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"Advertising" Line of Shirts - Medusa and Grips

"Advertising" Line of Shirts - Medusa and Grips

"Advertising" Line of Shirts - Medusa and Grips

"Advertising" Line of Shirts - Medusa and Grips

"Advertising" Line of Shirts - Medusa and Grips

"Advertising" Line of Shirts - Medusa and Grips

Thermonuclear Capsule Collection

Thermonuclear Capsule Collection






Oct 21, 2018 10:22 PM
Stuff I got recently
- cacatman

That is quite a haul!!!
Sep 30, 2018 10:52 AM
Welcome. You do great work.
Sep 19, 2018 12:41 AM
I called Customer Care and they said the order went into “Unknown Status Error”, which means the order won’t be fulfilled until some correction occurs. I was given two options: 1) have customer care send it to IT to have it solved within 1-2 weeks, or 2) cancel the order and create another order. Turns out this has been a nagging problem for the North American system.

I opted for #1 and then ordered another pair from a second account. We’ll see what happens. - Oak

Here in the US, I have this same issue frequently. It happened on all of my orders for both rounds of the Thermonuclear Protection line of apparel. The customer service reps say it is very common and probably won’t change for a while. The reps have always been extremely helpful and friendly. It seems these issues are well beyond their control and they do not have any way to correct the errors themselves. They just send them to I.T. It seems like there are some major flaws in their system that are causing these errors. I doubt they get fixed any time soon, unfortunately. It is very frustrating.
Aug 7, 2018 1:16 PM
That is a really cool collection. I especially like the JJ cards.
Jul 31, 2018 11:54 AM
I’m only going off the pics from the website at this point. I wish I had more info. I did order a Medusa with the coupon.
Jul 31, 2018 3:54 AM
3 new T-shirt designs. $40 a pop. Be sure to use those MVP cards to get $50 off a $100 order of regular priced apparel. Search "advertising" if looking on

Jul 27, 2018 3:44 AM
Type O Positive, they actually posted your review!

Jul 26, 2018 3:38 AM
Well the designer must have got promoted to do more shirts...

Jul 24, 2018 3:58 AM
Two new Thermonuclear Protection T-shirts available on ($25 each).. not much creativity with this design but here it is. Here are the pics from their website.

Jul 18, 2018 4:07 PM
That is great. Nice work!
Jul 15, 2018 4:10 AM
I was wondering if anyone could chime in with any details on the M Frame Rust lens. I have an old brochure that shows Rust being a lens option. I have a boxed Rust lens that I bought out of Japan a few years ago. I can’t find any information searching online. Other than my brochure and lens, I can’t find anything online at all. Anyone have any info?

I have included a Persimmon lens in the pictures for comparison purposes (the lens that has the Oakley etching is Persimmon).

Jul 14, 2018 1:56 AM
Dann, great video. Glad you were able to get some time to do another one.
Jul 13, 2018 3:21 AM
Tons of Apparel and Accessories 50% off on Picked this up ‘Regiment Tee’ for $10, along with some other TNP gear at 50% off.

Jul 10, 2018 3:17 AM
Top shelf for the Collectors Mumbos.

Jul 9, 2018 4:15 AM
Those are pretty cool. Very creative work and they look great as coin holders!
Jul 7, 2018 10:49 PM
My Matte Clear/Prizm Ruby was also mis-labeled and said Clear Lens. That is very frustrating that yours had scratches.
Jun 30, 2018 12:16 AM
The rest of the Thermonuclear collection is now 50% off on Many items and sizes are sold out though.

You have to search "TNP" as they have changed the name of the items from "thermonuclear".
Jun 27, 2018 11:35 PM
The iridium is just a coating on the outside part of the lens. It is what gives the "mirror" look to the lens. It also helps increase the amount of light blocked. It can help with glare and reflection. There is a base color to the lens(polycarbonate) and then some lenses have an iridium coating on top.
Jun 27, 2018 11:12 PM
Plutonite (polycarbonate).
Jun 16, 2018 8:21 PM
That's a shame on those display cases!!
Jun 14, 2018 10:14 PM
Which Ballistic SI M Frame specifically are you looking for? New M Frame, 2.0, 3.0?
Jun 12, 2018 1:53 AM

NT latest. Could anyone say exactly what frame that blue is? Is it a Mumbo?

- pastor.elfstrom

That is the Crystal Blue 1st Gen Frame (not a Mumbo)... with a Blue Iridium lens that is either a Hybrid or 67. It is hard to tell from that angle.
May 22, 2018 4:05 AM
Great choice - Dann

It's more subtle than what I was expecting, but it isn't bad... - qlr1

Prizm Snow Torch Iridium does look a whole lot different online versus in hand!! I was a little disappointed when I got my M Frame Alpha with spare Prizm Snow Rose lens.. much different in the online pictures.
May 19, 2018 2:12 AM
The scalpers are already unloading them on eBay.. didn't take long. I'm hoping to get a pair but don't want to give a scalper the satisfaction.
May 2, 2018 6:21 PM
Wow. Amazing work. I love all of the Splatter variations.
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