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Oak -
Colourway: All black Ferrari Prototype and MotoGP

I love the Carbon Prime. Very light/supple and the shape fits my noggin perfectly. I am intrigued by the piston spring hinge (though I'm not sure about the long term durability of them) and am hopeful for even more complicated hinges in the future. The carbon injected O Matter has a great texture and aesthetic to it, and the real CF earstems adds a great feel to the model. I especially appreciate the ability to adjust the nosepieces.
cacatman -
In terms of "wearability", they have a "feel" like a carbon blade, albeit slightly heavier. It's probably more like a carbon shift, but I've never owned a pair, so I don't know. Lens coverage is like a Badman, but frame feels "flatter" as opposed to excessively curved like the Badman.

I'm pretty sure the "shock" absorber is going to stuff up sooner than any of us would like. It looks good, but I doubt this mechanism will last the distance.

I think it's slack of Luxottica to reuse the tube and box thing for such an allegedly "unique" pair.

Having said that, I think overall, if you compare it to the slightly cheaper (at least when talking RRP) Ferrari Badman or Madman (and definitely the most numerous alleged "1,000" Rust Decay Bread boxes/Fuel Cells), I think it's likely the best piece of kit to come out of Luxottica in a long time.

You decide. I paid $819 AUD (USD$640) shipped.
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