Family: Sport / Jackets
Date: April 2010

Mass: 30g

Frame: Polished White
Lens: Ice

After finally having the opportunity to see the Split Jacket in person and try them on, I was a bit disappointed. Although they fit well (perhaps a tiny bit loose), provided good coverage, and incorporated the "Switchlock" mechanism for easy lens replacement, they appeared to be too similar to the Jawbone. In fact, when I first saw them in the case I couldn't tell they were Split Jackets at all (thought they were Jawbones).

A great pair of shades overall, but not much different from their predecessor, unfortunately. Oakley really needs to address the SIZE of their lenses and release some similar glasses (with the Switchlock feature). Perhaps if these were a bit smaller...

Tadhg -
Frame: Matt Rootbeer
Lens: Tungsten Iridium
Recently bought these and yes very similar to Jawbone not quite a big but easy to mistake a really nice piece of eyewear BUT i think i still prefer my Straight Jacket (Rootbeer also) .

docgauravs -
Frame: polished black/shy blue
Lens: oo black iridium polarized vented
Wonderful pair of shades.I use them for cycling and everyday use, must say they are very comfortable. these lenses are awesome for sunny condition, cut the glare dead in its track.These lenses some how make things look better by giving contrast to things. Never fog up due to vents!! Love the excellent split jacket.
Frame: Black with Silver Ghost Text
Lens: Clear Black Iridium Photochromic

After opening the box for these glasses the first noticeable difference between the Photochromic Split Jackets and others was that only one set of lenses was present. A bit disappointing to say the least.

Trying the glasses on and taking them for a "test run" in direct sunlight yielded more disappointing results: although the lenses seemed to get "darker" from the perspective of others looking from the outside, they appeared to offer almost no protection whatsoever from the intensity of the sun's rays. Unbelievable. Given the high pricepoint of the standard (and polarized) Split Jackets I expected much, much more from an even more expensive pair. Unfortunately, I was let down twice - BIG time.

The frame itself bears the interesting mark of Ghost Text, but that alone does little to justify the high pricepoint and lack of functionality. It's quite apparent why the Photochromic line doesn't do well for Oakley. Most will probably be satisfied with any of the other Split Jackets, but not so much with this pair.

letdef -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: OO Blue Iridium Polarized

Just got these today, similar to the jawbone. They fit well on my face, not too tight, not too loose. They hug comfortably as well. The lens is odd, never heard of this new OO Blue Iridium, not on Oakley’s site with the rest of the OO line. The lens is awesome, good color contrast. Got a mystery lens with this order, does not say anywhere what the second lens is, maybe grey? Nice package, excellent frame and lens.
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