Family: X-Metal
Date: June 2001

Mass: 44g
Condensed cranial geometry allows smaller faces to take advantage of an X Metal® first: the fitted comfort of a spring-hinge mechanism. Changeable Unobtainium® nosebombs and earsocks increase grip with perspiration as spring-hinges control the articulation of this lightweight, 3-D sculpted alloy. Oakley?s XYZ Optics® extends clarity to the full periphery of the wrapped, raked-back lens contour. Each masterwork is laser engraved with a unique serial number.
VR28 Black Iridium
Black Iridium
Emerald Iridium
Ice Iridium
VR28 Black Iridium
Ruby Iridium

american image -
Frame: copper
Lens: VR28
i never gave much thought to an x metal penny, but after i got across this one i decided to try em on, and the fit was unlike any other x metal i own ! the spring hinge works amazingly well on these, and altough it is a "smaller" model, i can pull them off wearing them. the copper color is what it supposed to be, being a penny(like the coin), and the VR28 lens is very relaxing to the eye. this one is high up on the design ladder too, with nice little details such as the fins on the arms. all in all a true oakley innovative piece of x metal eyewear
Frame: Carbon
Lens: +Red

Perhaps one of the most exotic, yet unknown pairs of Oakleys in existence, this pair of X-Metals commands respect. Forged from a proprietary titanium alloy, the frames are virtually indestructible. Not to be outdone by its other X-Metal counterparts, the Penny boasts spring hinges for a secure, yet comfortable fit. Although the lens coverage is a bit limited, the premise behind this was to provide an X-Metal for smaller faces. Overall, an excellent pair of shades.

This is my crown jewel and one of the most beautiful pieces ever created. A true Oakley collector's dream.
Revolution -
Frame: Titanium
Lens: Ice Iridium

I have had these glasses since 2001 and have never gotten tired of them. I was lucky enough to get dark lenses. The frame is very durable, comfortable and fits well on a smaller face. They are definetly smaller than the Juliet. I would not recommend it for a larger head. The Juliet would be the larger head choice. The titanium colour lens compliments the frame well. The spring hinge is very practical and required. Scratches on the lenses are very obvious. However, replacement lenses are the variety of colours avaliable make this oakley a versitle and every lasting addition to anyone's collection. If it fits your face you will not be disappointed.
Dann -
Frame: Copper
Lens: VR28
I bought these for my brother last Christmas and have continued to borrow them ever since. They are titanium like the rest of the X-Metal, but had a copper coating much like their currency counterpart. Unlike the rest of the X-Metals, however, this pair has a spring hinge, although not as successfully implemented as the Mag Switches and A Wire/Square Wire Spring Hinge models. The frame is small and compact with sharp edges at the various joints. The lenses are good for most lighting conditions from daylight to evening, not working well in the dark, but okay indoors. They are designed for smaller faces, and may look funny if you have a medium to large head, but are still passable.
50 Shades of O -
Frame: X-Metal
Lens: Ruby Iridium

These are by far the smallest of the X-Metals, but the lens design covers the eye effectively. Plus they look quite sharp on anyone who tries them on. People often offer to purchase my Pennys, even sometimes for a small fortune, but I won't let these go! I see why they used them in X-Men as to me, they have that superhero look and feel. Highly Recommended.
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