Family: Sport / Jackets
Date: June 2002-2005

Grey Polarized
Crystal Black
Fire Iridium
Ice Iridium
Metallic Black
Gold Iridium

Frame: FMJ 5.56
Lens: Ice Iridium

The frames on this particular colorway were actually rendered in 5.56, not FMJ+. Coupled with ice iridium, the contrast maintained at least a minimal level of visual appeal. Unfortunately, the overall design failed to meet most expectations, taking what appeared to be aesthetics from both the Half Jacket (frames) and the original Eye Jackets (orbitals). The result: a half-breed looking pair of glasses lacking any truly interesting characteristics. Nothing short of a disappointment.
fgbraco -
Frame: metallic black
Lens: fire
good lenses and confortable frame. i like them. why they don´t still doing replacement parts and lenses?
Ian -
Frame: All

These were the first Oakleys that I ever saw that I "knew" were fake. I saw two different guys wearing the FMJ/Ice, and they just looked a bit off. They have the defining characteristic of fakes: features of popular styles, but not enough of a single feature for it to be recognizable. If I had a pair, I would be embarrassed to have them on display.
sargassum66 -
Frame: Metallic Black
Lens: Fire

Despite popular opinion on this style I rather like them. They are not as buglike looking as the eye jackets. They have a comfortable fit and they look great with the fire lenses. Not sure if I will buy another, but I do like this particular pair.
vindicator -
Frame: Eye Jacket 3.0 Black/Grey
Lens: Polarized.

This is one of the rare styles that came out here in Manila, Philippines. I got mine from the US. It's an alternative to the half-jacket, if you don't really require interchangeable lenses. The design, however, is not groundbreaking, unlike the original.
Must be the reason why it became discontinued too soon.
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