Family: Wire
Date: April 2000-2005

Mass: 30g
A power hungry furnace produces C-5 alloy, the ultra-strong and ultra-lightweight chassis of our Wire? frames. The latest release, C Wire? features a redesigned bridge and refined earstems, plus a unique spring-hinge mechanism that holds the frame comfortably in place. Wires are engineered with XYZ Optics® to conduct clarity through pure Plutonite®. Prescription ready.
Dark Carbon
Black Iridium
+Red Iridium
Emerald Iridium
Gold Iridium
Black Iridium Polarized
Fire Iridium
Gold Iridium Polarized
Ice Iridium
Ruby Iridium
Black Iridium
Emerald Iridium Polarized
Titanium Iridium
Titanium Pewter
G30 Iridium
Titanium Pewter
VR28 Blue Iridium Polarized

Iwan -
Frame: multiple
Lens: multiple
I hesitated a long time before buying them online. I was afraid that the shape of the orbitals would be somewhat feminine. Let me asure you they aren't. They suit my head perfectly, but I can imagine this would not be the case for everonej so if at all possible try before you buy.
The frame itself is very lightweight and the sping hinges work great. My personal favorite frame would be Titanium and it's hard to beat VR28 blue pol. as lens option.
kingphilbert -
Frame: Gunmetal
Lens: +Red

I was excited for Oakley's with Spring Hinges and as soon as these were released I was trying them. When the new E and Square had came out I found them to be very tight, rigid and small compared to the older looser frames and the C Wire made it all better. Still a small wire, but a great fit. A round option for those who didn't like the A Wire. I did find the spring to be too loose at times though and the overall coverage wasn't the best. Workable for driving and being out and about.
flyer -
Platinum/Tungsten polarized custom cut.
Silver/Black polarized.
Ti Pewter/VR28 Blue polarized.
Bang on PaulT00.
Especially re: nosebridge positioning for proper fit and coverage.
Very comfortable spring-hinge fit.
The tiny orbitals mean these are style over function.
PaulT00 -
Frame/Lens: Titanium/Black Iridium (with spare Titanium Iridium lenses all scratched up); Dark Carbon/Black Iridium; Platinum/Emerald Iridium; Silver/Ruby Iridium; Titanium/Emerald Iridium Polarized

I've managed to amass a small collection of these while waiting for the holy grail (the Ti/Emerald Pol combo) to appear. I love them. The Ruby pair get most wear, possibly because I see these as a fashion statement and the gen 1 ruby lenses are quite an arresting sight. (I have E-wire 2.1s in ruby too, and they're noticeably more orange rather than red). The coverage isn't amazing, but depending on head size and shape you may find that the smallish orbitals almost fit in your eye sockets - which they do for me. They're very similar to the A-wire 2.0 in that respect, but easier to wear due to the spring hinges which make for a very adaptable fit. I find that it can take a while to find the correct setting of the nosebridge, but once set they're very comfortable. The Ti frame construction is different from the 'normal' C5 frames, the lens screws are in a different location etc and they feel quite different to wear as well as much lighter. As with almost anything over a few years old, Oakley have no parts for these so if you break them you're out of luck. The Ti/Emerald Polarized combo is amazing, but due to their extreme rarity and irreplaceable/irreparable nature they rarely come out to play. That's OK though - I have lots of other Emerald Pol lensed options I can wear instead which aren't quite so difficult to find!
Frame: Titanium
Lens: Polarized Emerald Iridium

The C Wires feature an elegant, yet simple design combined with a unisex style. For this configuration, the pure titanium frames seem to almost float off of your face since they're so lightweight. And the lenses aren't just any iridium - they're polarized emerald. One thing I've noticed about titanium C Wire frames, however, is that they don't have quite as much "wrap" as C-5 frame C Wires, and are thus better suited for those with slightly wider faces. Still, combining the lightweight durability of titanium frames with some of the most exclusive and functional lenses makes this pair a "must have" for those who are a fan of Oakley wires.
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