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Oak -
I love this lens. My favourite (for now) of all Oakley lenses. The blue base used on the lens gives a soothing view and doesn't hurt the eyes after hours of wearing it. Definitely created to be used in bright sunlight.

Yes, the lens is more orange than when it was introduced and is just a tad more red than orginal Fire. However, it's still very uniquely Ruby and very nice to look at.
DoctorCrip -
I used to think that Titanium was my favorite lens color, but that was before I owned a pair of Ruby lensed Oakleys. Of course, what first drew me to the Ruby was the way they looked from the outside, but the way they look while wearing them impressed me even more. I find that the blueish tint they produce is very soothing and easy to look through. With Fire being another similar option in terms of outside look, the greenish tint that they produce is what kept me from ever buying a pair with that color lens. So, not only is Ruby better looking at compared to Fire, but also looking through. However, it's also better compared to any other color lens I have ever tried.
RubyMars -
Not the darkest lense around, but other qualities more than make up for that. The blue hue to the lense makes it the most comfortable lense for your eyes, especially when fatigued (read, post-hangover/all nighter lense). Lots of people complain about the color, but outside in direct sunlight mine look as red as ever. Use in a dark frame. Another flashy lense, so ya might have to work to coordinate with an outfit.
dan-E -
It's a good lens, but not a great lens. I'm obviously in the minority in here. Don't get me wrong, it's a perfectly good lens but I guess I'm not as enthused as everyone else. That said, I think I got the first generation Ruby since the colors go from orange to almost purple towards the middle. They look pretty sweet. The blue hue when you're looking through them is quite soothing though, so from that standpoint, they're quite good but from an aesthetic standpoint, they're not worth the extra cash that they're fetching unless you're a diehard collector.
zeroshiki -
finally got a pair of oakley sunnies with the ruby iridium lenses.., it's the A-Wire carbon/ruby combo.

my review based on several categories:

durability - good. the only thing bad is that they get smudged very easily compared to ice/black iridium. about how easily they get scratched on another review? i don't know about that, haven't made a single scratch yet(got mine scratched when they arrived though).

comfort - excellent! the bluish tint soothes the eye better than any other oakley lenses. it's way better than the rainy day effect on the black or ice iridiums.

attractiveness - the ruby iridium is basically a 'RED coated mirror', it's orangey sometimes, but one thing for sure is ppl will turn head when they see u in these lenses. try it, and decide for yourself how attractive those rubies are.

overall - ruby are really great lenses, it certainly was created NOT to blend in the crowd. so, if you like to stand out in the crowd then get them while they're available!!
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