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Rick -
I compared the Raw/Ti with the Mercury/Ti Hatchet some time ago at Oakley HQ in Tokyo and I couldn't see enough of a difference to warrant purchasing the Raw/Ti Japan Exclusive. It was more natural or "raw" if you will, but I feel the Mercury looks better.
Iggy -
The frame isn't unlike that of the Metal Vaults, X Metal Coins or the display items; scuffs and marks aplenty, as if hewn from a block of metal. The only difference is that it is a tad lighter in colour. It's a very cool look, but I kind of wish it had the same sheen as the aforementioned items.
Icon208 -
Gen 1 was cool but TOO shiny, Gen 2 is cool but too much like Mercury.
sparra -
I'm not convinced - to be honest I wouldn't really fancy my Os with a raw metal finish, I'd prefer them to be smooth and nicely finished, especially on a style such as the Hatchet. Perhaps on a different frame, this finish would work better.
LEX7 -
Dunno, in my HO this is rather a boring silver colour. it does have that raw unfinished look but just not a huge difference to the silver frame that they do for wires.
if you want hatchets go for one of the other frame colours they look much better in real life.
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