Family: Sport / Jackets
Date: December 1994-2004

The fluid, sculptural design of our Eye Jackets combine the dexterity of technology and the charisma of art. Choose your hue from among fourteen lightweight lens and frame color combinations, or select Full Metal Jackets, with frames encased in the security of metal. Each offers Oakley's XYZ Optics that virtually eradicates distortion from your entire field of view, maximizes peripheral vision and provides a solid barrier between your eyes and the ravages of wind and sun.

Obsidian -
These were my first pair of Oakleys. Bought them in about 1998 in Electric Mustard when I was a teenager. I wore them for a couple of years until they broke. At the time they seemed like the coolest pair of sunglasses I had ever seen but looking back now they kinda look silly. I would love to have another pair in my collection someday.
JonJON -
Frame: eye jacket
Lens: Iridium

As far as I am concerned there is no other pair of sunglasses for sport. These are the sunglasses that put OAKLEY on the map, and now everything is square lens and so boring. I thankfully still have my eye jacket but long for the day when they reissue their flagship eye jacket. There is every kind of jacket except the one that everyone wants the EYE Jacket.
danno -
Frame: FMJ 5.56
Lens: Black Iridium

These were my first Oakley's and I thought that they still were although your website has made me realise that that's probably not the case. I got these back in I guess '95 and absolutely loved them. Had a part time job and probably cost a few weeks' wages but worth every penny. After a few years though the frame cracked at the bottom of one of the lenses and they went back to Oakley for a replacement frame. I thought at the time that the new frame colour was slightly off (less metallic silver and more white chrome) but put it down to my imagination. I now think that I got a New Eye Jacket frame in replacement. Gutted. They're good, but just not quite perfect, which the originals were. Like many others here I'd love to see them back in the range. A lot of the latest models are just too bulky and ostentatious. The early FMJs were pure style.
Frame: Pearl
Lens: Black Iridium
My very first pair of oakley sunglasses. I wore these quite a lot, and they fitted me very nicely. Just right. Oval shaped glasses were quite popular during the early to mid nineties. So i used to think most oval shaped glasses were an oakley because of the ellipse icon insignia. I wasnt really paying attention to sunglasses then. When i became serious about owning a quality pair of sunglasses, i was instantly drawn to this pair of oakley. It looked good on other faces, and when i went to a SGH store to try these on for myself, the decision was an easy one to make. I was keen on the pearl frame beforehand because i thought it went well with a suntan. The left earstem snapped off twice on two different occasions, which meant i had to get them sent in for a replacement. This is the only downside to an outstanding pair of sunglasses that saw a lot of use. I look for any chance of getting another pair of these. I also got the Electric Mustard frame.
Celicagame -
Frame: Black
Lens: Black Iridium

Like most this was my first pair of glasses. Being an Orlando native I remember watching Shaquille O'Neil conduct an interview with these on and I said to myself I had to have them. I wore prescription glasses at the time so I got contacts. Still have these to this day though the lenses are scratched and peeling. They have also made many trips to HQ.
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