Family: Military & Industrial
Date: 2005

Premium leathers and nubuck for maximum comfort and durability
Waterproof / breathable event liner for superior weather resistance and climate control
High NBS rubber outsole with multi-directional tread geometry for optimal traction on all surfaces
2 year warranty on waterproofing
Black / Charcoal
Brown / Black

kram79 -
cool boots..the design is awesome and the weight is not heavier than it looks. comfort wise, the cushion blends in with your feet.. wished the inner sole dont melt that fast. had to change it to a better one..
GRFMotorsports -
I have been wearing a pair of these as work shoes for at least 2 years now. I have had them so long the black leather has turned green. Best pair of shoes I have ever owned. The inside is breaking down a bit now so time for a new pair. Worn almost every day for 2+ years! No sole or eyelet issues here.
jaisy -
bought these for work but way too nice to ruin at the shop. super bad ass boots!
CMANavy -
These were not so great, the sole was not put on right on one of my boots and was out of possition and the waterproofing failed about about 30 days of wear.

The can be comfortable with some inserts when standing alot but with out them it would get old fast.
billo88 -
I have the Flak6 model - black. These are fantastic motorcycle boots. I was looking for an Oakley boot that would cover the ankle but have a small enough toe to operate the shifter properly. The old NAIL mids were great, just not high enough. The SI boot's toe's cap seam catches on the shift peg, and the Casing - well its just too cumbersome. I have used the Flak 6 on both my Harley and sportbikes, and its almost like it was designed as a motorcycle boot. Great marks for looks too.
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