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juanitolomas58 -
Hello....I'm looking to buy one of this bags....I live in San Diego...I'll pay for shipping..if price is right...I'll get two of them...
Derpitty -
Great little dopp kit. I take this with me on weekend trips or week-long vacations. It holds everything that I need it to. I love the two little removable pockets. It's a shame that it isn't more compatible with the AP line.
Farlius -
Great travel accessory. Holds pretty much everything I need and has held up to years of travel and suitcase abuse. The wet/dry compartments are great for separating toothbrush and shaving items from the non-wet stuff. The mirror is handy for shaving my head, and the zipped in hook and inner elastic are great for when you want to hang it up.
Brian -
It goes without saying: being part of the AP line, you can move the outer pockets around. That being said, I suggest attaching them to the inside of the bag. I feel that it's too roomy inside to just throw your items in loose. The two pockets combined with the elastic bands hold plenty. Anyone know what the two buttons on the outside are for?

Pros: Very spacious. Adaptable.
Cons: The loops for connecting to other AP items are too small.
Teknical -
This is one of my favorite Oakley items. I think this is a very good choice as a dopp kit for overnight trips, to long range trips.
I have used this to replace my main dopp kit which was a basic Dopp brand bag with one pocket.
All of the organization in the Oakley Dopp Kit is fantastic.

The hanging hook with it's sharp point looks hightech and grapples on to anything including into air vents when nothing else is available. It's small stowing pocket works well and is internally velcroed to the side of the main compartment to keep it out of the way.
The elastic straps in the main compartment work very well to keep the majority of items organized and easily accessible. All of your other mainstay items fit right overtop of them.
All of the straps on the outside look terrific. The grab strap is really useful, completely natural to use for carrying, and much better than the typical handles other dopp kits have.
The best thing about the design of this bag are the two zippered sub-compartments. One is plastic lined, so things that could leak can be stored. Use these for smaller and less-frequently used items.

My two main problems with this bag have already been mentioned by other reviewers.
1. The mirror is mounted on a little useless pocket that only functions to make the mirror hang down at a bad angle while hanging. I had thought maybe the velcroed mirror could slip into the pocket for safekeeping, but it doesn't really fit.
2. The spill proof plastic bag with the sealing zipper does not close at all. So for things that might spill I would recommend putting in the plastic-lined pocket, but they still might leak out of the normal zipper there.
3. The attachable AP external bags seem pretty useless and just add to the bulk, so I have removed those for use. They do look cool, though.

Overall this is the best dopp bag I have seen. I have compared this other other expensive Victorinox Swiss Army models and everything they have in the REI stores and other travel stores and it is high quality and great functional design.
Ian -
This was one of those really unique things that I was never really able to find. I finally got one after 2 years of searching. Now I just need another one to actually use...
AtomicOrange35 -
This makes a great shave kit on trips. I usually attach it to the end of my small duffel. The only problem I have had is the zip closure on the inside. The little plastic clip broke, but the little bag still stays closed.
Star-Scream -
Perfect little pack. Used it for Tahoe. Fits everything. You can configure it any way you need.
jumpman73 -
Really nice kit. The hook is very useful especially when you are traveling. I wish the mirror could've been attached to the bag but its still useful to pop out whenever you need it. It would be nice to have different colors available to match with other AP bags.
jplacson -
I was gonna get the DOPP Kit .. good thing I waited, since Oakley soon released an AP version which goes well with all the AP gear I already bought!!!

My only comment, there should've been a belt strap/loop at the back part to fix it to the back of either the AP Sandbag or AP Pack.
TekDragon -
I really like this Dopp Kit. I especially like the built in hook to hang the bag. My biggest concern with this bag is the plastic backing and bag in the kit might crack if they get cold, like say when you have your luggage in the trunk or on the roof of your vehicle in the winter. I don't know how usefull the included mirror is since its really small, but it's a nice idea.
jrbusser -
Este kit si esta realmente recomendado con sus compartimientos de buen tamaño excelente para las cosas pequeñas en un viaje
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