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I ate a chili pepper and when I woke up, this site was here.
Around Summer 2002, I was spending money on nothing but bills for school and who knows what. My brother had just gotten Scars, to which my impression was "that's really dumb to spend all that money on sunglasses", but then I tried them on and really noticed the difference in quality. I'd never seen a lens be so clear before. My comment was Everything looks like the Autolevel function in Photoshop. What a nerd I am sometimes. At that point the Splice came out and my brother wished he had waited and gotten that instead. So one day when I was at a cookout playing hooky from work, the one shred of champagne taste that I had kicked in and I decided to get a pair

After that, I got a pair of minutes, but they were too girly and didn't look like the online picture, so I gave those to my sister and then got a pair of leather Mars, since they were so odd. That lead to a pair of 24k X-Metal XX's, and a Time Bomb. Then on and on and on. Once the site took off, it was all over. I think I had a dozen or so when that happened.





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Today 2:29 AM
Just happy the M Frame is still kicking
Feb 16, 2019 1:44 PM
After the first hundred or so, they can't tell what is new.
Feb 16, 2019 1:44 PM
Also the Fox eyewear line wasn't via an ex employee, but they were created by Oakley minus XYZ optics. However certain frame colors and the start of gradient lenses began there.
Feb 16, 2019 1:42 PM
I picked up a few Dragon models a while back. Some styles were nice, but the frame materials were always very rigid.
Feb 15, 2019 4:06 PM
Welcome, and nice score on the A Frames. Those are a cool pair.
Feb 14, 2019 12:15 PM
That's been a gripe of mine too. I remember making a point in my Canteen video about how we finally had a snap on hinge again, at least for that model.
Feb 13, 2019 8:17 PM
I'm sure those would look great on his Kia.
Feb 13, 2019 2:17 PM
The Captain Marvel promotional Website is just wonderful.

Feb 12, 2019 3:31 PM
I accidentally found that out when making my half frame video.
Feb 11, 2019 3:48 PM
Looks like there's a new SKU format for Asian Fit. It's back to appending the 'F' at the end while keeping the Global Fit base number.
Feb 10, 2019 1:57 PM

Feb 9, 2019 1:48 PM
Retina Burn was one of the first few colorways when the reissued Frogskins were a single monthly release.
Feb 8, 2019 8:34 PM
Wow, lot bigger than I thought. It's a bold move for sure. Did you end up grabbing any today.
Feb 7, 2019 6:55 PM
So I can wrestle with the decision to name things historically or in current terms.
Feb 7, 2019 4:11 AM
Does Carbon Prime have its own designation
Feb 6, 2019 3:28 PM
One Forever stamp.
Feb 5, 2019 8:42 PM
I've seen Latch included on other hinges as well. Seems to be a secondary feature that several models can possess.
Feb 5, 2019 3:48 PM
Maybe they dont anticipate high sales, so they're targeting high traffic areas to maximize the inventory.
Feb 5, 2019 12:14 PM
The 95% vs 100% should help more get the Made in USA approval. Still yet to see anything other than assembled though.
Feb 5, 2019 12:13 PM
I have a few as tags for db models, but I need to add the rest. I saw some of those new ones, but wasn't quite sure if they were new names for existing ones.
Feb 4, 2019 4:09 PM
A forum posts resulting from information gathered at Red Day in 2013

One of the reasons The God watch is so expensive (over 90k from what I was told) is that each individual link is different. There were multiple parts to each and its really a puzzle to put together just the band of the watch. I dont know much about the internal workings but as time goes by I hear a little piece here and there. -FearGearGarage

Looks like $92,000 was the official number. I recall Jim stating that he provided the specs and said spare no expense. He was a little surprised at the cost, but said it wouldn't have stopped him from making it even if he knew prior.

I also remember seeing pieces of it in R&D back in 2005 before that room really got locked down. I'm surprised I even got walkthrough.
Feb 1, 2019 5:05 PM
Probably for the best. I didn't recall the normal issues being all that long. It was certainly an effort to paint each panel.
Jan 31, 2019 10:46 PM
SI is guaranteed to be made in the USA, so they can more easily put the branding on them. For other sport performance models, 80% are made in the USA, but they won't make separate molds for those which aren't. Acetate, and wires are all made out of the country, but they've started showing that they are at least assembled in the US.

The Red colored badge is showing up on some models, which will hopefully allow them to add Made In USA on some models without having to create a new mold for them.
Jan 31, 2019 12:07 PM
Not bad. On the lower end of the modern releases.
Jan 30, 2019 4:49 PM
Bummer when that gets a Red Ring of Death.
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