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South Carolina
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I purchased my first pair of oakleys when I turned 16. The were the razr wire so I would have the head set for driving. It was all down hill from there. I started buying just regular plain pair such as half jackets and radar. Then I found out about the artist series and purchased my first pair from the Florida Mall O-Store in Orlando. They were the Frank Kozik Hijinx. I then had to have all of the artist series and began tracking them down and eventually left myself with only the the brown David Flores to get my hands on. Since I was having problems tracking those down I got into is all I can so. I just wanted them all espicially the rare ones. I eventually aquired most of the Supremes as well as all 3 of the Eastern Boarder release and many other collaboration releases such as the fice, original fake, and common wealth. My holy grail of my collection are those 4 pair that sit atop of one of my doublewides. 4 of the Andrew Petterson Frogskins. I have numbers: 9, 37, 43, and 45. I was lucky enough to have the oppurtunity to purchase these and they will stay in my collection for a long long time. After that I tracked down the famous brown david flroes w/ orange icons. These took me nearly three years to aquire and I absoutley love them. Various other pairs I own are 50 other frogskins, 17 Holbrooks, a few x-metals and pit bosses, as well as a pair of c-six. In 6 years I have gone from 1 pair to 168 pairs not including the 3 towers, livistrong timebomb, orange hallowpoint and other watches that I own.






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