Philip Barket
Jan 24, 2007 6:31 AM
I'm really not thrilled by it. The sides stretch to fit the two sizes, yes, but I have the smaller of the two and the inner edges of the case that secure the iPod don't seem to wrap and stay flat against the front of the iPod. I'm upset the didn't place a thin sreecn protecter inside under the flap, with or without a cutout for the click wheel. And the cutout for teh headphone jack, it seems to curl up and was on all of them. I think they could refine it a bit. It does look good though. Still, A more AP style strap on the rear would have been nice, not just the belt loop with button.
Mike Bahr
Jan 24, 2007 12:07 PM
It's thoughts/ideas that you have expressed there Phil that make wonder if the people who actualy designed the case are iPod users themselves, or have they just gone and made a case for the sake of having one in the product range. Here was an oppurtunity to have a design that sets a standard...

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