In-Residence Collection

These pieces of eyewear were specially produced for the Oakley In-Residence
pop-up skate and art space in Los Angeles, California on April 29th, 2015. Each piece of eyewear was hand-painted by the Oakley design team using custom colorways and graphics and were paired with a 35" x 59" flag that symbolizes skate spot and the eyewear's design. The flag was also hung at the event space.

The event also had a unique skate themed microbag:

Andy Jenkins Sliver

Andy Mueller Sliver

Carlos M Gutierrez Frogskin

Chris Waycott Sliver

Eric Anthony Frogskin

Jeremy Carnahan Frogskin

Nate Hooper Frogskin

Nigel Zegel Sliver

posted by Dann
1-12-2017 7:15 PM
Chris Hoiberg
Nicely done. Those should complete the setup. - Dann

Thanks Dann! 20 months later, and it is finally complete.
2-2-2017 5:39 PM
Dann Thombs
Some more pictures
2-2-2017 10:01 PM
John Schafhauser
F'n awesome stuff right there!

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