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Date: November 2006

Brown Smoke - Oakley Text
Tungsten Iridium
Brown Tortoise
Dark Amber
Bronze Polarized
Matte Black
Matte Black
Grey Polarized
Polished Black
Black Iridium Polarized
Polished Black
Warm Grey
Polished White
Shadow Camo
Grey Polarized

DoctorCrip -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized

I can finally wear Gascans! The standard Gascans were just too big for my face and I didn't think the smaller versions would make that much of a difference, but they fit like a glove. Also, I don't miss the Unobtainium thanks to the increased curve of the ear stems causing the glasses to fit snuggly around my super-sized cranium, although sometimes when wearing them for extended periods of time, the tops of my ears can start to hurt a bit. Nonetheless, my favorite part of the glasses is the chrome "square O" on the temples, adding a touch of class to these sporty-looking glasses while also telling everyone who looks that I am wearing genuine, pimpin' Oakley sunglasses.
kingphilbert -
Frame: Brown Smoke Text
Lens: Tungsten

For the rare few of us that aren't compatible with the Gascan we can now take solace in the Gascan S. As with the Monster Pup, the Gascan S seems to be only fractions smaller. A nicely compact style. Whether it be the elimination of the tiny fin on the lower stem or the extra 1/4 inch added to them, the fit is what I had wanted from the Gascan all along. The grip is secure and they no longer slide down with any small twitch my ears or nose makes.
OsmosisJones -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Warm Grey

Great pair of O's right here. A bit small in my book, but I normally wear Eyepatches and Spikes. They're lightweight, good enough coverage. A nice evolution of the Gascan.

Missing stars go to coverage, and lack of unob.
Jon -
Frame: Amber / Brown Smoke w/ Text
Lens: Polarized Bronze / Tungsten

These are pretty sweet. I love the Brown Smoke frame's, and the Text just is a bonus. I like to be different than the people rocking the same old polished black frames. Anyways, I bought these because they were relatively cheap. (Picked up the Amber for $50!).
I thought these would fit like the Gascan's, but with a much better wrap around the head. These definitely succeed in that way, but surprisingly enough, the standard Gascan's fit my Asian face much better (besides the Arms). The arms wrap right around the head perfectly, and are the perfect length as well. The place where it fails for the Asian face is at the nose bridge. They sit kind of low and too close to the face. It seems like the Standard Gascan has a much bigger nosepiece compared to the S. The Canteen is probably closest to the actual size of the Gascan Small. Coverage is alright but limited with the small lens, but still, that's only a small issue. It's weird...the Asian fit Gascan's are too wide for me, but sit better. The standard Gascan's are perfect, but slide off due to the lack of curve around the arms. The Gascan S fixes that problem, but sit closer to the face than the standard Gascan. Oh well. Still, the Gascan family is awesome. Grab a pair while you can!
b2r -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Black Polarized

This is a smaller version of the normal Gascan and fitting me perfect. The normal Gascan is a tad too big. It's a very edgy design, a modern interpretation of aggressive Oakley design. The big earstems and Squsre O's really look good.

The Black / Black combination is a very basic and versatile combination. It really has it's appeal as a black shade, and you just need to have something like that!

Unfortunately through the Polarized lenses I can't see anything but a black screen on most camera displays. This is a bit annoying since I always forget that I can't wear that sunglasses on a sightseeing trip. With the iPhone display it's no problem.

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