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June 29th, 2006 - 13 years ago (169 logins)Last Login5 years ago
Been an X - Metal fan since the first time I laid my eyes on the Romeo .. I had to get one , I finaly did purchase in the winter of 1999 - 2000 . Believe it or not this pair got lost / stolen a few years later I coudlnt resign myself to buy the Juliet or the XX metal , until someone pointed me to eBay a few years ago and I grabbed my beloved Romeo , and restoreed them , since then I been using eBay to quench my thirst for X-metal purchasing , wearing a few days and reselling becuz of course I cant afford to own more then 4 pairs of X-metal. Strictly an X-metal Fan. The Rep. at Oakley Canada calls me the Juliet guy ( dunno IF I like it but hey what can I do )becuz I did purchase all the Possible lens available for the Juliets






Dec 4, 2009 6:29 PM
These are for my Personal collection these are NOT for reselling purposes , I have many items to trade mainly in the Xmetal serie some Mframes and some ltd (but common ) Gascans , I am willing to buy if the price is right , thank you .
Need both pairs or only one . Also the Ichiro 's can be Blue Iridium or OO blue , its fine by me as long asd they have signature on it . Lookin for BRAND NEW FLAWLESS LENS .
Jul 2, 2008 4:24 PM
NO I dont feel them at all.. I totally agree tho they should be released in another line , they might get more popularity , lets face it tho , Oakley is still kikin ass with the old X-Metal line but expecting anything new , I mean I still have hopes but lookin what they did with R2 and halfX I m like ...
Nov 3, 2007 6:54 PM
1.07 , RECORD never reached that much ever ...

Can you imagine , go on Oakley.ca look at the pricing , and then go on Oakley.com Oakley is still charging us about 1.50 exchange in favor of the US .for example the Romeo 2.0 polarized are 660 CAD , while they are 400 US ...

I wouldnt balme Oakley for not adjusting there price since everybody does it . Lets just say If you have money , better wait then purchase from retail store . ( they will eventualy adjust)
Nov 3, 2007 6:46 PM
thx both of ya , ya I used the tool in the picture for the etching , but I never been goood at doing fonts so it is not for me , but anyone with good drawing skills could do amazing job with it ..

I tried to go from juliet Hi I persimon to Penny , but I ended up too short on the side , I guess I finaly learned my lesson .. The thing is it takes em around 10 minutes to complete the lense but it takes about 20 minutes to make the fine tune adjustement , this is the part that should not be rushed .. I am proud of my first Juliet + red they are flawless this time I did put 3 rows of tape to make sure if I skipped it wouldnt go right tru ( saved me a lens ) and Since I did tape both side , I was lucky to be saved by the tape inside as well , hahaha , I can laugh , these are definitly worth what they cost me , bought them straight from OAkley , and paid CAD 115 , will get my next + red on eBay tho specialy with Canadain Dollars these days its worth it . thx again to both of ya .

Btw + red is my favorite too .
Nov 1, 2007 6:00 AM
hey , thx a lot to you mate I finaly succeded at doin a few custom cut . btw may I ask why you cut the tape ? I tried without cutting it and I dont see any diffrence , also in your guide it is unclear if you do tape both side of the lens...
one of my favorites believe it or not comes from the 1$ store lol ( looks like Blue Iridium except its mostly green in the middle and lots of Purple at the end, I bought several cheap sunglasses to practice before doing the real thing on my Hi persimon Strike Lens , Well believe it or not I skipped 3 times on my first lens , and there is a few scuff on that lens, ( it went thru the tape) I guess I was a bit too excited to finaly cut some real Oakley lenses.
the second one is perfect ..

I did engrave 'custom ' on both 1$ lens and tho I am not good at this the tool was workin real great.
Also I used a 'unknown' 'abrasive' to polish the edge and they look very good with it , I will grab the one in the guide and see witch one does a better job but you might wanna take a look at usin this one cuz it did the trick for me .

anyways here are my picks

Oct 17, 2007 1:06 AM
lol thanks for stating the obvious but I have never seen a pos red that blue , so my question is still unanswered , is it lighting is it just selection of the bluest you could find , witch lens was it originaly mframe ?

and the Blue Romeos , it says hi persimon but in the folowing post he was talkin about snow gogles , sorry if that is all obvious to you but I am strictly an X-metal fan so all those lens color not available to X-metal model are new ground to me ..

Just a heads up : I grabbed a 'digital rotary tool kit ' 250 pc. including holder mini rotary tool and flex shaft all for 50 $ at Costco ( in Canada), so yea its worth it , the brand is not Dremel of course its King Canada or something like it , lookin forward to my first custom ..

One more thing about the tape, are masking tape and
pre - mask 2 different things ?
Oct 16, 2007 9:58 PM
and these are definitly one of my favorite to , u said these are snow gogles right ? but what is the exact name of the color ?

Oct 16, 2007 9:56 PM
hey mate just saw these , amd I would sure like to replicate this color for my Romeos AND my Juliet , please let me know what lense you used ( type /color) it says it s positive red but I never seen one with that much blue in it , or is it just lighting ?
Jun 1, 2007 10:52 PM
1 thing : Juliet Brown !
Jun 1, 2007 10:43 PM
I have 2 top 5 becuz some color combo doesnt fit me but are real nice to look at .

top 5 lookin :

1_ Ichiro 1st gen ( polished/blue iridium/blue rubbers)
1_ polished / g26
(yes both best lookin)
2_ Corvette Edition ( carbon /24k)
3_ Ti02 / vr28
4_ Carbon / Emerald Iridium / green Rubbers
5_ xmetal/ ruby ( or + red)

Favorite ( that looks nice on me)

1_ Ichiro WBC ( xmetal / slate)
2_ Juliet brown / vr28
3_ finito ( carbon / vr50)
4_ xmetal/ Emerald Iridium
5_ xmetal/ ruby ( or + red)

I am expecting ti02 Juliet in the mail somewhere next week , so maybe I am going to change my mind about the top combo that fits me ...

May 15, 2007 3:49 PM
I keep maui jim ... lol

butI never wear them , I also keep a custom Ichiro slate/xmetal Juliet they by far my fav lens
Nov 18, 2006 8:13 AM
40 . ( we at 40 are we ? anyways on with the tread)
Needing one more set of X-metal wwhen you already own 5 or 6 of them
Nov 18, 2006 8:03 AM
comone people be real men and post pictures of your Rubies outdoors in sunlight to reflect their true color.

well here are mine Under the sun ... but weird thing is they look like ;i used flash indoor truth is I didnt

here are the same lenses outdoor

and indoor befor I sold them .....

I owned a few set of ruby lenses and these were as purple as it gets , I took many pictures of ruby lenses , pictures dont prove **** like i said these pics comes from the same lenses and on some pic they actualy look Orange but they truly are purple/pink at 85 % oh well Lucky guy who has them know , I got rid of them cuz I never wore them
(and becuz I prefer other colors to those
Nov 10, 2006 4:56 AM
excuse my ignorance but who is FP ? Also I thaught the 24k Juliet were the Corvette edition....
Nov 9, 2006 6:00 PM
Hi all I was wondering if any one of you guys know where these come from ?

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