Will .
Aug 6, 2005 11:54 AM
So I got my ice/plasmas back...i Just have one question..
Is one of the little arm pieces supposed to be a little bit higher than the other? When I set them on the table, one "floats" a bit higher..none of my other juliets do that..also..the screws they put in to screw the arms in are a little too big..like they arent flush with the frame...the washers in the hinges tore out again..so it scrapes when I open/close the frame..

I JUST got these back, and Im wondering if I should send them in again..
Matthew F
Aug 6, 2005 12:23 PM
i have these probs too.

and i find that it's main;y down to our ears are not symmetrical, so often when you push your Oakleys back up to your nose or put them on. too often, the screws work loose and bend upwards(also if your ears are higher than your eyeline).

hops that helps

Aug 6, 2005 7:28 PM
Damn those Ears & Nose for not letting us wear are Oakleys right..
sees you
Aug 6, 2005 8:44 PM
It's nothing that some whiskey & a scalpel can't fix!
Will .
Aug 7, 2005 10:48 PM
Does anyone else have the problem with the screws?
Rick (The Doctor) Fawcett
Aug 7, 2005 11:01 PM
I had a screw on one pair that was a little sketchy and Oakley Japan gave me a complete frame replacement. I can't understand how you can still have problems with them if they are coming straight back from Oakley. I'd be on the phone with someone there and it wouldn't be pretty.
Paul Loe
Aug 8, 2005 10:00 PM
if i live in US i'd definitely do the same as Rick would. :D

just to compare that you're pretty lucky Will, i got my replacement Plasma frame back from US and it has some little oddities such as the nosebridge is a bit looser on one side than the other, the lens wobble around on one of the frame housing, the paint surface looks rough(like repainted) on some section of the frame, and yes, it also has all the problems you mentioned on your pair. guess what? i can't do anything but just accept it the way it is.

as long as it's wearable and does not affect wear(it's balanced), well, then it's gonna be one helluva cool beater pair of O.. :D

speaking of little oddities of juliet.., my polished frame is weirdest pair of juliet i ever hold of. it has one loosened nosebridge too like the plasma, only worse. no matter how i tweak the earstems, balance them, unbalance them, tighten the curve, straighten it again, etc2. it always sit one lens further forward than the other(when wearing them), i thought maybe it's becos my head or ears are not symmetrical, but then that doesn't happen on my other 2 juliets. so just now i decided to try on some new methods and found a solution by mixing the 1 5 shox and 2 5 shox on the temples. now both lenses sit at the same range from my eyes, okay, maybe there's still a bit difference, but definitely unnoticeable. point is, i'm happy again wearing them!!(so, now i have 2 beater pair of juliets to switch back and forth, still nothing compared to most of you guys though.. lol)

advice for Secondimpact's problem, yes, you can always push or tweak the earstems by hand to have them balanced. that is if you don't feel like sending them back. but if you decide to try, try to tweak it without affecting the nosebridge section.

out of subject but worth mentioning:

successfully converted my friend, his wife, and his wife's sister into buying oakleys. both girls bought dartboards, while my friend got himself a pair of juliet plasma/ice and all were happy with themselves. it happened just a couple hours ago.. :D

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