked up some AFA at 50% off.

Sep 11, 2019 1:34 AM
Ouch, $300? And that’s the one I’m interested in if course...
Jul 14, 2019 9:44 PM
Feb 16, 2019 6:34 AM
I think I have a Planet X on its way... glad it has the +Red in it.
Oct 22, 2018 10:51 PM
Yeah, it sucks, but never bury your prior employer. The next one will take notice. - Dann

That too. Excellent point Dann.
Oct 22, 2018 5:34 PM
That sucks... I think his comment on the second post he made was interesting...

"To all the young kids killing it right now just know your always replaceable and your companies you work with might not have ya back at the end of the day..."

This is with ANY job out there, unless you're the owner of the business. If you EVER think you're irreplaceable, you need to get your ego checked. #EndRant
Oct 19, 2018 5:39 PM
So maybe I should start playing golf. - yelkao

I play, when I can, but I am terrible. I look waaaaay better on the course than I actually play.
Oct 19, 2018 5:38 PM
Snagged both Eye Jackets @ 11am EST, sold out soon after. I'll see if I'm happy with my decision once they arrive...
Oct 18, 2018 3:15 PM
Oakley was at The Players Championships this past year... and they seemed all in to me.
Jul 4, 2018 3:06 AM
Being at the right place at the right time... we are in Orlando for vacation, and Disney Springs is only 15min away from us. The Store Manager had invited us down for the store opening, but we weren’t able to make it due to my travel schedule. So this trip down was going to be our chance to stop in and visit, turns out they were one of the few O Stores receiving the collection.

Here are the pics:

Dec 8, 2017 3:12 PM
Is your iPhone 7 Plus updated with the latest iOS updates? (There was an issue with the Bluetooth Ctack on the iPhone at one point.)
Oct 23, 2017 3:55 AM
Ok, here’s some more info on the Diamond Bezel.

There were 2 different batches/runs on this Bezel. The Diamonds are the same size on both...
-In the first batch the finish of the area around the diamond is silverish giving the illusion of the larger diamond.
-In the second batch the finish of the area around the diamond is black giving the illusion of a smaller diamond.

(Mine is from the first batch.)
Oct 23, 2017 3:25 AM

HED4JCI’d say that other one you posted a pic of is the exception; it’s the first time I’ve seen one that looks that way...
Oct 23, 2017 3:03 AM
These diamond bezels come with a white outer sleeve as well where the sku and barcode is adhered right? - HED4JC

Correct, just like all the other Bezels.
Oct 23, 2017 3:00 AM
Here’s some pics of mine...

Oct 23, 2017 2:56 AM
I’ve seen several other pics of other Diamond Bezels and the all look like Pastor’s and mine.

From my understanding, these Diamond Bezels are even more limited than the Heritage Bezel. They only produced a very limited quantity, and that was it.

Where is this other pic from?
Jul 6, 2017 10:45 PM
Oakley Radar Pace App Update (iPhone) v1.4.1 (4) is out there... seems to have taken care of some minor issues with the previous update.

Jul 6, 2017 10:43 PM
Oakley Radar Pace App Update (iPhone) v1.4.0 (285) is out there... Strava Connectivity is finally here!!! Along with this update is a Firmware for RadarPace, v1.4.568

I have noticed the App is crashing frequently and running a bit slow; still working to isolate what might be causing this. (I'm running iOS 10.3.2 on my iPhone6)

Oakley Radar Pace App v1.4.0 (285) now has Strava connectivity. Swipe to see the screenshots of setting up the connection: Go to "More" select "Additional Settings" ➡️ "App Connections" ➡️ select "Strava" ➡️ "Connect to Strava" ➡️ Log In with your Strava account ➡️ "Authorize" Radar Pace ➡️ "Done"

Oakley Radar Pace App v1.4.0 (285) includes Firmware Update 1.4.568 for RadarPace.
Jul 6, 2017 10:33 PM
With the technology involved in the Radar Pace, it seemed a good idea to create a dumping ground of sorts to share information and experience... hope this helps.

Radar Pace Firmware Update Release History:
-September 2016 - vx.x.xxx (pre-release)
-October 2016 - v1.2.337 (update available after release)
-November 2016 - v1.2.387
-December 2017 - v1.3.489
-May 2017 - v1.4.568

Radar Pace iPhone App Update Release History:
-September 2016 - v1.1.0
-September 2016 - v1.1.1 (Update includes Firmware Update v1.2.337)
-November 2016 - v1.2.0 (Update includes Firmware Update v1.2.387)
-February 2017 - v1.3.0 (Update includes Firmware Update v1.3.489)
-March 2017 - v1.3.2 (No Firmware Update for Radar Pace)
-May 2017 - v1.4.0 (Update includes Firmware Update v1.4.568)
-June 2017 - v1.4.1 (No Firmware Update for Radar Pace)

There are several factors at play with regards to connectivity:
-Radar Pace Bluetooth pairs with your phone
-Radar Pace connects to external ANT+ sensors
-The ANT+ sensor connectivity is managed through the Radar Pace App
All indications I have, from the behavior of Radar Pace, is that there is a 3-way trust in communications between the Radar Pace, the Radar Pace App, and the ANT+ sensors; without both the Pace or Pace App on/open, data from the sensors will not register.

ANT+ Sensors: (I am currently using Garmin sensors & Stages Cycling sensors)
-Heart Rate Monitors - for running and cycling
-Foot Pods - for running (provide data when running on treadmills; and improved accuracy in stride/power)
-Speed Sensor - for cycling
-Cadence Sensor - for cycling
-Power Meter - for cycling

Current Issue with iPhone iOS 10 & 10.1:
At this time, there are known issues with the Radar Pace and the Bluetooth Stack of the iPhone with the release of iOS 10; which was released within a week of the release of the Radar Pace.

All information I have received indicates that the issues will be resolved in iOS 10.2

Known Issues:

Battery Life
-Battery Life would go from 49% to 0% for no reason.
-After a full charge, battery life would report 0%; they wouldn't turn on, but connecting to charging cable and powering on, you would see the charge begin at 1%.
-Radar Pace would not visually indicate a full charge by the lights glowing green
-After Firmware Update v1.2.387 I Have yet to experience further battery issues.

Radar Pace App
-iPhone App would close during my bike rides; I would pull out my iPhone after the ride to find the App was no longer running.
-After the App Update to v1.1.2 I have yet to experience this issue.

Bluetooth Connectivity (Note: I am using an iPhone 6, and have tested 2 Radar Pace w/ 2 different iPhone 6's running iOS 10.1; both have had issues described below)
-There is a known issue that Bluetooth connectivity, between the Radar Pace and the phone, is disconnected and then reconnected; Radar Pace will try to reestablish the connection while you are running or cycling, and you are notified (audibly) of this.
-Interestingly enough, you can still play music via the Bluetooth connection while this is happening; when Pace looses connectivity, they music will stop, but you can tap the touch sensor on the left temple to start the music up again while Radar Pace Coach reestablishes the connection.
-On occasion, which seems to happen to me during 80% of my workouts (cycling or running), Radar Pace Coach will not reconnect and music will still be playable; the result is a message on the Radar Pace App that says, "Bluetooth Connection Permanently Failed." When this happens, you will need to reboot your phone and then Radar Pace will connect again.
-This is supposed to be resolves in iOS 10.2

Radar Pace App Synchronization
-I have experienced several instances where the completed workout will not synchronize to the cloud.
-Almost every time this happens, it is due to the "Bluetooth Connection Permanently Failed" message.

ANT+ Sensors
-Garmin: I use/have used the Heart Rate, Speed, Speed/Cadence (combo sensor), & Foot Pod without issue.
-Stages Cycling: I use the Power/Cadence (combo sensor) and have constant connectivity issues with it; Radar Pace is constantly loosing data connectivity, and then reconnecting data connectivity... and every time this happens, you are audibly notified of it. (example: "I'm no longer receiving Power Data, I'm no longer receiving Cadence Data." and then "Cadence Data connected, Power Data connected.") I do not believe this is a Stages Cycling sensor issue seeing as I don't see the data for this sensor dropping out on my Garmin Edge 510.
-Also worth mentioning... the Radar Pace will not connect to a cycling computer; but it will share connectivity to the sensors so that Radar Pace will receive the same data that my Garmin Edge 510 does. (This is a good thing)

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