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Bonner -
Home run! Great slgugnig with that answer!
ShadyOak -
Great Oakley mad science action. This case is very cool looking and functional for protecting glasses. There aren't many non RX frames that fit it, but so far I found the nanowire 1.0 just barely fits, and the square wire 2.0 fits well. I actually got this free with my Why 8.0 which is kinda ironic considering they don't fit in it.
DoctorCrip -
Uniquely Oakley and a great design, though I prefer the look of the regular torpedo case with the plastic O that comes on it. I think it just adds a little something to it and breaks up the monotony of all the silver. Nonetheless, this case is great and really comes in handy. Only from Oakley would you get something like this with a pair of Rx glasses.
Lali -
I have 2 different cases: a small soft vault and this torpedo case. If I compare these the soft one is better to carry around for its lightweight, but the metal provides much better protection. The overall look is nice, but a bit bulky.
Jay Ho -
Not bad, nothing too special. Cool design and I kinda like the beat up look for a change of pace. Definitely not as nice as the Nanowire case which is just sexy and classy. I can see how this fits well with the x-metal image but it just doesn't fit any of those. I got one off eBay to hold my Whiskers. Color somewhat matches. I guess if it started out looking beaten up, it won't be too bad when I beat it up more. In the end, as long as it protects my Oakleys, I'll be satisfed.
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