Family: Active
Date: December 2008

Mass: 33g

Foo-dragon101 -
Frame: Black Plaid
Lens: Grey Polorized

Recieved these sunglasses as a gift in May 2011- after only five months, the polorization started to peel off the back of the lens. Called Oakely - thay informed me that with out receipt they would not honor warranty...wanted to charge $135.00 USD to replace just the lens!!! What a rip off!! Oakley sucks!!
Wookieman -
Frame: Polished Black-Fuente
Lens: Tungsten Iridium Polarized

It was a toss up between these and the Propaganda Hijinx, but these won out because of style and function. The frame looks great. It is huge and provides great coverage, but the clean lines mean even the most conservative dressers can wear it. The side is perfectly accented with a huge square O icon that flows with the contours of the frame beautifully.

It is light weight and comfortable with a fit not unlike, but more comfortable, than the Hijinx. A little bit of unobtanium would be nice, because after about 4 hours they slid down and caused a little discomfort on my ears, but not enought to keep me from wearing them for 6 more hours. This is the only bad thing I have to say about the Antix. They fit my medium-large head perfectly.

The Fuente graphic are awesome. They are noticeable from a distance and look even better up close. It is easy to see the marshall influence that makes them part of the "military inspired" collection. The gold details with hints of white and silver look stunning when paired witht the polished black frame and tungsten iridium lens. My only worry is that they may wear over time. If they do I will cry, but the Antix is too comfortable and looks too damn good to keep sitting in a drawer or even a display case.

I would not have considered this frame if it wasn't polarized. It is great to finally see some polarized special editions. The added technology makes this piece of art functional eye protection.

Oakley, keep the POLARIZED special editions coming and I will be back for more.

pastor.elfstrom -
These fit me well, and since the colorway is the Devil's Brigade, they are really eye catching!
A cool and soft frame!
tmsorrel1 -
Frame: Fuente, Mambo, Devils Brigade
This is my favorite frame oakley has ever made, they fit great and the lense gives you a wideview.
Sin -
Frame:Matte Black
Lens:Grey Polarized
Ive had these for about a year now and they are performing well. My only gripe is i wish they had more lense color options.
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