Family: Wire
Date: May 1998

Brushed Thick
Black Iridium
Brushed Thick (Long Earsocks)
Light Blue
Black Iridium Polarized
Black Iridium
Black Iridium
Dark Thick
Black Iridium
Gold Iridium
Gold Iridium Polarized

Obsidian -
Frame: Carbon
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized

This was my first pair of wire Oakleys. I liked them until I bent the frame slightly and could never get a good fit after that. I agree with some here about the winged earsocks having a tendency to twist. I don't wear them anymore because the coverage is just not enough for me, I tend to like the bigger lenses.
Wavecloud -
I have the A Wire Thick with Light Blue lenses. Love the brushed finish on these and the lenses! I wish there were more low light options available on other frames.
xtremehardy388 -
Frame: Black
Lens: Grey

Nice pair of shades. I have a smaller face so these looked a bit too big. These aren't the most rugged so do be careful when using them in an active environment. Still, they do look professional and are pretty comfortable. They are a bit heavy after a while.
Shotgun -
Frame: Platinum
Lens: Gold Iridium
Without a doubt, the best Oakley's ever made. Gold iridium is my favorite non-polarized lens. Great in sun and overcast. Contrast is so good I wear them when driving in the rain. Oakley got an earful when they cancelled them according to the the sales rep I dealt with when ordering the Ti Whiskers to replace them after 8 years of great service. If they still made the A Wire, I'd be buying another pair.
D.a_Mc. -
Frame: (NOT Thick) Blk.A WIRE
I am 6'6" & 180 lbs. The variety of frames that fit my narrow head,w/out taking over my face were few and far between, and there was always a hand full of problems or things I did'nt like at all.
But, the orig.A WIRE w/ the Hammerfin style ear socks solved nearly all my frustrations.
You can not beat a CLASSIC style. Ten years ago,I was turned on to these in particular for their comfort fit and clarity of optics. Working in construction,I found myself loving them more & more daily. After almost loosing an eye, I learned that it was Oakley's saftey standards that allowed me to keep both my eyes. These saftey specs.,as well as clarity, comfort and timeless style are just a few reasons why I will not entrust my valuable visual sight to anything less than the best.
:Vintage OAKLEY since 1999: & still sportin' em
p.s. Now, if only I could easily find replacement softwear for vintage specs.(hammerfinn unobtanium)w/out shipping them to Oakley.(I'd miss them too much and my others just are'nt the same.) !!!THANK YOU OAKLEY!!!
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