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Rick -
Great idea to replace these if you tend to put a lot of wear on your Juliets. Earsocks can be a pain to replace, but the spit and twist method is tried and true. Helps reduce calluses. Please avoid chucking a colored set on pairs that might look better with a neutral black. I made the mistake early on of slapping red on everything, and in the end, the original look is usually the classiest.
Farlius -
Color: Red (Ducati), Black

Another item for customizing the Juliets. Makes for even more color combos when changing out lenses. Hard to find the replacement red like Dann has mentioned.
TSIcon8 -
Color: Black

Nice to have the option when the old wears down. Hard to get on unless you use a bit of soap. Nice and basic.
oogie -
Great options to get red, blue and green as well as the basic black or rootbeer. Kind of a funny thing - since it strikes me that the custom rubber kits really make the Juliets look better when they are sitting in display, but don't really make a noticeable statement when worn. It's too hard for anyone to really see and notice the earsocks, tshox and nosepieces.
strake -
Definitely a must have if you've been buying second hand. The blue color is outstanding. They make an old pair of Juliet new very much instantly.
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