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Aug 15, 2006 1:11 AM
While I understand the need to be suspicious of ANYTHING that appears to be anti-oakley, marketing is marketing.

I would bet one would be hard pressed to find an unbiased study of all the "features" that premium eyewear has to offer.

Unless Consumer Reports did one (and they have their own leanings), I would take the reporst for what they are worth.. cool marketing.

Personally, I love the way most of their glasses look and the clarity is excellent. You buy what you like.

I would think that with a little lower price point, Oakley would be EVERYWHERE.
Jul 3, 2006 8:12 PM
Wait a few weeks and look at all the scratches. Then you'll know it's Iridium.
I have yet to scratch my ruby iridium lenses on my XX's and have had them for roughly 4 years.

I clean them with the bag they came in. When the bag gets nasty or they get a little dirtier than usual, I use a spare bag, some Dove dishwashing liquid, and warm water to do the trick.

If you think about it, you have oils on your fingers and on your body. If you perch the glasses on your head or touch the glasses bag with your fingers, then you will need to clean that oil out at some point.

Regardless, I have yet to scratcha pair of Oakley lenses, and it isn't from lack of opportunity. While one should exercise the reasonable amount of care one would expect when having purchased a pair of $75 + sunglasses, all 4 pairs I own have been VERY durable and have yet to scratch.
Jun 28, 2006 5:00 PM
I own a mere 4 pair, but wear every one. My black on black Valves are my everyday, outdoor work glasses. My first pair, "XX's" with Ruby lenses are used when I vacation in Daytona and cruise from place to place.

My Why 8.1's with Ice lenses are my "formal" wear and I use those when going to meetings, conferences, etc. They work well with the jacket and tie.

My newest acuisition, the Gascan's are sort of the "casual" look. The lenses are GREAT for driving (dark bronze) and the frames are LIGHT. I will let you know after wearing them for 12 hours straight how comfortable they are (we drive almost straight through from IL to FL every summer)

My only "damage" with all the wear is t hat 1) the OAKLEY isignia across the bridge of my Vavles is starting to wear off, as is the metal color on the "o" icons on the sides. I also dropped my XX's in the parking lot once and slightly scratched the frames. You would not even notice it if I didn't point it out.

Every pair I have, even with daily wear, have not a scratch on ANY of the lenses. I always perch them on my head or they end up in a soft vault when not in use.
Jun 23, 2006 3:43 AM
I didn't see
To stay on the subject... I am curious as how the open towers concept will work with shoplifting and all.
Not only would one worry about shoplifiting, but if I pay over $14 for a pair of glasses, they had better be straight and scratch free, a huge potential problem when joe 6 pack and his rug rats enter the store to look at the pretty glasses.

Maybe these items are striclty "display only" and you don't purchase the actual one you try on. I have never been to one of these stores, so maybe someone can elaborate.

There are pros and cons to the "premium price" market. For me, buying a paire of Why 8.0 at $180 is not exactly something I do all the time.
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