Family: Wire
Date: May 2000

A Metal blend that defies both gravity and abuse, A Wire® 2.0 Spring Hinge is decked with refined bridgework and mounted with spring hinges. All A Wire® 2.0 Spring Hinge frames are held comfortably in place by the stable tension of a spring hinge mechanisms. XYZ Optics® ensures that true optical fidelity reaches your visual cortex.
Dark Carbon
Ruby Iridium
Dark w/TTL telescope
+Red Iridium
Ice Iridium
Ice Iridium Polarized
Titanium Iridium
Titanium Pewter
VR28 Blue Iridium Polarized

Rick -
Frame: Titanium
Lens: Titanium
I was a huge fan of the original A-Wire when it was intially launched. In fact, I owned two pairs at one point. I was quite surprised when I stumbled on this combo whilst scanning the O-Review DB. I never knew the A-Wire was available in a Ti frame. Let alone a Ti lens. I knew the T-Wire was Titanium (of course). I was even more surprised when I won my BNIB pair on Ebay for less than $70! They are quite simply the Cadillac of A-Wires. Light, sophisticated, and very comfortable-fitting - I don't have enough good things to say about this pair. I am so grateful to this site for putting me on to these, because like I said, I would never have discovered them otherwise.
Project -
Frame: Dark Carbon
Lens: Ruby Iridium

First the good, these A Wire's are pretty much the perfect wire design, cool and stylish yet still understated and classy. The ruby lenses make them pop much more that other neutral colours, and they also still have the Oakley etching on the nose bridge not seen on the new wire designs.

However I owned 2 pairs of these before I gave up and got a non SH pair, because both times the ear stems had broken! The SH design on these involve a tiny (1 mm) metal tube that connects to the inside of the arm, which suffers pulling stress every time you open and close the stems. Although allowing a better fit for bigger faces, it is extremely fragile as I found.

If you can get a non-SH A Wire 2.0 to fit I'd recommend that, otherwise handle these stylish, but delicate, frames very carefully!
bong -
Frame: Dark Carbon
Lens: Ruby Iridium

the Dark Carbon/Ruby Iridium is a great looking combimation. i love the way how the Dark Carbon is matte finished, and the Ruby Iridium is really mirrored, even more so than the Ruby Iridium on the E Wire 2.1. however, the Rubies on the A Wire 2.0 Spring Hinge is more of a darker shade of orange (but not as orange as Fire Iridium) than red. the spring hinge is good for accomodating those with larger heads, although i get a better and more comfortable fit with the non-spring versions. however, the lens shape is not the same as the A Wire 2.0 non-spring hinge, as those are closer in shape to the original A Wires (which i prefer). the A Wire 2.0 Spring Hinge's lens shape is more of a squarer, trapezoidal shape than the smoother, more rounded tapered shape that's on the 2.0 non-spring hinge.

still, these are great looking sunglasses, the Dark Carbon/Ruby combination is worth the price of admission alone.
Mike -
Frame: Gun metal
Lens: Ice Iridium Polarized
These were great glasses, nice fit, until the 2nd yr of moderate use. The lenses started to peel, and now the one arm just came out of the hinge. I haven't wore them that much and always kept them in the Oakley vault when not in use. I paid a lot for these glasses for them to just fall apart like this. I called Oakley about these issues and they said well there is nothing we can do, we will however give you a small discount on a new pair. After the short time these lasted I don't want another pair of Oakleys. My wife has a cheap $20 pair of glasses for 5 years now with no problems. I am VERY disapointed with Oakley quality!
Farlius -
Frame: Gun Metal
Lens: + Red Iridium

My favorites of my Wires. The Gunmetal looks very sharp with the +Red. The spring hinge makes for an all day comfortable fit. The lens provides good eye coverage. Very professional or official look to them, like you work for the 'Feds'. If you can find these, buy them.
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