Family: Eyewear
Date: November 2007


Dwcfastrice -
A great lens to look at and display, but for me, not dark enough for everyday use. In extremely bright conditions, this lens does get overwhelmed. However, in medium bright conditions, this lens is excellent.

That being said, the "cool" factor of this lens CANNOT be understated. This is one of the coolest lenses that Oakley has put out there. It has a much more "mirror-like" look than the black iridium and has much more of a "wow" factor.

You do have to keep it clean, but, especially paired with a clear frame, it is great to look at.
slickman777 -
Great lens to look at. Like a silver version of 24k. Light enough to wear at a decently lit club, or shift them up on your head to keep the "look at me factor". Basically a look getter, not really a performance lens.
The Game -
Great to look at but not as great to look through. This lens isn't as sharp as black iridium, I find it a little hazy as well.
Farlius -
Badass Cop shade lens. Looks perfect in the Chrome Plantiff's. It will be nice to see this in other frames. Great for bright conditions.
anonymous -
RE:Toniclonic. It isnt the iridium coating that does that, but the mixture of chrome and iridium. I have the pair you mentioned and also the origional Clear/Chrome Iridium Oil Rigs (1st generation). Over the years of owning this lense, ive had that happen several times and it is always because the lense either fogs up in a spot for some reason if it is really cold outside or because the lense have some dust or oily resudue on them. In order to be able to see immaculately out of that lense, it has to be perfectly clean and kept up. I clean that specific lense about once a week and I baby it.
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